[Final Week!] Check The Updated AMEX Platinum Benefits Tracker To Make Sure You Have Used Up All Of Your Expiring Credits; Triple Dip With New Cards!

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Update: This is the final week to apply for a triple dip and to finish spending your credits!

Originally posted on 12/12:

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It’s less than 3 weeks to the end of the year, have you used up your expiring credits on your AMEX Consumer Platinum card and AMEX Business Platinum Card?

If you want to apply for a new AMEX Consumer Platinum card or AMEX Business Platinum Card, now is the best time to do so as you can triple dip on the annual benefits. AMEX ships out approved cards overnight, so you’ll receive it the next day. With a new card opened now, you can get 2022, 2023, and 2024 credits before your 2nd annual fee is due in January 2024! That’s $600 in airline credits, $567 in CLEAR credits, $600 in hotel credits, $800 in Dell credits, $200 in Saks credits, $140 in wireless credits, etc!  You can read more about the consumer card here and about the business card here.

Over the years, AMEX has added more and more benefits to these cards, while also hiking the annual fees. It’s important to stay on top of them so you don’t lose out!

AMEX has added more benefit trackers recently, you can login and view benefit trackers here.

Click on “Show all” on that link:


You’ll then be able to view the status of all your benefits, such as the Consumer Platinum card’s $200 annual airline fee credit, the $20 monthly digital entertainment credit (Disney, ESPN+, Hulu, Peacock, Audible, SiriusXM, New York Times), the $189 annual CLEAR credit (good for 2 adults), the $100 annual Saks credit, the $12.95 monthly Walmart+ credit, the $200 annual AMEX Hotel credit, etc.

The consumer card’s monthly $15-$35 Uber/UberEats credit, Equinox credit, and Global Entry/PreCheck still aren’t integrated here.


You can also toggle the card on the link to be able to view the AMEX Business Platinum card’s $200 annual airline fee credit, the $400 annual Dell credit, the $189 annual CLEAR credit (good for 2 adults), the $10 monthly wireless credit, the $90 quarterly Indeed credit, the $150 annual Adobe credit, etc.


It’s use it or lose it time for these benefits! How did you do this year? Will you go for a triple dip?

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Are there any way to use the $90 quarterly Indeed credit, and the $150 annual Adobe credit?


Can I get a Welcome Offer on new AMEX Consumer Platinum card if I had it before in 2014-2015?


What’s the best way to use the annual hotel and airline credits? ‍♂️

Have both and am def not maximizing their benefits.


I dont see a Dell tracker?


How to cash hotel and airline $200 credit ? No plans to use their hotels or immediate flights.
Any airline gc would work w 200 gc ?


Sell it on ddf……


Are you saying we can buy the GCs and they will trigger the $200 credit? I remember a while back they shut it down.


Clear not showing up on bp..




Thanks Dan, just applied and got approved for the platinum


Regarding the “triple dip” if I spend the 2024 credit in January 2024 and then downgrade the card will they allow me to keep the credits or would they claw back and charge me retroactively?


Is the CLEAR credit good for 2 only on the personal?
(By the business you not writing good for 2)


Same question


If I apply now Dec 22, Why would the next AF would hit Jan 23?


i have a buiessness platinum card. why dont i see the walmart and saks promotion?


walmart and saks are only for personal platinum.

joe b

I canceled my Amex biz plaitnum months ago before the new annual fee popped up. I had it for 5 years+. Which one is better – the personal platinum or business platinum? I might apply for one again…. I have fomo 🙂


@dan, Can I lose 75k centurion lounge if I downgrade my card, I have another business platinum that I don’t want to close yet?

Tirza Swift

I find the $200 hotel credit too limited to use

Any quick fixes ?


Got approved for platinum a few days ago, used it at UTB and Clear. I got credited for the Clear charge but not for the united. anything to do?


I still have $112 to use with American Airlines. Anyway I can still swipe it before year end?

Yechiel Z

See if they’ll let you switch airlines to United … then do a gift card from a computer.
Not guaranteed to work


Thanks. Just purchased an American Airlines gift card.

D. Epstein

Any suggestions to use $100 on American?

Yoni T

Applied for American Express Business Platinum last night after reading this post. Due to Christmas, the instant credit card number was not available, and the ship date is expected to be Wednesday. Wednesday might be cutting it too short to get all this triple dip stuff to post before the by the 31st. Any advice

Yoni T

Dell too? Also, are all products on Dell.com eligible for the $200 credit on Dell?

Yoni T

When it says arrives by January 3, when do you think it charge the card?

D. Epstein

Does American Airlines sell gift cards, and if so, would they qualify for the $200 airline credit ?


wireless for consumer platnium?


Would a charge done on the 31st still qualify for 2022 credit? The charge would be processed on the 31st but the credit wouldn’t post until after the 1st


Newbie here … is it worth having both the amex business and personal card?


chose in 12/22 airline, in 2023 does it transfer over, or need to re – elect?
can it be done on line self service, or need to chat?


Dan — Amex is taking airline transactions conducted on December 31 and posting them to dates in early January. And they are denying the ‘22 benefits for these charges. Any advice?


Does 200 airline credit work for united travel bank? Thanks!


Amex just reversed a saks credit that I got in January 2023. They credited me few days after the charge. I shut the card in end of February. What in the world happened to the triple dip.