Final Day To Use Your 2020 AMEX Airline Fee Credit!

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Update, 12/31: Today is the final day to complete your airline fee spending.

United TravelBank funding is still going strong:

Update, 12/23: There’s just 1 week left to finish using your AMEX airline fee credit! 

-If you apply for the AMEX Hilton Aspire Card now you can get $250 in airline fee credit by 12/31/20, $250 in airline fee credit in 2021, and $250 in airline fee credit in January 2022 all during your first cardmembership year before your next annual fee is due! Read more here.

-If you apply for the AMEX Gold Card now you can you can get $100 in airline fee credit by 12/31/20, $100 in airline fee credit in 2021, $120 in Grubhub credit, and $120 in Uber/Uber Eats credit all during your first cardmembership year before your next annual fee is due! Read more here.

-If you apply for the AMEX Platinum Card now you can you can get $200 in airline fee credit by 12/31/20, $200 in airline fee credit in 2021, and $200 in airline fee credit in January 2022 all during your first cardmembership year before your next annual fee is due! You can also get $50 in Saks credit in 2020, $100 in Saks credit in 2021, and $50 in Saks credit in 2022 before your next annual fee is due. Read more here.

-If you apply for the AMEX Business Platinum Card now you can you can get $200 in airline fee credit by 12/31/20, $200 in airline fee credit in 2021, and $200 in airline fee credit in January 2022 all during your first cardmembership year before your next annual fee is due! You can also get $200 in Dell credit in 2020, $200 of Dell credit in 2021, and $100 of Dell credit in 2022 before your next annual fee is due.

Originally posted on 8/4:

There are 4 AMEX cards that give a credit to use for incidental fees on the airline of your choice.

While Chase Sapphire Reserve® allows you to use travel credit for anything travel related  (or even gas and groceries currently), AMEX is far more restrictive.

You need to register with a specific airline before spending. After you register for an airline you can officially only change your airline in January. However I have had success changing the airline by chatting with AMEX online. 

You can choose to register for the following airlines:

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Hawaiian
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • Spirit
  • United

Note that if you have a Business Platinum card, the airline you choose will also be the airline that will give you 35% of your points back when redeeming for coach travel. You may want to hold off on spending the $200 until the end of the year if you want to be able to change the airline more easily during the year. You also get back 35% of your points on all airlines in business and first class redemptions without having to register for an airline.

Unfortunately gift cards no longer count for this credit.

But there are plenty of other ways to use your credit.

Tickets under $99 have long been reported to get reimbursement, though those have always been YMMV (Your mileage may vary).

But with airlines like Alaska, JetBlue, and United offering TravelBank credit for when you don’t want to take a flight, it seemed like it was worth trying that out.

Alaska doesn’t fly to Cleveland, so I registered my AMEX Platinum consumer card for JetBlue, and my AMEX Platinum business card for United. If you try this out with other airlines in 2020, let us know how it goes.

I bought a ticket on JetBlue from Newark to San Diego for $98.10 and it was reimbursed with the airline fee credit in just 2 days:


After that it was easy to convert the ticket into JetBlue TravelBank funds thanks to the current free change policy. With JetBlue, those funds are valid for 1 year from the date of redeposit:

But you might want to hold off on doing that. If JetBlue cancels your flight, you may be offered a 20% bonus to accept TravelBank funds instead of a refund! Plus if you wait to cancel you’ll have a longer time period to use your TravelBank funds. Just be sure to cancel before your flight departs!

Things didn’t go as well with my United experiment.

On July 16th I bought a $98.10 from Cleveland to Orlando and it was not reimbursed. Go figure.

I could still convert the ticket into a United Electronic Travel Certificate valid for at least 2 years, but I’m already sitting on a pile of those.

Luckily I made an educated guess that the September 8th flight Cleveland to Orlando would be cancelled, and sure enough United notified me on August 2nd that my flight was cancelled.

I called United and got it refunded:


But all hope was not yet lost for getting United credit.

On July 31st I funded my United TravelBank with $100, which won’t expire for at least 5 years.

Years ago, before United ended TravelBank funding, that purchase used to get reimbursed with the airline fee credit. I wrote when I posted the deal that I wondered if it would work again.

The awesome news is that it does indeed based on my $100 trial:


And on DDF member Aerial Dag’s $250 trial, capped at the $200 Platinum annual reimbursement:


As with any credits that aren’t on the official list, there’s always the chance that they won’t work or get clawed back down the line if they determine that it should not have been credited, YMMV!

These are the charges that have been reported to count for airline fee credit:

  • Airline tickets under $99 are sometimes reimbursed.
  • Airline tickets purchased with partial payment on your credit card and partial payment on a voucher or gift card are sometimes reimbursed.
  • Award redeposit and change fees from airline of your choice.
  • Baggage fees from airline of your choice.
  • Flight change fees from airline of your choice.
  • Food and drinks on the plane from airline of your choice.
  • Food and drinks in a club from airline of your choice.
  • Lounge access and club pass fees from airline of your choice.
  • Phone reservation fees from airline of your choice.
  • Pet fees.
  • Seat selection fees and Economy Plus fees from airline of your choice.
  • Standby fees from airline of your choice.
  • AA 500 mile upgrades.
  • Delta Skymiles Select.
  • $9 Spirit Fare Club Membership.
  • United Economy Plus upgrades and Economy Plus Subscriptions.
  • United WiFi Subscription Purchases And Gifts.
  • United WiFi on mainline planes.
  • United TravelBank funding.
  • Buying extra miles or mileage multiplier offered with a ticket purchase online or at a kiosk.

What airline fees have you been credited for on your AMEX card?

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What is “travel bank funds”?


For those who still didn’t spend the Airline fee credit, PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN DONATE IT TO HELP SICK PEOPLE. Call KANFEI CHAIM @ 845-492-3131 or email them: or
This organization helps sick people and their families with flights needed medical care. They accept donations of all types of miles as well and are experienced in this area (you won’t get shut down for donating). They were advertising in local papers that they can make use of many types of airline fee credits. (I am sending this comment myself and have no connection whatsoever to this organization).


If only the good old days with mpx would work.

But good to hear there’s still some hope.

Just curious what does Amex have to lose by allowing the travel credit to be used more generously like Chase?

Emmanuel Munet Quiñones

I was able to buy a Delta ticket that cost $200.60 (in combination with an eCredit from a coronavirus-canceled flight) and got the full $200 reimbursed.

To clarify, the ticket was $200.60 after the eCredit, so the transaction on the AmEx was just that.


Bought an $89 ticket on Delta with Amex Gold card and did NOT get reimbursed.


Can you refill your united travel bank more than once? I didn’t get the option to refill. If yes will you get the bonus again?


Click at the dansdeals link again.


I used it towards mileage multiplier on AA and was reimbursed. (would’ve been nice to see this post a week ago ;p but better late than never)


I just funded my United TravelBank with my Hilton Aspire card and charge shows as UNITED ELECTRONIC TICKETNG and not UNITED AIRLINE HOUSTON TX like in the post. Does this mean I won’t be refunded?


The worst part for me is that with Amex it would not be completely unexpected if they were to claw back the credit in 2 years from now…


Bought a United ticket 2 weeks ago ~$85 and did not get reimbursed. Seems from comments on DDF that others also stopped getting.

Wondering if anyone tried the MB method to fund the same United travelbank with multiple Amex cards at one time


How do you fund the United TravelBank? When logged into my Mileage Plus account, and I click on learn more under TravelBank, it takes be to credit card offers.

Flying Machine

Hi Dan,

I just tried with a $250 credit to my travel bank account on United, do you think that will go through. I did it for the bonus because I know I’m going to use it. However I saw that you made a transaction less than $100. Which is the best way to go? Thanks in advance

Flying Machine

Update: Thanks Dan! The $200 AMEX/UA credit posted to my account. Couldn’t of done it without you 🙂


“Couldn’t of done it” what does that mean?


Have you run into this? Listed in the AMEX terms. I suppose one could try calling, but I was not able to make a change online (American to United) because of this.

“Card Members who have already selected a qualifying airline will be able to change their choice one time each year in January”

Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

does travel bank work for luggage fees, seat upgrades etc?

Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

does it work for chase ritz carlton card too?


I wish Southwest would hurry up and roll out the functionality to convert canceled tickets into points.


If you are booking a flight with a pet you will get reimbursed, on United with my experience


Any recommendations on how to get Delta credit without travel?


It worked for me, I used the Hilton Aspire Card to put money on the United Travel Bank, added $250 on the 9th as UNITED AIRLINES HOUSTON TX and was reimbursed on the 11th.


purchased travel bank 3 days ago…still waiting for credit!


Been waiting for a few weeks. Still not reimbursed




What about A”A?


John Redman

How, mechanically, did you use the AMEX credit card to fund the Travel Bank? I can’t find a standalone page in my MileagePlus account that provides any access to the Travel Bank.

FYI, I also was just told by a United MileagePlus CSR that you could only pre-fund the Travel Bank with a United Travel Bank credit card.

Appreciate any clarification you can provide


Does baggage fees include paying for additional suitcases, or only overweight fees?


Got $750 from 2 platinum cards, one gold and one Hilton. Since United is my airline this is pure cash and you get 5x points on platinum


What happens to the TravelBank funds after expiration date if you don’t use them?


is it safe to do 250 at once or rather do smaller?


I did and received the credit.


Dan, I just added $100 to my united travel bank and the charge came up as United electronic ticketing, do you think that it will credit my amex travel credit?
thanks so much

steven armendariz

I got the same thing! Did you end up receiving the Credit?


also is there a difference if I use my computer (Which I did) or phone to make the purchase?


Just a small DP in regards to reimbursements under 100.
I’ve tried United and aa and it didn’t work but seems like JetBlue has there tickets being charged as a fee and I was reimbursed on a 147$ ticket.

spill the beans

Can you use travel bank funds towards buying PassPlus prepaid ticket package?


If I have a Platinum and I have an AU with a Gold card. Do they also get the $100 toward the airline?


Just got “airline fee reimbursement” of $78.10 for a JetBlue flight booked on my AMEX Hilton. Now to cancel and add to bank.


I just tested United travel find with 250 on 9/4 , I got credited 250 airline credit !


No data points in the last week — are we still being refunded?


Likely no longer working!

Funded United Travel bank on 9/10 and as of this writing (9/16) have not been reimbursed


Did it work?


Purchased 9/12, posted 9/13 as “UNITED AIRLINES HOUSTON TX,” refunded 9/15! 2x $50 purchases on same Amex Plat.. Going in again now for remaining $100 on first card and $200 (2x $100) on Morgan Stanley Amex Plat.. Interestingly, for all 4x clicks-to-purchase, I got the ‘Payment failed – Please try again’ error message in a red box on, but they all posted/show as pending — anyone else experience this?


Deposited 4 * $50 = $200 to united travel bank. Automatically credited after 48-72 hours.


Just got another 2x$100 back this morning.


Purchased on 09/20, credited on 09/23


Also, it looks like the webpage is no longer working. The website doesn’t load anything once I sign in to my account to try and make a purchase.


I bought 2X100 today, the website shows TravelBank $200.00 Exp.10/08/2025

I tried to buy a ticket but am unable to use the Travelbank???

“Based on your current travel options, travel certificates and United®TravelBank cash are not available. Learn more about travel certificates or TravelBank cash.”

Called United and learned that all travel must be on United metal, one of the legs of my journey is on a partner airline…

steven armendariz

You have to have a United airlines credit card to use the credit?


Just wanted to further confirm this is working!

Using the link in this article, on 10/16 I added:
– $250 (selected from the drop-down) using my Amex Business Plat
– $250 (selected from the drop-down) using my Amex Schwab Plat
– $250 (selected from the drop-down) using my Amex vanilla Plat
– $250 (selected from the drop-down) using my Amex Hilton Aspire
– $100 (selected from the drop-down) using my Amex Gold

I simply reloaded the page each time.

All first appeared as UNITED ELECTRONIC TICKETING while pending and then changed into UNITED AIRLINE HOUSTON TX.

Today, 10/18, I received:

– $200 credited as Amex Airline Fee Reimbursement to my Amex Business Plat
– $200 credited as Amex Airline Fee Reimbursement to my Amex Schwab Plat
– $200 credited as Amex Airline Fee Reimbursement to my Amex vanilla Plat
– $250 credited as Amex Airline Fee Reimbursement to my Amex Hilton Aspire
– $100 credited as Amex Airline Fee Reimbursement to my Amex Gold

See screenshot from my banking app here:
And screenshot from TravelBank here:

I did spend an additional $150 to get $1,100 for a United flight — but that’s still an awesome ROI to me I would have never, ever in a million years used these credits otherwise! Thanks, Dan’s Deals and random dude who pointed me to this article on Doctor of Credit! Not too shabby for 20 minutes of work!


I forgot to add United as my airline and added $100 to my TravelBank account yesterday. The charge is still pending and I chose United earlier today as my airline. Does anyone know if this will still trigger the credit?


Did it work?



Can United TravelBank funds book tickets for anyone in my household (or family members listed in profile)?


Are the funds like SW and only used by the ticketed traveler (or this case the UA account owner)?



@Dan.. is there a wait time to make the purchase on travelbank after choosing the airline?


Purchased on 11/08
Posted on 11/10
Refunded on 11/11
So nice!


What did you purchase?


United TravelBank worked with my Aspire card. $250 credit.


Anybody had success with a airline branded store purchase? IE: AA apparel, toys, gear, etc


Jay Weiss

I was in the phone with the Premier desk at United. I wanted to open a travel bank to put that $200 amount in with ghee AMEX platinum cards. She said United is discontinuing the travel bank. Whatever you have in there you can use up. But you can’t create a new account if you don’t already have one. And you can’t add anything in to an existing account. It says that regarding “Gift Registry” which she says is the Travel Bank. Anyone know anything about this? I don’t have a travel bank account and she said i could not create one. ?????


@Jay did you use the link Dan posted?

I clicked through logged in and just made a purchase on Aspire no issues.


Aspire 11.13 purchase posted
Reimbursement posted 11.15.2020


Does paying the fare difference (not change fee) when changing a flight count towards the travel credit?


Re the previous comment I made re United Travel Bank, YoniPDX is correct. On late Friday afternoon I found that sight and did open a Travel Bank account, and funded it with my AMEX platinum cards. Now I just want to see that Amex refunds the charges to me. I believe that the lady I spoke with assumed that the note that the Gift Registry program was discontinued led her to believe that that was, in effect, the Travel Bank program, and so she told me, erroneously, that the Travel Bank program had been discontinued. If it shows you anything, it shows that their people are not terribly well versed with quite a number of their own programs!


Agreed,. The US employee was correct the Gift registry is dead,.

I have found more little tidbits reading comments,- before choosing an airline or using I often check with FT to see if a previous working method had recent DP – unless it was shared in a recent post i.e. SW Travel funds conversion to SW RR points.


My charge shows as airfare with 5X points. Charged on Friday, let’s see if the credit posts


$69 delta ticket did NOT trigger Amex airline credit for me. Purchased early Nov.


I accidentally bought a gift card thinking the credit will be applied, anyway to now cancel it ?


Do I have to add $250 at once or can I add $100 x2?


Confirmed that this still works!! Selected United on 11/19 (had to do it via Amex chat b/c there was an error in selecting) –> Purchased $100 (I have Gold not Platinum) on United TravelBank on 11/20 –> Posted on 11/22 –> Reimbursed on 11/24. Thank you!!


Does Jetblue Travel bank get refunded? confused if I can purchase travel credits in my travel bank or if I have to purchase a ticket and then move it to my travel bank


If I have the Delta offer on my platinum, (Get $120 off $300), Is it stackable with the travel credit, For example if I purchase a flight more than $300 partially using a gift card, would I be reimbursed the $200 travel credit plus the $120 offer?


I have two business platinum cards, and my selected airlines are Spirit and American.
Both still have the full $200 credit available.
Any way I can utilize these before years end if I don’t plan to fly on these airlines anytime soon?


In my opinion, they claw back it soon …


Just another data point. This still works
Purchased 11/26
Posted 11/28

Thank you everyone for sharing.


Confirming $100 United travel bank credited back today, 11/28 (charged 11/24). Have processed another $100 today to max out my Plat benefit ($200 total) and another $100 for my wife’s Gold. Fingers crossed…


Just got mine clawed back. Please let me know what your experience is.

Mister Malibu

Looks like United travelbank is a safe bet for my 250 unused Aspire credit.

Any datapoint on Alaska?


I used Aspire to fund $250 to United Travel Bank and 3 days later I was issued a very small “Hilton Resort Credit” equal to a trivial August 2020 Restaurant purchase that was already issued 3 mos ago.


What are the odds the united credits gets clawed back?

Mister Malibu

With Travelbank Cash, what activities would extend the validity of credit?

I don’t have any co-branded credit card (CSR I have) and am not anticipating any travel on United metals in the next 18 mos.


United TravelBank worked with my Platinum card!
Purchased 11/29
Posted 12/1
Credited 12/2


It worked with Hilton Aspire Amex with 250 of United Airline. Just couple days ago. (12/05/2020)


It worked for me – thanks for the tip! I bought $250 in Travel Bank on United, at first it looked like it was processing under a different name but when it went through it read “United Airlines Houston Texas”. Processed on Dec 4, credit for $250 on Dec 6.


United travel bank has not worked for me on Platinum card.
$100 purchase on 12/3 and still nothing. Meter has not moved.


Did you choose United as your airline of choice on Amex account?


Yes I did. Had confirmation email prior to purchase.


Hi I was wondering can I buy preferred seating for a family member using my Amex Aspire card and still get the reimbursement towards the annual travel credit? Thank you


Wondering the same on AMEX Business Platinum. If I upgrade the seat, will I get reimbursed?


Don’t think it does – this is from AMEX

“Good to Know

This benefit doesn’t offer credit toward airline tickets, upgrades, mileage points purchases, mileage points transfer fees, gift cards, duty free purchases, and award tickets.”

Aloha oe

Anybody tried hawaiian airline????


Is united travel bank still working? My $100 fund posted Dec 10th, still no credit. Amex PRG, confirmed United as airline.


same boat did the 250 and posted on Dec 10th. still nothing. keep you updated


Same issue. It posted Dec 9th. No credit yet.


Got amex airline fee reimbursement Dec 14

Aloha oe

Thanks Ralf for update!!
I will be patient and wait

Aloha oe

Did you guys receive credit now?
Please update.
I Bought 12/15 united bank. $100.
No credit so far..

Aloha oe

I received on late 12/17.!!!!!!!!
Thank you Dan!!


Any updates you guys? No credit for me yet 🙁 It has been a week already.


United travel bank on Gold card worked for me. Purchased $50 on 12/14, saw credit on 12/17.


Mine posted on the 8th and still no credit


Hi Dan – Is it true that buying United Club day passes for future usage from the United Airline app should work given it should qualify as the “Airport lounge day passes & annual memberships” per the official list?


Any knowledge about the bofa incidental fee credit if a $100 annually?


AA e-gift card worked for me a week ago.

Shawn Karp

How much did you put on the AA e-gift card?


is travel credit still working on platinum card to travelbank?


I just came along this post, so I just purchased $100 on the travelbank now (12/19). If this works in the next few days, I’ll let you know. As well as add more money to that travelbank with the other AMEX cards. Annoying how their travel credit isn’t as flexible as Chase’s.


Was Reimbursed on 12/22. Just put in for the rest of my AMEX credits as well.


I chickened out because United Travel was not credited after a week it was posted! I talked to Amex representative to change my airline choice to Southwest, which I know works.


anyone has any updated dp to share ??


Got reimbursed Friday, took 5 days.


posted on 12/20, was reimbursed 12/23


How long does it take for credit to show after travel bank deposit with United airlines?

Amex user

I actually used it for United Egift card
A week later it wasn’t in my account I called off Amex customer service and they reimbursed it for me


Can you still apply for more than 1 card at the same time with 1 pull?


If I buy three Jet Blue tickets at $60 apiece do you think AMEX will allow that for my airline credit?


Amex is the worst. I have Delta designated on my Platinum and $250 with no airline designated on my Aspire, but if I wanted to play roulette I’d go to a casino. Is there any safe way to get the credit?


Done, thanks for the push. Just added to travel bank credits.

Yechiel Z

Just purchased $100.00 travel bank on Sunday 12/20 9:26 Eastern, will update if i get reimbursed.

Amex users aside, what is the point of this travel bank ?

Yechiel Z

Happy to report the $100.00 was reimbursed as of Wednesday, 12/23… Thanks Dan!


Does it work with southwest? Haven’t seen them mentioned at all


My understanding is that this flexible cancellation policy for JetBlue ends on 2/28/21. So can I book a ticket now (for the 2020 credit) for a flight in, say, August 2021, then cancel it in July 2021 and still end up with the full value on a JetBlue credit, good for a year until July 2022? Or do I need to make the cancellation before 2/28/21 and the flight be booked for a travel day before 2/28/21?


I have $250 expiring airline fee credit on my hilton aspire amex card. Does anyone know if i can use this on this offer: ” you can multiply your AAdvantage miles for your upcoming flight. Buy 6,546 miles for only $200 ”
I know the miles arent worth that much, but i might as well use it if it is free


Dan, thanks for everything! Does anyone know- I have a companion pass with a AMEX Delta Platinum that will expire at the end of 2021. If I down grade my card will the companion certificate still be on my SkyMiles account?


I have both the platinum and the gold card. I used the United Travel Bank for both (9 Dec) and was only credited back on the Gold (11 Dec). Not sure if Amex will credit the platinum at this point as its been two weeks. Oh well, so much for trying to use the travel credit………………


Amex BP $250 united travel bank charge posted 12/16/2020 still no credit. Confirmed United as selected airline. Anyone else have these issues?


Still no credit. Chatted, said will manually apply credit


What did you tell them to get the credit manually applied?


Anybody know what works for the Bofa credit ?


Does Amex overnight the new cards?

Sam E.

I wonder why you don’t add the ‘United Travel Credit’ option on top of the post or even in the Headline, as it’s the simplest way to get it available for future trave use.


Dan, If you book travel and get the credit, if you cancel the travel will they claw back the credit?


Hi Dan, I’d like to use my Consumer Platinum airline credit. Will I be reimbursed for JetBlue tickets that are less than $100 a ticket? If I cancel them will I be able to get a travel bank credit and still receive the airline credit ?
Thank you!


I used $200 of my $250 on my Hilton aspire towards delta anyway to use the other $50?
Thanks Dan!


Delta SkyMiles select is no longer available.


United updated their code to reflect “United Electronic Ticketing” for United Travel Bank Cash purchases. Made the purchase last night and still waiting for credits; but doesn’t look promising after that update. Anyone who got credited in such a scenario?


Said the same thing by me and was credited 3 days later


Is there any worry of clawbacks or even account shutdown if triple dipping?


For the Amex $100 credit over the last 4 days – switched from Southwest to United. Spent $100 on United travel bank. got the $100 refunded on American Express 3 days later.


Dan – when does the $200 Amex Travel credit expire ? Also is it on all Platinum cards ? I haven’t seen it on my consumer platinum


I messaged AMEX and they said tickets arent included… what does that mean??


My United Travel Bank purchase posted on 12/23 as “Special Service Ticket” from CHICAGO O’HARE INT to CHICAGO O’HARE INT. Credit has yet to post. Any cause for concern?


Purchased $100 United Bank three days ago, credit posted today. Thanks Dan!


2x 100 UA travel bank 12/23
Credited 12/25

Thanks for the reminder @dan


Which card was that on?


Selected United as the airline on AMEX Hilton Aspire. Made a $250 purchase to the United Travel bank on 12/5. Still no reimbursement.
The Hilton airline credit and Hilton resort credit are 2 separate benefits right?
Thanks in advance.


Just purchased $100 Travelbank, 2 days ago. Credit still did not post, but I see in this thread it can take a week. If they do credit it after 12-31, will it go off this year’s credit or next. (the charge already shows on Amex as of yesterday)


$100 Amex Aspire charge to United Travel Bank 12/25

No reimbursement as of 12/29


Same here and I did it on the 21st.


I added on 12/26 100$ UA travel bank with Amex Plat. 100$ AMEX travel credit showed up today. I’m going to do another 100$ today, might as well, just moving money from one pocket to another if it doesn’t credit


Amex told me flights / tickets are no longer accepted for the $200 credit. huca’d twice and they all 3 told me the same thing. third time asked for a supervisor who also said flights are not covered.


Usually it takes AmEx 2 days to credit my account. I f I purchase today 12/31/20 and it credits 01/02/21 will it credit me from my 2020 award or 2021?


I only got a $23 credit this morning on the 2 united travel bank $100 charges on 12/31. Hope it changes.


hey, wondering if we’ve had any data points for the United TravelBank credits working for the new year? Thanks


Just purchased $50 for my Travel Bank and it processed under the name “United Electronic Ticketing” while in December it billed under the name “United Airlines Houston TX”. Do you think this will make a difference in getting reimbursed?


I think that’s what it shows in pending, and it later changes the name with it posts.

David A

On the travelbank funding (1) – do you need to do $100 at a time, or $200 in 1 purchase usually gets credited? and (2) I’m currently SW air selected, if I change to United, how many days do I need to wait to make Tbank purchase(s). TBank sounds good – get 5 years to use towards United tix!


Anyone that purchased united travel bank on 12/31, can you confirm if you got credited?


I did one on the 28th, was credited on the 31st, I did another on the 31st, nothing posted yet. Starting to think it might have been too close to the wire, or maybe it will just spill over into 2021, which of course wasn’t my interntion.


I made a noob error and bought the United Travel Bank certificates but forgot to change the airline to United. Oops.


Any positive DPs on the full credit working in 2021?
The posts in 2021 below are making me a bit skeptical.


can this be used in 2021?


United Travel Fund no more working for Amex Airlines reimbursement after 14th of January. See here


Anyone here tried? Confirmed?


Bought 100 three days ago it settled as airfare so far and not gc. Do not see the credit yet.


Dan, thank you for all your hard work!

Dave Parker

United TravelBank funding still works as of today