[Final Days!] Grandfathered Chase Sapphire Reserve Cardholders: Take Advantage Of Your Short Window To Use 2022 Travel Credit On Groceries Or Gas!

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Update: This is the last chance to use the Sapphire Reserve travel credit on gas and groceries!

Originally posted on 12/9:

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® card comes with a $300 annual travel credit.

Due to the pandemic, Chase is allowing cardholders to use their $300 credit on gas and groceries in 2021. The credit will also work for gift cards sold by gas stations or grocery stores.

If you applied for your Sapphire Reserve on or after 5/21/17, the annual travel credit is based on your cardmembership year. In other words if you opened a card on 3/1/19 and your statement closes on the 1st of the month, you will get a $300 credit for travel spending from 3/1/19 through 4/1/20 and it will reset annually on 4/1.

If you applied for your Sapphire Reserve before 5/21/17, you are grandfathered into the annual travel credit is based on the calendar year.

It’s important to remember that while AMEX uses a true calendar year, Chase’s calendar year credit ends once your December statement closes, so your calendar year can end anytime from 12/1 through 12/28. On Chase.com you can set your statement due date from the 1st to the 28th of the month. If your statement due date is the 26th, then your statement will close on the 1st of every month. If your statement due date is the 28th, then your statement will close on the 3rd of every month, etc.

If you have a grandfathered Sapphire Reserve card, you’ll want to finish your 2021 spending before your December statement closes!

Once your December statement closes you can start getting credit for the next calendar year. In other words if your statement closes on 12/10/21, you can start spending your 2022 travel credit on 12/11/21.

That means from 12/11/21-12/31/21 you can spend your 2022 travel credit on gas and groceries. Once it’s January you can only use the credit on travel.

My statement closed on the 1st, so I can now spend my 2022 credit. Click here to view how much of your annual travel spend has already been credited. Click on “Your Dashboard” on top of the page. You can tell what month your credit renews from your dashboard:


Wondering where you can use your travel credit? These categories have been confirmed as working for automatic travel refunds. Just spent in any of these categories and you’ll get an automatic refund:

  • All gas stations and grocery stores through 12/31/21.



  • Uber Eats


Theme Parks and activities:


  • Amtrak
  • BART
  • Bridge tolls
  • Buses
  • Car rentals
  • Car2Go
  • Eurostar
  • Ferries
  • Greyhound
  • Jerusalem Light Rail
  • Limos
  • Long Island Railroad
  • Lyft rides
  • Megabus
  • Metra Rail Chicago
  • Muni/parking meters
  • NJ Transit
  • NYC MetroCard
  • NYC Parking Meters
  • Oyster card
  • Parking apps
  • Parking garages
  • Prepaid EZPass tolls loaded with the one-time payment option online or over the phone. If the system auto-loads then it may not count as travel, though it usually does.
  • Prepaid I-Pass tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Prepaid FasTrak tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Prepaid SunPass tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Prepaid Washington DOT Good to Go tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Postpaid 407ETR Toronto tolls
  • Subway travel
  • Taxis
  • Tolls
  • Trains
  • Trenitalia
  • Tunnel tolls
  • Turo
  • Uber add funds in Uber app (plus get 5% off).
  • Uber gift cards only if they are bought from the MileagePlusX app for iOS or Android
  • Uber rides
  • Ventra Chicago
  • Zipcar

Know of other charges that will trigger a credit? Hit the comments!

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Can I move my statement close date up now? If so what’s the earliest I can move it


Same question. My close date is currently the 25’th.


Hi there,
I am a bit confused and I read the post.
I am grandfathered in (before 2017 sign up). I used my $300 for 2021 already.

My statement close is December 5th. I clicked on the link and it had $0 spent (similar to what you screenshotted).
Are you saying I have $300 credit to spend on groceries until 12/31/21 and then it resets on 1/1/22 for another $300 for 2022?


@sam no. just that you can use the $300 credit of 2022 for gas and groceries instead of the regular travel, provided it be done during the mentioned dates


Ah thanks. So basically I have two extra categories to use it on in 2021 and just the travel categories for 2022? (But same amount)?


I have lots of grocery store spending, but no credit for it? Do they not consider Gourmet Glatt or Bingo to be a grocery store?


My bingo charge (in monsey) got credited back.


So mine reset on Tuesday and I have the entire $300 credit to use and I want to do that this month so I can use it for gas and groceries just as you suggested. In the past the card would just automatically take off travel charges. I have spent 20 minutes on my web page trying to figure out how to have the grocery and gas items removed but to no avail. I am sure I am missing something, but would love some direction. Thanks.


Thanks for the reminder, Dan. My statement closes on the 11 and every year, my $300 travel credit always shows available only from Dec 15 . So I have 15 days or so to spend on my grocery before this benefit reverts back to just travel only.


If my card was opened in August 2021, I can use it on travel OR groceries/gas until end of December, but after, it’s only good towards travel until my year close date?


What about the Sapphire Preferred, does it also have any credit that changes for 2022?
Anything I should know about it before it’s too late to use the benefits?


Sorry but can you explain WHY it works like that, that you can use on grocery and gas…?


Btw, it’s the same with upgrades ime, upgraded last year a freedom that was opened 7-8 years ago, and credit was based on calendar year.

(Unless this changed in the past year).


Only in the credit card world do you become a grandfather after 5 years..

J Kay

Hi does my chase sapphire reserve cc have priority pass as well?


I have a sapphire prefered and im traveling soon, can i upgrade my card to reserve for the $300 and 1.5 points value and then downgrade my card back to preffered? how much will the annual fee be and are you allowed to do that?


It seems that lots of takeouts (and other stores) in Lakewood don’t bill (correctly) as dining. So only get regular points.
Aris car rental seems to come up as gas purchase but I didn’t confirm yet.
When I got msg from Zelle, it said “you made a gas station purchase with Ariz”.


How do I check what my purchases are posting as?
To know if I’m getting points for dining, grocery etc. To know which cards to use at which store.


Hi Dan. Is EZPASS still considered a travel expense?


My husband’s card was just credited for our EZPASS reload so I’d say yes.


FYI, Airnbnb gift cards get categorized as “business services”. I just bought one because I want/need to use my credit this month and did not get reimbursed for it. Luckily was only(?) $100 but I’m starting to get nervous about buying a bunch of gift cards that won’t get reimbursed! (FYI I purchased the gift card before reading your list, so not your fault, but I’m doing research on other ideas and am leaving a comment to help others!)