HOT! Ends Tonight: United MileagePlus 40th Anniversary Sale: Fly Select Domestic For 8,000 Miles Round-Trip Or International (Including Tel Aviv) For 40,000 Miles Round-Trip!

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Update: This sale ends tonight!

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HOT! Today Only! United MileagePlus 40th Anniversary Sale: Fly Domestic For 4,000 Miles Round-Trip Or International (Including Tel Aviv) For 40,000 Miles Round-Trip!

American recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the launch of AAdvantage on 5/1/81. United matched that game changing program in just a matter of days with Mileage Plus in 1981 and they now have an excellent award sale to celebrate.

  • Terms:
    • Purchase on 5/6
    • Travel between 6/1-8/31
    • Round-trip required
    • Saturday night stay required

United no longer charges change fees for award tickets originating the US, though you would pay the difference in fare if you make a change. They also waive cancel and redeposit fees for awards cancelled 30+ days before departure and you can always change to that timeframe as long as it’s done before the time of departure…

  • Sample domestic sale routes for 8,000 miles round-trip:
    • Newark to/from Cleveland
    • Newark to/from Fort Myers
    • Newark to/from Toronto
    • Newark to/from Montreal
    • Chicago to/from Cleveland
    • Chicago to/from West Palm Beach
    • Los Angeles to/from Aspen
    • Los Angeles to/from Denver
    • Los Angeles to/from Seattle
    • Houston to/from Vancouver
    • And much more
  • Sample international sale routes for 40,000 miles round-trip:
    • Newark to/from Tel Aviv
    • Chicago to/from Tel Aviv
    • San Francisco to/from Tel Aviv
    • Newark to/from Amsterdam
    • Newark to/from London
    • Newark to/from Paris
    • Newark to/from Reykjavik
    • Chicago to/from Rome
    • San Francisco to/from Papeete
    • And much more

I found many more awards available from other cities as well during June-August, so search and see what you find!

Award availability is excellent if you have a United credit card. For example here is a month-long look at Newark to Tel Aviv for 20K miles each way if you have a United card:


You can take advantage of this even without a United card, but availability is much more scarce:


That’s why having a United card is an essential part of the Chase Quinfecta to make your Ultimate Rewards points more valuable.

Which awards will you book with this sale?

HT: gilkie, via DDF

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@Dan you might want to be clearer in the post, 4k for each way….


How about you save people’s time and clarify that it’s on SELECT routes!! Many international routes are not included.

הרבי מעוטו

@Jacob complaints may be filed only in Adar Aleph, preferably only the 31st day of the month. Pshat, please feel free to unsubscribe.


Wow! Someone seems to feel entitled! Rarely if ever, is there a mileage sale across the entire network!


How about you look up these deals yourself so you can save people time?!?


Hey snowflakes, Dan does this for a business, not a charity. This is the 21st century and this is what a BLOG is about, not a monologue.
Entitlement is not part of the discussion. What is, is clarity and perhaps some click-beit.

Fact is, Dan agreed and corrected the title somewhat. Stop being yes-men!
It’s okay to like Dan, like his blog, and also offer corrections, and yes, complaints.


haha right on Jacob. big fan here as well but Dan is not above crituqe… e.g. his being pro vaccine…


I believe he does it more for a charity or hobby than for a business, if he would do it as a business I believe he would be able to add much more features where he would be able to earn more money.
its a great service what he does to us


It’s called a win win


Next level of chutzpah!


If I get approved for a united card today, would I be able to access the open availability?


+ $100 in fees… Still a grab!!


Is it 4K a way or 4K RT?


Is it also from Tel Aviv?


How do you see the difference of pricing of having a credit card or not?

Shmuel Kesselman

@Dan do you think its worth it to call them and try and get this deal on routes not part of that list?


@dan any way to convert the miles in how much it is in us dollars. Ex what is the us dollar amount for the 40k miles?



The way to start your calculation is at 1 cent per point (cpp), but, for example, with a sapphire reserve card, you can redeem points for 1.5 cpp.


We want Sukkot!!
40000 rt would be nice


If I use miles to book this tickets can I read deposit the miles in my account without any penalty?


Wow! What’s the story right now traveling to Israel? If one is vaccinated, they’re good to go or even vaccinated you still need to have a sibling, parent or child there? My wife has two siblings there but does she have to be with me on the trip or can I go alone (and possibly with a child)? Does a sister in law count as a sibling?


I assume there’s no discount on premium cabins?


Includes ewr to Vegas.


What dates do you see for that as I don’t see any. Thanks!


Forgot the question mark. Wasn’t a statement. Guess it does not include vegas


Is this for economy only? Or business as well?


If you’re thinking of using this for travel to Israel next Pesach, don’t bother. Their calendar only goes to the beginning of April.


This sale is only for travel June-August


EWR to LHR wide open


Which fare class is the one that’s only available for CC holders?


Any deals in J?


Anyone finding availability Tlv-Nwr in July?


Terms say fares nonrefundable. Is this an exception to their new policy?


If i cancel an award flight, in addition to getting the miles redeposited do i get the taxes/fees refunded?


If I purchase a flight with miles and then cancel the flight for whatever reason at a later date, do I get my miles back?

Mr. CC

Can I cancel the return later if i find something better? (And get back the points used for the return) international


Same question


i saw flights for 20k to israel but then it shows that it’s 200k miles. Im trying to figure out what’s going on.

Mr. CC

The return is probably 120k


Can Chase UR, or Marriott points transfer to United MP? If yes, at 1:1 ratio? Thanks!


Dan, or anyone else knowledgeable, I have Chase UR Points, do you know how long they take to transfer? also anyway to take advantage using hybrid system My card is Sapphire Reserve

Mr. CC

I ust transferred online, the points were in my UA account within a minute


thank you


Does the way back on the round trip have to be before 08/31?


anything in Miami, Florida? or is it only the list on the united link in the post?


If i transfer 80K points from Chase Reserve to United Mileage Plus is that a good idea? i am trying to book a flight from NWK to Dubrovnik. I booked on AlItalia and it was $1400 for 2 people with a stopover.

If i used my sapphire points it is 80K with non stop.

I need some help please! i am not good with Points and all these ideas. 🙁


Not many dates available for the return trip




can i apply for a card and still get approved today for this deal?


In my experience, even if your approved, it won’t update on United’s end for a couple of days.


if i book rt and dont take the 2nd leg of the flight and cancel it will they deposit back half the points

true caller

I am tempted to book a family trip, i am just not in the mood of COVID issues….


Why not just vaccinate?


This is the prefect question to ask when you don’t want to hear an answer like “I don’t know”.
Almost every person has a strong opinion about this topic. Since you asked I’ll give you my answer.

Being young and healthy with anti bodies in a community where the vast majority people have anti bodies as well, I don’t feel that it’s a necessity to take a vaccine which might have some minor long term side effects.
Besides the fact that I don’t have a vaccine for my children.
I am also not in the mood to sit on a long flight with a mask.


If you have antibodies, you shouldn’t have any COVID concerns. The Pfizer vaccine will probably be ok’d for 12 year olds in the coming days.


Did anyone find any cities not listed from NYC for 4K other than CLE?


I would like to book an extra seat for me and my wife (at these rates why not). Any advice how to do that?


Would plan B work to get upgraded on these tickets?



Why not NYC to Vie or ZRH or MUC


Would plan B be discounted for this deal, or the typical 75,000 miles per direction?


I booked for my 2 couples living in israel, and coming back to NY for my daughters wedding in June. 4 round trip tickets (non stop)for 160k miles (and $200). What a steal. Thanks Dan!!!


Mazel Tov! You really are the winner of this. Your wife must have been going nuts that it was getting so close, but good things come to those who wait! 🙂 Now it’ll be an extra special Simcha!


ewr to tlv plenty of dates but the return tlv to ewr almost no dates. and yes I have the explorer card


sorry actually june 1 to july 18 (tisha baav) most dates are available for 20k. after that there arent many dates

yeshva bucher

Can I make a ticket for date 6/1 from Newark to tlv and then move it back to next week?


So if I purchase a 20k ticket the way there and a 45k ticket the way back will I be able to get a refund just for the return?

avrohom m jacobs

Is anybody haveing the same issue as me that I go to the offer and after pressing what city I want to go to it makes up a crazy price


Dan, I apologize for this but what is the typical economy domestic cost? I think like 14.5-21k one way?? Sound right?? I don’t look at United much, never found a good redemption for the miles. Trying to calculate if it’s worth finally using my miles. Thanks!


How do i cancel for free with 20K each way. Even if I change my flight to 30 days away I will never find 20K each way so there will always be a fare difference?


Hi Dan, booked TLV RT for 40k, but the return is very bad (2 awful connections)? No other good deals around those dates. Any idea how I can change the return flight, or anything else I can do to get a better flight. Thanks


I only have 174 miles, so I guess I’m not going anywhere any time soon.


Can’t any find any return from TLV for 20k


hey dan trying to book tlv-ewr with my united explorer card and no dates coming up for 20k all i see is 46k min


Have tickets for great-grandson’s B/M in August and instead of 180,000 miles for two it is now 80,000 miles with full miles credit back. Thanks for the heads up.


Mazel Tov! An extra special Simcha!

Rivka lunger

Do u know if LA is included? I cant find this price from NY to LA .
Thank you for all you do!!


Will they also refund paid upgrade fee 30 days before if cancelling?


If I will want to make a change will I still have this special price or I will have to pay the amount it will be then?


is the deal still going on

S katz

off topic does anyone know if American airlines is acutely starting there new route jfk-tlv tomorrow 05/05/2021?


I was lucky to get two tickets to Israel for a week in middle of july. I was then lucky enough to secure a week at the waldorf. Now, the big question, will I be able to get a visa??


I cannot believe I just saw this deal today‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️


Thanks so much Dan! Managed to snag two tickets to Israel! Woohoo!