US Bank Business Triple Cash Card Intro Bonus: Get $500 Cash Back And 0% APR

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US Bank has launched the Business Triple Cash Card with a limited time intro bonus offer.

Signup bonus:

For a limited time only, you can earn $500 cash back for opening a US Bank Business Triple Cash Card and spending $4,500 in 150 days.

Annual fee: 


Card earnings: 

  • 3% cash back on gas stations
  • 3% cash back on office supply stores
  • 3% cash back on cell phone service providers
  • 3% cash back on restaurants
  • 1% cash back elsewhere.

$100 Annual Software Credit: 

You can earn an annual $100 statement credit for recurring software subscription expenses such as FreshBooks or QuickBooks.

An automatic statement credit of $100 per 12-month period will be applied to your Account within two statement billing cycles following 11 consecutive months of eligible software service purchases made directly with a software service provider. Eligible software service providers are identified by their Merchant Category Code (MCC) and purchases made at discount/retail stores or online retailers may not qualify.

0% APR on purchases and balance transfers:

This card has a 0% Intro APR for 15 months for purchases and balance transfers.

0% APR is a lucrative offer as carrying balances on consumer cards can have a harmful effect on your credit score, but as US Bank business cards don’t report to credits bureaus, those balances won’t hurt your credit score!

Business vs Consumer card:

US Bank business cards don’t appear on your credit report. That’s good for several reasons.

First of all they won’t count against your 5/24 count for opening new Chase cards. Only cards on your report that have been opened within the past 24 months count for that.

Second, when you spend money on personal cards your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time. A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card bill before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes effort and laying out money well before you have to. Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a couple dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month. On a US Bank business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due without it having a negative effect on your score.

Third, if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your score.

You may already have a business that needs a card to keep track of expenses. For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items online, or if you have any other side business and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can open a business credit card for “Joe Smith” as the business. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that. Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field

Will you apply for the US Bank Business Triple Cash Card?

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“AMEX business cards don’t appear on your credit report. That’s good for several reasons.”
does this card appear on credit report?


more uses for possible Annual Software Credit?


I don’t have any banking or cards with US Bank.

Is this card good for Non Profits?
Are they tough on approvals?
It’s a new non profit so no biz history but I have a great personal credit history and score well over 800


They are quite tough on approvals


Is there a max on the cash back for gas?
If I own a car service and buy 10k per month in gas, will this 3% max out at some point?


Found this in the small print… “Purchases of gasoline greater than $200 will not be deemed to be a purchase of automotive gasoline and as such will earn a reward of 1%,”


Perhaps a note of warning how difficult it is to get approved especially on “sole props”.




Does USB consider coin purchases from mint a cash advance or other cashlike transactions ?


What type of points?


Do you need a existing relationship to get approved?


Usually that is the case with US Bank


FICO score above 700, rejected, and the rejection does show on my credit report.