Now Is The Best Time To Apply For A Sapphire Reserve Or Business Platinum “Hybrid Card”

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Earlier this week I explained the extreme value offered by “hybrid cards” like Chase Sapphire Reserve and AMEX Business Platinum.

Each of those cards offer 100,000 points for signing up and meeting the spend requirements.

The game changing aspect is that you can choose to transfer them into airline miles when tickets are expensive, or you can use them for paid tickets when tickets are less expensive. Combined with other cards you are looking at a value for travel of 2.25% back on everyday spend and up to 7.5% in specific spending categories on Sapphire Reserve for paid tickets (potentially more with transfers to miles). Or combined with other cards you’ll get a value of value for travel of 3% on everyday spend and up to 20% on Business Platinum (potentially more with transfers to miles). Yesterday’s post explains the nuances involved with those calculations.

The hybrid cards aren’t cheap, they cost $450/year each. But they come laden with benefits like lounge memberships (4 different varieties with AMEX Platinum or with unlimited free guests on Sapphire Reserve), elite status (3 with AMEX Platinum), 10 annual free in-flight WiFi with AMEX Platinum, bonus spend points (triple points on ravel and dining with Sapphire Reserve, Global Entry/Pre-Check fee refunds on both cards, and most importantly, the ability to increase the value of all of your AMEX or Chase points when redeeming for travel.

The annual travel credit that each card offers help reduce the effective annual fee.

-The Sapphire Reserve offers a very generous automatic $300 credit for anything that is travel related. All travel related transactions will be automatically refunded until you reach $300.

Unlike what some Chase reps may claim, you can earn that credit once per calendar year, not per cardmember year. But the key is that the spending needs to be completed before your December billing statement prints.

Right now you can apply for the card and take advantage of $900 in travel credits in your first cardmembership year. You can get $300 in travel credit before your December 2016 statement prints. You can get $300 in travel credit anytime after that point until your December 2017 statement prints, and you can get $300 in travel credit in December 2017 right after your December statement prints. Your first annual fee will be due in January 2017 and your next annual fee won’t be due until January 2018.

People that have been approved for the card now are reporting that their first due date will be between January 15-23. If you have a due date of January 15 that means your statement end date is December 18. If you have a due date of January 22 that means your statement end date is December 26. Try to spend a couple of days before then and you will be good to go.

-The AMEX Business Platinum offers a $200 credit for fees related to an airline of your choice. This credit goes strictly by calendar year, but the same concept applies here. If you apply now you can spend $200 in December 2016, $200 in 2017, and $200 on 1/1/18. Your first annual fee will be due in mid-January 2017 and your next annual fee won’t be due until mid-January 2018.

I’ll make another post shortly with a list of items that qualify for credits on both cards.

With either card you should be able take full advantage of a triple-dip now. That’s 3 travel credits in your first cardmembership year. Of course you’ll also get another travel credit credit in each subsequent cardmembership year that will help take most of the sting out of their $450 annual fees so that you can enjoy the cards other amazing benefits at an affordable cost.

There’s no better time to apply for either card than right now.

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Yikes got approved nov 27. Any way 2 triple dip?

Amex Gold

Is there same benefits to have either Amex Business Gold Rewards Card or Amex consumer Rewards Gold together with Amex Business Platinum?
I have consumer Amex Good and now they’re changing me $195 membership fees, so I thought to close it and open Business Gold + Business Platinum instead.
Please advise.


Thank you so much Dan! Got my card 2 days ago and had thought I missed the 2016 credit!


I may be misunderstanding, but if I apply right now, I thought I cannot get the $300 for 2016 correct? Because the statement doesn’t close until January 2017.

I would be getting the $300 from 2017 and then 2018. I’m confused how you get $900.

Thank you.


If I just opened the card, can I get a third $300 credit in January 2018? How much time do I have, after the second fee hits, to close the card?


Can I ask for CPC in any Chase branch or just in my local one?

Yossi B

@Dan So if i get approved today, how much do I need to spend in order to get all the perks including the $900 in travel with the Sapphire Reserve?


is stament print date the same as statement close by date?


Can I apply for Amex Business Gold Rewards Card and Amex Business Platinum at the same time?
Would they allow it?


My wife just got the reserve card with a due date of 7 January. So if going by what you said, we should have our travel expenses done by 10 Dec ?


should we do a 2 bm or those days are over


You should be able to, find out when you payment due date or statement close date is.

@Amex Gold:
Each card offer its own unique benefits.

When is your next statement close or payment due date?

Generally speaking you have 30 days after the statement with the annual fee prints to decide not to renew a card.

Both these cards have benefits that make them well worth renewing though.

Any, but unless you have $250K or are friendly with a banker it’s a long shot.






Hi Dan, I booked 3 united flights back in January for about a $1,000 from Jan 18-28. Now I see flights for $749 is there any way to get back those $250 per flight? My tickets are non refundable. I used cash and points through chase ultimate rewards website to book


Can you make a post on how we can know what fare class we will be booked in if we book flights through the chase travel site? Or is there no way to know for sure? Because I booked a flight on the citi prestige travel site and almost every airline gave 0% mileage.


@J your payment is due in January but it will still be put on your December statement, therefore being charged in 2016 so 2016 credit will apply


I got the CSR card last week, due date of 1/20 called up and my statement date was 12/24, already spent the $300 and got it refunded. It will reset on 12/25 and then that will count towards 2017 after that.



Call and ask?

Correct, enjoy!


@Dan I don’t have the card right now. I just got added to my parents CPC so I was planning on applying, but decided not to because I assumed I can’t get the 2016 credit.


Based on DDF reports you should still be able to.


@Dan, my Gmail account has been hacked. It sent an email to a few people I have emailed (some of them long ago), and it had a link and said “check this out I never believed it” and signed my name. Someone forwarded it back to me asking if it’s a hack. I checked the address bar, it wasn’t actually from my Gmail, but it was my name, so I emailed back everyone that it was, and then a couple minutes later, I got new email in the thread from mail delivery subsystem saying that it was intercepted.. and didn’t send. Any tips? What should I do?


@Dan Thanks! Just e-mailed the banker. Worth a shot.

@Jason Thanks!

First time

What are chances of getting approved for Reserve card if this is my first card?
If not too great, what are my options to start off?


I got my Reserve a couple months ago, but still haven’t spent all 300. My due date is Dec 1. Am I screwed?


Is Jan. 10 to early to triple-dip?


hi dan my due date is jan 8 2017!
till when should i use the 300 ?



You don’t need a banker to apply.

@First time:
There’s no way to guess that. It may be easier to get a card like AMEX Starwood or Chase Freedom/Freedom Unlimited though.

No. A due date of 12/1 means you’ll have a statement print on 12/26.


You will have a statement print on 12/11.
Try to finish a few days before then if possible.


Does traveling include hotel?




Anyone know which lounge at JFK terminal 5 I can get in? And if the chase Sapphire Reserve will work? I think it’s the Airspace Lounge…


Priority Pass gets you into Air France Lounge Terminal 1, KAL Business Class Lounge Terminal 1, or Wingtips Lounge Terminal 4

AMEX Plat gets you into those plus the Airspace in T5 and the Delta lounge in T2 and T4.


It seems you do not get elite status, but actually gold status for the 3 hotel chains. Please confirm.


Um, gold is an elite status level.


@Dan, if it’s per calendar year then wouldn’t the “$300 in travel credit in December 2017 right after your December statement prints” realy be your 2018 credit ? So I see the double dip 2016+2017 in first year, but not a tripple dip.


$300 in December 2016 (pre-statement), $300 in January 2017, and $300 in December 2017 (post-statement).


I recently got approved for CSR and due date is 12/24 – i already took advantage of the 300$ for 2016 can i still triple dip? if yes how?


@Dan, Is The Enhanced Business Platinum Card considered a different product/cart from “The Business Platinum Rewards Card® From American Express OPEN”?


12/24 or 1/24?
When were you approved?
Did you get a statement yet?

Same product as far as I know.


just applied, i have 5/24 but one is a macy’s card (only store card) and 2 are AU’s, one chase and one amex, but application pending and called, they won’t give ma any info, they say they still need to look into it and will get back to me up to 30 days from now!
what can i expect?
credit is decent, i have 3 current (personal) credit cards, (one amex biz), plus 2 store cards, and some old closed cards, total history is about 5 years old


Besides rental car, hotel, air and train, what charge categories will qualify for the $300 back for travel?


And don’t forget the potential $100 credit for renewing or enrolling in Global Entry.


If i apply today when will i get the card? Will i have enough time to spend the $300 after i get the card?


FYI- NY EZ-pass is no longer considered a travel expense for Chase Reserve on auto pay since they changed the coding. However if you do a 1 time payment it shows up as a travel credit,it worked by me.


Does the business platinum count towards 5/24. I am able to get the sapphire in another month and I don’t want to mess it up.


i applied a week ago and got refunded the 300 already. If in the beg of 2018 i spend 300 and then downgrade the card do they refund you the fee within 60 days as they used to with the CSP?

mia flyer

do you have to use the travel credit before the next one kicks in ? or they get stacked .
what else can i use an airline credit for if im not flying (sapphire reserve )

Moshe Zeines

Hey Dan, I have 100k points on my Chase Sapphire Preferred card. If I open a Reserve card can I transfer over my Sapphire points to make those more valuable?


what triggers 200 amex credit?


I’ll make another post on that.

YMMV, but you should.

I’ve posted that before.

It won’t count towards 5/24.

30 days.

@mia flyer:
It goes by the statement date.

@Moshe Zeines:

I’ll make another post on that.



12/24, approved Oct 11th.


I wouldn’t call that recently.

A due date on the 24th of the month means a close date on the 27th of the month. As long as you spend before 12/27 it’s fine.


Besides rental car, hotel, air and train, what charge categories will qualify for the $300 back for travel? Please advise


“I’ll make another post shortly with a list of items that qualify for credits on both cards.”


What’s the earliest we could have gotten the CSR to triple dip? I’m assuming it’s today right…


It’s not a science.


Is the $300 credit per card per year, or per account per year (is it worth getting an additional card for spouse)?


Dan, I received my card yesterday and it shows next payment due Jan 19th. Confirming that I am good to spend $300 travel credit if spent in December and then another $300 btwn Jan and Dec 2017?



Your leaving out a critical point and that is for AMEX Platinum you need to spend $15k in 3 months to get the 100,000 MR points. That is a large minimum spend threshold.


I just applied for CSR, got application pending, called reconsideration and was told I will be denied due to me applying for Ink Cash card earlier this month- but after some pleading and shifting credit from Freedom over to CSR, was approved 🙂 Looking forward to triple dipping! Thx Dan!


@dan if I already have a regular sapphire card do I need to apply for a totally new card to get this offer or can I call and ask them to upgrade my card and get the points etc .


I applied today and it says decision pending …. will getting approved in a couple of days be to late ?


@dan I know some cc companies wont give one bonus if you have had similar card in past. If I currently have spg amex company card can I apply and still get bonus for amex company platinum card. I am pretty sure I can just would love clarification.


@Dan does the sign up bonus only apply to new Plantinum car holders? I canceled my last one in Dec 2014. Am I eligible.


Can I get into the lounges without having an airline ticket?


Per account.

Your statement should close on 12/22.

This post is about the benefits, not the signup bonus.

Well done!

You need to apply for a new card to get the 100K bonus.

Impossible to say for sure.

You will get the bonus.

Did you have a consumer or business platinum?

You may be able to, but most lounges are post-security anyway.


@Dan: Business


Any GCs that I can buy to get the travel credit that are good for resale?


I have had the Amex Business Platinum in the past so I wouldn’t be eligible for the signup bonus, correct? Would you say it’s still worth it just to have the ability to get 50% points rebate? I have the CSR and personal Amex Platinum so I already have all the other benefits (besides the 10 go-go passes)


You probably won’t get the bonus, but the 10 GoGo passes and 50% rebate are likely to be worth the fee, especially with the travel credit.

Of course the real question is if the consumer AMEX Platinum is worth keeping.

I’m making a post on that now.


Any concerns around the chatters of amex freezing people’s points accounts for applying platinum cards?


That was only for people that applied with a hacked link last month that I purposefully ignored when it was making the rounds this time around.

The link in this post is legit.


What is a travel charge on the Amex card


“I’ll make another post shortly with a list of items that qualify for credits on both cards.”


Can you choose your statement end date?


Why no link to sign up for CSR?


You can choose your due date.
If you choose a due date of the 25th of the month for example the statement will close on the 28th of the month.

“You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Credit Card Offers” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers or view offers via the banners on the side of this site.”


Approved thanks Dan!




@Dan: That is a good question; I’ve been pondering the same. I do have the Morgan Stanley version of the consumer Platinum, which means my wife has a free AU card. But still, might not be worth it if I get the Business. What do you think?


Depends on how often she takes advantages of the benefits of that AU card and how often you use the card to earn 5 points per dollar for paid flights.


At bank now, said need to be approved which can take 7-10 days, statement won’t print until January 2017. Is that ok?


Any way to get the CSR as a business card?


Any good ideas on how to get the airline credit on the Amex Platinum? Do you think a Southwest gift card works?


Does anyone know what is happening with the chase freedom 5 points categories? It’s almost new quarter, but nothing posted. Is there truth to the rumors that they are merging with Freedom Unlimited?


I want to combine my chase inquires (and give myself time to deal with recon) must i wait till the morning to apply, or is past 12 AM considered the next day? Do i need to worry about another time zone other than mine – EST?
Thank you.


Thank you Dan! Your post today motivated me to apply for CSR today and I got auto approved. (8/24 but with CPC).


Call reconsideration.


It does.

They haven’t announced new categories until the day before recently.

I’d wait until the morning.



I’ve seen a number of references to something called CPC. What is that please?


There’s a department called reconstruction? What should Chaya ask reconstruction for? I’m in the same boat.


I am CPC but was declined, then declined again on the phone, but I Sent a secure message and was approved on the third try! thnx dan!
Is there any reason to hold onto my sapphire preferred card that I’ve had the past few years if im planning on keeping my new CSR card? (i have other cards that are older besides this)


How is it even possible to still apply, get approved (even instantly), have the card shipped, and still have a closing date in December? It is already December 2 now.
Doesn’t that make your first closing date at minimum 30 days from today, which would me in January?


I see that on Dec 1ST i was charged the yearly fee not like mentioned in the post, is this an issue? My airline ticket is still pending charge. Chase told me that Dec 8 my statement prints & not due till Jan 5th.


@Apd: I don’t see why hold onto CSP. Just consider moving all UR points to another open account and consider moving some of it’s CL to another account as well – before closing it.


Downgrade it to Freedom or Freedom Unlimited.

Card is sent overnight and first statement generates this month.

That’s fine.


I had a Amex Business Platinum card and cancelled it appox 1 year ago. What is the current Amex policy on how long I need to wait before I can apply again and get the points?


Would buying a hotel or airline gift card qualify for the chase travel credit ?


@Dan I just applied to both cards 2BM and got “app under review” which in my expirience always ends in rejection. What are the #’s for HUCA? And what should I say (my credit is great but have an old bankruptcy from 7 years ago, I think thats the issue)?? Thanks!!


For the Amex platinum Signup Bonus, do you have to spend 15000 in 3 months?
Any ideas how to track that spending threshold?

torah 613


I signed up for the Reserve card for my wife and i about a month ago, and we both got a charge for the $450 annual fee.

I thought you said we don’t get charged until next year?!?



@torah 613:
When did I say that?


@Dan if my Amex platinum statement already closed on Dec 2, (next closing is in Jan) did I already miss the boat for 2016 travel credit?


No. You have until 12/31 with AMEX.

Tommy g

Got approved for Amex Biz Plat!!😀 Thanks Dan! Says it’ll arrive within 10 days, am I still good going for $200 travel rebate in 2016?


@Tommy g:

Tommy g

Thanks @dan is the man!!!


I just got approved for the CSR and have a print date of Jan 1st. A respresentative told me that my date can’t be made any earlier. Does that sound right? Is there anyway to still get the 2016 travel credit? Thanks!


When is your payment due date?


@Dan I think she said the 26th? I can call back and get the exact date. What date range am I looking for it to be?


I would ask to make your due date the 25th, spend the $300, and hope your bill closes on December 28th.


Just got approved and due date is 1/28. Will my statement print in Dec? If not, can I request to have the date moved up the it prints in Dec?


It will print 12/31, you’re good to go!

When did you apply and get approved?


@Dan Any specific instance it would be recommended to use my chase saphire preferred if I have received the chase reserve?


@Dan: I applied for Sapphire Reserve Thursday night after midnight and got a pending response. I called reconsideration this morning and they approved me by transferring a part of a credit line from another card. The account immediately posted to my online account with a Due date of 1/28.

Thanks Dan!!


I applied 12/1 5:15 pm got approved instantly with due date 1/20


Downgrade it to Freedom or Freedom Unlimited.



Mr. CC

@Marc: better change your due date to the 25th or before that, no statements close after the 28th


@Mr. CC:
Bah, good point!


@Dan Does the ability to get $900 credit mean I will be charged another $450 annual fee after December 2016?


Hey Dan, if I apply for the card today Sunday December 4th, will I get it in time to get the 300 dollar travel credit? Also, does the 450 annual fee just post and I pay for it, or does using the travel credit apply towards the annual fee


No, you pay the fee on your card anniversary.



I applied online on 12/01 for both myself and my wife, she was approved immediately. i was told mine was pending. I called today and was told still pending. anything to do to expedite it?


If I apply now, do you think I will have time to get the travel credit for 2016 still? Thanks

Ben P

Dan – does the travel credit counter take into account right when you spend it (or relatively shortly) or only after statement closes? In other words, how do I check (I read the post but this is bit different) if a specific type of purchases counts towards the 300 spending requirement. I put $50 on today and if I can confirm it counts, I will spend the other 250 right away.


Dan – I applied the day after this post, and got the card in the mail yesterday. My first due date is Feb 1 and they told me it takes a few cycles before the date change can happen. Is this true? I sent a request through DM instead of calling… methinks I need to call.


i forgot to unfreeze my credit report, i did 4bm chase responded they need more time to process my application i called recon they told me to unfreeze and call again i unfroze when i called back the rep told me it will be separate credit pulls for every application is that true? if yes whats best to do now?


Hi, I just got the Amex Platinum and they said it will not work for any gift cards do you know for sure which ones will work?