AMEX Points Now Transfer To Qantas! Get Targeted For Transfer Bonuses And Fantastic Values For Travel On El Al!

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You can now transfer AMEX points to Qantas points at a 1:1 ratio!

Points transfer instantly.

This new transfer option is great news for travel to Israel as Qantas has a fantastic award chart for travel on El Al. 

Citi has run 25% transfer bonuses for transfers to Qantas, so I’d imagine we will see those as well with AMEX in the future.

Additionally, if you transfer any amount of points to Qantas during a non-bonus period, you can get targeted for future transfer bonus promotions that offer up to 45% bonus points.

Last time, you were able to stack Citi’s 25% bonus together with Qantas 40% repeat transfer bonus! That made for some insane values on El Al travel!

If you are interested in being targeted for future promotions, you should open a Qantas Frequent Flyer account today and transfer 500 AMEX points there. Opt into email subscriptions for “Exclusive offers from our program partners” under “Interests and subscriptions” and be sure to check your emails for future targeted promotions!

Want to earn Qantas points from AMEX cards?

AMEX cards with transferable Membership Rewards points include:


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So if I have the capital one spark and AMEX business platinum I can combine and transfer to qantas and fly via Elal to israel?



Coffee Guy

Absolutely. However Capone points can take 2-3 days to transfer vs. Instant.


You can transfer the points from each one of those cards to Qantas. It doesn’t make a difference how they end up in your Qantas account, any miles in your Qantas account can be used to book a flight to Israel.




wow what a breakthrough


Great news! Thanx
They allow transfers in increments of 500 points, doesn’t need to be 1000


Do you think that it will now be harder to find availability?

Coffee Guy

You can count on that. Not that ElAl will release less reward seats, but that they’ll be snatched up faster. I think dates open up 11 months in advance. So if you’re considering Pesach 2020, look for and get them now if there are any left.

Coffee Guy

Also, if you have to cancel, I believe it’s only 5,000 miles per ticket “fee” to put the miles back into your Qantas account


Thanks, Dan. Another great help to many of us!


Already ripped off by TPG (but with credit to DD).


Thank you Dan! Are there any other popular destinations with a good value use for Qantas points?


When I’m trying to search nyc to tlv on Qantas I dont see anything for tlv. How do I find availability for elal?

Coffee Guy

You first have to create a Qantas Frequent Flyer account, login, then search for Classic Awards


I tried login and classic rewards and found nothing for tlv


same here, i logged in on my desktop and searched for tel aviv and it couldnt find it


One of 3 things are going to happen here – either Qantas is going to raise their rates to match elal, elal will reserve certain award seats for Matmid only, or availability will be nearly impossible to find. Supply and demand.


WOW (did this have anything to do with dan’s AMEX meeting in NYC????? 🙂


Total newbie here. How many Quantas points does a typical flight to Israel cost?


I see that the Join fee (including GST): AUD 99.50, is there a way to get it for free?


Would it be more value then United 42.k to Israel?

Steven Kastner

I tried to book a flight from Toronto to Tel Aviv this August, not easy to find, but a classic award flight from August 5-12 cost 94K points. Why??


Dan, cant seem to find how to book via elal on Qantas


Why can’t we see any biz seats from Mia on elal through quantas


Your move, Chase. (especially now that Cap1 has also added a new partner as of tomorrow).


Can I transfer to quantas if I have a consumer Green card? I didn’t see it mentioned in the post but it does earn MR points.


i just sent 500 from amex to quantas but i dont see it in the account yet.. did it show for others instantly?


I recently transferred 5000 Citi points into Amex during a non-bonus period, and I get their promo emails. Do you think I should still transfer some Amex miles or am I good?


opt into email marketing for quantas?or email marketing for amex?

Deal Guy

Do Qantas miles expire?


What do you think the chances of chase adding Qanatas as a transfer partner?

renee Sojcher

Dan, I set up a Qantas account and transferred points, but can’t find where to set up email alerts. Do you mean on Qantas or on Amex?

Yvonne Bayer Judd

How do you transfer AMEX points?


Are there any other popular destinations with a good value use for Qantas points?


Is there direct flight to Israel from jfk or. Ewr with quantas points flying with Elal? Tried searching today and wouldn’t work


If I transfer today 500 points will I still get it or I’ll have to wait for the next Quarter?


I tried to link Qantas to my AMEX MR account today and kept getting an error message telling me to call MR Customer Service. When I did that just now, the agent told me that the Qantas and AMEX systems are not yet set up to enable me to link my AMEX MR and Qantas accounts and make a points transfer.


Can I book for someone else a ELAL business ticket through my Qantas account? If so I may just transfer my points today, and sell a business class ticket to a friend within the year.


Can I book a ticket under someone else’s name through my Qantas account?


how do i transfer points from amex blue for buisness to quantas


Can I transfer points from my family member’s (wife) amex account into my Qantas account?


Seems Qantas is no longer a MR partner.
Can anyone confirm?