United Will Not Honor Danish Kroner Tickets

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United has just put out this statement:

“United is voiding the bookings of several thousand individuals who were attempting to take advantage of an error a third-party software provider made when it applied an incorrect currency exchange rate, despite United having properly filed its fares. Most of these bookings were for travel originating in the United Kingdom, and the level of bookings made with Danish Kroner as the local currency was significantly higher than normal during the limited period that customers made these bookings.

In other words: Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

I’m not going to tell you whether to complain or not, but it’s definitely within your rights to file a complaint to the US DoT. DoT regulations state that mistake fares that contain travel to, from, or connecting in the USA must be honored. United obviously thinks that they will not be found in violation of those regulations under these circumstances or else they would have honored the tickets, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to file a claim.

You win some and you lose some in these cases. Over 10+ years of blogging years I’ve covered dozens of fares like these including first class travel to Hawaii for $50 and all-expenses paid 5 star vacations in Las Vegas. Many of these have worked out, while some do not.  This one will fall in the latter it seems.

Sometimes it’s hard to even tell which are glitches, such as a “mistake fare” on United that was “leaked” online by a Norweigan airline on purpose and last month’s $63 round-trip transcontinental fares.

One thing is for sure. There will be a next time and we’ll go through all of this again. Want to take part?
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to good to be true…


I have a ticket number and I still have my confirmation

Evan H.

i’m kinda glad..
booked 1 or 2 minutes after it was ‘over.’

not no have to kick myself


Wish they honored this!!! Oh well


Boo hoo United.

This sucks big time!!


I wonder if United really is obligated to honor tickets, as in many of these tickets, incorrect information was entered when using credit cards not based in Denmark. Just saying. They may even get help from the credit card issuers.








Baruch dayan haemes


So what will be with booking refund


So, even if my card was charged and I received confirmation that I was ticketed, it’s a no-go?


I can’t complain. Sucks, but totally understandable.


I think anyone with a pulse would understand that this was a glitch. Had it been available on the US site without the workaround, then an argument to have the tickets honored would be stronger.

avraham s

why is this any different from the Delta glitch last year?


Does anyone know how long the DOT takes to resolve this?
I have a flight march 26.

avraham s

why is this any different than the Delta fare glitch last year that was honored?


So what if I have the confirmation email, reservation number, receipt and money charged to my credit card?

keep hope alive

They didn’t say all flights canceled. They said some…


I spoke to UA premier, and they told me that since I’m ticketed for tomorow, I can fly, but if I want to do any changes, then ill have to pay full price


Complain to DoT if you want.

@avraham s:
Because of the Denmark situation.

Nice, are you going?


Should we wait to hear directly from United that the itinerary is cancelled? As of now, my trip is listed as confirmed and ticketed.


@chaim: what about your return??


When I check my itinerary it says, “Your itinerary can not be retrieved because it has been canceled. You may use the remaining value of your ticket toward a new flight toward a new flight by selecting the “change flight” link below. A change fee may apply.” Does this mean they are not crediting credit cards? I don’t want a credit with the airline…


Keep up the great work Dan! You and your team work very hard to find these awesome deals. Sometimes they work out other times they don’t but we still love trying.


Of course.

They will refund everyone.


Hello dan
My ticket costed me $450 pp plus 80 fee
I have 016 ticket number seats n meals
Any reason they may not honor it?


Wonder what would happen if we take this collectively to small claims court…


Sure, because they are going to void it.

You can’t collectively go to small claims…

Either way the best avenue here is the one I laid out in the post, a DoT complaint.


Similar situation except for the Danish part. Maybe their knee jerk reaction is to cancel until they come to their senses with legal action.


My ticket still says ticketed and confirmed on the website and the charge shows up on the credit card. How can they cancel if they have already charged you?


@DAN: How long does it take for refunds or will I not even see the final charge show up on my cc?


my friend from london is leaving tomorrow morning lets see if it works..


@Dan how long does it take to get the refund or will I not even see the charge change from pending to posted?


Hey Dan,

I am filling a complaint…

Where is the law stated that once there is an E-TKT number and the flight lands on US soil, that they must honor the ticket?


I just checked and it said my ticket is still confirmed. It doesn’t say it was cancelled. Does that mean I am good?


As per DoT rules, do they have to honor if the purchase was confirmed but not ticketed?
Also, is it better to fill in one complaint per reservation or one for all (different travel dates)?


If someone is successful in complaint please post.




Does the prohibition on post-purchase price increases in section 399.88(a) apply in the situation where a carrier mistakenly offers an airfare due to a computer problem or human error and a consumer purchases the ticket at that fare before the carrier is able to fix the mistake?
Section 399.88(a) states that it is an unfair and deceptive practice for any seller of scheduled air transportation within, to, or from the United States, or of a tour or tour component that includes scheduled air transportation within, to, or from the United States, to increase the price of that air transportation to a consumer after the air transportation has been purchased by the consumer, except in the case of a government-imposed tax or fee and only if the passenger is advised of a possible increase before purchasing a ticket. A purchase occurs when the full amount agreed upon has been paid by the consumer. Therefore, if a consumer purchases a fare and that consumer receives confirmation (such as a confirmation email and/or the purchase appears on their credit card statement or online account summary) of their purchase, then the seller of air transportation cannot increase the price of that air transportation to that consumer, even when the fare is a “mistake.”
A contract of carriage provision that reserves the right to cancel such ticketed purchases or reserves the right to raise the fare cannot legalize the practice described above. The Enforcement Office would consider any contract of carriage provision that attempts to relieve a carrier of the prohibition against post-purchase price increase to be an unfair and deceptive practice in violation of 49 U.S.C. § 41712

It means they didn’t get to you yet.

my 2 cents

I think those of us who booked lhr to Frankfurt will be canceled cause it’s our of DoT jurisdiction. Then they can cancel the other legs After. Those who sent straight from lhr to Newark will be honored. My tickets were alreadY canceled. Those who were not canceled yet, I think your good. I could be wrong tho.


So people are complaining because they were unable to buy tickets at below total cost that would have resulted in millions of dollars of losses to a business? Go ahead and file a complaint. What did you lose? You didn’t pay anything. Imagine if the same situation happened to you. Would you honor a transaction under false circumstances? You’d complain to high heaven, and don’t pretend you wouldn’t. So file a complaint with the U.S. DOT. Way to live up to a stereotype.



Thanks so much!
I’m lodging my complaint right now!


Is it possible that they will cancel some of the bookings but not all?


Anyone here got a email the flight is canceled?


@Sam: I booked, as a dane with a danish CC and i got canceled.


I tried canceling mine and i get this:

This reservation has no refundable value if cancelled. A refund will not be credited.

W H A T ? ? ?

If they’re not going to honer it, at least give me my money back!


No email but reservation online is cancelled


Guys and Gals,

I spoke to United Corp this afternoon and they said emphatically that all tickets purchased using DK currency will not be honored FULL STOP.


@my 2 cents how did you find out your tickets were canceled by email or by checking online ?


My ticket is canceled, my brothers is not yet.

Lhr- San cancelled
Lhr- ord not yet cancelled


No one is above the law. The DOT rule was validly promulgated with authority delegated from Congress to the DOT and is the law of the land. The black letter law of the rule says that the airline must honor the fare. I hope you’re a United employee trolling here, because for you to say what you’re saying and not even be paid to do it is ridiculous.

my 2 cents

Reservation online


How long does it take for refunds or will I not even see the final charge show up on my cc?


getting same cancelation notice and also message about no refund…they are out of their minds if they think they can keep the money. wasn’t there a new law enacted recently that requires full refund up to 24 hours from time of purchase?


While United has the option to cancel us DD readers should unite as one voice to united and to the DOT. We need One voice in Charge…..


They even took the “denmark” option off the options on United.com.


I called earlier today and changed my ticket and extended it by a few days. I called back a small while later to check it changed and the rep said there’s a noticeable error with currency, but, it will be honored unless i change my ticket again


Does anyone have any generic language or template to use in the DOT complaint?


399.88 Prohibition on post-purchase price increase.

(a) It is an unfair and deceptive practice within the meaning of 49 U.S.C. 41712 for any seller of scheduled air transportation within, to or from the United States, or of a tour (i.e., a combination of air transportation and ground or cruise accommodations), or tour component (e.g., a hotel stay) that includes scheduled air transportation within, to or from the United States, to increase the price of that air transportation, tour or tour component to a consumer, including but not limited to an increase in the price of the seat, an increase in the price for the carriage of passenger baggage, or an increase in an applicable fuel surcharge, after the air transportation has been purchased by the consumer, except in the case of an increase in a government-imposed tax or fee. A purchase is deemed to have occurred when the full amount agreed upon has been paid by the consumer.


Do they send an email that they cancelled or you need to log in to see it ?


My LHR-DEN flight has not yet been canceled. I was able to get a confirmation e-mail with eTickets beginning 016. I think there’s a strong case to be made to the DOT (at least as to US flights) if you have written proof of a confirmation (i.e., a printout of the web page showing “confirmed” as per Dan’s prior post, a printout of your online bank statement showing the charge, or an e-mail showing confirmation with an eTicket). I’m a lawyer, but not that kind of lawyer, so bear that in mind. As for the trolls complaining about taking this to the DOT, United has to play by the same rules as the rest of us. The Federal regs apply to them. If the Federal regs say they have to honor the ticket even though they made a mistake, why not hold them to the regulations that they hold us to every time we fly?


All ticket ll be cancel !!!


i had to log in to see


I’m sure the Israelis will be at fault


Sadly I logged on and they cancelled the ticket from London to Newark. No email, just logged on


they’re cancelling the tkts following a time of departure criteria: they’re cancelling the ones in February, then March, then April and so on!


They didn’t even give us one night to dream about it


My LHR->EWR ticket was also just canceled.


I called them up and they said things may change within a few days. I guess depending on DOT.


Smells like trolls


all cancelled by us, in london


just called and the customer service person said that there are supposed to be email notifications and that refunds are being dealt with my united with no manual control for the customer…will believe it when i see it clear my credit card statement


All reservation ll be cancel and not refund ll be processed !


One long day of time wasting, but thanks for the deal keep us posted.


@Lucy: Lucy are you so stupid to believe that $75 would cover the cost of a round trip business-class fare from London to Newark? Did you not know you were buying into an obvious error? Save “it’s the law” crap. Mistakes happen, whether from individuals or businesses. I don’t work for United, nor do I own its shares, but what is right is right. You greedily wanted to exploit a wrong. You got what you deserved.


All of mine have been cancelled. I’ve written to the DOT. Does anybody know if there is a similar body and law in the UK?


My booking LHR-LAX is cancelled. I complained to the DOT.
Does anyone know how fast things like this get resolved? Do we stand a chance to succeed?


on united i cant find my confirmation but on swiss air i still have my confirmed ticket, what does that mean?


The law is the law. We have laws for a reason. All laws create winners and losers. This particular law created a loser — you. My apologies, but it must still be followed.

Check with United, maybe they’ll classify your efforts here as overtime and give you the Fair Labor Standards Act’s required 150% overtime hourly rate. That’s a law too, by the way.


@Anonymous: unfortunately it gives Jews a bad name …… You know, it’s all about taking advantage of an obvious error.


No offense guys, but Dan’s advice is WRONG. Unless you live in Denmark and purchased a ticket to the United States, you are NOT covered by the DOT regulations. Those who live outside of Denmark and purchased tickets, claiming to live in Denmark, committed fraud.


If I book a ticket in error, can I also void my purchase!


@Lucy: wrong Lucy.


Please show me where the DoT regulation (link in comment 42) cares where you live or where you bought tickets.

Do you even know what fraud means?


This is pathetic: An endless stream of people complaining they didn’t get something for nothing. Everyone here knew they were buying into an erroneous price. And before another idiot like Lucy buffs her chest and huffs, “No is above the law.” The DOT is not law, it’s legislation. Law has moral authority; legislation is a whim set by politicians.

Eli Gold

Serves all you greedy pigs right. Nice dreaming selfish brats.

Eli Gold

If a bank forgets to close its doors at night, does that give you a right to loot the bank? Why is it any different in this case? You are greedily trying to steal from United, knowing full well that the price was a mistake. Serves all you selfish brats a lesson. I am so happy it ended this way. Hope they all do in the future as well


@eli gold how long did you spend trying to book these tickets only to have no success so instead you unleash your hateful venom here


I live in Denmark and bought a ticket to the US. Mine was cancelled as well


It seems from my reading that people had to “change” the country to another country than where the actually lived in order to get the discounted fair. I would be a very easy and very easy to win argument that the consumers who got the deal only got it because they were deceptive. Without the consumer being deceptive there was no deal to be had. Those who were honest about where they lived should have a good chance at getting the fair promised.


Eli Gold Seriously? Get a life. I f you get up on the wrong side of bed again just stay there.


apparently they tweeted that they are honoring all fares. Strange since they’ve cancelled them


When you try to search on united using your record locator it comes up completely empty. They have moved from not honoring the tickets to erasing any existence of the itinerary.




just FYI there are loads of non-jewish websites which shared this deal aswell and they are filled with just as many disgruntled commentors.


@ash: it’s a fake tweet

Dan's the Man

They finally got around to cancelling mine. The DOT website is slow. I guess that’s a good sign. I don’t see how this is different than the El Al glitch of Aug 2012 or the Delta glitch of Dan 2013. United seems to be saying they “filed” the correct price. It was a “third party” that made the error. They are, of course, always multiple “third parties” involved in an airlines ticketing system. It makes no sense that the DOT would allow an airline to avoid the DOT rule simply because it was due to a “third party”. Just the bad publicity they are getting and will continue to get will hard them a lot more than it would have cost them by honoring the tickets.



When did they tweet that?


@eli gold I agree it just doesn’t seem right…
When Dan posts how to use miles to gain free flights your using the system fairly but in this case, while it’s there for the taking I just don’t feel it’s right. And even if I take advantage I would never convince myself that it was my right and I am now owed.


Dan…it’s called RETAIL FRAUD. Yes…United Airlines is a Retailer.
Knowingly paying the wrong price is fraud. For amounts over $1,000 fines of up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 may be levied. The DOT will not help you fight a matter in which you committed a crime to receive. You go right ahead and keep saying it’s ok though…

Yes…I do know what fraud is and you could also be held liable for telling people to take advantage of a pricing error and then pushing them to fight.


Can you post that tweet I’m not finding that anywhere


@don why hateful ? The man has a point. You might not agree.


If you read the wording of the United notice they clearly state that they had properly filed the ticket prices but that the error was the 3rd party currency software. I am no legal scholar but I imagine that being that the error was not the ticket price but rather the currency exchange they afe not obligated to honor under DOT.


@ash Could you please send link to tweet


Consider this:
Fares were 75$
Price mistake was due to wrong decimal place (from what I’ve read), which should have been moved one decimal over. Therefore price should be 10 x more.
Therefore, fares SHOULD have cost $750 for first class tickets.

That is a price mistake within itself!

So… was there two price mistakes? Is united only acknowledging 1? Do we know what really happened?


Amex insurance covers flight cancellation.
Does anyone know if they will simply cover losses or if they will cover cost of re-booking???


They just canceled mine.

mo word on refund.


@ash: source? United tweeted that they would not be honoring tickets.


Saw that as well is that real ?


I purchased tickets to from KBP to LHR relying on my confirmation of my LHR-EWR tickets. Do I cancel them all now while United is deciding if it’s legal to void or not?


B”H I didn’t kill my self, I almost did it because I missed the glitch.

ash, please copy and paste the tweet

Thank you for providing hard evidence, instead of hearsay


they canceled one of my reservations but not all


DOT complaint filed.. Lets see what happens.


@Dan’s the Man:
U R right 100%


United rep told me that it will take a few days but glitch tix will be refunded.

Captain Obvious

Come on people. It would have been nice to have United honor the tickets but in reality no one is surprised they arent. To use a website desinged for residents of another country, purchase an obviously wrong fare in a foreign currency shows that it took several steps to make the fare populate to an obviously wrong price. Not only that, saying your billing address is in Denmark when it isnt is also questionable. With the Delta glitch, which I got to go to Hawaii on, was different. I went directly to Delta.Com and booked it. Absolutely no manipulation on my part. Booked a flight within the US with a USD price with a US credit card and a US billing address. This really is apples and oranges.


That’s ridiculous ! the tickets all ll be cancel and not refund ll be proceeded ! BEC IS FRAUD . who live outside of Denmark and purchased tickets, claiming to live in Denmark, committed fraud THAT’S the END ! YOU HAVE RIGHTS ? nope


@Jim: Right now you are telling strangers on the internet that they have violated a law you created that makes it “fraud” to book a cheap plane ticket. If you were a licensed attorney, you would know that in your state it is an actual (NOT make-believe) crime to practice law without a license. In suggest you steer clear of violating it in the future.

Your attempts to save United’s money notwithstanding, people will exercise their legal rights and civic obligations by filing a complaint with the DOT (Dept of Transportation) because United has chosen to violate the law.


An agent at United advised that all fight reservations from the Danish website have been canceled to counter the glitch. However, if I were to call tomorrow they would reinstate the reservation at no added cost. Do this make sense?


@dan does each person have to file a complaint individualy or once the dot decides that they have to refund the ticket united will honor all tickets


I feel a little relieved to see right prevail against the wrong, the seriousness about the cleverness why not say more clear, dishonesty.


@Bud: bud, what’s with the attitude.


Fly nonstop NYC>Miani for only 138$!


Why are all the people that got the tickets saying how it’s illeagle for them not to honer it and all the people that Did NOT get tickets are saying how it’s assur and chillel Hashem
No those who got it good for you ,and good luck us who didn’t we woke up late and we may of lost out


I’m not on twitter,but saw a screenshot of the tweet which reads @united OFFICIAL STATEMENT: We’ve reviewed the error that occurred today and we will honor the tickets. Those who got lucky, got lucky 🙂 11.09pm. 11 Feb 15


If I made a mistake and booked a ticket using the wrong dates, I would have to eat the costs. United would not be sympathetic. Why should we feel bad if they made a mistake with the price????


Bud…you seem to be able to use the internet….I’m sure you can google RETAIL FRAUD. I didn’t make it up. I also didn’t say it was a crime to book a cheap plane ticket. I stated what the law states….it is fraud to knowingly pay the wrong price. Now…as for practicing law…when exactly did I do that. I did n’t give anyone legal advise…I stated the WORD OF LAW.

I’d suggest you get a stronger grip on reality.


@weezy respect and to everyone else all we need Is united to send a couple of pourche to lakewood drive every one around and we’ll al be happy


While all you have waisted hours on trying to get your tickets I have worked and earned money to go ahead and pay for my ticket


What a joke people are. They made an honest error get over it. $75 for a $3000+ plu ticket get a life.

Yes i got one ticket and are not annoyed that they cancelled.

We jews here look so bad!!!

I do not expect a company to lose millions , I am ashamed of people here.



Folks keep saying that United made a “mistake” so it shouldn’t have to pay for its mistake. Well, every day people who booked nonrefundable tickets on United end up not being able to use them. Guess what, those people with nonrefundable tickets, they also made a “mistake.” Tell you what, if United refunds every person who did not use a nonrefundable ticket up to today, and at all times in the future, I think we can call it square.

And that’s one of the many reasons why the law requires United to honor the tickets they sold.


#United broke my heart


I am so ashamed
Yes I tried to get a ticket and so it was cancelled.

But the remarks that people are upset and annoyed are a joke.

They made an honest error get over it!!!!!


Except this is an intangible and has nothing to do with that.

I’m not telling to complain either, read what I wrote again please.


@SPM!: United causes pain for thousands of travelers a year (I have my own experience when they made me miss my flight) so I will file a complaint against then to make sure that they don’t get away when the mistake is on their side


I full understand why ppl say it was an obvious mistake so stop complaining about it but on the other hand I once had to pay £400 because I made an obvious mistake with a booking and all I got from them was sorry but that’s our rules! So frI in a way I don’t really feel sorry for United now coz this is the way they always treat us customers!


Btw for all those self hating Jews on here complaining they are ashamed of the we we Jewish ppl behave, please read the comments on Twitter or other sites who reported it and u will see, firstly loads of none Jewish ppl booked this tickets and secondly they all complain and say they will take it up with the DOT!


@<a href="http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/61422/comment-@Madness: page-3#comment-1219873″>Dan: People are angry about United not honoring the tickets on flyertalk, tweeter, boardingarea etc. Whether we’re Jews or not, United is not above the law.


When I made a ‘HONEST MISTAKE’ and bought a non-refundable ticket with a wrong date etc, nobody says that I can change it, and I will have to buy a new ticket because it is my mistake.

now why should this be any different?



Exactly we are jewish and should show more restraint, complaining.

CLEAR Error get over it they do not need to cover it.

$75 for a $3000 be respectful.


I am shocked by the revolt in some comments since we were all in and we act dishonestly as if we were residents of Denmark.
At least we will admit that if you have any victim in this story and the AU and not in all.
Who do you think is right, that goes to justice but staying here grumbling and whining as if they were victims of any fraud or false advertising and the end. the world would be much better to honesty



What makes you think “anonymous” is Jewish or any other religion ?? maybe its comments like yours that give a bad name.

This glitch was widely covered by other blogs too and most probably many other world citizens (not necessarily Jewish) took advantage of this “deal”/glitch.

Unfortunately with today’s culture of commerce especially on the Internet these “deals”/glitches are expected to happen and some companies (usually big ones) even leverage these “glitches” to their advantage, no wonder all the deal sites and blogs are blossoming and blogs are even being rewarded for the traffic/clicks and customers they drive to those sites.

In conclusion, it genuinely seems that this is a glitch, people should be more understanding towards them and not “expect/deserve” United to honor, and if they feel they should file a complaint and are comfortable with that then good luck…..

Yes Sir

“If I made a mistake and booked a ticket using the wrong dates, I would have to eat the costs. United would not be sympathetic. Why should we feel bad if they made a mistake with the price???? ”

^^^ This ^^^

Happened to me.. they told me oh well and i had to book another ticket. Did they care? no.

@Eli Gold. Your analogy is terrible. No one ‘looted’ the plane cause they left the door open by mistake and flew it first class around the world. They put up a price and I paid the price they offered. That’s my fault that a billion dollar corporate couldn’t get there stuff together?


I think I am going to sue UA for all the wasted time at work today for a ticket that is cancelled 🙂


@DAVE: Just because we’re Jewish doesn’t mean we have less of a right to speak up. Trying to silence the Jews has a long history.

joel N.

I agree that we should not be complaining, but, there is a big but, they have done this to consumers without taking in consideration that the consumer made an honest mistake, so its a matter of getting even.

All my tickets were cancelled.


@dave but why is the clear error rule only when it disadvantage to the airline?

I’m not saying ppl didn’t know it’s a mistake but as I said, when I make “clear miatakes” they don’t let me off and charge me for it


Chances are tickets were confirmed but never ticketed! Look again at your emails!


The language of the DOT law just says that they can’t raise the price of your ticket after you buy it. It doesn’t say that the airline can’t cancel your ticket.


For the people who think they are entitled to the error price you are unbelievable. It’s looks terrible on us. All the last names complaining (obviously jewish) is just such a disgrace. Win some lose some just move on. Stop with the bs entitlements and excuse how if you made a mistake no one lets you off the hook. Oh please! I’m sure more times than not in your life, if you made an error a company will do what they could to help you out.
Let this go


The deal was on businessinsider.com and Bloomberg news – don’t make a stink about Jews being worse than everyone else. Anyone who could take advantage of the deal, did so. There are plenty of people on United’s twitter page stating their disappointment and saying that they will file a formal complaint with the DOT… and they’re not all Jews.


I saw a NEW mercedeS for 10k and it should have been 100k.

A 0 had fallen off the top of the car.

So you are saying they should honour the price?



no but show some class!


Delta has a legal department. Im sure they consulted first with their lawyers and then made this decision.


@Daniel is full of it. The email address he provided is a fake.


The world needs sensible people and in good faith. Whether traveling first class or travel on the new 380, work !!!! Everything has a price, when you guys join 6000 to $ 20,000 Perhaps you can, do not expect any of tickets for that event was honored, but my thought is always “where people travel for this price, I would be one of them.” Never sue the company in this case she NOT INDICATED Promotion, In we made a small FRAUD to say that we live in Denmark when we are clearly in XXX land, out the fact that we are paying 0.4% of the normal rate. Lack common sense to all claimants.



Am I the only gullible one to actually try to email him??


@daneil can you say how you got your tickets honored?


@josh it looks like u were never at the receiving end of United! Might be more often than not companies will try to do everything to help but that’s not by airlines and especially United, wherever they can they will rip u off.
For some reason ppl in general feel that only they can claim “it’s a mistake” but when you make honest and obvious mistakes u gave to pay


@DAVE: Dave, you’re literally telling people to be quiet because they are Jewish. And you’re telling me to “show some class” in the same breath.


Ahhhh 🙁 just received the email from United:

“We have discovered an error with a vendor’s currency exchange rates that temporarily allowed customers to book reservations through the Danish version of united.com at prices that were incorrect, despite United having filed the fares properly. We have suspended sales from our Danish website until the issue is corrected.

You purchased a ticket through the Danish version of united.com during the time when the prices were incorrect. As a result, we are not able to honor your ticket at the price that you paid. We have voided your reservation and will not process your payment.”


@DAVE: Dave,Madness seriously? Get a life.


@AVI I confess that when I read the posting did not feel the slightest urge to buy, because it was a gross mistake, for R $ 134.00 is an extremely ridiculous price even for economy class. I think immoral fight in court with the company, even if there are legal grounds. Although I think the law should protect the consumer, consider abusive harm the company. To err is human. The perpetuation of these practices can make the impossible business in the future, due to a perception of insecurity. I am advocating this view in this case because R $ 134.00 for a 1st class ticket exceeds any limit of common sense

@sara nobody got ! that s not make sense .



Yes and stop being like a moaning little kid.

You want a first class ticket pay for it!

Just because they made an error does not mean they should let you have it, especially when you lie about your location DENMARK ?


@BBL: You are 100% correct and that’s why anyone who booked a ticket to the US that live in Denmark should have their tickets honored or have a valid claim. All others do not seem to the same right because if you booked claiming that you’re credit card billing address is in Denmark and it isn’t even though it’s not fraud it opens the door to have that ticket cancelled on those grounds.

moishe r

@ALEXANDER: my reservation was confirmed and TICKETED!

Dan's the Man

The DoT website was real slow tonight. I couldn’t submit the complaint the first 5 times I tried. I finally got through to the confirmation page now (10:58PM EDT).


@moishe any minute your cancel message ll be there !


Do you work for United?

Dan's the Man

@Jeff: DOT regulation don’t only protect those that made reservation in USD. It protects those that made reservations for a flight within, to, or from the United Station. See the bottom question on: http://airconsumer.dot.gov/rules/EAPP_2_FAQ_01-11-2012final.pdf
It clearly states “mistakes” are not reasons that airlines can cancel fares.


I’ve had only only one of my tickets canceled (ROUNDTRIP lhr to tlv). But My one way to Newark (booked on a separate reservation) didn’t receive a confirmation email that it was canceled. Anyone still show that their us flights are still valid?

Go away Dave!

Read my name buddy… and that goes for your other dishonest fake names as well!

Way to go Dan!

You show that United employee who’s boss


bose ae21 139 99 see price in cart


Nice! That shut him up pretty quickly!


Dan I love your answer to Dave! The more guilty a person is – the more he will scream against it 🙂

dan fan

@Dan: DAN, why do you feel the need to respond to comments such as Jim’s?????????


@Dan: Lol Dan, you’re so funny.
As stated in the 8 stages of mistake fares- I’m still waiting for section 8a. Trip reports. Let’s hope it happens soon.


United will honor the tickets!


Foxnews mixed up their headline. They entitled it as EWR to London but then the article says (correctly) how it’s London to ewr lol


My flights been canceled pretty disappointed, it is a U.S. airline and they require to honor it, they did charge my card already so that means something I will call and see what I can do.


@Dan: Dan ur the man. Much love


@Dan’s the Man: That part was in reference to having to put Denmark as the credit card billing country to get the fare ticketed. I would think that United probably has the right to cancel any booking that misstated that fact, even if only technically.

good job

nice move dan!!!

Flight delays

I would use the DOT form any time an airline cancels or delays a flight for 5-6 hours like I had in the past from tlv to ny
the airlines should know better – then give us false claims
I am happy I filed last time around – hoping to get some results –

Remember thats our only way to get them to HEAR us …

Keep the link on file —


give united a brake!!!

is it ethical? halachically allowed?

is this really ethical to take advantage of a mistake/glitch?
is this halachically allowed? is this honest?
we should be “a light unto the nations” and this is not the way.

@dan have you ever spoken to a honest rabbi about this?

btw people, i’m all for finding great deals and huge savings, but it needs to be honest and not with deceit


Retail fraud reefers to returns. Online fraud refers to using fraudulent credit card.


Recieved email that reservation is cancelled.
Im sure everyone did over night.


UAL Corp.’s United Airlines, Continental Airlines Inc., Southwest Airlines Co. , JetBlue Airways Corp. and Singapore Airlines all say their policy is to not cancel tickets even when a mistake is discovered, no matter how large the error.

“That is the right thing to do,” says United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski. In 2007, United honored a business-class fare from Los Angeles or San Francisco to destinations in New Zealand that was missing one zero: it was sold as $1,062 plus taxes and fees instead of $10,620 plus taxes and fees.

I guess when it actually happens policy changes?


I wonder if anybody who actually lives in Denmark bought a ticket.


Are people seriously saying that booking through a foreign website is fraud. I must commit fraud several times a year if not more. If I am going to the USA or Canada I very often purchase stuff and put my address as My Home address United Kingdom,Brooklyn NY. Why would I want to pay shipping prices to the UK?


Hi Dan! may I have an e-mail where I can send my complaint please?


@Daniel, could you help me too, please?



@Dan: aww snap!


IX. Price Advertising and Opt-out Provisions (14 CFR 399.84) To whom does the full fare rule apply?
Section 399.84 applies to U.S. and foreign air carriers and ticket agents that advertise in the U.S., including via the internet, for air transportation within, to or from the United States and U.S. and foreign tour operators that advertise in the U.S. including via the internet tours with air transportation within, to or from the United States. The Enforcement Office will look at a number of factors such as whether the fares are displayed in U.S. dollars and whether sales can be made to persons with addresses or telephone numbers in the U.S. to determine if an advertisement via the internet is being marketed to the general public in the U.S. and thus occurred in the U.S. The Enforcement Office does not intend to apply the rule to advertising that takes place solely outside the United States and is not directed at consumers in the U.S…
Read the last line, looks like that have an easy get out clause


i filed my complaint with the dot hopefully this works#fingers crossed


For those that got their tickets cancelled please follow these steps:


2) File a separate complaint for each e-ticket #.

3) use this template & edit accordingly:

Template For Complaint:
United has unilaterally cancelled my ticket without my consent.

1. The ticket was ticketed (had a ticket number).
2. I received a confirmation number, ticket number, and emails stating both
3. The ticket was paid for and my credit card charged.

United must reinstate the ticket within its original cabin. This trip is for travel TO the United States.

Trip Details
Ticket #: 016XXXXXXXXXX

Attachments: Attached is a document showing the ticket, routing, and providing proof that the reservation was ticketed.

Filename: Cancelled – UA Reservation – LHR-EWR-LAX-HNL – XXXXXX – 016XXXXXXXXXX.pdf


i filed a complaint for the 4 tickets i booked, any idea when we would hear back from DoT or United?
i have to book another flight but i dont want to find out later that UA will end of honoring it… thanks


To those saying that United does the same thing to their customers (i.e. if customer makes a mistake when booking, United charges them fees to change), don’t they give you 24 hours to cancel?

These tickets were cancelled within 24 hours. Sounds fair to me


Just spoke to United.com regarding the voided flights

Been told all may not be lost. Information is being given tomorrow regarding the flights and they may be honoured after all


I was told that if you have an eticket number there is a chance to get your ticket honoured does anyone know if that is true.

casey majer

Relax people. The idea behind thelaw of honoring a price mistake is to avoid switch and bait. That means advertising a price and when shoppers come telling them it is no longer available and charging more. It used to be a common practice before the law went into effect. How do we know that
United did not do or will not do in the future to get email addresses or raise the price while you are booking and catch you so will pay more for the ticket? (i already have my mind set so it will cost more)


I’m not too upset my 18 tickets have been cancelled,the potential holiday costs would have probably exceeded £20,000


No, i allredy a ticket number and they cancelled my ticket


thanx everyone for participating in this argument,im really enjoying to c everyones point of view

Complain? Seriously?

It is shameful that people think this is something to complain about. What is wrong with our society?

If you drive up to a gas station while an employee is changing the sign out from from $2.50 to $2.49 and the “2” falls off for a few minutes, you can’t honestly expect you’re going to get gas for $0.50 or $0.49 per gallon.

Get a life people.

Great question




Spoke to United and they told me to call in two days. Not sure how that will help but… worth a try.


@Meir: truth hurts doesn’t it



me 2 they saved me $5k thank you United!


Its funny I feel like so many of the United reps had no idea what is going on. I spoke to one who said yes of course they will honor it and then when they put me on hold and came back they explained a fair error, THEY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? They asked me if I canceled the ticket. After getting transferred to a international rep and then a supervisor they just hung up, they are definitely missing out on good PR – I love Delta and didn’t even get one of those discount tickets.


Would be amazing to get an updated From Dan “direct” informing us that the tickets will be honoured.
After that, I suggest United `Airlines buy a lottery ticket (tax free here) and hedge their bets!


@Complain? Seriously? you don’t get the point here, everyone understand that it was a mistake and it will be very costly for United to honour it but its general anger and frustration which comes out in situations like this that its a one way street when it comes to big companies especially airlines.
This story just illustrated again that they can charge and change things when they want but we the costumers always hear the same thing, “you are bound to your contract” or “sorry but this is our policy”

We are not anti-big business or anti-rich we are anti being ripped off and anti-one way policies!

Everyone here can tell you stories they had with such companies (especially airlines) where we had no chance but to bow and accept what we are told coz we don’t feel strong enough to fight them.

I for example once paid for my wife $74 for an extra leg room seat on United but she was seated in the second last row! when I called to complain about it I was told “sorry but even if u pay we don’t guarantee such seats, it depends on the availability” when I said this is un-heard off coz if they don’t have it available they shouldn’t let me buy it and I will take them to court for not giving me what they sold me I was told politely “do not threaten us coz your wife will not be allowed on the plane for the flight back home”

Such stories happen every day so ppl are just upset and looking how to rip them off. That’s it!!!


Imho, this is how the game works. I don’t think it’s fair to be upset at United (maybe disappointed). Let’s say you made such a pricing error selling your car or your house. Odds are it would create a tremendous financial hardship and you’d scream bloody murder. There’s always another deal. Besides pushing too hard on this one may cause dot to revisit this law as it’s incredibly inequitable for the airlines.


My thoughts on this, while it was an incredible deal a part of me doesn’t want to take advantage. But on the flipside, the way the airline price gouges us infuriates me. Charging me $800 ($200 per ticket) for my family simply to change the date of travel. Not a change in fare just Their fee to ‘process’ the change.
Orleaving us stranded in Chicago without our luggage or hotel and no financial help. Even Though airport was open and flights were taking off we were given no assistance since it was ‘weather’

I guarantee you the relative impact of their policies on my pocketbook is much bigger than the impact of them honoring these tickets

So from past history. Any chance they would reverse their decision?

Also, why is the news reporting we used Uniteds Danish website? I thought all we did Was asked to see the fare priced in Danish currency?


DoT site is hosed. Seems to take a real long time to Submit and then it errors out.
Oh well I guess I’ll wait….


Oh man! Tried to book with my native currency!


do you think if enough people will flood the phone lines at united it will make a difference?


Did anyone get a call from United this morning? I see on my ID that United called, but didn’t leave a message.


Better DOT complaint link

had difficulty with the previous link but this worked first time

avraham s

Ultimately, united will have to do whatever the DOT decides. And based on what happened with Delta, there is a good chance DOT will force them to honor the tickets that were ticketed on United. But only those who file complaints will get them. Lots of ppl are simply walking away from these tickets and will potentially loose out.
Hoping it works out!


@SH: face it , what we do is taking advantage of price mistakes. its not ethical , but we do it anyway. all of us who do these things have to face up to the reality and admit we are not doing the right thing. Lets all stop trying to pretend that we are ethical.


@Complain? Seriously?: please read ABE (below). Two wrongs don’t make a right, but the airlines are an exception to this rule.


just spoke to united airlines who told me that the reason my ticket is being cancelled is because my credit card was not registered in Denmark, when i pointed out that on Dansdeals it says that tickets are being cancelled because of a third party error, the supervisor retracted and said that i was right and that it was to do with a third party error so i then said if that is the case then you have to honour it under the act of;
Section 399.88(a) states that it is an unfair and deceptive practice for any seller of scheduled air transportation within, to, or from the United States, or of a tour or tour component that includes scheduled air transportation within, to, or from the United States, to increase the price of that air transportation to a consumer after the air transportation has been purchased by the consume……..
he said quite clearly that United Airlines would not be honouring it, unfair as they cant have their cake and eat it too, i dont want my money back i want the flights that i booked in good faith and paid for, they were quick to take my money before they realised there was a mistake so now they owe me.


O vay. I got the confirmation number on an email but the the e-ticket number. Can I still find someplace the e-ticket number?


I don’t know what the ultimate outcome will be, but if United is ultimately forced to honor the tickets of those who file DOT complaints, they will be far better off than if they had honored all of them. I suspect many people who got the deal will not file complaints.


“Thank you for calling United Airlines, for dansdeals customers please press 0. Thank you and go screw yourself”.


i dont see anyone trying to claim the moral high ground here.. but rules are rules arent they? Ive been on the wrong end of the rules with regards to airlines and i accept it.. if this goes against me i accept it.. if it goes for me i accept that as well. and if the DOT view is that consumers have the right to buy the ticket price that is infront of them then so be it..

all consumers did yesterday was seek prices in danish kroner; and then buy them in danish kroner. they could have blocked non danes by defaulting the language to Danish once the denmark flag was clicked.. it didnt so what is to stop someone from getting a quote and then booking??


i hate united, everyone should storm social media, twitter, all the bad pr will put pressure

A Dans_deal'er

@Avi: Thanks tons for the template!


I’m not understanding why you can’t complain to the dot after they decide if they are honoring it or not


How does one file a complaint with DOT if the website is down since yesterday evening?


I’ve finally gotten through with my ticket complaint to DOT; still trying to get the website to accept the complaint for my wife’s ticket. Here is what I wrote:

I purchased first-class tickets from United Airlines flying from LHR-DEN on
March 2. My flight was confirmed and ticketed, with eTicket number

United has now advised me that there was a computer error on their website,
and they have canceled my tickets, but if I “would like to book [my] travel at
the correct price, please visit united.com.

I believe this is a violation of 14 CFR 399.88(a), making this an unfair and
deceptive trade practice in violation of 49 U.S.C. 41712. I would like this
ticket reinstated.

As I understand it, United has two arguments: first, that this was an error by a third-party vendor; and, second, that Section 399.88 only applies to price increases, not cancelations.

As to the first argument, whether a United employee made the mistake or whether a third-party vendor made the mistake should be irrelevant. United has made the decision to outsource certain parts of its website operations. I’m assuming that was an economic decision; they should not be able to take advantage of that outsourcing when the third-party vendor makes a mistake any more than they should be able to blame an employee for a mistake on the website.

As to the second argument, United has canceled the ticket, but advised that we are welcome to re-purchase the ticket at a much higher fare. That is essentially the same as a price increase after ticketing, in violation of the spirit and letter of the regulation. The FAQ issued by the DOT make it clear that website mistakes are not relevant to the discussion, so the only way that United can argue that they have not violated this section is to argue that they have not increased the price post-ticketing. To accept this argument is to allow any carrier to get away with increasing consumer prices post-ticketing by merely canceling the ticket and telling the consumer to buy at the higher price.



United is a great airline. Stop moaning and attacking them. You may be disappointed, but move on. There will be other deals in the future.

Dan is the Man

@HATE_UNITED: Your logic makes no sense. You hate them but want to fly them? Your statements do not make any sense, so shut your trap.


I also don’t like united, and will only fly them if they offer cheapest ticket or I am required to take it(work related).
Great companies care about its customers, look at Amazon, customers trust them and in return they get more business. When they make a mistake customers more sympathetic to them.
Look at United, a ton of people are happy about this mistake because it happened with United and expecting them to pay for their mistake. I am one of them and expecting to get every penny from their mistake, because when I make a mistake they go back to their Protection(one sided contract), now its time for me go back to my contract(DOT Regulation).

United Legal Dept.

@KComp: Good luck with that.


To anybody wishing to submit a complaint with DOT – it’s really easy. Website: http://airconsumer.dot.gov/escomplaint/es.cfm.
The confirmed reservation/issued ticket is a contract.
United Airlines does not have a unilateral “right of cancellation” when you have purchased your ticket in good faith.
Ryanair is selling tickets for 30cents – so mad rates do happen


You’re awesome! 🙂


I went on united yesterday and confirmed it was ticketed.
i went looking for my eticket today and can’t find it!
it’s not in the email and it’s not on the website anymore!
is this a problem – how do i file DOT without it.


Tips for retrieving your ticket:
paste(right click copy link location first) following link into your web browser
change XXXXXX next to COPNR= for your reservation number and LASTNAME next to LN= for you SURNAME
go to the webpage address you have just created



so funny great catch.


Call me a party pooper but if the see thousands of people booked in a in a short time (i.e. DANSDEALS!!) if anyone complains it is a total CHILUL HASHEM.


I just spoke to s DOT rep he told me that they are taking this very serious they even assigned an agent just for this complain
The best to go with this is do both
1 fill out the online form
2 call the DOT & “leave” a message on there hotline at (202) 366-2220
They will call you back the same day


I got the cancelation email and filed with the DoT for each eTicket last night. Today I looked at my card statement and realized I was charged twice by United. Once $133 (which was the exchange for the DKK price for the 3 tickets) and then a second charge of $120. Anyone else have two charges?

a Dans_Deal'er

I also saw another charge!!! $80


I only approved one charge. What do I do now? Call United or the DoT? This is a cluster f*ck. I was kind of preparing myself to eat the $133 but this other charge has me pissed.


@Maja: you probably bought 2 tickets with 1 infant. I’m not sure why but united charged a $40 fee for each person.

Unless the DOT claim will go thru you will be refunded all the charges.


@help thanks


I had 6 separate various payments taken on cc from United for 3 tickets/transactions. In total i was charged 600 pounds when the total cost at checkout was about 350…….


@Debz: can u really – hand to Gd – say you booked this in “good faith”.
When you switched the browser to Denmark, even though you were not in Denmark, your “good faith” is a joke.
it’s in this week’s parsha מדבר שקר תרחק


@petition: If you’re going to start a petition, you would be best served to spell the first word correctly if you want them to take you seriously.


@complain?seriously? On the gas sign if there was a 2 missing then no I shouldn’t assume that’s the price while they’re changing the numbers. BUT if at the electronic pump when I put in my card number and choose what kind of gas I want and the 2 is missing all while I do that and charge my card accordingly then YES that’s the price. I got lucky that day for whatever reason and while I was getting gas the price was incorrect on the pump j was using when I put my card in. They cannot after the fact say that oops it was a mistake and take back my gas or force me to the pay the difference now. Yea it was a mistake but someone messed up and now they have to swallow it.

@sue THe EXACT same thing happened to me.


@ Norm it’s not Sheker, your getting billed in a different currency

Robert Rivers

United… The never ending story of a company with bad service which relies on third parties and contractors and is the very reason they suck! Good luck to all with the tickets and resolving the matter. I would not fly this airline, even if they gave me the ticket for free in first class. They have sucked for a decade or more, and they suck even more every year that goes by…



I bought a cheap ticket which got confirmed and ticketed, I then got an email to say it had been cancelled, I would like to know on what legal grounds it has been cancelled, the contract of carriage states when your company can cancel tickets, including severe bad weather, but mispriceing does not fall under any of the categories that allows you to cancel the tickets issued,



Im booked my ticket with my amex platinum m&m.
Im just wondering if the travel insurance will
Help me get any compensation of this story?


I am all for getting cheap rates from airline glitches…but this one required people to lie and give their billing address as Denmark, so how is that legally binding from United? Just curious. (personally, I was trying to book the ticket in a way that I wouldn’t have to lie, and figured out that if I used the pay cash option, then they did not ask for a billing address, but as I was in the middle of booking, the deal died!)



And how do you think it looks upon us when a majority of the complaints are all jewish last names (steins mans etc)…We are supposed to show and be at a higher level


I have managed to locate my e ticket number – Just in case.
Thank you..


I don’t get the arguement that just because united will not let you change an error you made so when they make an error they should not be able to back down.

when putting location as demark is that the right thing to do ?


This is not a place for obscenities! Clean up or get out!


Big deal, so people used the United Denmark site.
Is there some rule that violated?

Am I not allowed to shop from Amazon UK because of this same rule?


Good one @ Dan!!!


on DOT website, do I file a complaint for each family member or one for the conf number?


I got a call from United telling me that my flight was delayed……. they did not cancel my flight and ticket I got for $80😃


@JH you have to file for each member of your family.


Please correct me.

when you purchase from amazon uk you are giving a shippng address wherever you want it to ship to, which is fine.

This is different.

This you changed where you are located.


I dont recall checking a box certifying that I lived in Denmark.
I just picked picked the Denmark site.


hey dan, if my purchase was confirmed but no eticket, will that be honored if united decides to honor?


@Dave: Dave, Google, FedEx, United, and many other companies have entities domiciled in offshore jurisdictions that are essentially tax free. With United’s headquarters in Chicago, you square that circle for us and then I’ll explain the Amazon UK thing to you.

Please don’t start your explanation with something like “Big companies are above the law and do not have to pay taxes like individuals do.”


@Dave No one needed to change where they were located (I know I didn’t), UA’s system populates that automatically. I entered my complete US address, the system put Denmark. Not my fault if the system generates a country without my doing. Same company, same plane, same seat, it shouldn’t matter which country website you buy your fare from, US or DKK , price should be the same.


My suggestion to United, offer to honor the tickets sold in first class to an economy class and make everyone sign that they give up their rights to any claim (including DOT), give a short period to accept the offer, I believe most will accept it, rather then wait for a long DOT process.


@help – Thanks for that web Url, worked like a charm!!
Cant wait to fly LHR – LAX for the grand sum of £108!

avraham s

DOT acknowledges that they are investigating this and will make a determination which United will be required to follow. Sounds like there is hope…


So i buy a product on the denmark amazon site because its at rock bottom price.they charge my card and send out the product. Can they send bailiffs knocking at my door to repossess because they charged me wrong!?!!!!!

Dont see any difference in this case only that its a virtual product untill you get on the flight. An they have the ability to revoke with out my permission.

This surely cannot hold up. payment was made and ticket issued. We entered into a contract. If we would have wanted to cancel because we found a cheaper ticket in the future they would here of it so why different here!


People need to come to this guys rescue. Looks like a fellow dansdeal member is being harrased on Facebook for posting on uniteds page. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=821911557846388&id=199504650087085 Some guy named Christian is going around and posting on every comment in this guys case he emailed his employer trying to get him fired cause he bought a tickets for his wife and newborn child.


I’m just curious i also purchased 2 tickets which were canceled. Do you see any problem in filling a DoT complaint when
a) first i’m not a u.s. citizen
b)which is more critical, the country in billing address was Denmark. Now i know it was the default option and i did not choose it myself but don’t you think its a strong argument why this ticket should not be honored since the details in purchase were incorrect.
Just curious to hear your experienced opinion..


people are claiming on this and other blogs that the vendor made the error and not united so united wont be liable.

if that is the case, which I do not necessarily agree to then I say; let United name and shame the vendor and then people who purchased tickets (like myself) sue the vendor for the difference in the ticket price!

I doubt United will name them….

Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

idk if this has been posted but dot is reviewing http://www.dot.gov/airconsumer/united-airlines-mistaken-fare


also just wanted to add that i love dan and he owned the guy who was posting from multiple fake names, u are a idiot and get off this site


After my son reserved two tickets and received confirmation emails for both (with a reminder of the deadline to purchase), he called United to pay by phone, as the website was not processing his credit card. Both the agent and the supervisor said that the ticket had been cancelled by the passenger, which is not at all true! I called them again on his behalf and the first agent said that the reservation was cancelled by the passenger himself (when in fact my son didn’t even touch the computer after he made his reservations!). When I had explained that to him, he said that the airline has no tickets anymore that are priced in Danish Kronen. The airline has obviously not had a chance to train their customer service as to what to say or not to say to their customers.

This makes no sense! I asked for a supervisor, but was transfered to United’s International customer service. That agent told me that on his screen it looks like the passenger himself had cancelled his ticket! Absurd! I asked to speak to his supervisor, which he resisted for a while, then after putting me on a short hold he checked to see if I was still there, after which he put me on hold for 45 min at which time the call was dropped!

I filed two complaints with DOT, one for each reservation. Does anyone think we have any chance to recover the reservations?

help me please


this is not working for me, I am trying to retrieve the ticket number can you explain it again in a simpler way. yes I may be thick, but also trying to make Shabbos…and don’t have a lot of time…


If i by mistake went on the Denmark website booked a ticket and got charged a foreign transaction fee would they pay me back because it was on the Denmark site


One more question— I booked London to Tel Aviv but it stopped in Zurich so I also got a Swiss Air Conf number. When I file on DOT should I file the compliant with the United number or the Swiss number? or both?


Just wondering about my pending credit card charges. My charges are still pending and I am sure they will not be charged since the tickets were cancelled. However I have an additional charge pending for $240 from UNITED. I bought 2 different trips for 6 people and those two charges were for the correct amount and say United Denmark.Anyone have any idea what the $240 charge is from, or have similar charges too? I used an Ink Plus card.


@JH: united


They also cancelled my Allianz insurance on the flight
It was supposed to be charged separately


The guy concerned that people booked their tickets using Danish currency is grasping at straws. People always engage in profit-seeking behavior but that doesn’t give United a legal right to back out of the tickets.

In negotiating a deal, people will say little fibs like “this is my bottom line number” (which ends up not being true) but legally that does not give the other side the right to void the contract for misrepresentation. When I fly United and get bad customer service, can I legally get my money back because their commercials promised I would “Fly the Friendly Skies”? No, because that fib by United is considered “puffery.”

Now, if United wants to undo these and other rules of commerce and refund EVERYONE who asks for money back because they did not really “Fly the Friendly Skies” as promised by United, that would be fine. Otherwise, no dice.


as mentioned by @NotOverUntilTheFatLadySings
see below
United Airlines mistaken fare

The Department of Transportation is aware of an issue involving mistaken fares on United Airlines’ Danish-facing website. The Department’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings has begun looking into this matter, including speaking to United and reviewing consumer complaints. That Office will gather all the relevant facts before making a determination as to whether United is or is not required to honor the mistaken fares.

Updated: Thursday, February 12, 2015


@JH the complain does not apply to flight who don’t stop or pass through the US

erev shabbos

If you purchased a Barbeque at Walmart for much lower than it should have cost and they don’t agree to sell, that’s ok. If you took the item Barbeque home and spent an hour putting it together, and then the store manager comes to your door and demands it back. Would you give it back? What if a security guard approaches you as you are getting into your car and demands it back and says when they have the time they will issue a credit, where would you tell him to go?

Non US flights

For those of you that didn’t have your trip include USA (London-TLV) you may still be covered:

Under EU law an airline is not allowed to leave you high and dry if they cancel a long-haul flight that you are booked on.


Actually I didnt do anything. You claim that ‘we’ put Denmark down in the text box. If memory serves, I entered my address and forgot to select country. Denmark was the default setting. When I clicked the submit key I then realized that perhaps the Visa card wouldnt be accepted. But I guess the anti fraud unit at United is not up to snuff. Should we blame that on a vendor as well?

My bank called me within 5 minutes to let me know that there was a charge out of my area. How can United be so weak when it comes to security? They wanted to cash in and grab any cash they could get their hands on. NO questions asked! Now its not going their way so they ‘cop-out’???


I read somewhere that DOT will respond friday at 5 ET
did anyone hear a response?


There is a 40 fee per person per ticket that they charged in US dollars….


@help: Thanks!!!!


@help thanks

Credit card

My united charges on my credit cards have gone away. Anyone have the same?


Did anyone get a respond from the DOT already?


yeah i have been checking back here for any updates on the DOT complaints and news from united

Didn't File

If DOT rules in the passengers’ favor, will ALL tickets (with travel to US) be honored? Or only those of people who actually filed DOT complaints?


@Didn’t File:
only those who actually filed.


Does anyone know when we can expect an answer from the dot?

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Thank you.
Is there some kind of filing deadline?


@moshe- how do u know that u must file?


@moshe @DOT I don’t think it will be only for those who filed a complain because how it works is that the DOT will review the regulations and give their decision.

if they say that in accordance with the regulation United have to honour those tickets then everyone will be able to contact United and demand they reinstate their ticket based on the DOT ruling.

I’m not a law expert but this is how it usually works in such cases

mendel london

@Dan: i also booked tickets, just wanted to clarify if choosing denmark as billing address wasn’t a fraud?


@mendel london:

My daughter lives in the USA. When she books tickets on United’s American website, she pays using a UK cc (which obviously has a UK billing address) but leaves her USA address as her billing address. United has never rejected the payment based on this ‘fraud’!!!


@mendel london:

There is another point here that when you changed the site to Denmark it automatically put Denmark as the default billing country.

When I booked the tickets I didn’t even pay attention to it because most times i buy online the billing country is already there as UK so I didn’t even checked what country it had.

Plus, I think the billing address is only needed for security reasons to ensure no one is using it but I am not sure it has anything to do with the actual purchase so maybe it is a security breach but not sure it can be considered as fraud!

eloy spain

you should check this out.


@mendel london: @Bayla: @Abe: @eloy spain:

not a problem at all u put whatever billing address u want and its up to the CC to decide if they wanna let it through or not.

some CC’s are very strict and wont let through a transaction if it doesn’t fully match their records and some will let it through even if its a completely different address.

eloy spain


you should check this out… sorry about the last post…

United Against United

Hopefully DOT won’t drag this out too long, but I would be surprised if the ruling comes down on our side. Aviation lawyers and experts all seem to point at the “manipulation” of the site that will lead to DOT not forcing United to honor the tickets. Here is one such article: http://www.outsideonline.com/adventure-travel/escapes/scout/Mistake-Airfares-Are-Really-An-Airline-Security-Issue.html

What is interesting in that piece is that major airlines all received additional federal funding for internal security after 9/11 – yet they missed the massive amount of Danish traffic all of a sudden. Is United (and others) simply pocketing the cash without showing where it is being spent? I think they have more than enough to either eat the costs of their mistake or at LEAST offer us economy class tickets on the same flights.

Simply canceling the tickets with no apology, no consolation, no nothing? Well that must be why United is among the worst rated US airlines every year. In the meantime I’ll be hoping that DOT makes me a huge fan of theirs in the near future.

Another miffed ticket buyer,
United Against United


United Airlines
A first-class cock up
Feb 16th 2015, 16:55 BY B.R.

WHEN Matt and Emil, a couple of expat Americans living London, were invited to be groomsmen at a friend’s wedding in New York, they feared they would not be able to afford to make the transatlantic trip. And then fortune intervened. They heard about a glitch on United Airlines’ British website. A computer error meant that the airline was offering trips across the pond for just £52 ($80), as long users selected to pay in Danish kroner. Even more remarkably, the tickets were for the first-class cabin.

Naturally, the two men jumped at the chance. And then fortune slung an arrow. United announced that the price was a mistake and that it would be voiding not only their tickets, but those of several thousand others who had got wind of the deal. United had “properly filed its fares”, the firm said, and a fat-fingered third-party software vendor had made an error with the pound-to-kroner exchange rate. In other words, although the tickets were purchased on the airline’s own website, the cock-up had nothing to do with the company.

“Clearly it’s not the customers’ fault that the third-party providers they use made this error,” says Emil, who will probably now have to put his tuxedo back in mothballs. “And even more so is it not fair to revoke the tickets that were already purchased.”

In fact United’s action raises three distinct questions. Not only whether voiding the tickets was fair, but whether it was legal. For the airline, there is also a purely economic consideration: is the potential loss of revenue that it could expect worth more than the bad publicity and customer anger it is now facing?

The first two questions are bound together somewhat, and hinge around whether the customers who flocked to United’s website did so knowing full well that they were taking advantage of a mistake. The fact that so many Brits suddenly decided to pay in kroner suggests that they did. It was not long after the glitch was uncovered that people took to blogs and social media to spread the word. “The traditional rule at common law,” says Peter Cartwright, a professor of consumer law at Nottingham University, “is that if one party has made a mistake as to the terms of the contract and the other party knows of that mistake, the contract is not binding.”

There is also the question of whether the contract had already been formed. “Usually the terms of an online contract will say when this takes place, or the consumer may get a communication which makes it clear that the contract is formed,” says Mr Cartwright. It is not simply formed when a customer hits the buy-tickets button. There may be a case to answer that United gave a misleading price indicator—that it was drawing customers in with a low price before raising it. But that is a matter of regulation, not contract, and in any case arguing it simply made a mistake could again be made in mitigation. Nonethless, the United States Department of Transportation says it is looking into the affair.

So is it fair? If customers were not themselves acting in an upright way—gleefully jumping on an error by United—can they really claim that the carrier is in turn being caddish by voiding their tickets? There are some who would no doubt argue that, given how badly big airlines treat their passengers, any such minor victory is justifiable. But that is hardly going to wash with United, which in this case is making the decision about who flies.

So the real question is whether the cost of a public relations own-goal outweighs the financial saving. That is more difficult. The airline says that “several thousand” customers booked the £52 tickets. These might normally cost £3,000. One could mischievously argue that as the reputation of United is already so bad, the airline would always be right to err on the side of saving revenue (the hit could have amounted to several million dollars). But the firm did have a brief opportunity to show itself in an unusually positive light. Had it said—with forced jollity—that it had made a mistake but had decided to reward its customers with a feelgood present, then it could have expected reams of positive coverage. But that plane has now left the terminal. The damage is already done: no matter what it does now, the miserliness is probably all that people will remember. Maybe next time it will employ some thinner-fingered software suppliers.


Matt, Emil and anybody else who booked and may or may not, have shown Denmark as homecountry – might be interested in § 15 of REGULATION (EC) No 1008/2008 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL
(15) Customers should have access to all air fares and air rates irrespective of their place of residence within the Community or their nationality and irrespective of the place of establishment of the travel agents within the Community.
I haven’t seen any articles concerning the legal obligations the carrier has according to IATA rules and regulations, once a ticket has been issued.
Nor have I seen comments from United regarding tickets bought by Danish residents, paid with Danish Credit Cards in DKK – will they be handled diffently from purchases made from any other country?
Can’t wait for the next chapter in this rather interesting story.

eloy spain

I have book some flights with united..today UA has sent me the following email:

“Your United reservation is canceled”

“We have discovered an error with a vendor’s currency exchange rates that temporarily allowed customers to book reservations through the Danish version of united.com at prices that were incorrect, despite United having filed the fares properly.

You purchased a ticket through the Danish version of united.com during the time when the prices were incorrect. As a result, we are not able to honor your ticket at the price that you paid. We have voided your reservation and will not process your payment.

Confirmation number:XXXXXX”


We are no fans of United, but this was no traditional fat finger discount. The hordes of message board-led buyers weren’t from Denmark and knew darn well it was an error. They’re the airline ticket buying equivalent of people who don’t return lost wallets.
— Jason Clampet

well said, could not agree more



United took more than £200 than the quoted ticket price at check out. this actually took me over my credit limit which means my no APR for 15 months has defaulted. have I got a case against them on this?


This is a mail conversation I had with the United customer care:


I’m reading now this cancellation notification, and I hereby declare that I don’t accept this cancellation in any form.
This is a legitimate reservation which was confirmed and ticketed on the official United website. Any mistake of yours should not effect the contract of this reservation. A cancellation of such a type is against the US (destination) regulations as well the UK (origin) regulations.
I claim a full compensation of this reservation which can be by supplying an alternative flight in this class (first class) for the reserved days and people, or alternatively by giving a compensation with the equivalent worth in money of an alternative flight in this class (first class).

Thanks in advance
— —

This is their reply:
Dear Mr. —:

I understand you are disappointed that we voided your reservation(s) which were based on British Pounds (GBP) and converted to Danish Kroner (DKK), or booked on the version of united.com for customers in Denmark.

As we communicated to you through email, for a brief period of time, there was a currency exchange rate error with a third-party software provider. While United filed fares correctly, this software error converted fares between GBP and DKK at an incorrect rate that resulted in the price charged that was significantly lower than filed fares and fares offered through all other channels and currency. We have determined the reservation(s) you made were affected by this exchange error. As a result, United will not honor the prices charged at the incorrect exchange rate and have voided the reservations made during this period at no cost to you.

We would thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.


L.J. Rawcliffe
Corporate Customer Care
Case ID: ——-

eloy spain

same as me.. standard US reply I guess


When can we expect the DOT to rule on this case?


Does anyone know how long it took the dot to give their rulings in the past


Hy! Does anyone know that in case of a cancelled reservation (I did not receive the e-ticket, only a confirmation number) when the price of the ticket will be refunded? I paid with a non-US debit card and the money has been taken from my account. Thanks!


not only did my pending charges disappear last wk but united issued me an additional (probably accidental) refund of 38+ dollars on friday. weird


DOT decision on Feb. 11 exchange rate error

On February 11, 2015, a currency exchange-rate error in 3rd party software supplied to United affected several thousand bookings on United’s Denmark-facing website. Specifically, this error temporarily caused flights originating in the United Kingdom and denominated in Danish Kroners (DKK) to be presented at only a fraction of their intended prices. While United filed fares correctly, this software error caused amounts charged to be significantly lower than prices offered through all other distribution channels or available in any other currency.

United promptly voided transactions affected by this exchange rate error, reversed all associated charges and contacted customers directly through email and other methods. Customers should not have any resulting charges related to voided reservations nor should they need to take any proactive steps to seek a refund of charges.

The Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has informed United that it does not intend to pursue enforcement action in this matter. With the agreement of the DOT, this statement replaces the requirement to provide individual responses to those interested in this issue who have corresponded with the DOT or with United.