[Final Hours!] Testing Out Using 2022 AMEX Airline Fee Credit Uses, How Will You Use Yours?

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Update, 12/29: Don’t forget to finish using up your 2022 airline fee credits on cards like AMEX Platinum, Hilton Aspire AMEX, and the Ritz Carlton card!

Update, 12/12: I recently tested JetBlue tickets under $99 (which can be converted to TravelBank funds good for 1 year after conversion) and United TravelBank funding (good for 5 years), and they credited back automatically. Those are great options for this credit. Southwest tickets under $109 are also typically credited automatically and that can now be converted into funds that never expire!

You can always chat with AMEX to change your registered airline. Don’t let any of your your 2022 credit go to waste!

If you want to apply for a new AMEX Consumer Platinum card or AMEX Business Platinum Card, now is the best time to do so as you can triple dip on the annual benefits. With a new card opened now, you can get 2022, 2023, and 2024 airline credits (and credits such as Saks, Dell, Uber, wireless, Walmart+, digital entertainment, CLEAR, PreCheck, Equinox, Adobe, Indeed, and more) before your 2nd annual fee is due in January 2024! You can read more about the consumer card here and about the business card here and compare both cards here.

Learn how to track all of your credits here.



Originally posted on 1/3/22:

There are 3 AMEX cards that give a credit to use for incidental fees on the airline of your choice.

While Chase Sapphire Reserve® allows you to use travel credit for anything travel related, AMEX is far more restrictive.

You need to register with a specific airline before spending. After you register for an airline you can officially only change your airline in January. However I have had success changing the airline by chatting with AMEX online. 

You can choose to register for the following airlines:

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Hawaiian
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • Spirit
  • United

Note that if you have a Business Platinum card, the airline you choose will also be the airline that will give you 35% of your points back when redeeming for coach travel. You may want to hold off on spending the $200 until the end of the year if you want to be able to change the airline more easily during the year, though I have never been denied an airline change by chatting with AMEX online. You also get back 35% of your points on all airlines in business and first class redemptions without having to register for an airline.

  • The United TravelBank is back after taking a short hiatus that burned some extreme procrastinators last year. These funds are valid to book United flights for anyone for 5 years from the date of purchase. I made a $100 purchase in 2022 and was reimbursed for the purchase.
    • With this option you’ll have to weigh whether to do this earlier in the year, when you know it’s available and working or whether to wait to see if you’ll have actual airline fees to pay this year. It can also be worth waiting for a TravelBank funding promotion or to get a longer expiration date on the funds. Then again the option isn’t officially covered as an airline fee, so it can stop working at any time. In 2021 it stopped working for a couple of months, before becoming eligible again.
    • TravelBank funds can be used to book travel on United.com for anyone.
  • JetBlue tickets under around $99 have long worked for credit. Last year I registered a card for JetBlue and bought a ticket from JFK to Los Angeles for $98.40. It was reimbursed with the airline fee credit in just 2 days:


After purchasing a flight, it is easy to cancel it, even in basic economy, and convert it into JetBlue Travel Bank funds. With JetBlue, those funds are valid for 1 year from the date of redeposit and funds can be used for anyone. In basic economy you’ll have to cancel within 24 hours of the purchase and you’ll need to have purchased the flight for more than 7 days from now. For other tickets, you can cancel and convert into Travel Bank funds at any time before departure for free.

I tested that again during the JetBlue free change bonanza and got reimbursed for the flights.

  • Southwest tickets under $109 are also typically reimbursed. You can cancel the ticket and use those funds without any expiration date!

These are the charges that have been reported to count for airline fee credit:

  • Airline tickets under around $99 are sometimes reimbursed. JetBlue and Southwest should work best. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Delta tickets purchased with partial payment on your credit card and partial payment on an airline voucher or gift card are typically reimbursed. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Taxes on award tickets are typically reimbursed. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Award redeposit and change fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Baggage fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Buying extra miles or mileage multiplier offered with a ticket purchase online or at a kiosk. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Flight change fees and same day change fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Food and drinks on the plane from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Food and drinks in a club from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Lounge access, memberships, and club pass fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Phone reservation fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Pet fees. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Seat selection fees and Economy Plus/Main Cabin Extra fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Standby fees from airline of your choice. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • AA 500 mile upgrades. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • AA Five Star Service. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • AA WiFi monthly plan. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • $9 Spirit Fare Club Membership. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • Frontier Discount Den. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • United Economy Plus upgrades and Economy Plus Subscriptions. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • United Farelock. This is officially covered as an airline fee.
  • United WiFi Subscription Purchases And Gifts. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • United WiFi on mainline planes only or any other WiFi billed by the airline and not a 3rd party. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.
  • United WiFi day pass on any United flight.
  • United TravelBank funding. This is not officially covered as an airline fee.

It’s worth noting that upgrades to another cabin is not officially covered as an airline fee. However you can chatting with AMEX 14 days after a charge to request reimbursement for it or any other charge. YMMV on the rep crediting your account for it, but that has worked for me in the past.

What airline fees have you been credited for on your AMEX card in 2022?

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I’ve been buying AA upgrade certs, but I have some many, it’s time to change to something else. The United Travel Bank sounds promising. Looking forward to seeing some datapoints.


What kind of upgrade certs?


They are referring to 500-mile “stickers” that AA elites use to upgrade 500+ mile domestic flights.


Booked a flight on AA using miles and paid for seats with the amex
Got the credits for seat selection fees
I plan to wait a while to cancel the flight and hope they dont claw back the credits


It’s time to come up with a way how to get the $200 hotel credits, any ideas?

Kevin J Strauser

United worked @ $100 eack


Did you make the United travelbank purchase in 2022? Thank you


United travel bank on one card, and Jetblue flights under $150 have always worked for me on my other card. (DP – did both of these 12/28 and was credited in days)

Now we need tricks for the hotel credit as someone else mentioned – hard to find anything in a nice city or vacation spot for under $400/night.


I tried using it on a $99 southwest ticket in 2021 and only got reimbursed about $2.


If they reimbursed anything that means it works. If they gave partial reimbursement it means that’s all you had left of the credit that year- you had probably already done 2×$99 that would leave exactly $2 🙂


I thought they were reimbursing for some fees, but you guys were right, when I went back to look, I had already used my credits earlier in the year. Woops.


Are card-holder charges eligible?

David Djmal

New data point: I booked a JetBlue ticket for $99.40 last week and was credited.

Not major news but wanted to comment on the “JetBlue tickets under around $99”


Did united travel bank on 12/27 and still waiting..


You may have selected the airline and used right away. I would have waited 24hrs and then used it on United travel bank. You can try your luck with Amex they can fix it for you if they’re in a nice mood.


Same here, did it on the 25th and still waiting


Is there a way to combine credits from multiple cards for a delta upgrade

Deal Guy

Dan, waiting to hear if you get credited for United travelbank.


Did anyone get a United travel bank credit in 2022


I did. Purchase 1/3/22 and my airline credit says it’s been used as of 1/6/2022. The credit has not posted yet but I assume this will occur 1/7/22 or 1/8/22


Just added $250 to United Travel Bank. Will I receive $200 airline credit using Amex platinum, or did I need t to do $100 x 2.

Gregg Stuart

My United travel bank deposit for 2022 was labeled as ticket by Amex with a ticket number so will not be getting credit.


Looks like 🙁


Mine worked, give it about a week and it should post. Purchased united travel bank as well. Purchased 1/3/22 and my airline credit says it’s been used as of 1/6/2022. The credit has not posted yet but I assume this will occur 1/7/22 or 1/8/22


For 2021 gold card (charged Dec. 31, I did united pet)
Got the credit.


I bought two $100 Travelbank purchases on Jan 3, just got reimbursed for both on Jan 8


Just got my travel bank credit worked with United!


“I was reimbursed… for a $99 JetBlue ticket… which I then deposited into my JetBlue Travel Bank.”

!! Should’ve used it for for a more expensive flight, this past Sunday.


I paid $100 towards a Delta Vacations booking and was reimbursed.

For context, I made a partial deposit when I made my reservation several months ago. I paid $100 with Amex Platinum a few days ago and had that reimbursed. (Full payment is due 1 month prior to travel.)


Alaska ticket in December 2021 for $99 did not get credit


Does $250 travel bank trigger for aspire?
I think I remember someone saying only $100 at a time works?


I just got reimbursed the full $250 for Aspire


$250 has worked for me in the past, although you can always do two $100 and another $50 in separate transactions…


You can purchase more than one year of the Spirit $9 club to help max out the benefit across multiple years for $130’ish for 2 years (24 months).


I was still not reimbursed from United for 2 December 26 travelbank purchases…


If I purchase JetBlue mint ticket thru ultimate rewards and cancel after after 24 hours, will I get refunded to JetBlue travel bank ?


@dan if I purchase tickets using travel bank as a payment but have a United explorer card can I still book basic economy and still get free luggage etc.?


Wondering something similar…. if I pay half of my ticket with my TravelBank and the other half with the United Quest card will I still get free luggage?
Couldn’t find this answer anywhere.


Used 400,000 Amex points for a trip that was cancelled. Got reimbursed credit in dollars to my card. Should I convert back to points or leave it as cash?

Gregg Stuart

I just received credit for both Amex Plat and Aspire card for United travel bank even with them being labeled tickets. They were in $100 and $250 deposit amounts.


I was still not reimbursed for 2 $100 United travelbank purchases on Dec 30th, any idea?


Will delta gift cards of $50 get the credit??


data point – TravelBank credit for purchase posted $100 today for it made purchase about 2-3 days ago.


Anyone know if southwest tickets that are $150/160 still work?or only if it’s right around $100


Did anyone getreimbursed for Spirit tickets?


Hi Dan,
and Anyone:
Do you also get “payment failed” when trying to buy United Travel Bank? I re-entered cc number, exp. date and 4 digits ccv of my amex card many times and make sure it’s correct, but it still keeps giving me payment error message.


I’m also getting that today. I was able to purchase last week but today it’s not working. Thought it was my card. Now I think it’s United.


Okay just read on doc that the workaround is to add the card to your United wallet as a payment method. It worked for me.


Saw this issue on another forum. Go to go to the regular united website–>”view my united”–>”wallet”, then save the credit cards there before checking out on travel bank. Having them pre-saved is the only way I could get the payments to go through, typing them in would not work.


You have to add your credit card first to the United.com site as a payment method. Then select the amount, select the card on file, and then click purchase.


I think you’re right… I have 2 Amex Platinum Business cards and tried both multiple times in multiple browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and neither worked… I even tried incognito and both $50 and $100 and they both said “Payment Failed” as well.

What’s a bummer is that I used both cards in 12/2021 and they both worked and were credited back within days. Hope the loophole isn’t closed…


Yes I tried $100 on Jan 9 and got the credit yesterday jan 14 but today when I tried to buy the 2nd $100 on Jan 14
, also getting payment failed error


United Travelbank $100 purchase worked for me. Purchased 9 Jan, coded as United Airlines Houston TX, reimbursed 12 Jan.

New purchases are coding as United Electronic Ticketing but I believe this has happened before and still worked.


Did the united travel bank last week and the travel credit fee both posted


keep trying united – saying payment failed-try again. i thought it might be my platinum card but its not. i tried the united app and on a pc.


Same issue


for the united credit can i just charge straight up $200 or 4250 for hilton card or does it need to be in $100 increments ?


do you have to make the purchase on separate days? or can i just buy 2 100 on the same day?


Didn’t get credit for travel bank for 2021. Purchase posted on 12/24, but still not credit

Mr. CC

Select an airline


just tried my 2nd $100 .. will provide data point when hopefully credited, 1st worked about 10 days ago. Can you use TB funds on hotel/vacation packages at united too?


Doing one by one, three (2 bus and a consumer) so far, 2 left (aspire and consumer). As of 01/22 reimbursement is working, including $250 purchases.


workaround method worked! Thank you


does authorize user get travel credit?
my authorized user used credit card to purchase ticket and amex reimbursed the charges


United travel bank works! Placed two orders on 1/21 and 1/23, credits posted 1/23 and 1/25! It will show up on the benefits page as you’ve used your airline credit first, then the credits will post on your statement 1-2 days after.


I booked a $33 flight with spirit and i got reimbursed


united did $50 x2 on 1/22 got reimbursed on 1/26


Has anyone successfully purchased United TravelBank since Tuesday, 1/25? I’ve received the “Fail payment” error message even though I did the Workaround method by adding my credit card to the United Wallet. Thanks.


Purchased 2×100 on mine and my wife’s Plat and 250 on my aspire on 25 Jan recieved credit today 29 Jan.


Paid for premium select $499 upgrade on delta. chatted about 2 weeks later asked if changing the airline right before making the transaction would affect the credit was answered that it can take 24-48 hours to change asked for a manual credit posted the next day

David P

I did United travel Bank on my credit card through United wallet two weeks ago and it worked perfectly fine. Today I tried doing it for my wife’s credit card through United wallet and it didn’t go through so I try to without United wallet and it also can you go through is it dead?


Data point – Did united travel bank through amex plat and aspire in 100 increments. Got the credit 4 days after


Is it still working? New data points ? TIA


any updates on travel credit?


TravelBank still working as of today – my credits from 4/8 just posted.


Still working for personal?


Did anyone get an Amex plat credit for travelbank in May 22.

Dave Parker



charged united travel bank to my platinum on may 19 2022 and got the travel credit on the 24th

Dan\'s fun

Getting it in June ?


Aspire worked…charged 24 June, refunded 27 June. $250

Sam h

does anyone know if there’s a way to use the credit with Delta? such as gift cards, vouchers, basically would like to use it towards a Delta flight


Any update Aug for United TB?


I got a ticket number when using aspire on Untied travel bank probably no refund


still working for southwest tickets?


FYI – My annual airline credit is for UA and today they told me that my charge for $100 a few days ago (for UA Travel Bank) is coded as a “Special Service Ticket ” and will NOT be covered by this card benefit.


My apologies. I am used to credit posting within a day or two. This took several days but Did post so it’s still working.


For JetBlue ticket refund, will it work if I purchase 2 tickets $61 each, but I pay in one charge? Or does it have to be separate charges?


Is UA travel bank reimbursement working?

Aaron Anonymous

United travel bank $50 on October 29 paid with Hilton Aspire. Credit posted Nov 4.


added funds to united travel bank with platinum on nov 1 ..still no credit showing is this normal?


nm got it


glad to hear it as was starting to worry bec of delay


i got the credits 8 days after adding funds into travelbank. data point
still working as of today


thanks. was starting to worry bec of delay


Does anyone know if it is possible to use the credit with Delta?


Can I use someone else’s platinum card to fund my account and he’ll still get credited? 2 different names still ok?


Is united travel bank still an option for the AMEX airline credit?


Is united credit bank still an option for the Amex airline credit


i did it Nov 100 and it worked.. so i did again around nov 20 and the 2nd 100 still hasn’t posted..


If buying united travel bank isn’t working, what would be a way of getting the $100.
Buy a cheap ticket. then upgrade the seat (which should trigger it right0? then cancel to travel bank? does that work?


I can’t fund my united travel bank. Does anyone have the same issue


Purchased December 5th. Still waiting for credit to post. Will update.


Credit posted December 12th. Still working.


while mine from nov 13 posted, nov 20 still didn”t i’m worried..


I opened the card last year on January 12. If my statement closes January 8, and I am billed the annual fee, can I use the card credits till the payment is due? Must I close the card on January 8? I would like to use my credits, but it takes a few days for the refunds to post.

Lil chumazsch

My annual fee for the second year is due in a week can i first spend my global entry credit and then cancel?

Lil’ matzzuh

Wondering the same


@Dan, I have had the Hilton Surpass card for over a year, and just upgraded to the Aspire. Can I downgrade within a year of the upgrade being that my account anniversary hasn’t changed with the upgrade?


Any tricks for $200 hotel credit?


Can I use the adobe credit for anything from adobe or is it strictly for what’s written?


Confused: Cancelling a Jetblue basic ticket within 24 hours gets refunded in full by Jetblue back to the original form of payment (Amex Plat. CC) How will the airline credit be applied if the refund from JB is made back to the Amex card and not credited to the JB travel bank?


I made 2 $100 UA TB purchases at once, hope that’s not a problem


Does this work on chase sapphire reserve, or at leased for a double dip?


Is there a minimum jb tb purchase that will work? To use remaining $200 credit, will $5 work?


Any promotion for CLEAR?


Hi, thanks for all your posts. I have a few Amex Delta platinum companion certificates expiring Jan 31 and one Feb 28 and not allowed to travel in that timeframe as expecting. Wondering if you have any tips so they don’t all go to waste as wasn’t able to extend them even with drs notes but pretty much paid 4 x annual fees of 250 to get them


I have consumer platinum. Renews in February. If I decide to apply for the business card today, will i receive the card in time to use the $200 this year for the triple dip? Or is it likely too late to get approved and get it in the mail, or if they need to do more research like they sometimes do after applications?


I used my United travel bank funds for a wifi subscription before the flight.


Dan help amex on chat wont change my airline from SW to United due to usage this year but I only have $42 and dont have any use for SW flights as I am not interested in paying more than $42. United travel bank would have been great but now what?

any creative ideas?


Is there a time frame when to try to get the airline credit thru another airline, tried the united travel bank on December 13th and it still didn’t work….

Appreciate if anyone can help

Thanks in advance !


Hi Dan, I’ve the 150K membership rewards offer on personal Platinum card but thought the annual fees were too steep. Though triple dripping sounds like a great deal but I already have a chase sapphire preferred card that I’m trying to maximise my points with United for travel, What do you suggest?


I tripdipped last year on the personal Platinum, when exactly am i supposed to shut it? And what can I open to hold the points and be able to transfer when I need them


Thanks Dan, totally forgot on one of my cards. Booked some JetBlue. How long before the credit hits? Have to be careful I saw JetBlue now has 24hr cancellation free no charge etc refund. What would happen if you cancel in 24 hours if the charge hit. Would amex pick up on that?


Just received my Amex Platinum.
I chose United as the preferred partner and purchased $50 in the travel bank.
As long as I purchase $200 worth of UA Travel Bank by Dec 31st I’m good to purchase another $200 on January 1st right?
I’m burning through all the statement credits I’m eligible for by end of year (saks, hotels, airline etc.) so I can maximize the value and go round again in a few weeks (being the new year).
Am I on the mark with this?
Thanks y’all 🙂


hi den
seams i didt get any travel credit , 7 days ago tried with the UTB, 5 days later i see i got 5x points
meaning i probably not going to see a credit do you have any helpful ideas


Hey Dan
If amex tagged my jetblue charge as airline ticket would it give me the 200 airline fee or I lost out !


can I buy United TB in less than $100 increments in multiple transactions or total around $200 in one transaction to get everything?


Is there any way to use the airline credit fee for a gift card or for a ticket that can get refunded to a gift card ? Trying to utilize the credit by something that can be transferred to anyone else


How do I speak to someone about reconsideration after getting declined for the consumer card? I tried calling the number but the machine only gives the option to write to them.


Is it too late to get the triple dip? I was told by chat that it will take 7 days to get the card? Also, Is the timing of receiving the card any different for the Hilton aspire?


Originally selected Delta as an airline credit, used $5 from partial milage flight, just had a chat with them and had them chge my selected airline to jet blue, for the remainder $195.


Purchased $100 in UTB on Amex Plat. Got refunded a few days later.


Interesting, I also purchased in UTB on Dec 12 and still didn’t get the refund.


Re AA – Without bothering to change preferred airlines For a not elite what is the best way to get an AA travel reimbursed


My latest united travel bank $100 purchases over a month ago never posted (1 on each of 2 cards)

But more or switch airlines?

Each account previously posted $100 with utb just. A week before…


what about buying jetblue miles outright will that pass?


Worked on both JetBlue and United travel bank as of December 2022


I’m trying to cancel my JetBlue reservation and the only option was to refund to my Amex.
Where is there an option to get travel bank?


Need to wait more than 24 hours


I only have $42 credit on my amex business can i use that exact amount somehow for united travelbank?


Will it work for a DELTA $100 gift card?


Frontier is supposed to be grandfathered for 2023 but new card users will not be able to select Frontier as they are dropping them.


Any last minute idea to get AA REIMBURSED? I have the whole $200 available but don’t know how to access it


2 things I learned for Jet blue:
1) Bluebasic Tix need to be canceled within 24 hours.
If you don’t cancel within 24 hours, you lose it. (Not sure about blue, blue plus)
2) if you buy extra space seats, money gets refunded to your card. No option of travel bank.

Please let me know if I’m wrong.


Does it need to post to the account to get it credited in that year?


Any data points if United Travelbank works for 2023?


Anybody know if travelbank reimbursement working for united Jan 2023?!


Made some UTB purchases on 1/1. Waiting.


lets work on this toghether everyone that got their united travel bank reimbursed the charge came up as united houston and everyone who didnt said that their charge showed up as united ticketing. Does the charge change or different people get different charge names ????


purchased 250 united travel bank for my amex aspire and the statement charge shows up as a ticket from chicago to chicago with a real ticket number.. so i guess theres no chance im gonna get the credit.


u have any update?


last year (did UTB Jan 2022) came up as Chicago flight and was refunded. not sure CURRENT status, if someone could pls update.
remember to select united as airline before buying TB

Product photographer

Purchased dec 28 2 $100 utb. Got refunded Jan 2


Purchased United TB in 2 transactions $100 each last week Dec, received credit for both, one in Dec and one on Jan 3


But…unfortunately waited too long for CLEAR, purchased family membership on Dec 31 for Mom and brother, 109 posted on DEc 31, 60 Posted Jan 1, called and he said cant help, chatted and rep says it triggered 2022 and I still have full 23 credit remaining!
Can i rely on that? ( as my own acct will reset next week, I need those credits)

Air Jordan

Made a couple of sub-$100 flight reservations on SWA on 1/1/23 – hoping they’ll post!


Did they post?


Made a United travel bank purchase on Jan 1.
1/6 and no reimbursement yet.

Dave Parker

I made a United travel bank purchase on Jan 2. Was reimbursed on 1/6.


Purchased United Travelbank 1/1.
Reimbursed 1/7.


I had two TB $100 purchases on 1/2/23 and received the credit 1/9/23, can confirm that the TB is still working.


Data point and question.

Roll over airline choice of united from last year. Bought $100 tb Jan 4. Reimbursed yesterday.

If I now chat with agent to change two days later to swa and charge $100 ticket will they allow reverse the United already processed a day ago?.. Still January but half used?

I wonder because chat bot asks if you used any of it yet this year.


Are there any similar ways to get the hotel credits?


It is still working in 2023. I used platinum and hilton aspire and t
Both got credit back.


What is preferred ua tb or jb tb?

P Katz

Dan, What’s working this year?


Any one knows if you can buy southwest gift cards?


Got personal plat 12/23. Got Plat biz 12/24. any claw back on SB if close first card after 12 months? are points safe?