Will Emirates Fly Nonstop Between Tel Aviv And Dubai Starting Next Month?

Julian Herzog [GFDL or CC BY 4.0]
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Just a few months ago, Israelis were not able to visit the UAE.

Now there will be more flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai than any other city in the world right now:

  • FlyDubai plans to launch twice daily 737 service between Dubai and Tel Aviv on November 26th, coinciding with my 36th birthday and the 16th anniversary of this website šŸ˜€
  • El Al plans to launch twice daily service, with a 737 and 787 Dreamliner, to Dubai beginning on November 30th. El Al flights are not yet on sale.
  • Israir plans to fly a daily A320 to Dubai beginning on December 2nd
  • Arkia plans to fly a daily Embraer 195 to Dubai starting on December 11th:

AndĀ Israeli media is reporting that Emirates will also fly a 777 starting in December!Ā One rumored start date is December 3rd.

It’s strange as Emirates owns budget airline FlyDubai and they typically don’t overlap on the same routes. But maybe Emirates feels the need for FlyDubai to compete with Arkia and Israir while they will compete with El Al’s Dreamliner?

I guess we’ll know soon enough if there will indeed be 5 airlines flying nonstop from Tel Aviv to Dubai.

Eventually we should also see Etihad service between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv.

Can the market possibly support this many flights? Especially in middle of a pandemic with it being so hard for foreigners to fly to Israel?

The UAE is a ā€œgreenā€ country, so Israelis can fly there without needing to quarantine there or on the return. That’s likely to help the new flights.

Americans can also fly to Dubai without needing to quarantine there, so Dubai will be a good meeting place for Americans with relatives living in Israel.

You can read my 2017 trip notes from a layover in Abu Dhabi and Dubai here.

Will you fly between Israel and Dubai?

HT: tavster, via DDF

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Eli Goldberg

I’d love to but the prices on flydubai are not particularly attractive for a low cost carrier
Would you be able to shed any light about points options? (Not garbage matmid points)

Aryeh Sonnenberg

How come flights to the Maldives from TLV don’t seem to be coming down on fare?


How in the world will there be enough demand to fill all these flights?




As of now, Israelis who don’t hold another foreign passport, cannot yet fly to the UAE. That is expected to change very soon IYH.

Nat Zitomer

If not mistaken, Abraham Accords include mutual visa exemption.


Hasn’t been ratified by both sides yet but it’s only a matter of weeks IINM


Actually Israelis can enter visa free for 90 days since November 1st


Early YHS, Dan. AMvE. Let’s hope for a glitch!