American Express NYC Mix-n-Match Promo: Spend $200 And Get $50 Back!

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Update 5: Registration is full once again.

Update 4: Enrollment has been reopened and the limit has been expanded from a max of 20,000 to 25,000! Enroll your card now before it’s too late!

Update 3: Registration is full once again.

Update 2: Enrollment has been reopened and the limit has been expanded from a max of 10,000 to 20,000! Enroll your card now before it’s too late!

Update: Registration is now full.

Originally posted on 01/17:

American Express NYC Mix-n-Match Promo Registration Linky (Limited to first 10,000 registrations)

Shop in at least 2 stores and spend at least $200 total between 02/01/12 and 02/29/12 and you’ll get $50 back on your statement!

Here is a list of participating stores.
The list includes stores like:
-Emporio in Borough Park
-Costco in Brooklyn, Long Island City, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island
-Dave & Buster’s in Times Square.
-J & R Music World
-Lord & Taylor
-Macy’s Herald Square
-Steve Madden
Post a comment with other good places you find on the list!

Between promotions like Small Business Saturday (where I got well over $500 of free groceries with the help of free additional cards), Link, Like, Love, Foursquare, The Gift Chain, and this, it really does pay to be a cardmember!

About time you become a cardmember?  See links for all kinds of American Express card (including the awesome Starwood Consumer and Starwood Business cards, Delta cards that will give you free checked bags for you and your traveling companions, and cards that will give free lounge access and more) in the righthand sidebar on this site! The Starwood cards are free the first year, and then $65 afterwards, but with these promotions it’s very easy to make that back and then some. Plus you earn Starpoints with every purchase, the most valuable points currency out there today. And you have all of the awesome consumer protections offered for free like online disputes, return protection, purchase protection, warranty protection and more!

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Any way to take advantage of this offer even for us
“out of towners?”


anyone know of any kosher restaurants, or stores that sell gift cards to amazon and the like please post,


there arent many stores i would spend at anyway, so its just a ploy to get me to shop


Citi amex worked
For the sign up


Can you shop online at these stores (if they have a website) and get the credit?


If i would purchse in one store 2 transactions would that count? It Says “Offer not valid on online purchases, except for purchases at or Using the same registered Card for each transaction, you must transact at least two times and spend a combined $200 at participating merchants that accept American Express Cards”.

It also says registration starts 1/18/12 but i guess it works already


Hi thanks but I couldn’t find Emporio is it possible for someone to please post a link thanks I would like to see if other stores are listed there?


You don’t shop at Costco?

You can try spending twice in the same store early in February and if the credit doesn’t post you’ll just have to go to another store.

The alphabetized link is in the post already.


Funny, in Offer Terms it says “You may only register one Card for this offer.”
Then on next page, after registration, it says “Any other eligible cards (including those linked to the same account) must be registered separately.”

Was I to expect that by registering my card that my sister’s card will work too?…


After going through the list, the only things that seem to have any potential at all (at least for me) are:
Cole Haan
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
The LEGO Store
Madame Tussauds New York
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
New York Philharmonic
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square
Steve Madden

…So basically go buy 2 $100 GCs to Costco! 🙂


Apushteryid. It has to be in 2 different stores so 2 gift cards from costco aint gonna do it.


Going to 2 different qualifying Costcos ‘ought to do the trick.
As commenter #6 points out, 2 transactions in the same Costco may even work, but that’s definitely not a sure thing.


Can I buy it online?

Menachem in 5 towns


I see J&R music world on the list – they sell A LOT of great stuff.

Did someone say if you order from the website it won’t work?


@rich: Banner on top mentions two stores, but the official terms make no mention of two different stores, just two different transactions. Interesting…
@Menachem in 5 towns: Nice find, I missed J&R. As per t&c: “Offer not valid on online purchases, except for purchases at or”


anyone know if costco or j&r or loehmanns or any other store sells 3rd party gc’s?


Thanks Dan just signed up 10 Amex hope they all work 1500 for 2000 in Costco


Dan, let me ask you the other way around. You shop at Costco??!

Living in NYC, I can’t understand why anybody here would shop in Costco, their prices stink, and are not worth buying in bulk. You can find cheaper in Target or Shoprite or even KRM/Kollel..

That’s my take, at least for those of us in NYC, Costco is a waste of time and $$. I don’t understand why anyone here would shop at these club-stores including BJ’s and Sams club. Either they don’t know how to comparison shop, or they’re just brainwashed that Costco is cheaper. In NYC the are absolutely NOT!


Maybe in CLE the Costco is worth it, I wouldn’t know..


Perhaps paying for membership at the membership counter… and then making a purchase will count as 2 different stores… (as the charge description is not the same)


@mow can u explain ur math 10 card x 50 =500 for 10 x 200. =2000 so where did u get 1500


By all means, please let me know on which items I’m getting ripped off on.

Here’s what I bought today:
-3 pounds frozen individually wrapped salmon, $19.99
-420 count 9″ coated plates: $9.99
-420 count 10 oz. cups: $9.59
-2 pounds N&K Mozzerella/Cheddar shredded cheese: $8.69
-Blueberries (24oz.): $4.99
-1st cut rubashkin corned beef brisket, 1.25 pounds: $9.99
-10 boxes of 260 count Kleenex: $13.94
-5 large Avocados: $6.49
-Egg Beaters, 6 pack, 12 ounces each: $9.59
-Kirkland Signature HE 130 load detergent: $13.89
-Sabra Basil/Pesto Houmous, 32 ounces: $5.99
-Zergut eggplant dip, 38 ounces: $4.49
-Craisins, 48 ounces: $3.75
-12 Bounty Mega (22 Regular) Paper towels: $17.99




Thanx Dan my mistake wht about. Macy’s. B and h photo. Adorama Saks 5 ave


Zabar’s, Citarella listed in “dining out” section, I hope I can do my regular food shopping there and get credit..


Sure, though i can only comment on the products I’m familiar with, and know the prices off hand.

Salmon? Often on sale in BP stores for $5.99lb

Coated plates? They’re trash, the food falls outta’ your plate, go with plastic (although much more $$)!

Cups? I’m not sure if your referring to plastic or foam, but plastic you can get in KRM for somewhere around $1.29/pk100 of 7oz, and Dart hot cups (foam) 50/pk for around .85cents

Cheese? Why clog your arteries?!
Blueberries- Frozen or fresh? Frozen-your being robbed, fresh its normal price if not a little over-priced!

Kleenex? You just had that same price in KRM 2 weeks ago
Avocados? Mad rip-off! Here they’re often less than a buck -yeah I’m talkin about those big ones.. FL Avocados.

Detergent -Target sometimes beats that with “All” detergent, as does ShopRite

Sabra -Goodness gracious, and you think your getting a good deal?! Sabra for 6bucks? Ya gotta be kidding me!
Craizins -Your probably better off in Trader Joes
Bounty – Target beats that price all the time (taking into account the $5 Gift card that usually comes with it.

So there you go! Wanna go shopping together?! 🙂


costco has better fruits than anywhere! also just buy 400 stamps @ 175.00 asavings of 1.00 this week! goes up on 1/22/12 to .45 per stamp asavings of 5.00 next week (sell it to your neighbors or friends or use it for yournext simcha) with the $50.00 cash back from a.e. u r really getting it @.35 cent a stamp! krm/kollel doesnt give it to u at this price! the other $25.00 dollars u can buy fruit lecuved shabbos or ashit @ emporio & get reimbursed from the one above for all ur shabbosneeds! u dont have to wait until rosh hashaana (new yers-jewish) for re-imbursement! kliens ice cream 24 dixie cups r half price @ costco! mealmart cold-cuts @9.99 vs 17.99 + in any other store!shufra jelly rings 2 lbs. (b4 purim) 6.29! krm 5.99 each lb.! Come on wake up & smell the coffee!


Another great AX promo. Also, love the $200 annual airline reimbursement program for Platinum and Centurion cards. Reminder: This month (JAN) is the month to change your designated airline for 2012 for those that want to.


Wow the prices in Costco by you really are better! That same package of salmon is 21.99 in Costco in jersey….


does it work @ any costco?



I shop at BJs, so I don’t really know about Costco. But I always compare prices between Walmart, Target and BJs. What I’ve found is that if you buy the coupon/sale items at BJs, then you can’t beat their pricing. On non-sale items, Walmart and Target are sometimes comparable. The other bonus with BJs is that you can use manufacturers’ coupons as well, so if you’re a coupon clipper, you can save even more.


Well that was an utter waste of my time.

Disregarding the fact that food products (especially kosher food products where there unfortunately very little competition) are more expensive in CLE than NYC (though $90,000 houses and $800 rents arguably make up for that and then some) at least you could have done an honest comparison.

Take my shopping list into the store of your choice and report back the real prices for the quantity I stated. And not by buying each one of my items from a different store as the gas/subway fare alone will negate those savings… (which is one the main reasons for shopping at Costco as I admit that it may be possible for many individual items to be cheaper when on sale, but how many people have the time to shop at 30 different stores to buy everything they need only when on sale)

You stated that “they don’t know how to comparison shop” and then say “Sabra for 6bucks? Ya gotta be kidding me!”
Did you see that was for 32 ounces of Sabra and not 8 ounces like your local store probably seels?

“Cheese? Why clog your arteries?!”
I thought you were serious about this…

“Your probably better off in Trader Joes” Numbers my friend, not guesses. Feel free to call them up and get the package size and report back.

The Blueberries were fresh.

And don’t say “KRM had the same price.” If you want to do an honest comparison please write what they have, how big of a box it is, and how much they charge.


Its really great salmon and you can even get it in Hawaii.

It used to be $21.99 in CLE but it fell to just $19.99 now. Check your local store for pricing (or call, item #46340)


Any of the ones listed in the participating stores link.


@Dan: not to mention that the Jewish stores in Brooklyn always have a min spend before you buy sale items, you can not find parking, and are sometimes out of stock


@ Dan from my experience, kosher items in NY are cheaper in KRM or other big kosher stores (and you can negotiate if you are buying a lot). You also, support a jewish business when you shop @ KRM, etc. Also, in Brooklyn, many stores are on the same block or couple blocks away, so not too much driving. In CLE, Costco prices on everything will be great. Also, do they only sell Rubashkin and not Shor Abar? 😉


You could always sign up for Israeli folk dancing at the 92Y.


True, as I said it’s really difficult to compare my situation in CLE to NYC, but I did get called out on it…

I would support my kosher store here over Costco if all things were equal, but they charge $6 for an 8 ounce pack of cheese, or $24 for the same amount of cheese I buy at Costco for $8.69.
Or about $4 for 8 ounces of Houmous (that’s $16 for the same amount that I buy in Costco for $5.99)

Which is why I buy yogurt/cream cheese/cottage cheese/milk/crackers and the occasional cinnamon or custard donut from Ungers and little else.


As opposed to CLE where the jewish stores don’t have sales.
We do have plenty of parking though 😀

Best thing

As other comments stated before, the best option is probably to buy 2 x $100 gift cards at Costco. (If that will work)


is this only in ny ?


Costco and BJ’s is where I buy my:
sugar 6.29/10 lb KRM 3.59/5 lb
brown sugar 3.49/4 lb. KRM 1.05/1 lb
Andy Boy Romaine 6 head pk/$5 KRM 3 pk/ 3.5 or 4
Crystal light box of 16 2qt packets 6.50 (.40/packet vs .65+)
Fruit by the Foot 28 ct. 7.59 KRM 6 pk/ ?
Nature Valley granola bars 30/packets $9 KRM 6 pk/ 3.50
Hunt tomato sauce 12 cans 7.29 (.61/can) KRM .90+/can

You have to know your price when you go shopping there, so you know what’s worth buying there and what not.


To Anonymous Says:
January 18th, 2012 at 7:46 am

Please clarify how & where you can use the AMEX card to purchase stamps & receive $50 back.

Thank You


so I can register every amex card I have? I am assuming AUs are a no go


Sugar at my costco is even cheaper, $5.99/10 pounds.

By buying them at Costco.

It lets you register AUs, so they should work just fine.


The Promo starts in February. Whereas the stamps you would have to purchse in January before it goes up.


Stamps are going up by 1 penny (2.2%) next week.
By waiting for February you will save 25% on stamps at Costco with this promotion.
Take your pick 😉


Dan…. Since someone mentioned it.. Any comments as to which airline i should pick for the 200 comp on airlines for platinum members


Problem with offer is that you need to spend twice.. you have to have an army of people to shop at Costco twice in 1 month.. most people go, spend a few hundred dollars and that should be good for a month.. many of the other merchants on the list aren’t all that great (except Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Loehmann’s, and other shopping places)


See DDF please.

So buy Costco gift cards.



“You have to know your price when you go shopping there, so you know what’s worth buying there and what not.”

Very Well said.

Also also you have to compare unit amounts. Sometimes you can get fooled at costco, for example the Bounty paper towel might be a savings by PER SQFT but it is actually longer pieces and would get used up faster based on pieces of papertowel.

Some fruits might be pricey but costco has the freshest fruits.

Their pakeged coldcuts are very cheap

If You buy the few thing needed when you have a big family or have a party or have storage room or able to use the full amount, then the items of savings are worthwhile.

Still laughing at the cute conversations back and forth.


Does anyone know for sure that I can make 2 transactions in the same store? 2 gift cards in Costco or a suit in Emporio divided in half??


Nobody will know that until mid-February when someone tests it out and either they get the $50 credit or they don’t.
Worst case scenario is you go spend $1 at any other participating store in mid-February if 2 transactions in the same store didn’t work.


Prepaid and corporate cards and ExpressPay transactions are not eligible.
does this mean no gift cards?

Deals We Like

My strategy is purchasing Costco gift cards. purchase a $200 Costco gift card and then buy $1 worth of candy at dylan’s candy bar, or find something cheap that you need (shampoo maybe) at Ricky’s NYC. This will give you your two transactions for the card.


Firstly, i specifically mentioned that I’m talking about NYC, (though for some reason that comment was removed), and that’s exactly why, ..the price of Kosher food.

About “not by buying each one of my items from a different store as the gas/subway fare alone will negate those savings…”, I’d have to agree with you on that one, except that having gone a few times to Costco here (Long Island City and Brooklyn), I really haven’t found enough deals to be good enough to outdo the prices as a whole in other places in NYC (emphasis NYC – as opposed to anywhere else!).

Paper goods for example is not something one buys every week, so it doesn’t hurt to go to Target or where ever once in a blue, and not have to pay membership. I find that the prices in Target, coupling their special offers and coupons are the same prices as costco, on stuff like Paper towels, toilet paper, detergent etc.

All in all, taking ones whole shopping list into consideration incl. all (Kosher l’mehadrin) foods (and of course that sugar you folks all excited about), for anyone living in NYC, I think the savings (if any -at all) don’t justify paying Costco membership or going out of the way to Costco (as in NYC they are located outside of the Frum areas, as opposed to other places e.g. Target, Shoprite etc.). Again this may be true only for NYC, but i stick to my guns with this one, tried and proven.

Regarding all you ppl screaming they have the freshest produce, I don’t seem to come to that same conclusion, at least not in NYC. In fact, very often (I only see this in NYC) the big chain stores have the worst produce out there.
Outside of NYC, I did see that to be the other way around..

I can’t recall which of the NYC daily papers came out with the research of who sells the cheapest produce in NYC, but the results were (a few years ago) that a certain neighborhood near BP was least expensive, and they are, I don’t think anybody disputes that, just ask anyone very knowledgeable about this subject (and those stores are open 24/7).


No idea which comment of yours you think was removed (answer: none), but you make it perfectly clear in 18 and 19. I admittedly don’t know enough about the NYC market, but when you want to do a real comparison of each of the items I posted with proper sizes just post a comment.


Does the store itself have to be in NYC, or will any store on the list be acceptable? For example, Lord and Taylor in New Jersey?


Anyone know what other gift cards are sold in Costco?

return man

you goto macys and bloomingdales and then return it next month all you real cheapos


I understood the fine print to mean 2 transactions- not necessarily at 2 stores.

I think that means prepaid and corporate cards are not eligible for the $50 rebate.

Not only didn’t address Dan’s food list, but my list was Costco vs KRM-kollel store in BP.


Hey, i registered 3 cards with different amex #’s but they are the same exact account..all in my name. Will i get this promo for each card on the same account ?

can i buy several items from different Costcos, then return them after i receive the promos?

joshua l

the stamps in february @ costco run @ 44.75 vs 45.00 @ the usps! the fruits when u buy for a “sholom zucher” r ripe to eat when served(most of them)cantalopes, honeydews watermelon etc.when bought at krm or local stores u can wait for the “pidyon haben” for them to become ripe! because costco chooses its vendors, kollel (krm) does not! they look to sell whats cheap(with $7.50 purchase)in order to fill up the torah times!(with metzias)!cmon who r u fooling!(unless the manager may be your relative,that is y u r trying to promotekrm/boro park!!!!


@joshua l:
But is it worth the membership fee and going out of the way?

You have a hard time buying $7.50 of Reg. priced items, of which their regular prices are less expensive than others?

Why not get gift cards at vendors like costco



will it work if i make a $500 purchase at costco and then just for the second store i spend a dollar.? please help


what is so special abougt Starwood Consumer and Starwood Bussiness cards? They each offer only 10000 starwood points. Am I missing something?


You get 25,000 points for spending $5,000. but the main thing is their incredible value towards hotel stays and the ability to transfer points into miles at dozens of airlines at 20K:25K or even 20K:50K ratios.


I plan to go to Costco in long island on Wednesday? Will that work? How much do I have to spend there?


once someone knows about the costco gift cards can they please post


I registered all my amex cards. I spent $200 between two posted stores on each card. I only got $50 refund for one. ??


Does anyone know if 2 transactions in the same store worked to receive the credit.


My $50 credit posted. I shopped at Lohmanns and Macy’s.


said its full


bought 2 $100 dollars GCs at costco $1 at macycs on two cards received credits within a week


Has anyone tried making 2 purchases at the same Costco to see if that will work?


I closed my Amex Platinum last June.
Can I re-apply now and get the $450 + $200 airline credit again?



I bought 54 $100- cash cards at Costco on 27 cards. On 2/2 That was 2 purchases at the same store. I didn’t get any credits. I spent $3- per card on the 27 cards at a different store on the list a few days ago. I’m waiting for the credit.


I am trying to register 1 card that i forgot and
It still says ”

Unfortunately the maximum number of Cardmembers have already registered for this offer. Please visit for other fabulous offers.

Is anyone still able to register?


I got back $50 per registered card. I spent $190 at costco (gift cards-one on each card) and $10 each at Loehmans.
Thank you Dan!


It’s closed again 🙁


Dan fan just did the same today on 10 cards lets see if I get back the 50 on all cards


Does anyone know if you make a purchase as a gift and somebody returns it on the next billing cycle do they take away the $50 credit?


nope – maxed out again.dead


does this work on additional cardholders?


All 27 credits posted. Ty Dan.


Feb 3rd i did a $300+ shopping in Costco on 2 transactions. I did not receive the credit yet and figure i would have by now. I will goto another participating merchant to hopefully get this credit.

If i have an additional user on my card with both being registered for this promotion, if each card has 1 transaction totaling 2 different stores would that receive the 50 credit??




Unfortunately the maximum number of Cardmembers have already registered for this offer. Please visit for other fabulous offers.

david g

@Yaks: in n.j the salmon price just dropped it is now $19.99


@Yidel: the items i need r not cheper at krm they r cheaper in other stores in BP! second of all!i have the executive membership(2%cashback) where just $5000.00 purchses in a year gives u back $100.00 & membership comes out free!splenda is $2.99 in krm(packets/100) kirkland same item same ingredients(same order)certified ou is 12.99 per 1500 packets!! (less than half price!Parking is convienient! at krm they r getting rid of their parking lot( due to their new competition!) so please go ahead & struggle to get ur great specials @ krm! go 5 times around the block & look for parking or pay for ur stuff to get delivered! (3.00) which takes care of ur savings!!!


@What: at COTCO they sell stamps @$44.75 per 100(5 books of 20 self adhesive forever stamps)! after 1/22/12 this is the new price! 4 packages of 100=179.00!! then u can purchase for 21.00 @ madamo & u have ur 200.0 purchase!(each 100 stamps after ur $50.00 credit (20%)= to $35.80)!!!

joshua L.

@Yidel: avacados @costco rby the way bigger than the ones u see at ur krm or local stores! the price is $4.99 in brooklyn! was there last week! the promotion of amex is in brooklyn not cle.! sabra @ kolel is triple the price of cotco! just bought @ brooklyn coastco golden taste lox spread @ 7.79 for 17 oz. whatsur price in krm 5.49 for 8 oz. what isur price for mealmart cold-cuts @krm???? (turkey, pastrami, corned beef!) cotco 9.99 for 20 oz. (1 lb ,4oz.)krm double the price or more! for shabbos i like quality fruit not cheap fruit( depends how u treat ur shabbos)! like i explained b-4 “hotzoas shabboss”is not counted in ur cheshbon from “rosh hashono”( u get instant reimbursement)! i knowthe cheap store u r reffering to in brooklyn! their tommatoes r edible, but not as tasty as cotco brand!their cantalopes r not edible for a week after purchase (need alot of storage for getting those foods ripe)! the watermelon in costco tastes good, in krm the color is good not the taste! the return policy in kolel is not as great as in costco! the customer service is awfull! last week someone purchased an order of 6 boxes only 1 was delivered! the others took about 8 hours later to get delivered!u may have alot of time on hand! ur target store is not in ur backyard! shoprite in broklyn is always out of the items on special! (they can not supply the jewish communityies needs!) Unless u get up on sunday morning @ 6:00 am &be from the 1st 30 shoppers, then u may find the item on the shelf, & not need a rain-check!!!! as “dan” said: Calculate ur time & gas for ur end month savings!(u will find u overpaid!)bjs is not in our community!15/20 minutes drive! target walmart is out of the community! coupons r only in the non-jewish papers!(which of course is notbrought into a frum jewish home!(unless u r modern-orthodox!) PLEASE tell me which store in b.p has lox @5.99 a pound??? i never saw one! The price is 23.00 a pound!when is the last time u bought lox???(in b.p.)Go back to sleep, i suggest!enjoyur sweet dreams!


has anyone had an issue with not being credited after shopping at two participating stores I am on the phone with amex and they are telling that this was for solicited cardholders only and that is why I did not get the credit


can you buy online or it has to be in a store?

just wondering

@Rochel: z

I didn’t do two stores yet, I was wondering if you registered. I clicked through this website, was not solicited,


@just wondering: yes I did and I got a confirmation email that I registered

just wondering


Anyone else with his problem? I have to go out of the way to do a second store and wondering if its worth the effort….


One question that still hasn’t been addressed. Can I use (which I just made an order on) and Emporio for example or do I need to do Costco only in store


Where can I find a complete list of stores for this promo


Can it be lord and Taylor online?

joshua l

@Anonymous: has to be an instore nyc store only!!!no online purcase for $50.00 credit!!!