HOT! Qantas Posts 44% AMEX Transfer Bonus! Will You Get Even More Points? Fly El Al Business Class NYC-Tel Aviv For 54.5K Points With No Fuel Surcharges!

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Update, 6/16: I wasn’t able to link my AMEX card with my existing Qantas account, so I transferred points from AMEX to a new Qantas account. Despite not getting bonus promo email on the new account, it still got the extra 20% bonus today, for a combined 44% bonus!

Commenters are also reporting that you can add a “000” before your Qantas number in case you have problems linking your Qantas account with AMEX.

Did you get your additional bonus?

Originally posted on 6/13:

2 weeks ago we broke the news that AMEX points could be transferred to Qantas points.

Last week we broke the news that you could get a 20% transfer bonus from AMEX to Qantas.

Multiple DDF members are reporting that in addition to the instant 20% bonus for transferring AMEX points to Qantas, Qantas is adding another 20% on top of the transfer amount a day later.

DDF member NJDevil transferred 61K AMEX points on Qantas on 6/10 and instantly got 73,200 Qantas points after the 20% transfer bonus. Qantas then added another 20% bonus of 14,640 points the next day. He got 87,840 Qantas points from the 61K AMEX transfer, an effective 44% transfer bonus!


Many of members reported the same experience with Qantas adding a 20% bonus on top of the AMEX 20% bonus.

I got an email from Qantas saying that they would add an additional 20% within 48 hours of transfers from AMEX, which makes it seem like this is a separate promotions from the AMEX 20% transfer bonus.

It’s unclear if getting both promotions is intentional or not. Officially Qantas says that promotions can’t be stacked, though that is not always enforced.

There is no need to be targeted for these promotions, though Qantas may stop awarding the extra 20% bonus. Qantas can also claw back the extra 20% bonus should they feel like it.

Of course many members have also been targeted for a 15%-30% transfer bonus after making their first transfer, though those points aren’t expected to post until July. We’ll have to see if that will stack on top of these promotions as well.

This is amazing for travel to Israel as Qantas has a fantastic award chart for travel on El Al. 

54.5K AMEX points will transfer into 78,480 Qantas points after the 44% bonus, which is more than enough for the 78K points needed for a one-way business class flight between NYC and Tel Aviv in business class!

Want to earn Qantas points from AMEX cards?

AMEX cards with transferable Membership Rewards points include:

HT: NJDevil, via DDF

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I have been trying to transfer from amex to qantas for the last 3 days, but have been having issues. Has anyone else experienced this? They claim because my frequent flyer number is 7 digits rather than 10. Thoughts?


I havent been able to link my Qantas account to Amex MR. I called and they were not able to figure it out, made a ticket to look into it. Anyone else have this issue?


would you recommend transferring miles (about 350K) if i dont have any current trip planned? eventually i will fly to IL but nothing now


Big question is: Can we expect clawback from Qantas?

Sari Bernstein

Can I transfer amex delta sky miles to quantas?




54.5k is enough


Dan are Qantas miles a good value on any other partner airlines/routes/classes?


My account shows

Does that mean I will get 40% bonus ?


IF Qantas adds another 20%


What’s the point of this post? to get it killed/clawed back?


Q is whether to transfer more now


How do I know if I am targeted ?


Ye. This post def ups the chance of this getting clawed no?


“It’s unclear if this is intentional or not, though officially Qantas says that promotions can’t be stacked.”

I’ll clarify for you dan as you seem to be new to this. ITS A GLITCH

But as you long as you get clicks, nothing else matters.


excuse me! dan is usually much more careful and cautious making sure things are accurate then someone like doc, i have ran into issues using his website, but never dansdeals. jump in a lake!


Is this targeted or is working for everyone since my amex account shows 20% bonus only?


I’ve read all the posts but I still don’t understand how I can purchase round trip el al tickets from quantas for lax to Tel Aviv


I don’t see an option to transfer to Qantas on my Amex portal


Is this happening only for the first transfer to Qantas or are people getting it even having transferred in the past?


Does transferring points extend the expiration?


How much whould the TAX be from NYC to Tel Aviv in Business class & Premium Economy with Elal Using qantas points?


thanks dan for all your help all your posts have helpmy family to get a great understanding how to best utilize points for airfare tickets. Does quantas accept chase rewards? if not, have you heard if they will in the future?
p.s. please send regards to mendy your brother. i was zoiche to be his rebbe in HAC 5th grade almost 20 years ago!


How much for RT Business NYC-TLV, 150K Miles?


I want to go to israel in 14 months. Transfer now? Or wait?


i transferred in 500 points earlier today to get targeted and then transferred out another 116,000 an hour later do you think i risked getting the extra 20 percent directly from qantas?


is the additional 20% from quantas need the email offer being sent to my email or without it , it works?


My transfer was not instant and I have a 10 digit Qantas number. Tried logging in and out of my account multiple times


Is there good use of Qantas to fly domestic in the us (or to Canada)?


Yes. Also they don’t charge a last minute booking fee


The tax difference between the $9.60 & $28.20 is $18.60 which is the US International Departure Tax for all revenue tickets departing the United States. But the US tax law does not require the payment of that tax on frequent flyer tickets.This info from the Lufthansa news link that you provided. That is probably the reason for the tax difference.


I guess the safest route would be:
Get bonus
Book ticket immediately and drain Qantas account
In case of clawback, I’ll leave this account in a negative and open a new Qantas account.


Is Amex Marriott bonvoy points transferable?


Careful: in my experience it took a couple weeks to transfer. WEEKS.


Is Amex Marriott bonvoy transferable?


How many Qantas points is it from NYC to Australia in coach and business? Good option relative to others? Thanks


Does anyone know what the redeposit fees are? are tickets able to be canceled up to the flight?


5000 points per passenger, plus 8000 points service fee because you have to call in to change it. I got the 8000 points fee waived, though.


I’ve changed online. But it’s buggy and not always accurate availability


Interesting. Was it on Elal? Because my reservation had a please call to make any changes when I logged in.


wow just checked my Qantas account and i see two days ago they added the 20% bonus to my account. I would not have known without your post. Thanks Dan!


@Dan Thanks for all your great posts. I think it be helpful to add to the post the nymber of Amex points needed for an economy ticket. It is 29,167 for each way.


I was charged 151.48 for two economy plus/economy LY tickets on Qantas website.


I transferred but it is not immediate, nor do i get any error from amex. what to do?


can i transfer both in citi and amex into one qantas to take advantage of all the promotions?


should i be concerend that i did not get the email?


meaning the same email that you got telling me i would be gettign 20 percent more on what I spent


if i enroll in the 15-30% email after i transfer between 6/1 and 6/30 can i still be eligible to receive that bonus to if everyone gets it? i transferred everything first adn only clicked enroll on the email afterwards.


When did Qantas last devalue the award chart?

Fan of Dan

What is availability like on El Al in biz from NYC to TLV using Qantas points?

Arye her

@Dan is there a post about using Qantas points besides flying to Israel


Can I transfer my Amex points to a friends Qantas account or does it have to be the same person who owns the Amex?


Do you need to sign up for the promotion is it automatic? Right now im seeing with amex 500 points transfers as 500?


Points expire in 18 months, is there anything I can do to keep them longer? Any work arounds?


Transfer in 500 Amex points when you are close to expiration to reset the 18 months


Amex has the 40% bonus for transfers to BA again


From where else besides Amex and Citi can you transfer points from


Did anyone that transferred yesterday (6/13) get the additional 20% from Qantas today (6/14)? I haven’t gotten it yet so I was wondering if it will still post or they caught the glitch and are no longer giving it.


It took my account at least 5 days to get the extra 20%


I am waiting as well


Also waiting.


Also waiting


is there a way to book on Qantas 2 tickets when only one is available?

New at this...

Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way but nobody ever responds to my questions. Can someone please advise me?

I transferred 500 points in June 1st. Then I saw in the Amex site that the dates for the 20% bonus are from June 5th so maybe I did it too early. Would speaking to customer service help?

Also, I only have 53,000 Amex points left at this time.
1. Is it worth it to transfer more to get another couple of hundred points or should I just leave it?
2. if I need two tickets for the winter but only have enough points for one ticket, what’s the likelihood that I can get a second ticket on that flight thru Chase with my chase ultimate rewards points?


1. Transfer from where to where?
2. Flights available for cash are usually available to book through Chase UR and you can use points to pay for that flight.

Perhaps you should head over to the DD forums and pose your questions there and you will get a better response rate.

New at this...

I transferred points from Amex to Qantas


I received the 20% from the Amex transfer but still not the additional from Qantas. Transferred Wed night (Israel time) and just checked Sat night (Israel time) with no bonus!


Same here. Transferred around 3:45 pm Wednesday and I just checked now more than 48 hours later and there is no additional 20% from Qantas :(.


Sorry make that Thursday 6/13 but either way more than 48 hours have passed


Took 72 hours for me for them to post when I transferred 06/09 and then Qantas bonus came in 06/12. Transferred more 6/13 and 6/14 and waiting for them to post. I will update as soon as they post


I just transfered 150k points to qantas on thursday. I got 20% bonus from amex, but I still didn’t get the 20% bonus points from qantas. Is the promotion over? Or maybe i have to wait a little longer.


I see lots of people that are writhing that their points didn’t post, well mine just posted,

Sat 15 Jun 2019

Thu 13 Jun 2019
AMEX MR 14-JUN-2019

originally transferred 54k on 6/13


I transferred mine on Friday and the bonus posted today.


I still keep getting an error message telling me to call MR Customer Service when I try to link Qantas to my AMEX MR account.

Alan Goldschmidt

Transferred on Thursday and my bonus 20% came in last night. BH!


Transferred on Thursday and bonus came through last night. BH!


Just checked again! Got it! Transferred 250,000 miles Wed night and received 300,000. Now balance is 360,000!!!! Yea!


I need a flight to Israel in 3-4 months want to fly economy how many Amex points should I transfer to be safe?


I didn’t get both, only one


Not sure what u mean by that

Arye her

Posted this morning
Thanks @Dan


My bonus points posted last night! Thanks Dan!


Mines just posted as well, can I transfer again and get the 44% bonus ?


mine posted
elal biz 787 here we go again!
thanks dan!


El Al trip report coming?! (Or are you planning a trip to Australia….?)


I opened a new quantas account on Tuesday and transferred exact amount of points needed for round trip business elal ticket Nyc-tlv (130,000=156,000) and booked the ticket hours later because I saw availability the day that I needed it. I now just got 31,200 extra quantas points! (I wish I waited until bonus came in but it was still a much better deal than the economy plus delta I was going to book with the same amount of Amex points) thanks dan!!!


just curious how would you have booked the econ plus delta on which program?


What other good uses are there for Qantas points besides Isreal (over using BA etc)


does it pay to get the quantas/amex credit card?
120k points after 3k spend


Is that product available in the USA?


dan a personal question, but what would you use them for if not for israel flights, and how much did you transfer? did you transfer a little just to test or alot for a reason? if so, what for? would other dates open up and close like united? or once dates are closed they close?


I couldn’t login thru the website some technical difficulties, but called qantas clicked 2 and and had the automated system tell me my points balance. thank you Dan now do you think if it is stack able with the 15-30% bonus would it even work if you clocked the email after you already made the transfer. retroactive?


anyone know where ahole ben ahole went? Ich hob nisht gehert fun ehm.


got the bonus; Thanks Dan


Mine posted 44%


can i use qantas points for flights on el al around the middle east e.g. to jordan, egypt, or cyprus?
also, how esy is it to use them to book flights on american airlines?


I tried posting on my desktop but it looks like it didn’t go thru. If it is showing here twice I appologize.
I’m trying to book with quantas (award ticket using elal) and for the dates I need are showing outgoing only from ewr & the return only to JFK. Is there any way around this? Any chance that elal would make a change after z confirmed booking?


Can I transfer united points to Qantas?


Qantas posted my additional points!! Thank you!


Thanks Dan, booked a ticket in mid July for 58,500 AMEX points. Cash price is over $2000.


How much is an economy ticket round trip to IL

Eugene Novikov

Transferred points on Thursday the 13th, just got them today. Was checking every few hours.
Now I’m having difficulty booking tickets. Taxes being charged are $96 per person, but even then the flight I’m trying to take is only available if I’m booking for one person. There are two of us flying. If I change the search to have 2 adult passenger, most El Al flights are not shown and the only return flight available is Air Jordan. Then taxes and fees also go up to $458, crazy. Can someone advise, please? Trying to fly Chicago to Israel, Sep 14-29. Thanks!


Has anyone confirmed yet if this is a mistake by quants or done purposely?
If this is a mistake and they decide to clawback the points will it help if transfer by points to a family member account before they clawback?


Qantas has changed the bonus from 24% to 20% so it it 40% total now.

Menachem Lapidus

I cant even get into the amex transfer rewards portal. This is a problem since yesterday.

The message reads “We apologize for the inconvenience. The system is currently unavailable. If you require assistance please call Membership Rewards Customer Service at 1-800-AXP-EARN.”

Can anyone help?


Got that as well. Open a new qantas account. That worked for me.


Hi Dan,

I’m a newby who has never really used credit cards the right way to maximize miles. I’d like to start over. I’ve read your posts about Chase cards, etc – for a humble person like me, what would be the first card to get? I can afford the AMEX Premium – and it seems like AMEX takes care of its members. Can you perhaps (or does a post from you already exist) advise a new comer on how to get started? Much thanks.


Can someone help.
I created a quantas frequent flyer account now what do I need to do with the Amex points so I can book Israel tickets this summer and how many points will I need for Business round trip
And with whom dinI book the actual ticket
Thank you


I’m a bit scared it won’t work, so I first did the 500 points to start out the initial offers Qantas is giving out. If it works on the first 500 is it safe to say the bonus will be possible again on another try?


Transferred on Tuesday from Amex and had the Qantas 20% arrive in account just now. Thanks Dan.

Spring Valley

How long does it take for Qantas to add the additional points?
I transferred Amex points on Wednesday, but i did not get the additional 20% yet…


Did you get your extra 20% bonus points from Qantas?

Spring Valley

I got it on Saturday.
Thanks @Dan


Is this still working ?


Still working??

Also, is this extra 20% bonus from Qantas limited to only one time? Or have people transfered multiple times and still get the additional bonus?


Could I book w an extended layover to create a multicity trip? Would this work for multicity in the first place?


Is el al the only place worth using Qantas points?

Yossi Grun

Can I please recieve a picture of the email? Qantus asked me to clarify this email


Hi Dan,
Is it still working? The 44% bonus?