Pay Your Rent With A Credit Card Without Fees Via RadPad And Android Pay

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Update 2: RadPad is backing out of their free rent payment through 2016 offer.

Update: I’ve been able to use my United Club card with RadPad as it was grandfathered in with Google Wallet, but others haven’t been able to add their Chase cards to Android Pay. However Android Pay will support Chase cards effective September 7th.

That means you’ll be able to pay your rent to meet the spend threshold for Sapphire Reserve without fees!

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Originally posted on 8/9:
Pay Your Rent With A Credit Card Without Fees Via RadPad And Android Pay

Download RadPad for Android and Android Pay and you can pay your rent with a credit card without paying any fees for the rest of 2016.

You’ll need to setup Android Pay with your credit card of choice before trying to pay your rent in the RadPad app. Then just enter your rent, type in your landlord’s address, and select Android Pay as your method of payment. At the final payment page you should only see your rent and not the normal 3.49% fee. RadPad will mail your landlord a check.

RadPad has been known to verify that they’re sending money to a real landlord and they may require your rental agreement.

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Anyway to do this without an android?


Can this work for mortgages?


Any equivalent app for iPhone?


Borrow your friend’s Android?

Doesn’t seem like that will work if they verify it.

You need to use Android Pay which is for Android only.

Points lover

Will the ink give me 5 points on the dollar


Any way to pay a mortgage with a credit card?


@Dan: hmm.. Just thought about something. I have an old android that doesn’t have service, will it work with WIFI?


Think it will work for maintenance payments? I’m paying by credit card now, but the charge a small fee.


If it’s an old Android, it almost definitely won’t be Android pay compatible.

Thank You Dan!

@Moshe: why not?

And those who don’t have an Android (yet…) can buy this one for $4.99


Would this work to pay condo fees?


@Thank You Dan!: Wont work needs to be Android 4.4 or later


@Anonymous: can’t update it to newer Android version?


I have a Samsung 4 mini and Android Pay doesn’t work….


My landlord likes when I write the check out to cash. Would that be possible with this method?


Can this work for Mortgage too??

Dans chosid

I pay rent with credit cards I put money on his bill in the grocery store and even get 5 points on the freedom during the past quarter


Will an android phone (4.4) work even if it doesn’t have NFC tech? (will android pay even allow me to download it from the goole store?)


i just tried using the app but i dont see how to use android pay, it only asks for cc number?


@schneur: I have the same issue. It doesn’t give me the option of using Android Pay!


Does it work in Canada?


how about samsung pay?

Thanks Dan!

Any deals to Israel?


Dan, any credit cards you’d recommend using for rent to maximize points?


I can’t get android pay to work with chase. Is that the case?


what happens after 2016? is this a promotion?


Compatible with Nexus 6 or OnePlus 1?


@Eli: I have Android Pay on my Nexus 6. Haven’t used it yet, but it loaded and verified a credit card without a problem.


Do they have an iPhone app?


@Thank You Dan!: hey no NFC no Android pay!!!


Am using Android pay and still says cc fee will apply.


I paid with Chase.

I’d assume it goes back to 3.49%

The fee isn’t charged on the final payment screen.


Do I need a valid sim card or can i use an android phone and just use wifi?


and select Android Pay as your method of payment. At the final payment page

not coming up


I’d guess you need a SIM, but try and let us know?

Did you configure a card in Android Pay before opening the RadPad app?



Is see the same on Iphone. Will the fee not show on the final page?


Hi Dan- im trying to add my chase freedom and my chase freedom unlimited cards to android pay but seems like it chase doesn’t work with RapPad- can you advise how you got it to work?


I tried adding all my chase cards, and they all say they don’t work with android pay?

Chochom Balayla

@Moshe: @Max:

It could be Dan was grandfathered in from his google wallet account like some people in the comment section are saying in this link.


For those who don’t have Android and don’t want to spend money on one just to take advantage of this deal just download Bluestacks ( It’s an Android emulator that’s meant for app developers to test their apps before they sell them but it functions as a full Android phone. I’m pretty sure it mimics a Samsung Galaxy but that doesn’t really matter as far as this goes. I’ve used this program many times to take advantage of smartphone-only offers even though I don’t own a smartphone.


Chase cards (Freedom…etc) will not work with Android Pay. You can add Citi and AMEX credit cards.


Tried downloading Android Pay and it says my device isn’t compatible. Is that because I don’t have NFC?



i have a andriod 4 mini, it works. perhaps your phone needs an update…… is the play store updated by you? how about the phone itself?


@Yossi: Most if not all mortgage servicing companies have their own website where you can pay your mortgage directly online.

Bong Kim

did anyone have hatzlochoh on which REB DONIEL reccomeneded?.

Bong Chul Kim

did bluestacks work?


Dan, would you rather use some CC or PPBDC for 1% back? With constant deval I start getting a feeling that cash is king…


Would this count for the freedom unlimited sign up bonus (even though it’s not a purchase)?
What about generally paying rent with cc, does it count for the bonus?


Might work if you download BlueStacks from and set up a virtual android phone on your PC or Mac.

May have to get the AndroidPay program file (*.apk) from to install if Play store won’t let.


@Bong Chul Kim: I didn’t try it because I don’t really need this offer, I was just curious about how it worked which is why I clicked on the link.


@Dan Can I pay a mortgage with a credit card using radpad?


I tried Bluestacks and got the “your device isn’t compatible with this version” message.



Dan i got the same message. says “designed for phones” at the top

Floridian – how do you set up a virtual android? 🙂

Bong Kim

how do you get a virtual android


The app works for me in Bluestacks. But no Android Pay option 🙁


Anyone have trouble with AMEX flagging as fraud?
Is radpad safe?


Will this work with Amex Gift cards?


Will the landlord see the final amount, or will he eat the 3.49% fee?



Radpad/Android Pay are covering the full fee.



circle payments allow you to send money to other people for free using credit cards debit or bank…..not sure if it will be like this forever or just now….

Moshiach Now

@Dan Condo Dues?


@e, Circle will only allow me to add a debit card. How do you add a CC?


Dan just out of curiosity, you are paying rent or you have a mortgage?


Free ??

Debit cards are just $4.95

Rent payments under $5,000, just $4.95/month. Payments $5,000 or more just $9.95/month.
Guaranteed on-time

All rent payments are backed by our 100% Rent Guarantee.
Credit cards just 2.99%

Stretch out your rent payment by paying it with your credit card.


@Moshiach Now:
Try and see.

Office rent.

Need to do it via Android Pay for it to be free.


Has anyone tried using an Android tablet that isn’t a phone?


is using circle payments safe?


It’s saying that all my cards are not eligible, which cards are? I have amex and chase and Barclay’s


“Android Pay will support Chase cards effective September 7th.”



I just got approved for the Sapphire Reserve, but the website said it could take 2 weeks to arrive. is there any way I can get the card number before it arrives so I can use it for RadPad to pay next months rent.


Call customer service to expedite your card @800-436-7937


@Yossi: Thank you!


@Ben @Yossi Just called Customer Service, and they said that because of the extraordinary demand, they are unable to expedite.


@Ben: @Yossi: Just called Customer Service, and they said that because of the extraordinary demand, they are unable to expedite.


This is DEAD. Even for those already enrolled, it will only be valid through August 31 instead of through 2016.


I wonder if it’s worth paying 2 months rent on the credit card before August 31


Tried tonight, pop up informed me this is over and that my credit card would be charged the fee if I continued with the payment.


Read the post update.


That’s why I write post updates.


@Dan: @Dan:
But you did not tweeted the Update…


Radpad just sent me an email saying they stopped paying apartment rent all together… what a terrible company