United: Cleveland To/From Los Angeles Nonstop From $58.20 (Or 2.9K Hybrid Points) Each Way

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-Get free checked baggage, free carry-ons on basic economy fares, significantly expanded award availability, club passes, 55K miles, and much more with the United Explorer Card

Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm EST tomorrow. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.

United used to have the monopoly on this route, but Frontier and Spirit started flying it nonstop after United dehubbed Cleveland.

United kept their fares ridiculously high, but with the launch of Basic Economy fares they have finally started to play ball, dropping the cost of a one-way ticket from $400 to as low as $58.

You’ll need to add another $25/leg to buy out of Basic Economy for flights on or after May 9th. United doesn’t allow full size carry-ons, doesn’t award elite miles, doesn’t allow seat assignments, doesn’t allow changes to Basic Economy fares, and boards Basic Economy passengers last. However if you or anyone on your reservation has a United Explorer card or elite status then you can all board early and each bring a free full size carry-on bag, even if you are on Basic Economy fares.

Cleveland to Los Angeles valid $58-$68 dates in bold, $98 dates in plain font:
May 2, 3, 4, 9, 13, 16, 17
June 8, 10, 13, 17
July 15, 22, 29
August 12, 16, 19, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30
September 2, 6, 13, 20, 27

Los Angeles to Cleveland valid $58-$68 dates in bold, $98 dates in plain font:
May 8
June 3
August 22, 26, 29
September 6, 13, 20, 27

These fares are not on sale with miles, but you can pay for the ticket with “hybrid points” if you have AMEX points and a Business Platinum card.

If you have The Enhanced Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN you can get a 50% rebate on the airline of your choice

The 50% rebate will go back into your account the day after redeeming points.

You can login to your account and redeem AMEX points for travel here.

A $58.20 flight will be 5,820 points and you would get a 50% rebate making the effective cost just 2,910 points, a value of 2 cents per point. That includes all taxes and you can still earn miles for flying!



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Dan you heading to LA? 🙂


Still a bit new to the Basic Economy thing, and I want to make sure I have no surprises. But if I understood correctly- if I have a United MileagePlus Explorer Card, then myself and everyone on my reservation will still get a free carry-on- and by this I mean a regular carry-on that United has always allowed, not the “personal item” you are limited to with Spirit? Will I still get free checked baggage as well, as is standard with a United card? I guess the general question is- if I have a United card, is there any reason at all to spend the $25 to buy out of Basic Economy? What will I still be without that I’d need to spend the $25 for? Thanks!!


Hi dan if I wanted to go to Israel for shavous leaving the 29th of may mon the day b4 and coming back June 2 fri right after shavous is over should I wait a few days to see if prices go down?or should I book now?also in your opinion what is the best booking website for tickets Priceline orbitz etc?also I am looking for Waldorf certs nights for shavous Tuesday and wed night if you have any for sale please let me know as the forum doesn’t seem to have any sales at this point thanks,pesach

Cue the "fly at your own risk" comments

Let’s make sure there are no Ohio draft prospects Taking advantage of this deal. United flights are known to be prone to violence…….


@dan if I’m correct seems like using miles for economy will get you a regular economy seat not basic economy


@Dan: Thanks for the breakdown!
Seems like the only thing of importance to me would be the assigned seats, since the change/cancel fees on a regular ticket are usually too high to be worthwhile anyways, especially on a cheap fair like this. So the question is- if I fly with my 3-year-old son on basic and we don’t assign seats, is there really a chance that we won’t end up sitting together? Will United actually send a 3-year-old to sit by himself on a plane, with the father being who knows how far away? He would just not stop screaming the whole flight… This seems highly unlikely, if even legal. But I honestly don’t know for sure these days, anyone have a clue? Thanks!


…Yes, but it’s still on freaking United…


Incorrect. United card (explorer)only allows 1free suitcase for yourself and 1 companion not 4


I made a ticket to Isreal for shavous thru amex hybrid Delta. The price for a non stop flight will be about 640.


@Dan: why would the car seat help them sit together. I agree that the car seat would be placed by the window, but don’t see how that impacts the ultimate result of the father and son being situated together.

ariela zonenshtain


Looking for a deal from LAX to CLE for 4th of July Weekend…lol End of june LAX to Cle and Flexible on the return


Yay! CLE is back on the (deal) map. Either that or united is just tad desperate.


@dan Hi, do you think there will be any good deals NY to LAX anytime soon for the summer? Thanks


@ariela zonenshtain: Get United or chase UR points, then the deal is fly free!


“However if you or anyone on your reservation has a United credit card….” Not any United card has to be one with AF


“The 50% rebate will go back into your account the day after redeeming points.” I booked a ticket with my airline of choice (Delta) on Sunday using MR and have not received the 50% back.

ish chai

if you and your 3 yr old are booked together in the reservation- most likely the’ll seat you together.
Even if you’re 2 adults; as long as it’s the reservation.