Will You Signup For Delta SkyMiles Select?

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Update: This program does qualify for AMEX airline fee reimbursement!

Delta has launched SkyMiles Select Membership for $59/year.

It includes:

  • 8 drink vouchers, that expire in 12 months
  • Main cabin 1 boarding for you and your companions
  • Bag tag

Delta claims this package is worth $100 based on valuing the drink vouchers at $9 each, though I’m sure they’re hoping for those to expire unused.

The main cabin 1 boarding helps ensure that you’ll have overhead space for your carry-on. That will be most useful if you fly basic economy, as you get moved up from being the last to board.

If you have a Delta credit card you’ll do better. The $95 (soon to be $99 fee) card gives the same zone 1 boarding and also covers your checked bag fees, and gives 20% off in-flight purchases, among other benefits.

Then again, the credit card doesn’t come with drink vouchers (though you do get 20% off drinks) and it requires a credit check.

United offers subscriptions for baggage, economy plus, and WiFi. You can get a refund of those subscriptions with the AMEX Airline fee credit. I’d imagine that will also work for a refund of SkyMiles Select, meaning you can get a refund for that and for some baggage fees if you have an eligible card.

This isn’t a terribly useful status to have, but it certainly can be worthwhile for some.

Will you signup for SkyMiles Select?

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John Doe

If they offer a one time lounge pass, i will consider. Otherwise, hard pass!


Does anyone know if you get Amex reimbursement for this? I still have some $$ on my business platinum airline reimbursement for this year!


I think the Delta Gold card is a better value – same boarding group but rather than a free bagage tag you actually get a free checked bag(s).- a few flights with family (females) and it can more than pay for iAF with checked bag fees.

Jack G

Does this help for flights to TLV?


I suppose elite tags are good for showing off, but in company of Atlanta based diamond medallions, I’d be laughed out of the room.


Bag Tag will also get you Priorty borading on MARTA from the airport to downtown.
(MARTA is Atlanta’s public light rail and bus system).


Have been on the MARTA from the airport…surrounded by medallion tagged luggage.


Who needs priority boarding on Marta? It’s never been crowded when you took it from the airport


@Dan do you have an article about the amex airline credit? I haven’t used mine yet, and I’m not sure what is the best use for it


Is the price 59 or 95

Orrin d

I don’t know if others are receiving this ad, but your column is followed by an ad from Calvin Klein with a fairly heavily tattooed naked man sporting only his C Klein bvds.


Random question
I’m a Gold Medallion from traveling frequently

I have the Gold Credit card, is there any reason for me to keep the gold card and not downgrade it to the delta blue ?

what\'s the point

Not me.


I Just found out that Delta has a Text massaging service to talk to an agent


Wow I never heard of subscriptions, especially the extra legroom subscription. Does JetBlue also offering these?

Jeff B

An inside source tells me that these are the new changes coming soon:

In air attendant subscription: $39 per flight for unlimited
use of the flight attendant call button. Or $5 per call, Life threatening emergencies fee will be waived, fees also waived in the event of a crash

BrightFlights TM: $7.99 per flight leg or $12.99 RT, unlimited use of the personal overheard reading light

ReCline: $49.99 annual subscription for unlimited seat reclining at 1000ft. Please notify flight crew of your seat location for your recline option to be enabled

Rapid DePlane: $64.99 annual subscription, be the first to deplane with Rapid DePlane, be the first to wait 30+ minutes at the baggage claim carrousel.

InAir: $1.99 per flight leg, you can control your own AC blow hole. Anyone who does not pay this fee will have the AC stuck at a permanent direction and at a random hole blow size


Ahhhhhhaaaaaaa. Best comment ever


Been a while since I laughed that much from a blog comment. Well done!


Rofl! Start a frequent flyer humor blog, I’ll be your first fan!

Jeff B

Thank you for the comments. I appreciate the feedback.

Alan Katan

For a moment there…LOL


Moderators – please remove before airline reps see this and get ideas.


not worth it if you have any sort of status. i typically get upgraded to comfort with silver / gold which results in free drinks and priority boarding


maybe delta planning on cutting out free drinks in comfort soon?

Patrick McGowan

This is a nickel and diming move by Delta and makes a joke out of attaining for example Silver medallion status. Potentially everyone on the aircraft could qualify for early boarding making a currently crazy boarding process even crazier. Wasn’t the idea behind Basic Economy that you purchased the most heavily discounted ticket with some downside. Under this program you now can purchase the same priced ticket and for $59!get the bells and whistles. Why would anyone purchase higher priced tickets.

Amex credits

Is this the only small thing you can buy from Delta.com to use the amex credits?
I wanna know if it’s worth it.


Meh, wouldn’t sign up


Just to update everyone here – this program DOES qualify for the AMEX reimbursement. My transaction posted on 10/21, and on 10/23 the reimbursement was issued to my Gold card.


Can I purchase for others and get reimbursed for amex credits?


Yes, that has been working. Amex doesn’t care about whether the DL ads/collect/incidental fees are for the card member’s own travel or that of others, and the same goes for buying SkyMiles Select membership with Amex Plat cards.