Citi Double Cash Card Now Earns ThankYou Points

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Update: This card now earns ThankYou points.

Originally posted on 1/19:

The Citi Double Cash card offers 2% cash back that can be transferred to ThankYou points.

That’s valuable as you can currently choose to cash out at 2% back or transfer those rewards to ThankYou points with an existing ThankYou account. However, new changes to the card will allow cardholders to earn ThankYou points directly, with the option to redeem as 2% cash back, or in many other ways including travel, shopping, and more.

Currently there is a $25 minimum to cash out the points for a statement credit.

Effective 3/28/22, the card will earn ThankYou points instead of cash back.

It will retain its current earnings at 2 ThankYou points per dollar spent. Plus you will now be able to cash out any amount of points with no minimum! Citi also often offers discounted gift cards with ThankYou points, which can offer even more value.

If you want to transfer ThankYou points into airline miles or hotel points at a 1:1 ratio, you will still need a Citi Premier Card. If you have this 2 card bifecta you can use the Double Cash card for 2 ThankYou points per dollar everywhere and you can use your Premier card for 3 ThankYou points per dollar on airfare, hotels, travel agents, groceries, gas, and dining. Plus you can transfer miles to airlines like Turkish, where you can redeem domestic awards on United (including Alaska and Hawaii) for just 7.5K miles in coach or 12.5K miles in business/first class. Or fly to Israel for just 32K miles in coach or 47K miles in business class.

If you make it a trifecta with the Citi Rewards+ Card you’ll also get a 10% points rebate on all points redemptions on up to 100K points per calendar year. So when you cash out your points, you’ll be effectively earning at least 2.22% back everywhere. Or if you transfer 100,000 points to an airline via a Citi Premier card, you’ll get a 10,000 point rebate thanks to also having a Rewards+ card. You’ll also want to use this card on small purchases as it automatically rounds up rewards earned on every purchase to the nearest 10 points, meaning you earn 10 points on a $0.50 Amazon balance reload, which is a whopping 20 points per dollar spent at Amazon!

Or make it a quadfecta with the Citi Custom Cash Card, which offers 5 points per dollar on up to $500 in purchases in your top spending category each month.

Read more about the Citi Quadfecta here.

Do you have a Citi Double Cash card?

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1. Soon you will not need to have the premier to transfer to airlines? Or just won’t say $$$ rather TYP on Citi Double Cash Card?

2. Will you still be able to use the points for cash back?


You can also transfer your TY Points to anyone with a TY Acct. #, however those points will expire after 90 days if it has not been redeemed


So which is better?
the citi quadfecta or the chase quadfecta?


Would this make it better than the freedom unlimited?
Are thank you points as valuable as chase points?


My brain is fried. I usually get several hundred dollars in a cash back direct deposit. I also have thank you points on my checking acct which I have yet to ever use. How will I get the direct deposit now?


How often can you do .50 amazon reloads before either Citi or Amazon blacklists you? 🙂

Elliot Abadi


This change is a disaster!

Now they are able to pay in Thank You points and devalue the points at a later date as they wish. So if they pay you in 2 points for $1 today, tomorrow they can just say the value of each point is 0.5 meaning now all you earned is half the cash value and then eventually they will increase redemption value.

They taking control

This is a recipe for disaster.

Inflation has hit the point system as well.


NOT a good thing for those of us who like cash back.

Mpharnes osanu

Does current cash back convert to thank you points when this change happens? @dan


Hasn’t it been possible to transfer them to a card with TYP even before this?


I just got the premier card in Dec. Can I apply for this citi double cash card too? Thanks!


I tried signing up for Turkish Airlines, to see if I can get a flight for the summer on United I had a problem with putting in a password. I googled this issue, many seem to have it, I put in just numbers and was able to populate a password, then I tried submitting but it will not submit.. any ideas?


I love Dans Deals, he knows all the ins and outs. I am not the international traveler that Dan is, I am still trying to see more of the United States. If I am reading this correctly, you can sign up for a Turkish arilines frequent flyer program and then transfer TY points to that account. Then I can go to Turkish airlines site and book travel on united here in the United States using Turkish airline points (even though I have never traveled on Turkish Airlines and am just a member of their loyalty program, is that right? Ingenius!). I will bevery interested in how to sign up for Turkish airlines program!


I had a premier card and downgraded it. I didn’t redeem my points on time and missed the date to cancel the conversion so my points were forfeited. Now after three months I’m eligible to upgrade again. Any hopes to get my points back?