Turkish Airlines Offering 3 Free Checked Bags Between The US And Israel For The Next 6 Months; Flights For $622-$674 This Winter Or $659-$724 For Sukkos


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Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm tomorrow. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.

Bookable on Orbitz. Orbitz tickets are refundable until 11pm ET tomorrow.

Effective for tickets purchased today, Turkish Airlines coach tickets between the US and Israel include 3 free 50 pound checked bags for travel through 12/17/16. They normally offer 2 free checked bags.

Turkish is a very highly rated and perfectly safe airline. Thousands of religious Jews have taken their flights without issues and report that service has been far superior to other airlines and they have an awesome Star Alliance lounge in Istanbul. They operate a whopping 8 flights a day between Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

This round-trip flight from JFK to Israel for Sukkos is available on Orbitz for $724 for adults, $659 for kids under 12, and $83 for lap children. Flights connect in Istanbul for 3 hours.

















Or fly later in the fall or winter from JFK to Tel Aviv for $674 for adults, $622 for kids under 12, and $78 for lap children. Flights connect in Istanbul for 2 hours:
















HT: Chaikel

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is this valid for flights which originate in TLV?


Onboard a Turkish flight biz class right now, service and fleet is amazing oh and it’s empty got 21 seats to myself in the 2nd section 😉 free wifi in biz as well!


I cant get the same price from LA in july, any suggestions?


@Dan wifi is only free in biz they make u put ur name and seat in otherwise it’s $9.99 for an hour or $24.99 for 24 hours (no wifi on IST-TLV)


3 bags are valid in either direction, yes.

LA is more than NYC and July is more than Fall/Winter.

News to me, trip reports have always said WiFi was free.
Any other reports?


where does it say 3 free bags? website says 2. and i booked tickets in january for september- am i still eligible?


It appears to be only for tickets from today and on.
Their website hasn’t been updated, though if you make a new booking you can confirm with them that it has 3 bags included.


@Avi: +1


My son begged me to send him to Israel for Shavuos.I bought him a Turkish air for $640 June 7 for a flight the very next day. He is on the flight back right now. Truthfully I haven’t slept well while he was in Turkey.


As long as he’s not leaving the airport it’s totally safe and there are likely loads of other frum Jews on his flight.


I love the idea that Avi and son of Anonymous could be on the same flight right now and could connect via DDMS comments.


Considering the minyan pictures people have sent me from Moscow and Kiev of DD readers, I wouldn’t be surprised 🙂


I’m trying to book for sukkos but tickets are all $800. does anyone know dates for sukkos that are in the $600-$700 price range?


@Dan: they started charging for wifi. flew yesterday. but maybe if you ask a business class passenger for their name and seat number nicely you can get it for free


The cheaper price for children isn’t coming up while I’m trying to book?!?


Good to know, thanks.

Use Orbitz.
Only valid under 12.


@Dan: yes tried Orbitz and does give cheaper price thanks


@Dan I have been looking for a good deal on flights to Israel but was hoping to avoid Turkish Airlines/Royal Jordianian, don’t feel safe there. You think it is totally safe?

High end hobo

Last I checked Dan was never in Turkey.
Last I checked myself and thousands of other frum Jews have been and none of them have been scratched


I want to book for next zman. Can i book leaving elul zman and coming back before pesach, and still get a cheap deal?


I checked those dates (tlv-jfk 10/9 – 10/27) and the price was $954, where did i go wrong?


” from JFK to Israel for Sukkos “


@Concerned: more than half the flight were jews flying onto israel



Any good deals from tlv-jfk for succos?


@Chatzkal: i think you should start a petition to @dan if you get 10k chances he will do something to cater your needs…


Turkish showing $1,200+ for 8/7-8/20. Any way to get lower?


Hi Dan, and all the fellow DD team. I would truly appreciate your opinion on this.

We are planing to fly to Israel for Sukkot, 2 Adults, 2 kids under 12, and 2 kids that will be 22 months in October.

I do plan to buy for the 2 little ones normal seats as I can’t see ourselves holding them all the way.

Since this will be a little fortune I am looking for the best way to fly.

Does anyone know of any cheaper way? or can I expect to see the rates drop later in the summer? Otherwise I may book this flight.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate!


You’re not going to do better than this.


Noone else sees the irony in people traveling to Israel wondering about the safety in Turkey? Israel is not exactly safe. Most of Turkey is no more dangerous than Israel.


1 turkey caused a lot of trouble to Israel
Some would not use them at no price
2 my roommate gave in idealism f price and
Booked a week ago. Would it be 3 bags?
Anything in writing will be published about bags?


@Tk: my money comes first. sorry


@RC: I’d fly via Beirut if it was a cheap enough way to get to Israel. It’s a long jourey as you need to take a long sheirut ride from Beirut to Amman via Syria and Syria it’s hard for an American to get a visa for plus b/c of the war there roads you take aren’t always that safe now a days and it’s a longer drive than usual due to all the checkpoints.


Dan is there a way to book w free cancellation up till fly date?


is this dead? was only for booking on june 15?


@Dan: The flight I want to book has a 3 hour layover right at shachris time. I know it is safe in general, but do people have minyanim w/ tefillin etc or is that pushing it too far?

On a side note, thank you so much for helping so many Jews go to eretz yisroel!


Is this deal only good from JFK? I did a search on Orbitz from Chicago to Tel Aviv December 14-Jan 4 and the cheapest was on LOT airlines and Turkish was $1550! Any ideas why?


I purchased a similar flight a week ago on orbitz. Is there anyway I can get the 3 free bag deal?


I booked a flight for my wife and kids from pre Yom Kippur to post Sukkos . It was $759 RT. The layover on the way back is around 6 hours.

Can someone who flew this route please describe the situation in the airport when in transit? Do they put the passengers who are flying to Israel in a separate area? I’ve been to other airports where they cordon off an area for Israel flights.

If anyone can assuage my fears, I would appreciate it.


If you can get it, the flight combination TK12/TK788 is the best one as TK788 is also a widebody 777. The layover is also only 1 hour 15 minutes which is enough, but not to see the lounge! I have flown through IST many times and it really is quite safe. I have davenned in a corner of the lounge without anyone looking Turkish or Arab so much as even giving me a glance.


@Anonymous: haha well I still can’t complaine 😉


Hi Dan.

My daughter-in-law expecting around just after Sukkot. We will not know when we want to leave until we are there and know more. Any idea on their re-booking policy (is it better to book the ticket farther out well beyond – say November 25 – and change it backwards or book it tight – say October 25 – and change it forward)?

Any advice is appreciated…
Thank you!


@harry, these tickets not changeable
Use it or lose it
I called to ask
This price is no change allowed



I need to book flights for a Mitzva-chesed, family of 12, they need to leave July 20-24 and return Aug 28-30, The prices are showing $1400, any suggestions?


@David: I flew the route and we made a minyan by the gate to Tel Aviv in IST and that was safe. I wouldn’t be worried. There will be many other Jews there also.


No such thing unless it’s medical. A family of twelve I am sorry doesn’t qualify.


whats the average for flights through turkey around succos? should i jump on this deal now or will it be going up?


does this deal start in august? I just put in my dates in it came up as a bit over 1,000


I guess we need to rethink stopping in Turkey in light of today’s attack.


Anyone know if I am able to cancel for small fee Sukkos tickets to Israel with Turkish Airlines? Have 4 business class and considering what’s what would either stay in NY or fly coach with a different airline!


I just booked three tickets with Turkish TLV-BOS over Tishrei. They are giving me 2 bags and say they know nothing of any third bag offer, now or a few months ago. Do you have a press release from them or something else in writing Dan?


Hi Dan

I have around 40,000 miles between two accounts on the Turkish Miles and smile program, these miles expire in December, i was wondering if i can redeem these miles on a united flight. If so, do i do the booking on a united site. Sorry about the late message