5/24 Day: 5 Chase Cards Worth Considering That Aren’t Affected By 5/24

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Today is 5/24 day, a sad day for mileage junkies.

For many years credit card sign ups was an easy sport. It wasn’t difficult to open hundreds of credit cards and rack up millions of miles and there were lots of easy ways to spend and earn miles. I’ve burned through 8 figures of miles flying around the world in first class and am still sitting on 8 figures of miles thanks in large part to the good old days.

Then the banks started cracking down.

In March of 2014 I broke the news that AMEX consumer cards went to a one signup bonus per lifetime system. In reality it’s more like once in about 7 years. In 2016 AMEX extended that to the business cards.

On about 5/24/15 Chase made a guideline to finally control credit card sign ups without going quite as far as AMEX did. They made it difficult to get approved for a Chase Sapphire or Freedom card if you have been approved for 5 cards from any bank within the past 24 months.

On about 5/24/16 they expanded 5/24 guidelines to include most of their credit cards.

While the policy is unofficial, it did show up on the Sapphire Reserve application very briefly, though it was quickly removed:







5/24 doesn’t look at card applications. It only counts the number of credit cards (on the single report that they pull) that have been opened within the past 24 months. The report that Chase pulls can vary from card to card and state to state.

You can get all 3 of your reports (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) for free on annualcreditreport.com to see how many cards you have that have been opened within the past 24 months.

Business cards from AMEX, Barclaycard, BOFA, Chase, Citi, and USBank don’t show up on your report and don’t count towards 5/24. Spending on these cards also won’t affect your credit score as they’re not on your report.  Business cards from Capital One and Discover do show up on your report and will affect 5/24.

Authorized user cards are where things get tricky. The system automatically counts them towards 5/24. Even if you call reconsideration they will turn you down for 5/24 based on having authorized user cards that were opened in the past 24 months. However if you tell the reconsideration rep that you aren’t financially responsible for the authorized user cards then they will not count them towards 5/24. If you have any issues you can ask for a reconsideration supervisor and tell them that you aren’t financially responsible for the cards. You can HUCA if you are still denied due to authorized user cards.

Store cards that are only good for use in a single store are also tricky. The system will count them, but you can explain to a reconsideration rep or supervisor that the card can’t be used anywhere but that store and shouldn’t count towards 5/24.

Even if you are at 4/24 (opened 4 cards in the past 24 months) people have had success applying for and getting approved for multiple Chase cards as the 5th approved card hasn’t appeared on their credit report yet.

Before calling reconsideration, be sure to know exactly how many cards you have opened in the past 24 months. That way when a rep tells you that you are at 9/24 you can ask for a manager and argue that authorized user cards and store cards should not count. Be sure to remember to stress that you aren’t responsible for the authorized user card!

There are 5 mileage earning credit cards that aren’t yet affected by 5/24. On the consumer side they are the IHG card, Hyatt card, British Airways card, and the Ritz-Carlton card. On the business side there is the Marriott Premier card.

That means you can get approved for these cards even if you have been approved for more than 5 cards in the past 24 months. However all approved consumer cards still add to your 5/24 count, so getting approved for them will still affect your ability to get other Chase cards.

You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Other Credit Cards” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers. You can click on the link that says “View all card offers by issuing bank” and scroll down to view all card offers from the bank of your choice. Here’s How To View Credit Card Offers On This Site.

-The Chase Hyatt card offers 2 free nights at any Hyatt in the world for signing up and spending $2,000 within 3 months plus 5K points for adding a free authorized user. You can use those free nights at luxury Park Hyatt hotels in places like NYC, Sydney, Paris, or the Maldives that normally go for over $1,000/night! You’ll also get an annual free category 1-4 hotel night every card anniversary, which can be used a hotel like the Andaz Papagayo Costa Rica that can cost up to $600/night.  The card also gives Discoverist elite status, which gives free premium internet, bonus points, and 2PM late checkout. Cardholders also qualify for annual promotions like this one for a rebate on award stays. Hyatt points will not expire for as long as you are a cardholder. The card has a $75 annual fee which is easily negated by the anniversary night.

Lazy river at the Grand Hyatt Kauai:

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-The Chase British Airways card offers 50K bonus Avios for spending $3K in 3 months, 25K bonus Avios for spend an additional $7K in a year, and another 25K bonus Avios for spending an additional $10K in a year, for a potential 100K bonus Avios. If you spend $30K in a year you’ll also get a British Airways companion ticket when you redeem Avios for a BA flight, though it will be subject to fuel surcharges. Award tickets start from 4.5K Avios abroad or 7.5K Avios for domestic flights. First class domestic flights have been lowered from 30K Avios to 15K Avios. The caveat is that American’s award availability has gone down. You can use BA Avios for travel on Alaska, but you’ll have to call BA to book that. You can book Avios without any close-in fees and you can cancel domestic flights for just $5.60. BA Avios also allows you to bring a lap child on international flights for just 10% of the miles that an award costs instead of paying 10% of the full fare as other airlines charge. The card has a $95 annual fee.

-The Chase IHG card offers 60K points for spending $1,000 within 3 months. Cardholders get a 10% rebate on all points redeemed, making PointsBreaks hotels just 4,500 points. It offers an annual free anniversary night for use at any IHG hotel in the world, including properties like the Intercontinental Bora Bora that normally cost 60K points or $800/night. The card also offers free Platinum elite status. The $49 annual fee is waived for the first year.

-The Ritz-Carlton card offers 2 nights in tier 1-4 Ritz-Carlton hotels for spending $4,000 in 3 months. It excludes use at tier 5 hotels like the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour. It offers $300 in annual airline fee credits, though you need to call to get reimbursed for free and it’s not valid for tickets. It comes with a Priority Pass membership, Global Entry fee refund, and $100 off domestic coach airfare when you purchase 2 or more round-trip tickets on the same itinerary. The card has a $450 annual fee.

-The Marriott Premier Business card offers 80K points for spending $3,000 in 3 months. The card comes with an annual category 1-5 anniversary night. The card had a $99 annual fee.

Share your 5/24 experience in the comments!

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Marriott business has many reports as being 5/24 on reddit. I personally was told I was denied for having more than 5 accounts opened in the last 24 months when I applied for it. The letter I received after a few unsuccessful hucas confirmed that this in fact was the reason for a denial.

mad at a stupid comment

i just got the chase marriott business card and i am well over 5/24 so please got your facts straight before you post something because i almost don’t apply for it


Curious question: hey guys how many personal and/or businesses cards you hold at the same time?


What about ink business prefered?

apply for more

I recently got 6 cards (non chase)last week (3 pulls I think). is it wise to apply for those chase cards? especially with chase shutting ppl down like crazy?


Why does the Marriott business card count for 5\24 towards a different Chase card if its business

apply for more

im over 5/24 even with those card not showing up on report. still worth giving a shot at atleast 2 of them? Hyatt and BA?
ive read in forum ppl getting shut down randomly by chase


That guy was talking about 5/24 affecting GETTING the Marriott biz not if the Marriott biz will affect u when u try to apply for a different card after


I am relatively new to all thism I want to book BA flights to Israel with UR. I have enough for 4 tickets but I need 5. Does it make sense to open a BA card for the 5th ticket? Can you combine them with UR? Or would it need to be a separate reservation?


does the anniversary free night with the business card, give me a free night the first year or card opening?


i only had 1 year of credit history with a total credit limit of $3500 when i applied for the CSR, when i called reconsideration they said i was 5/24. after pointing out to them it was AU besides 3 cards, he went on to ask me if im responsible on those payments. figuring that my best answer is no, thats what i answered. after a brief hold he said: sorry too little credit and credit history to get approved. so i HUCA, said that i was responsible for payments, and got approved. #YMMV




Do the ritz carlton free nights work for the ritz carlton in hertzeliya?


How do you know which credit report chase will pull for NJ residents?


If i have a biz plat and blue 4 biz and i cancel biz plat but leave open blue do i keep the 50% back bonus when paying with points ?

donkey kong

What if i book before closing plat then close before credit posts


I did mpx with biz platinum after many huca got them to honor but it came up as “credit adj for billing inquiry ” think i can double dip ?


Hi Dan, if i opened an au for a friend under my card does that apply to 5/24? or only if i am an au on someone else card?


“That means you can get approved for these cards even if you have been approved for more than 5 cards in the past 24 months. However all approved consumer cards still add to your 5/24 count, so getting approved for them will still affect your ability to get other Chase cards”.

I just got approved for the chase consumer Marriott and Ritz Carlton card and thought they don’t count toward 5/24??


I want to get a hotel card as I don’t have any, only points/cash back cards so far. Would you recommend the Hyatt card or any another one? can I accumulate the free anniversary night for few years so I can get all 3-4 nights for free in one trip?


Does downgrading from sapphire to unlimited count as another card?


Can you tell me the highest offer you have ever seen for the ba card in the past 5 yrs even if it was a private offer to you? Is it more then 100k? Thanks


@Dan: sir,I also have an uhh card is there a way to get the old offer that had a fifty dollar statement credit in addition to 60k thanks


Does the ba companion ticket have to be used with primary cardholder?meaing can my bro in law and his wife use it once to get it my bro in law will use his own award points booked on his act and I will hand him the pass from my acct


What if I downgrade from a say, aa card to city cash back, does the city cash back count for 5/24?


@Anonymous: correction ihg card


@Chaim: look at #33-34
and next time don’t use my name. lol


Hey dan, thanks for the great refresher!
I’m over 5/24 and 3 months I got approved for 3 other chase cards (while under 5/24).
How long should I wait if I want to apply for BA so chase won’t view it as applying for too much credit at 1 time?


Im going to Israel for suckos which Credit card(s)should I get for free nights in hotels?

High end hobo

Myself and other DDFers have recently been completely shut down from chase for no good reasons. DOC has written up on this recently


Is the chase bss ink included in 5/24?


They must have just changed the rule for marriot business because I am like 15/24 and got approved after 1 huca about 2 months ago. The huca was too much credit so I moved credit from my other business chase card.


Note, recently all my personal Chase accounts were closed. I got a letter in the mail saying that they wanted to end the client relationship with me. No other clarity to the situation.

They kept my sole Chase business card (Ink) open.

From what I read online it looks like people who have opened accounts with other providers (more than 5/24) after getting their account shut down.


@High end hobo
Can you provide the link to the forum topic. Perhaps someone has had luck getting reconsidered.


I recently was approved for Amex Starwood’s card,after meeting the spend requirements I was not awarded any bonus points because I had this card on the past I asked why did they approve me for the card since the the bonus is what I applied for. They said they would “look into it” Any advice how to get the bonus?


I got rejected for British Airways because I opened too many cards.


It is common for AMEX not to award points if the card was being used in last 12 months. I advise not to fight and move forward. Good Luck !


@Yisroel: The best advice would be, next time read the t&c before applying. You will not get the bonus, you can take my word for that.


I currently only have sapphire preffered card. as soon as annual fee posts I would like to close it and open another card. which one would you recommend is best for mileage?


Hi Dan, I had a sweet deal going from JFK to Tel Aviv (via Brussels) by using Etihad miles to fly on Brussels Airlines. Etihad massively devalued this plan so it’s no longer worth it by a long shot. Any advice on the best way to use points to get from the USA to Tel Aviv? Departure airport does not matter to me. I have also used Air France at times but they haven’t run the 50% off deals to Europe in a long time (Israel is counted as part of Europe in their plan as I’m sure you know). Any advice? Thanks a lot.

C. Mockin

Maybe they made the 5/24 rule cuz of you telling us all these great ideas.


Nice try smart guy. I told about it after it was gone. How is that contributing to the 5/24 rule Mr. Brilliant?


2 points:

Firstly, the Ink Business Preferred, has a secret in-branch offer for 100k in points after spend (as opposed to the public 80k offer).

Secondly, after I applied for that, and was denied due to “too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years associated to you”, I called for reconsideration. 1st time was told the same and quickly was let go. Called again today and explained (thanks to you you, @DAN) that not all those accounts were mine, and that I wasn’t financially responsible for them. And after what felt like 15 minutes on the phone, 4 “please hold for 2-4 minutes”, and some credit moves, WAS APPROVED.

Thanks Dan!


What is meant by a consumers card? (meaning ihg,Marriott, hyatt ?
Or is that also chase ink plus and cash?
When you mention in the post amex and chase business cards don’t count what was meant for that to mean?
(specifically asking about the new 20k offer on the amex business and the chase ink plus/cash?)


Quick question. If I print out my credit score, say from Experian, where would I see all the cards I asked for in the last 24 months and whether or not they’re from Chase for that 5/24 rule.


Does the spg card fall into the category of 5/24 bec I just opened an spg card and now I want to open the chase sapphire premier card and I want to get the bonus points


Does the Chase Slate follow this rule?


@dan if i close a cc does it count in 5/24?


I signed up for the IHG and was just denied due to 5/24…

is this still accurate?
“There are 5 mileage earning credit cards that aren’t yet affected by 5/24. On the consumer side they are the IHG card…”