Google Wallet Offering Free Credit Card Processing; Post In The DDF Conga Thread To Join!

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DDF user Emkay reported on DDF 4 days ago that Google was integrating the ability to send money into Gmail.  DDF user magnus then posted that Google is temporarily not charging any fees to send or receive credit card payments.

The payment are considered a regular purchase and will earn miles.  You should probably avoid using Citibank cards however as they are notorious for changing online purchases into costly cash advances.

They’re rolling out the ability slowly, but if you receive a payment from someone you’ll be able to send money to anyone else within a few minutes.

I still don’t have the ability to send directly from Gmail, but once someone sent me a penny, a red “Send Money” button appeared when I went to



I have created a temporary board on the DansDeals forums with conga lines where forum members can get in line to receive a penny from the person before them in line and then they will pass on a penny to the next guy once their account is enabled to send payments.

Of course I used my grandfathered Chase Freedom Exclusives card so that I’ll earn 11 miles for sending that penny 😀

There is a hard limit of $9,999.99 that you can send at once.  If you try entering more than that you’ll get this cute message:













While there doesn’t appear to be any limit on how much you can send in total, Google is not going to like it if you send very large amounts or if you pass money back and forth between accounts and they will likely close your Wallet accounts if you do that.  So take it easy and don’t go sending $5,000 to meet a spend threshold in one shot unless you’re willing to risk testing the limits and possibly losing your ability to use Google Wallet.  Hopefully they’ll warn you before closing your Wallet account but they don’t have to.

It’s unknown when the free processing promotion will expire.  Hopefully it will last for years like the $1,000 in free processing that Amazon Payments lets you do every month 😀

You just gotta’ love the plethora of manufactured spend methods we have today to meet those climbing spend thresholds.  Between this new development, Amazon Payments, Bluebird, Vanilla Reloads, Vanilla Debit cards, Visa/MC gift cards with pins (that can earn you quintuple points and) that can be cashed out via WalMart ATMs, Bill Pay, or even Money Orders this is truly a golden era.  Perhaps not as scalable as those gold dollar coins I used to get by the truckload, but cards are a whole lot lighter than coins!

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Chase Freedom Exclusives

How do you calculate your 11 mile earning on the Chase Freedom Exclusives card?


@Chase Freedom Exclusives:
I get an additional 10 points and 10% bonus every time I use the card.


Once I get the penny my account is active and I can send to anyone I would like?


Is there any way this can be considered a cash advance by the cc? If not, what is it under?


Conga line ain’t working, Dan you got any better ideas? (love you bro)

Sammy n

Thanks to emkay


@Dan, how does one withdraw their money received from Google Wallet?


@Dan How do you get quintuple points for Visa/MC gift cards with pins?




Any one tried this with an AMEX Platinum? DO you think it will raise any flags on a new account?


can anyone explain me how google wallet works? what is google wallet?


how do we funnel the funds out of the google wallet back into a bank ? does this work like AP ?


is there an app for it for the iphone?


“It’s free to send money from your Google Wallet Balance or directly from your bank account. You can also pay with your credit and debit cards for a low fee of 2.9% per transaction (minimum $0.30). Receiving money is always free.”


Why is my transaction still pending? how long does it take to clear?


i send 500 and still shows pending how long does it take to be posted


Does google wallet have our SSN on file, will they be sending 1099s to recipients?
For that matter, will Amazon Payments do that?


is Google gonna report to IRS?


Hi: I logged into my gmail/google wallet account but do not see a way to send money to anyone. Is there any indication when this will be rolled out to gmail?


@miles: thanks a bunch


Dan i just go the the Freedom card and i have a chase account. What “chase exclusive” do i get


Y does it say here that there s a 2.9% fee


can i use visa/mc/amex gc to send?


Is the conga line dead? People are complaining that there is no button to send money anymore.


DAN whats the best 1st credit card to open for a 20 yr old college student who makes 5g a year?


@Dan do you think this could trigger a fr on a new amex business gold?


anyone can please post a email address were everyone would be able to request GW ??


@PBaruch: I don’t see “Send Money” either. However when I click an email address, a lots a bottom shows up, including a “$”, click the “$” bottom, you will be lead to send money page.

mike fein

dan- time to check about chase exclusives for those who were “grandfathered” in…. It ended even for those…


@mike fein:
It actually hasn’t ended for anyone yet, at least nobody on DDF.


DAN PLEASE help me tell me where to look. Thanks


People are reporting that its dead.


Anyone else seeing this when you try to accept your money?

Oops. There was a problem with the application. Reload



is this offer for usa residents only?


dead by me


i get that same
Oops. There was a problem with the application. Reload


@HSS: yup i am. i think their systems are down… cant handle all the traffic


Hi, Can someone explain exactly how this works? I need to make a payment to myself and then transfer the money back to my account?


you can pay someone you trust who can then withdraw the money to his/her bank account and pay you back
(or if you’re married, you can pay to your wife and she just withdraws to your joint bank account)


FYI everyone – it seems to be working just fine – probably was just buggy last nite


Can you do this with an email address not from gmail?
Gabis sent me a penny to a yahoo email address can I do anything with it?


Mazel Tov – success!


Can you send money from a Visa Gift card like from Amazon Payments? I tried doing it but it is not working. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. I set a pin and registered my address/zip online.

Thanks in advance.


@PBaruch: You are right. I was able to do so right before reporting the dead. When I go back to “send money” again, the page never load and I received a message ” a scripe is running, do you want to terminate it?”.


I joined the conga last night and i didnt receive anything. what did i do wrong?


I got a penny sent to my yahoo email address. Any way to get the money and send to someone with gmail account?


tlnl – verify your identity and add a bank account. You will then be able to send money



working for me – was able to send money from a Visa Gift Card

Achas Ve'achas

Has anyone confirmed that the fees are being waived when using a credit card?


Of course.


thanks Achas Ve’achas. i am trying that now


Customer Service people on the slow side at Google Wallet. . .


any1 know if google will 1099 you and report to the irs?

Ben K

I added my email and DDf name to line 111 on the google spreadsheet”no clutter” and someone deleted my name? Are people actually “cutting” the line and deleted others? I’m now on line 138, please dont delete.

Thank you


I tried sending money and got a message saying Server Error Did anyone get that?


Someone sent me from the Conga line but, and I claimed the penny but I dont see no red button to send 🙁


Ah.. had to log off log back in to see the red button. Thx..

Moshe G.

I heard rumors that it isn’t smart to use an Amex card for Amazon payments. Is that true? And if it is, does that also apply to Google wallet? Thanks.

Ushi H

@Moshe G.: i never had any problems,


@Moshe G.: me neither

Ushi H

the transactions are coming up on my Amex account as BUSINESS SERVICES – INTERNET SERVICES


i sent money on google wallet to my wife last week and it was pending till today it finally cleared …

anyone have any idea what their policy is, how long it takes to clear?

does it take longer for larger sums? is there a cut off?

also, does anyone know if they will be 1099ing the receiver? any tax implications we should know about?


Hmmm… If someone’s getting 11 miles for sending 1 penny on the grandfathered Chase card it seems in your interest to just send a penny to everyone in the spreadsheet!


I followed all the steps (I believe) but never received an invite / penny, nothing. Any way to try this again?

Who Cares

@Dani: Whats Your Email


I can’t seem to reach the conga board. Is is down?


I’m having trouble getting on the conga board too.


Google is charging now !!!!!!


There used to be a game called GW.
Now you can send only $250.


@Daniel: what do u mean u can send 250$?


Hello, can you please send one penny, with sugar on top 0:-)