16 Tomcat Glue Mouse Traps Now Just $7.72 From Amazon!

Tomcat Mouse Trap with Immediate Grip Glue for Mice, Cockroaches, and Spiders, Ready-to-Use, 4-Pack (16 Glue Traps)
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Update: Alive again and now just $7.72!

16 Tomcat Glue Mouse Traps For $8.09 From Amazon

This was selling for $16.44 yesterday and is now the lowest price this year from Amazon.

  • Tomcat Glue Traps effectively capture mice and other household pests like cockroaches, spiders, or scorpions without the use of bait
  • Our sticky traps utilize a professional-strength glue formulation that is pre-scented and has immediate grip and stretchable hold
  • Place these pest control traps along the walls of rooms or cupboards where rodent activity is suspected, such as kitchens, basements, or garages
  • These rodent traps are both pesticide-free and non-toxic and come ready to use right out of the box
  • Each package of Tomcat Glue Traps contains four disposable mouse-sized traps

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14 Comments On "16 Tomcat Glue Mouse Traps Now Just $7.72 From Amazon!"

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פלוני אלמוני

After having seen mice trapped by these glue traps, I’ll never buy them again.

It seems to me an issue of Tzaar Baalei Chayim. (Though I am not a posken, and this is definitely not a psak.)


Non humane agreed +100
Shouldn’t be advertising them


It’s very humane. Tzar baalei chaim applies only to animals with spine.


Great Timing. You can Buy these or you can go to keresier….

Al Shif

$16.32 current price


Still alive. Just ordered.


Now just $7.72

sarah lagnado

This is the most cruel way of catching ANYTHING, including animals that are not rodents!
They lie on there for up to weeks starving to death and other horrid things that happen to them when glued on, such as cruelty from children other cruel beings that can torture them while stuck on!
It is total tzaar baalei chaim and you should NOT advertise these!


Chas V’Shalom you don’t let it sit there.
You stomp on them when they are caught or put them in the toilet and then throw them out.


Indeed I had a rat invasion and nothing worked besides these. You just have to check them daily and if a rat is caught just kill it

sarah lagnado

We use live animal traps and take them to the park where there is lots of grass and kids eating snacks dropping them to the ground.


Just saying, in many places it’s against the law to relocate invasive species such as mice rats and other rodents.
In addition, many of these animals tend to carry many different types of diseases and need to be handled properly, therefore it’s best to kill them or leave them to the professionals


I recommend an electronic mouse trap that electrocutes the mice. It seems more humane than snap traps or (especially) glue traps. Victor makes one that’s available for around $20 at Lowe’s. It takes 4 AA batteries and can be used over and over. Emptying it is less repulsive than dealing with other types of traps — just turn it over and open the door and out falls the dead mouse into your trash can.


These work very well on mice and spiders. I have almost eliminated the need to spray for spiders in my home.