Last Chance To Earn 100,000 Miles On The New United Quest℠ Card, Plus Get 2 Free Checked Bags Per Passenger, And Rebates On Paid And Award Tickets!

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Update, 9/20: This 100K intro offer will end on 9/22 at about 4:59pm ET!

Update, 6/2: It is now confirmed that you can redeem the $125 annual United credit on United Travel Bank funding good for United tickets for at least 5 years. That lowers the effective annual fee to $125.

Additionally, you can redeem 16,667 miles to offset the $250 annual fee. If you also take advantage of the 10,000 mile annual anniversary rebate, that means you can redeem a net of 6,667 miles to cover this card’s annual fee and get a $125 annual Travel Bank credit for United tickets. Plus of course you and a companion will each get 2 free checked bags when flying United worldwide!

The United Quest℠ Card appears to be the strongest card in the United portfolio!

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Intro signup bonus

For a limited time only, you can earn up to 100,000 bonus miles for opening a United Quest℠ Card. Earn 80,000 bonus miles after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months, plus an additional 20,000 bonus miles after you spend another $5,000 in the first 6 months.

Annual fee


You can currently redeem 16,667 United miles to pay for the card’s annual fee thanks to a value of 1.5 cents per mile towards refunding the annual fee!

The Quest Card has unique benefits like an annual rebate of up to $125 on United spending and a rebate of up to 10K miles as described below. If you take advantage of those benefits annually and value the United miles at just 1.25 cents each, they would completely offset the annual fee. Plus, you and a companion will each get 2 free checked bags worldwide when you fly United, and more!

If 2 people bring 2 bags each on an international trip in economy, that would normally cost $400 round-trip, but it will be free with the United Quest card!

If 2 people bring 2 bags each on an international trip in basic economy, that would normally cost $680 round-trip, but it will be free with the United Quest card!

Comparison to previous offer

This is a brand new card offering.

Welcome bonus terms

You can receive the bonus on this card if you haven’t received a bonus on a Chase United Quest card in the past 24 months and don’t currently have a Chase United Quest card.


All Chase cards are now subject to 5/24 restrictions. That means it will be hard to get approved if you have been approved for 5 or more consumer credit cards in the past 24 months. Read more about that here.

Card convertibility

You can change between the following card products:

Card benefits

  • 3 miles per dollar on United purchases.
  • 2 miles per dollar on all travel spending.
  • 2 miles per dollar on dining and restaurant delivery.
  • 2 miles per dollar on select streaming services.
  • 2 free checked bags worldwide for each the cardholder and a companion when flying United and paying with the card, even on basic economy fares!
  • Get a rebate up to $125 every cardmembership year, equal to the amount spent on United tickets, upgrades, seat assignment fees, WiFi, inflight food and beverages, baggage fees, or other United charges. This will also work for United Travel Bank funding valid for future United flights with a minimum 5 year validity!
  • Get a rebate of 5,000 miles, up to 2 times per cardmembership year starting with your first card anniversary, for a total of up to 10,000 miles per year, when the primary cardholder flies on an award that includes at least 1 United flight segment. You’ll get the 5,000 mile rebate even if the award cost less than 5,000 miles! You’ll want to redeem 2 one-way awards as those will each trigger a 5,000 mile rebate.
  • Earn 500 PQPs towards elite status for every $12K/year spent on the card, up to 3,000 PQPs for $72K/year spending. Most United cards are capped at 1,000 PQP earnings for $24K spending per year. You can earn up to 5,000 PQPs per year from card spending across all United cards (grandfathered Presidential Plus PQP earnings are excluded from the 5K cap). Learn more about PQPs here.
  • Cardholders get Global Entry/Pre-Check for free.
  • Cardholders get a 25% rebate on inflight WiFi, food, and drink purchases.
  • A free carry-on bag for the cardholder and companions, even on basic economy fares.
  • Priority boarding for the cardholder and companions, even on basic economy fares.
  • The ability to use online checkin and get a boarding pass in advance on basic economy fares. United does not allow online checkin on basic economy fares unless you have elite status or a United card with free bags.
  • 5,000 bonus miles every card anniversary if you have the Chase United Business Card and any United consumer card.
  • Primary rental car CDW insurance in every country.
  • No foreign exchange fees.
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement
  • Baggage Delay Insurance
  • Lost Baggage Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Extended Warranty Protection
  • Purchase Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Exclusive cardmember access to auctions that allow you to use your miles for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. A few years ago I used 25K miles for 4 field box seats to an Indians game along with the right to run onto the field before the top of the 7th inning and swipe 2nd base right off the field. Nobody could believe it as I walked around the ballpark with 2nd base. I even got it signed after the game by the Indians wining pitcher that night, who was equally shocked that I actually had 2nd base.
  • Cardholders with United elite status get free upgrades on coach award tickets on upgrade eligible routes.
  • United miles never expire, even if you close your card.

Expanded award ticket availability

The reason this card is the best airline card you can get isn’t for the spending benefits, it’s for the perks. And they are awesome.

The reason this is my favorite airline card is that the United card is the only airline card that offers expanded award ticket availability.

This increases the value of your miles significantly and in turn makes the Chase Quadfecta/Quinfecta spending strategy even more valuable.

Cardholders have access to expanded saver coach award availability (XN class), last seat standard coach award availability (YN class), and last seat standard business/first class award availability (JN class).

It’s not just slightly expanded. There is a world of difference between the availability that cardholders can access and the availability for non-cardholders.

Read more about this in the United Expert Mode post.

This availability differential applies to all domestic and international routes and makes it crucial to be a United cardholders.

Expanded Plan B availability

As you have better access to saver coach awards you’ll also have better ability to do Plan B awards.

Plan B allows you to redeem for saver business class awards when there’s only saver coach available! Read more about Plan B in this post.

No airline besides United offers a Plan B style award redemption.

Discounted awards for cardholders

United runs promotions offering discounts on award flights for cardholders.

They have offered these discounts for travel to TahitiSki destinationsHawaii, Mexico, The Caribbean, and more.

Here Is United’s Hidden Award Chart

United no longer publishes an award chart, but rates for United flights found in their old award chart are still correct.

United does charge a close-in mileage surcharge and they can be found in the chart below. Note that the you’ll want to book travel as 2 one-ways to avoid paying the surcharge on the return leg when it wouldn’t apply when booked separately. However if you do that you would lose your ability to take a free stopover.

Partner award rates have gone up and they can be found in the unpublished award chart below with one-way rates for flights to/from the mainland US:

United flightsPartner flights
Close-in surcharge within 7 days2.5K-3K miles
1K-3.5K miles
Close-in surcharge 8-21 days in advance2K-2.5K miles1K-3.5K miles
Mainland US/Canada12.5K Coach
25K Business
35K Premium Business
14K Coach
27.5K Business
Alaska17.5K Coach
30K Business
40K Premium Business
19.5K Coach
33K Business
Hawaii22.5K Coach
40K Business
50K Premium Business
25K Coach
44K Business
Mexico17.5K Coach
30K Business
19.5K Coach
33K Business
Central America17.5K Coach
30K Business
19.5K Coach
33K Business
Northern South America20K Coach
35K Business
22K Coach
38.5K Business
Southern South America30K Coach
60K Business
33K Coach
66K Business
Europe30K Coach
60K Business
33K Coach
77K Business
121K First
Africa40K Coach
70K Business
44K Coach
88K Business
143K First
Middle East42.5K Coach
75K Business
47K Coach
93.5K Business
154K First
Central Asia42.5K Coach
75K Business
47K Coach
93.5K Business
154K First
South Asia40K Coach
75K Business
44K Coach
99K Business
154K First
North Asia35K Coach
70K Business
38.5K Coach
88K Business
132K First
Japan and Oceania35K Coach
70K Business
38.5K Coach
88K Business
121K First
Australia and New Zealand40K Coach
80K Business
44K Coach
99K Business
143K First

Excursionist Perk

While American and Delta have eliminated free stopovers, United continues to offer a free excursionist perk as described in this post. Just use the multi-city award search on to piece it together.


A round-trip to 2 Hawaiian Islands is just 45,000 miles round-trip thanks to the free excursionist perk:


A round-trip ticket to 2 European or South American cities is just 60,000 miles round-trip thanks to the free excursionist perk:



A flight to 2 of my favorite cities in Asia, Hong Kong and Chiang Mai, Thailand is 80K miles thanks to the perk:


You’re even allowed a free open jaw in addition to the perk to really maximize your travel. For example this itinerary includes travel to London, Paris, and Zurich. You can take a train or use 4.5K BA Avios to get from London to Paris to fill the hole in the open jaw:


Of course the free stopover isn’t just useful from the US.

You can stopover in NYC and LA when flying from Tel Aviv to the US:



If you find yourself in Japan you can fly on the island hopper to 2 cities in Micronesia (I’ve been hankering to get back to Palau since the moment I left) for 30K miles:

Partner airlines

United has dozens of partner airlines which means lots of great award opportunities. It can be worth checking for award space on partner sites like ANA or to search for award availability and then call United to book if you don’t see availability on United.

Partners airlines include:

  • ANA
  • Aegean Airlines
  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Air India
  • Air New Zealand
  • Aeromar
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Avianca Airlines
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Cape Air
  • Copa Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • EVA Air
  • Edelweiss
  • Egyptair
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Eurowings
  • Germanwings
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Island Air
  • Juneyao Airlines
  • LOT Polish
  • Lufthansa
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Silver Airways
  • Singapore
  • South African Airways
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • TAP Portugal
  • THAI
  • Turkish Airlines

Will you signup for a Chase United Quest card?

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This is a great card offer!

Finances aside, I’m hesitant to commit to flying United due to their recent statement prioritizing things other than safety.


You mean their recent statements prioritizing diversity in hiring for their flight school? I’m always more comfortable with a WASP male driving up front.


They have a specific target. They’re not saying they will make themselves available to any ethnicity, because they already are. They have a specific target that they promise. So if the talent doesn’t show up in that ratio, they will have to sacrifice talent for wokeness.


What do you mean by “prioritizing things other then safety”?


Thank you for the review. Looks like no brainer to take. 2x 5k rebate and $125 back easily covers the annual fee.


“Welcome bonus terms
You can receive the bonus on this card if you haven’t received a bonus on a Chase United Quest card in the past 24 months and don’t currently have a Chase United Quest card.”

Was this written by a robot?!


Based on the wording it would seem that applying for this card even if you have the United Explorer card (for more than 24 months) should qualify for the bonus. Is this correct?


100K United point is worth only about $300 in travel. Why? Let’s not paint a rosy picture . You can almost never find good saver award and most award you find cost 40000 one way coach within US and Europe or Asia coach award that you find are 100k points or more

Mister bee

I’ll give u $400 for ure united 100k points (-; will that change ure mind?


I’ve got quite a while until I’m out of the 5/24 hole, but from what it seams like, it makes sense to product change my United explorer card


If I upgrade my current united explorer card will I get the bonus?





Whats the difference the quest and the explorer card?



Is there a United Quest business card?


$250 too steep
I dont plan on spending $ on United so I am still out $250
prefer the explorer with waives AF first year


If the goal is to get more value than the annual fee on a regular basis , This may be the only card of the big 3 ( American , United and Delta ) that makes it easy to do that …


I easily cover the annual feel and then some on my Delta Platinum every year with the companion pass. Typically I get $500 of value out of it. But…this new card is compelling. Hopefully there will be an eventual upgrade offer for my Explorer card.


Any idea when this offer ends?


This is enticing. Would there be any conceivable reason to keep this card and the United Explorer card simultaneously?


Is this card more worthwhile than the United Chase Mastercard Club card?


Is the 100k miles United points or chase points?


I applied for the explorer card yesterday. Would have loved to be able to get this one


The 2 free bags applies only to the cardholder & a companion or to everyone under the same reservation #?


Do the free free bags work for additional card holders or just the main account holder?


Is there still a way to apply to more than one Chase card while only triggering 1 one credit pull?


Are the two free bags in addition to the baggage allowance?


Hey Dan – Whats the best way to get rid of the Explorer and get this with the bonus?

Thanks in advance


if i get this card ,should i cancel my united explorer card?


If I upgrade from the United Explorer Mileage plus Card, will I get the 100k?
I know some people have discussed it here, but it doesn’t seem clear to me.


Best direct ? Landing erev Yk
Can’t be late
Ewr-tlv -ewr

Ly $1600
Anything I am missing ?

Free change for one year ?
Transferable ?


Designed for short to mid-range flights, the Embraer 175 features 76 comfortable, wide seats; with no middle seats, every passenger has either a window or aisle seat


Free bags are on domestic and international travel ?


Is the $125 credit right away or only after having the card for a year


Can you pay the AF with miles like I was able to for the Explorer?


If I cancel my United explorer card, All that reflect negatively on my credit score, or are there any other negative negative ramifications for doing something like that?


With silver status, this would mean 2 70lbs bags, correct (and 3 if you carry skis everywhere you go)?


Can I change from my United Club (is that a downgrade?) and get the bonus? (Got the Club card about 8/20)


Do you get the 2 free annual united lounge passes?


free bags on award tickets that include segments on partner airlines? or only on UA metal?


I currently have the United Explorer card and am silver.

I fly about 4x a year with united, 1x Israel, 2x Europe and 1x Domestic.

About 25k-35k annual spending.

Is it worth applying for this card and downgrading my United Explorer card?


AU card ? Does it cost and do I get free checked bags?


Looks like a good card, I closed my United card about 2 years ago. Currently, have Sapphire Reserve. I am closing on a home in about 45-60 days, so can easily meet the spend requirements. Credit score is 800+. Any concerns about it messing the home-closing?

Any tips/tricks to fly to India (Delhi) from SFO using the miles?


Does this card open up more booking availability than the Explorer? Is it 2 checked bags for two pax (4 total) or 2 total?


Can the $125 be used for club entry?


“If 2 people bring 2 bags on an international trip, that would normally cost $400 round-trip, but it will be free with the United Quest card!”

Flying to Europe this would save $680!!!

bag 1 = $70, bag 2 = $100
x 2 people
x 2 for the way back


Its one per person, for 2 travelers, so its 70 x 2 = 140 x = 280.
Still more than the AF.


I don’t think it works for international trip…max allowed on this card is $35 for first bag and $45 for second. I checked SFO-DEL flight, and selected this card, first bag os free with flight, but second bag was still $100, each way.


The awards availability on this card is more then the availability on other United cards?


If I have this card will I also get 2 free bags when booking through chase ultimate rewards? Or only if I put full fare on the credit card or pay with United points?


I just signed up for united explorer last week. would i be able to convert to this new card and get this bonus instead?


hi dan can u post about best credit cards for 18 year olds. I haven’t opened a single card yet because dont know which 1 to start with


@Dan, if I understand the benefit correctly, I would suggest revising your line about “two pieces of luggage for you and a companion” to, instead, “one piece of luggage for each of you and up to one additional companion”.


Any significant benefit to apply for this card as a 1K?


Is there any difference in Award availability between Premier Silver and having this card? Additive benefit of both?

The Bear


Please explain how to go about exiting my Explorer Card which I have had for 10 yrs (I’m Silver status) with around 65k miles left on it.


Menachem Mendel

If I cancel the card after 6 months (after I receive all the miles) will I still get charged the annual fee?

LA Yid

I got approved for the new united Quest card. Can i do a product change from my current explorer to a non united card or does it need to be a United card?


can these points be converted to cash?


Den which credit card offer have more value the Chase Sapphire or this new United card


A Primary Cardmember who is already exempt from checked baggage service charges will not receive additional free checked bags ……..
Explorer Cardmembers and Cardmembers with certain other United Chase Credit Cards will not get an additional free checked bag if there is no first checked bag service charge applicable to their international travel itinerary.

This is from the United site. Can you explain to me if this restricts my ability to bring on 2 free bags when I travel overseas?


If my wife got a Chase Explorer card last year and I got a card as an authorized user, am I eligible for the bonus offer if I sign up myself this time?


Does travel bank work these days for the amex platinum business $200 travel credit


Does award redeemed with AC or LM points trigger the benefits of this (or any other united) card?

Dorky shoyo guy

Surprised you were able to open this card. How many cards have you opened that you are under 5/24


How many Chase cards can one have?


1) Am I able to redeem the $125 travel bank credit for a friend or it needs to be in the cardholders account?
2) Cab I get this card now while I have an active United Explorer card?


If one uses the miles from this card to book a ticket, do we still get 2 free baggage? If not, then basically, one can earn the miles, but not use them if one wants to take advantage of free checked baggage.


Why not book a refundable flight to cash out credit? Works fine with other Chase credits.

Texas Totty

I don’t like this card bec it’s the same color as the most recent SPG card. Brings back memories.

Liam K. Nuj

I’m looking for a card that provides primary rental coverage but not only for “business” purposes. Will this card provide primary coverage for a “personal” car rental?

Bored yid

I just tried referring someone and the offer says only 80,000 points instead of 100,000

Mike Dooley

Regarding the rebate points. Offer says “starting with the first anniversary”. Does that mean that there is no rebate credit on flights taken in the first year of card ownership?


Has anyone had luck with calling united and getting them to switch an already purchased ticket onto this card? It has been well over 24hrs. I saw mixed reviews when I looked online, but it was a post from a while back. I am still waiting for my cards arrival so I did not call yet. Goal is to get the free suitcases for my flight. Thank you

chaya yeret

would this be a good card to add to the quinfecta as the united card? i have all besides a united card, just wondering for united if this gives me all benefits to make quinfecta most powerful.


What does the 3rd bag cost on EWR- TLV with this


Comparing the United club cards. I travel a lot between mia and nyc along with car rentals as well. Thinking hertz presidential makes most sense and benefit of club visits. maybe to sign up for the United club rather? Thoughts?



How much cost to transfer points to a spouse?

How does that work?

Also on reg chase cards (I think here is not the place) but if you could tell me how I could transfer points from my wife’s sapphire/freedom to my ultimate rewards account to combine a big total of points I would really appreciate it.


Sorry miles.

Then I asked abt ultimate rewards points.


I found 1 cons that this card is not getting 2 annual club passes vs the explorer that does

Go Tribe!

I’ve looked all over United’s website and can’t find anywhere where it says that the Quest card gives a free carry-on bag to the cardholder on basic economy. Can you please confirm this is accurate? Thank you!


Just got approved! Was given a low limit though, $10,000. My chase sapphire and chase ba cards have $35,000 limits….

Any suggestions for an increase, or moving limits from card to card?


I applied through your link – approved. quick question. It says the 5,000 mileage rebate twice a year is on card holder’s 1st ‘anniversary’– does that mean doesn’t happen first 12 months of card, or I can book mileage flight next month and 5k miles returned to my account twice per 12 months, etc. starting now?


can confirm carryon and personal item and allowed on basic economy flight. No quest card on dropdown list of exclusions when checking in but when printing boarding pass header states allowances. Whew!!


Dan, I followed your link and got the United Quest card. It arrived two days before I left to Israel. When I entered my frequent flyer number, I got two bags free, even though I purchased the ticket on my sapphire reserve card. Saved $100 each way. Thank you


Any reports of card making you into a premier silver ?


Pretty sure that happened to my wife’s account. It’s now showing premier silver and showing our bags at 70 pounds


Are the expert mode instructions still valid? it seems to be different now…


I went to the travel bank and they showed purchase amount fixed options; $50 and then $100 in drop down, how do you do $125? do they take orders for exact amounts over the phone for TB? Thanks.


Does the $125 credit apply for taxes and fees on award flights?


Are the the car rental insurance benefits identical for both the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase United Quest credit cards? Or are the car rental insurance benefits better on the Sapphire Reserve card? TY

Yitz Weiss

Thanks Dan! Just applied for a Quest card with you link!


If I book tickets for my children from TLV-EWR with my Chase Quest card, will they be eligible for two free bags? Would it help if I make one of them an additional cardholder?


good question. would like to know also.


Does an au also get 2 free suitcases when flying united?


how does this card compare to amex gold card ?


IMO the United BUSINESS is a better card for most people as it has a (1) $0 annual fee (2) 75,000 miles (3) business so wont waste a 5/24 slot.


It’s $0 in the first year only, then it’s $99 a year.


at which point you cancel and/or ask for retention offer


My wife has a United explorer card, would like to close that and open this one, does anyone know if you can transfer mileage plus miles to relatives accounts?

Mister bee

Do you get the free checked bags if you are traveling on points?
If not, what if you partially pay with points?


link dead?

Eric in Memphis

Hey Dan!
If I pick up this card just for one year, and use it to purchase $125 of United Travel Bank funding (good for 5 years!) and sign up my wife for TSA-Pre for $85, so that makes my annual fee for the first year $40?

$40 for up to 100K miles seems like a no-brainer. Am I missing something here?


My wife has the Reserve and I have the united explorer card($95 annual fee)
I want to apply for the sapphire preffered or this united card.

Which should I apply for?


@DansDeals is the 2 free bags on top of regular allowance? Meaning if I’m 1K would I get 5 bags?




Does this card have a free companion pass? What cards do have?


Hi I would love to open the card but most of the flying in my family is done not by myself it’s done by my teenagers ,will they get free bags and Carry ons if I pay with this card, but not flying along with them?


How long does it take to get the bonus points once you spent the 5000
The charge posted yesterday and my statement closes Thursday
Do you think I will have by Monday


Do I get the free bag if I am flying air canada through United


I see travel bank option to buy at link at $100 or $250, not $125. do they offer exact amount purchase over phone? Thanks.


I just tried and have the same issue

Dan, I could not buy any other amounts to my travel bank besides the few amount options they give me in the breakdown?


I just paid my first bill and the $250 annual fee. I couldn’t use points since I still did not reach 16k. Is there any way I can redeem these points retroactively and receive a refund?


Just tried applying. Chase wants proof of income before they can move forward with the application. Anyone else having that requested of them recently?


Hi Dan

do you know if I can get the 5k Miles rebate when I use miles to pay my annual fee?



I’m planning a trip for 4 EWR to HNL Hawaii in July 2022. I plan on flying united because they have direct non-stop flights. Would I be able to get free airfare if I meet all spending requirements for the 100K miles? Sorry but I can’t wrap my brain around how much I’ll save.

David Friedman

Hi Dan,, With this card when booking basic economy can you get family seating together?
Does the baggage allowance apply to all family members or just 1 companion?


So if I want to pay half the 1st annual fee (125) with miles (8333) I wont get the 5k rebate?

meir GREEN

hi Dan you said its possible to split the booking between points and credit card but i dont see an option on the checkout page can you please explain how. (trying to get the free bags with the quest on an award flight) thanx


I ordered 8 tickets with the quest and i forgot to leave over some amount to get charged on my reserve for travel insurance.
Is there any way to still make it happen?


I signed up through here Dan a year ago. It’s renewal time. I will likely fly United 2-3 times this year ahead, and I have the explorer card for united.

I’m Silver this year rolled over past 2 years. Does it pay to renew (w/out the signup bonus?) Doing the math I see 10,000 back on flights (worth about $100) + the $125 credit for future travel – equals about $225 value. (Granted I could pay the annual fee for the 16.6k united miles, but seems like almost a wash). Am I missing something on the math above in my situation?

btw, I already have global entry etc. So not seeing the logic atm to renew. On that note, what’s the logical card to downgrade to (assuming closing the Quest is a worse idea than product change for credit score)? Thanks.

UA miler

Hey when does the 5k rebate kick in …I booked 2 separate award flight in my first year and haven’t gotten the rebate. Does it kick in only the second year?


Now only 15,625 miles against $250. 1.6cpp.