Chase Ink Offers Being Updated


Update: These changes will happen tomorrow morning.
If you want the better expiring 25K Ink Classic or Ink Cash bonus offers, or if you want a business card offer that gives points after the first purchase, or if you want to attempt a double bonus you’ll want to apply now. Otherwise my links will be updated at some point tomorrow with the new offers, as described below.

Originally posted on 11/10:

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I recently wrote about the advantages to using business cards over consumer cards and how anyone can get a business card.

On Tuesday my Ink links will switch over to new offers, as follows.

Currently my links for the no annual fee Ink Classic and Ink Cash cards offer 10,000 bonus points after your first purchase and another 15,000 bonus points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.
On Tuesday that will change to 20,000 points for spending $3,000 in 3 months.

So with those cards if you just want to spend $1 or if you can do $5,000 in spending you will want to apply by Monday to get in on the current offer as you will be better off the way it is now.
If you can hack $3,000 but not $5,000 you’ll want to hold off for sometime on Tuesday when they switch over.

Currently my links for the premium cards with $95 annual fees (the fee is waived for the first year), Ink Bold and Ink Plus offer 25,000 bonus points after your first purchase and another 25,000 bonus points for spending $10,000 in 3 months.
On Tuesday that will change to 50,000 points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.

So with those cards if you just want to spend $1 you will want to apply by Monday to get in on the current offer.
If you can hack $5,000 of spending you’ll want to hold off for sometime on Tuesday when they switch over.

If you have already applied for the current offer and want the new offer then you can call Chase and ask them to send a request to their marketing department to be matched to the new public offer. They should send you a letter confirming the match. This method usually works for better for matching than sending a secure message. If you do send a secure message you will probably have to resend the request and ask for it to be looked over by a supervisor who can approve a match to a public offer. It may help to wait until Tuesday when the new offer is implemented systemwide, including in their retail branches.

I signed up myself for 3 Chase business cards via 3BM last week and got all of them approved already via Chase Business Reconsideration (800-453-9719) by shifting around credit lines, so I’ll update how that matching works for out for me. There was just 1 credit pull made.

Need help meeting a spend hurdle? Don’t forget that you send $1,000/month via your credit card to anyone for free via Amazon Payments.  And they can send it back to you via their credit card or via a 3rd party who can put $1,000 on their card and send it back to you.

And of course you can stock up on gift cards to stores like Amazon or just a prepaid credit card (prepaid credit cards carry a fee of about 1%) at office supply stores on Ink cards and earn 5 miles for every dollar you spend.  At a value of about 1.9 cents per Ultimate Rewards point that’s like a 9.5% rebate.  Office supply stores like Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples all have large gift card sections and they even have occasional weekly promotions to buy gift cards, so check your Sunday circulars.

Don’t have the money right now to pay off all those gift cards that you’re stocking up on to meet a spending threshold? Obviously don’t spend more than your needs, but all of the Ink cards besides the Bold card have 6 months of 0% interest on purchases (and balance transfers) and as a business card that balance won’t even show up on your credit report, so it won’t hurt you like it would on a consumer card! Just be sure that you’ll have the funds to cover your purchases in 6 months before they start charging interest. And of course you will have to make the minimum payments as well.

Also bear in mind that places like Plastic Jungle and CardPool will buy gift cards off of you!  People also buy and sell gift cards on the DDF Goods For Sale board.

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How many free flights does 20,000 points earn you?


That would obviously depend to where. BA short-haul awards start at 4,500 for example.

Start by reading here:


should i get the biz plus or bold? i have the freedom personal if that makes a difference…tia


I actually just got approved for 4 ink cards, 2 for me and two for my wife. Can’t wait to start vying some vanilla reload cards!! Question; on bluebird it says you can deposit up to $5000 a month with the vanilla reload cards, so by doing that is there a chance that chase can close my account if they think somthig is fishy?
Thanks Dan!


@dan I also applied last week (day of post ) with no answer yet do I call reconsideration to speed up or wait?


Dan i have the bold a month now do u think i should call em on tuesday ask to amtch new offer so i dont need to spend 10,000 in 3 months?


If I just got approved a few days ago for 3 chase personal cards, and now I want to apply for these business cards will they give me a problem because Im applying for too many cards in a short period? TIA


I just got the Ink Cash (with your link) and was wondering if they will give me the better offer, what do you think?


@Jack, congrats! Office Depots are taking the Vanilla Reloads off the shelf according to some bloggers. You can purchase the regular vanilla’s and then use them to purchase the reloads at Walgreens or CVS, ymmv and you’ll be accruing 3.5 points per dollar. My husband will be doing this tomorrow, will report back if it worked.


@DealsSeeker: thanks! I would’ve never thought of that! Why would I only earn 3.5 point per dollar if I am purchasing the cards from Office Depot which is a office supply store that earns 5 points per dollar spent?


You applied for more than one business card? At the same time? Then you called and BOTH were approved? I didn’t know you could apply for more than one at a time? Details please…


tried to apply for the bold today many times….after submitting application it says instantly that this offer is unavailable….

Any ideas???


@Jack: You end up getting less points per dollar if you take into account the fees in purchasing the gift cards. The $500 gift card you purchase at Office Depot has a fee ( I think $4.95)and then purchasing a reloadable one with the gift card incurs another fee of $3.95. Hence, the fees will come out to around $9 per $500. If you can use the regular vanilla gift card as is, then you are in better shape with not having to buy the reloadable and paying the extra fee. Make sense? So far my dh is having no luck in finding a cvs or walgreens with the reloadables.


@sam: +3 times here


Do you want to carry a balance (Plus) or have a flexible spend limit due every month (Bold?)

Why not?

You can try, if you have the credit lines to shift around it should work with Recon.

Why not call them?

Yes. I even got a Cash and Plus card approved on the same phone call just by shifting credit from other cards!
I now have 5 Chase business cards and 8 Chase personal cards.

Are you using my link?
Try it in another browser or try browsing incognito or in-private.

If you’re not using my link then just wait until tomorrow when my new links will be up and running 🙂


Thanks for the update, Dan.


@Dan: I used your link with chrome on a pc, will something else later tonight.


You can read how to browse incognito here:


@Dan: ok, so I used incognito (android) and it went through. Thanks


dan how far back will they still match the offer?


Typically about 90 days.


Dan regarding UR points you had mentioned onec not to transfer only to a spouse is it easier or ok to transfer miles for example united miles to another account?


How can I transfer my Chase Freedom rewards points to a card that can use them to earn flights if I dont have a spouse with a Chase card?


I have Chase Freedom visa, Sapphire pfd visa and Ink bold. The last 2 cards are due now for renewal.
So last week I applied for the freedom, sapphire , marriot and Ink Plus. Initially, I got declined on all four. Yesterday I called and they told me the application for freedom and sapphire are automatically for Visa and since I have them already they are declined. They said to get the MC’s I need to apply to Do you know anything about this.
So basically they approved the Marriott and Ink Plus by shifting around some credit, and they did 2 seaprate cr pulls. What did I do wrong on the MC’s? Also, how do I get rid of Ink Bold so as not to pay the fees.
Do you have somewhere detailed info on Vanilla reloads, Bluebird etc.
Thanks in advance for your help.


@Dan…i never carry a balance and even just 5k is enough for a spending limit…if it wont help me maximize freedom benefits and only option to do so is to get a saphire, should i just choose the ink?


when is the link gona update?