Has Qantas Killed Their Incredible 44% Stacking Transfer Bonus?

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Another day, another Qantas post. Unfortunate this time it’s for some bad news.

This has certainly been the month of Qantas:

Alas, the party may already be over.

Ending today, you can still take advantage of a 20% bonus when transferring AMEX points to Qantas.

Qantas has been adding an extra 20% (for an effective 44% bonus) in batches, within 1-5 days of transfers. However the last reported extra bonus was deposited to accounts on June 26th for transfers on June 25th or earlier.

Some transfers on June 25th after an unknown cutoff time have not received the bonus and seemingly no transfers after June 25th have received a bonus.

It’s certainly possible that Qantas will add an additional 20% bonus, but I would no longer assume that will be the case.

The 20% bonus can still be worth taking advantage of and in the chart in this post I compared the 20% bonus with the 44% bonus for how many points you need for El Al award flights. However it’s certainly no longer as lucrative as a 44% bonus.

I’ve written many times that this can end at any time and is not guaranteed. This deal lasted for 25 days, which is impressive for a truly incredible deal. It’s yet another lesson that you shouldn’t wait for the last minute to take advantage of great deals.

Even without the 20% bonus, Qantas points are still a great option for El Al flights.

If you only got a 20% bonus and were expecting a 44% bonus, you may want to transfer more points today. That way you can take advantage of the 20% bonus offer ending today to make up for any points deficit you may have in order to book your desired awards.

If you still haven’t transferred points it can definitely be worthwhile to transfer points today, even with the assumption that you will only get a 20% bonus. See this post for everything you need to know about booking El Al awards with Qantas points and how many points you should transfer for an El Al award with a 20% points bonus. That post also has information for the higher premium cabin rates that go into effect for ticket issued  as of 9/18, so be sure to book your ticket before 9/18 if at all possible.

Will you still transfer points from AMEX to Qantas today?

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I’ve transferred back in the beginning of June and it took 7 full days. I’m not worried. It’ll come. Just needs some time I’ve also had it come within 48 hours in mid june


You’re not worried because you transferred more since… or for your fellow DD’ers?


I’ve transferred on the 26th and haven’t received the extra 20% yet. On the 8th day i’ll start to worry


Like I said. Not worried. Takes up to 7 days. I just received after 6 days


so you still think there is a chance?


I was able to call and have them manually add the 20% bonus!


who did you call?
can it be done via txt?


+1. I’m a little frantic!


Whatd u tell them exactly

Called Qantas?

Can you give us your script?


had the the same experience as @wamimike
but I’m also still hopeful that it will show the rest


Oh my, I transferred points on Friday based on the 44% column in that chart! I guess I was too late waiting till the last minute because I was undecided and it was meant for me to have to lose those extra points. I’ll transfer the additional that I need today so I don’t lose the 20% too. Disappointed:(


I did transfers to 5 different family members accounts since June 25 and none have received the extra 20% so I’m not banking on it. If anyone has received since pls let us know


how can i contact them?


you can text them @ ‪+1-478-772-6827‬


they told me frequent flyer is closed now


You called or texted?


I got a promo email from them (looks generic) the 20% promo on Thursday that this promo lasts until sunday midnight


I’m planning on going to Israel over pesach – is it worthwhile to transfer points now?


Transferred points last night, what r my chances of getting the 20% bonus? Would texting them help?




i called and texted them

For Rose

Which worked


paid for tickets. Quantas won’t issue the ticket until the apis is completely filled out, the toddler and infant don’t have passports yet and they won’t accept the document until completely filled out . Any way around it?


The Qantas website says that the offer is valid until June 30 and I transferred points on June 25 and did not not receive the Qantas 20% bonus. Will contacting Qantas help?


Transferred at 4pm on june 25th and only got the 20 percent. Gonna transfer the rest tonight if i dont get the rest by then.


Since when do you need passport info to ticket on Qantas for Elal flight?


I’ve been texting qantas all day. This is their last response to me:

I apologise as this is a know issue today that the bonus points have not been credited to the accounts. I suggest to contact them later to get more information on why the bonus points have not been Credited to you.

For Ryan

Anything since?


anyone have luck calling? I just got some asian call center person that said it takes 8 weeks……but she sounded clueless.


I got the same thing. She said there will be another 20 percent transferred but it will take 6-8 weeks…. she must be talking about something else.


I called, but no luck either. Was on hold for 25 mins. The lady was Australian and said she couldn’t post manually however she assured me 100% that it would post within 48 hours excluding weekends or public holidays so officially for me on Tuesday. Not sure I should believe her though. I tried SMS and after looking into it they just told me to call so no dice there either. I will transfer the remaining I need by tonight and worst case if the additional 20% from Qantas post I’ll use it another time.


Called and spoke to someone who was insistent that the 20% bonus is done by Amex and it should be included in the amount transferred.

She kept asking me how many points I actually transferred from Amex as it should be included.

This doesn’t bode well……


Spoke to frequent flyer dept, they said It should post within 48 hours. Received email from them also about me getting the bonus of 20% . Let’s hope, wait and see.( was on hold for 20 minutes)


Hi Jerry ..what did the email say?


They told me the same, but I’m still on the fence regarding transferring b4 midnight MT just in case not…


That’s great let us know



Qf posted

Transferred on the 29th. Just posted today


Not dead! I transferred on the 27th and got the extra 20% bonus today.


I just got the 20% (transferred on Friday June 28)!


I transferred on Friday June 28 and got the extra 20% today, Monday July 1


b’h it seems like everybody did get the bonus in the end so now a bunch of people are stuck with a odd number of extra points in their quantas account(:

For lazertek

Not everyone just yet


Transferred points on the 24 recieved credit bonus on the 25, transfered points on the 28 credit posted on July 1. Seems they are overloaded from this promotion and everyone’s points will eventually post iyH


Too late to make additional transfers, but thankfully received the extra 20% bonus. Original Amex transfer was on the 26th. B”H




I made 2 large transfers on the 25. No 20% bonus (yet). I made a small extra transfer yesterday the 30. Bonus posted within less than a day. Texted them about the first 2. Waiting to hear back.

For those of you who had to contact Qantas to get the 20% posted, did texting work?


How do you text FF?

For Sammy

Dan posted how to text. Doesn’t work for this though.


I made a transfer on June 27th and I just got the extra bonus


I made a transfer on June 27th and I got the extra bonus this morning July 1st


@dan it seems like the system was holding it back and now unleashed it. I had transfers on the 25th 26th and 27th and all bonuses came through today

for Wakimike

What time on the 25th did you transfer… approximately?


B”h as most others have posted, I got the bonus on the points transferred on Friday. Looks like they did one big batch for the bonuses. I did end up transferring more points last night because of the uncertainty so once the bonus on that posts as well I’ll have nearly enough for another roundtrip to Israel if booked prior to September.


I received the 20% bonus today.bh, Keep the faith

Joe Feldman

My 20% Bonus came through yesterday. Points transferred on the 28th of June


I received the bonus today however, I ended up transferring the extra points yesterday night. Would anyone know if there is a way to reverse the transfer I made yesterday since I do not have what to do with the extra points.


I made two large transfers on the 25th, but extra 20% has not posted yet — very strange that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when these are posting. I’m less nervous than yesterday, but still nervous.


Transferred on the 27th and got the bonus on the 30th Bh.


this morning I got my bonuses for a three separate transfers made on 6/27 posted 6/28. still waiting for the bonus of another transfer made yesterday night 6/30 posted as 7/1

ah giten

made a transfer on 2 accounts on Motzei Shabos, AND….. B”h both additional bonuses posted the as of the 30th!!
@dan you got me scared but b”h for this one.
ps. 1 account was an old account the other was a new 1.


Transferred on 6/30 and the bonus posted

Yossi Grun

Need a copy of the email Dan. Since I messaged them and they are asking me to clarify
Thanks in advance


Attention all the “June 25th chevrah”! My Qantas 20% bonus just posted. Thank you,Dan!


any one still waiting ? i transferred on the 28th and the 30th and only got the bonus for the 28th…..hoping ill still get it anyone had success calling or emailing please advise


Same here, i transferred the 30th and just posted yesterday!


Dan, Will this deal come back?


Transferred points on the 24th, the bonus posted on the 25th. Transferred again on the 25th. Bonus posted on 7/3. Transferred more on 6/30, still waiting on bonus.


i transferred twice as well and my bonus points came today ! On the phone they told me wait up to 15 days. Hoping everyone will receive theirs as well.


I transferred Amex on June 30th. Didn’t call in, just waited.. Received the 20% on July 9th..