My Coolest Use Of Miles Ever?

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I’ve used my miles for some pretty cool things.  Flying to Paris with my wife in a couples suite for 53K AMEX MR last December is up there.  Flying 19 hours nonstop from Newark to Singapore with just a couple of other people in our cabin  and then continuing on to the Maldives for 60K United was great.  Being able to escape it all with a couple of month long trips in our pre-baby days flying around the world in first class and staying in awesome 5 star hotels that were financed nearly entirely with miles is something I’ll never forget.

For me, my miles help me attain aspirational things that I could otherwise never afford or be able to attain.  And I’m addicted to getting as many as I can for as close to free as possible.

Generally burning miles for non-travel items is a terrible waste, but for a lifelong baseball fan my experience yesterday was just so darn cool.  The pictures speak for themselves. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Running onto the field in the top of the 7th…



base5b…and stealing second base!






base4b Making off with my loot.

I originally used 25,000 United miles to get 4 field box seats, a parking pass, and the right to steal second base versus the Yankees in April but that game was postponed due to rain.  In the end I got free parking and field box seats to attend both games of the back to back traditional doubleheader makeup series a few weeks ago, free parking and field box seats to tonight’s game along with the stealing second base experience, and I still have 4 field box tickets from the original postponed game that I can use for any future game.

4 ball games with 4 seats each in field box alone is worth more than 25K miles, but the stealing second experience was what made the experience purely awesome.

Running out on the field and seeing myself on the JumboTron was completely surreal.  Time just stood still for me, it’s not something I’ve ever experienced before and I really can’t properly describe it.  The only thing I was really nervous about was being tackled by all of the cops on the field!

The base itself is surprisingly heavy and really tough to pry out of the ground.  In case anyone else wins a similar auction the trick is to kick the base at an angle and then wedge it out by forcing it straight up into the air.

After the game we decided to try to get some Indians players to autograph it, specifically we wanted to nab the Tribe’s ace (and thus likely future Yankee) Justin Masterson.  Justin pitched a shutout game in the opening match of the doubleheader that we went to versus the Yankees and pitched beautifully tonight as well, getting out of a zero out, bases loaded jam without yielding a single run.

On the way to the players parking lot just about everyone I passed was buzzing about me being the guy who stole second base.  Nobody could believe that I actually got to keep the base! People wanted to take pictures with it and just feel what it’s like.  Even bumped into some DansDeals readers who wanted to know how I pulled it off.

Justin Masterson is a true class act and he stuck around for at least 20 minutes signing everyone’s autographs, far longer than anyone else.  I called to get his attention by saying that I had stolen second base from the game.  When he looked up and saw the base he was shocked and exclaimed, “I thought you were kidding, you really do have second base!!!”


Justin Masterson signing the base.  The base is embossed with the date of the game and the Indians and Reds logos.

We also got signatures from Jason Giambi, who had a homer and a double, as well as Carlos Santana who singled as well.

The Indians rep told me that there was just one other base stolen by a fan this year, when United auctioned it off for the Indians versus the Red Sox.

Currently they don’t have a stealing second auction, but that can always change, so keep checking the United auction page.  There are auctions to watch pregame batting practice in Cleveland, and to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in Houston and in Los Angeles.

There are lots of ways to stock on United miles.  This year I’ve piled on over 300,000 miles from opening and meeting the spend thresholds on a United Explorer Consumer and Business (107K earned after I spent $1K on each and got offer matched), Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (43K earned after spending $3K), Ink Bold (75K earned after spending $5K on gift cards), and Ink Plus (75K earned after spending $5K on gift cards).

Starwood also has an auction site where currently there are several cool experiences for Cubbies fans.  You can pick up Starpoints with the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express or Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express.

Have you ever burned miles or points on non-travel items? What was your favorite redemption?

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Sounds cool, but I’m not a sports fan so I have no what’s going on.

What’s stealing 2nd base? you go on the field after the game and can take any base you want? Its on a first come first serve basis?

I’m seriously utterly confused.

Any background insight is appreciated.


Kol hakavode!! Looks like fun! Where u putting your new piece of collection.


I see tzitzis. Very cool!


Wow Thats Awesome! I wonder whats harder speaking in Lakewood or running out onto the field in front of so many people!?:)


I got to go onto the field before the top of the 7th inning and steal 2nd base, simple as that 😀



I may be megushem, but I’m no shaigetz 😉


@hunch: Your comment alone would make this whole post worthwhile

@Dan: IIRC, with Chase you can’t mix and match business and consumer apps for a 3BM. That being said, what’s the best combo to do for a 3BM with Chase?



People have had success mixing with Chase actually, especially of late.

Best practice is probably to call Recon for all apps on the same day as when you apply.

But if you want to keep em separate then Ink Bold+Ink Plus+United Business is a great business 3BM.
Sapphire Preferred+United Consumer+British Airways is a great consumer 3BM.


@dan, I have 300k avios & 100k spg & 200k UR, were 2 find step by step how 2 book a ticket 2 london or belgium without the crazy fuel charges?


Wow, nice !!!


@Hunch, I am similarly confused. Half of the post is in codes…. And I thought cricket was hard to understand.


Why do you have a roll of dollar coins on the sports shelf?


Very cool. But getting tackled by the cops would have been priceless.


Hey Dan, that is very cool ! I am very jealous ! Why didn’t you slide ??


What’s with the Honus Wagner card on the shelf? Not real I assume?


Nice post. Sounds like a good use of miles to me.


@Dan: I like the roll of dollar coins on your memorabilia shelf.


@ Dan
I recently tried a 3bm with citi and they only approved one. When I called they told me they only accept one per day. Is that accurate?


Very cool…also..Reds suck!!! Go Cardinals!


Hello, Actually I’ve had multiple success with 3BM mixing personal & business & being approved on every single card that I applied for by calling recon (allways on separate days, and never on the first day) and giving them the reference # for that specific card only, 1 @ a time.

Baseball Fan

Dan, Im also a life long basebal fan we need to figure out a way to get our hands on these!


Please help me I want to get to Europe(england and perhaps switzerland as well in July I need 6 tickets. I have AMEX gold card, and starwoods, how would I be able to book those tickets using the least amount of miles. Please help me.


@Dan: I know you’ve gone over this before in other threads, but… Do business card apps count as a hard pull? I was zocheh to get the Amex gold with the 75K bonus recently and I don’t remember seeing an additional hard pull on my creditkarma. Looking forward to seeing you next week at the WiFi!



Thanks! I assume you mean for any of the apps that don’t go through immediately? Also, is the one pull usually a business day? Ie Apply 12:01 am, then have all day from that morning to call recon?

Can you get matched for the 55k+$50 on both consumer and biz United cards?



Did anyone hear that the AJ madison special was cancelled??


great story and use of miles! Being on the field during a game must have been wild, I can see why you might think about security running in from the outfield, hope they announced you and told everyone what you were doing.

But the big question, did you slide into second?




i’m trying to get as many united points as possible to be able to go to Israel in febuary for my son’s bar mitzvah. (I need 6 round trips tickets). as of now I only have 150,000 points. my question is, what other cards can I open up that the points can be transferred to my mileage plus account on united? thanks!

Toronto Fam


Great story and glad to hear how much you enjoyed it! BUT, isn’t “stealing” a halacha no-no? I think you need to return the base! LOL

lemon lime

Sorry for my ignorance here, but how under G-d’s green earth can you steal second base? Uh, they need it. Did they rip out a new one after you walked off with second base?

And secondly (pun alert) why did Justin Masterson think you were kidding when you said you have second base, he didn’t see you grab the base? He was at the game, wasn’t he?

This weirdness is beginning to sound like, “who’s on second”.


@lemon lime: in the picture you see one of the groundscrew bringing a new one, he looks a little annoyed


I know this will never happen, but I am curious to know how much is the base worth if you choose to sell it?


why would the cops tackle you if u r allowed to steal it?!


Yup, they did!

I listed some of the card that would work for you right in this post!

@lemon lime:
Of course, they wouldn’t play the rest of the game without 2nd base!
He did not come onto the field in the 7th, probably already hit the showers.

Buddy, whos on first, whats on 2nd!

No clue but I won’t.

In case one of them wasn’t told.


a) Is this for Chase cards?
b) You call Chase for each card on a different day? And it’s still just one pull?


Dan, did you hear that living social had to give a refund to everyone that ordered the AJ Madison deal as AJ madison cancelled the deal AFTER a thousand people bought it??


Dan how much would you say is a United mile worth?


I was at the game (in a beautiful suite courtesy of a good friend) and all of the sudden see a guy with a beard and tzizis running across the field trying to steal 2nd base (it looked like it was allot harder to pick up than you thought!). Then I realized what was going on. Very funny! Glad you enjoyed.


I wouldn’t redeem for less than 1.8 cents per mile.

It sure was a lot tougher than I thought it would be!

Never been to a suite yet at the Jake, maybe one day 🙂
Maybe United will auction off those dugout suites sometime?


i see the cards you wrote in this post that can get points for united but just wondering because those cards get ur points and united gets mileage plus. I saw on united website that you can only combine mileage plus with mileage plus, so how would I do that? thanks! (i’m new at this so thanks for answering this probably dumb question!)


just to clarify-how would I be able to combine ur points into my mileage plus account? thanks!


UR points transfer instantly into United miles on


Just curious why you received the fourth game – the original rain out to be used at any future game?

Or if that is how they handle rain outs why did you get to go to the classic double header?


how were you able to go onto the field in a stadium that is a crime in NY they arrest people for going onto the playing field.


on my credit card page it shows that I have ur points from my freedom card. does this mean that they weren’t automatically transferred to my mileage plus account? by my united, continental, and southwest it doesn’t show any points. for that I need to log into that account on united. am I doing something wrong? thanks@



Uhm, that’s the whole novelty of what I won.

You of your spouse needs a Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus to transfer UR points to United.


thank you so much! I think i’m starting to get the hang of this! so if me and my husband both have all of these cards, all the accumulated points from opening them up can be transferred to one united account?


Yes, just call Chase if you’d like to help you out.


dan, you’re the best! thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions! i’m really trying hard every day to get the hang of this whole credit card thing!!!!


I meant to ask why both the double header & any other make up??

Also at the game

@AJP: I saw you guys got a foul ball! Pretty sweet.


@AJP: What a let down, finally catch a foul ball and get one upped by Dan taking 2nd base.


@LA2NYC: yes this is for chase. I actually waited until I got the letter with the reference number, and then I called. I always call about 1 card at a time. Good Luck!


@LA2NYC: Also it’s just 1 pull. In some cases when they do want to another credit pull they specifically tell you. In that case I just said “no thank you” and HUCA. I then went on to get approved w/o another pull.


How does the miles & more gets its miles. And do I get the miles when I book with united?


What is a “pull” and how do u get chase to approve all these cards? Do u call chase customers service or do u go to chase bank and open an account. ?


That is either photoshopped or some googled photo. It is illegal to run on the field. And Dan’s coyness in not answering multiple posters’ questions how he legally could or be allowed on the field speaks for itself.


Guys, if you have questions unrelated to the post may I suggest you research them on DDF:


Yes, it is illegal to enter the field without permission. Hence why I had permission due to winning the right to do so. But if you really need more proof besides pictures and the 20,000 people that saw me on the jumbotron (several of whom have posted here already) here ya’ go:

Uncle M

You need more work on your Photoshop skills, that doesn’t even look real to me (and I know that it is).

Uncle M

You know, your Uncle N jumped onto the field at an Indians game too almost 40 years before you. Glad the police didn’t take you away like they did him.


Dan, can u plz plz reply 2 my comment # 8?


How id you earn 75K on the INK cards?