Trip Notes: Stopping Over In Dubai And Abu Dhabi In The United Arab Emirates En Route To The Maldives

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai
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Update: Bumping this 2017 trip report in honor of the historic peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. Perhaps next year we’ll be able to fly to Israel in Emirates or Etihad shower class with a stopover in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

The Jewish Community in the UAE has been coming out of the shadows and you can catch a minyan at the JCC there led by Chabad Rabbi Levi Duchman, who dined with us back in 2017. You can email for more info at or order food at A kosher restaurant at the Burj Khalifa is in the works as well!

Originally posted on 6/18/2017:

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This post is continued from: Maldives Trip Notes Part 1: Flying Emirates Shower Class To Dubai…We were supposed to land in Dubai at 8:05am on Monday, but due to the delays we didn’t arrive until 2:26pm. My carefully crafted Dubai itinerary would have to be reworked.

Upon landing I put on my Indians baseball cap. Immigration and customs didn’t ask us a single question. They couldn’t care less about the Israeli immigration sticker on my passport either.

I will admit that walking through baggage claim and seeing where other flights were coming from is a bit of a surreal experience:






But the Dubai airport itself is truly stunning. It’s a shame that most US airports make such a poor first impression on visitors:



Most of the advice on the DansDeals Forums was to take taxis and Ubers around Dubai. However Uber is banned from operating from Abu Dhabi and transportation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi takes 1-2 hours and wouldn’t be cheap.

I found a car for $25/day including tax from Avis and decided to go for it. I wasn’t sure whether they would honor my Chairman’s Club status, but sure enough they were waiting with an Infiniti QX80 for us.


In Dubai and Abu Dhabi I used Project Fi for my phone service. Phone calls over the cell network were 20 cents per minute, but I made phone calls over the 4G data network where they are are practically free. Data is just $10 per GB.


It was rather tricky to find a hotel that would keep our kosher meals frozen and heat them up when we needed them.

I didn’t want to email about having frozen kosher meals, so I explained that I traveled with my own meals due to a food allergy.

While many Orthodox Jews will only vacation in places they can find kosher food, I have no problem traveling with food so that I can explore more remote places. For this trip Miami based Kosher Private Chef provided meals for us to eat and review. With the help of a Polar Bear cooler suitcase you can keep food frozen for days and travel anywhere your heart desires.

The Grand Hyatt and the Fairmont Palm Dubai both refused to keep our meals frozen. The Park Hyatt Dubai on the other hand said they were more than happy to keep the meals frozen and warm them up for us on demand.

The Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is supposed to be amazing, but it didn’t make sense to base myself out of Abu Dhabi when my flights would arrive and depart from Dubai.

I had 2 Fairmont nights that were expiring at the end of March though and wasn’t thrilled about them going to waste, so I located the email address for the Fairmont Palm’s general manager and asked him if he would be able to help us. He was more than happy to provide the authorization to store and warm up our double wrapped meals.

Another benefit of the Fairmont Palm was that it is on the way from the Dubai airport to Abu Dhabi, where I wanted to drive to after dropping off the frozen meals at the hotel.

Both the Park Hyatt and the Fairmont Palm have free valet parking.


Here’s some context of where in the world we were:


Google Maps Timeline is both awesome and creepy at the same time. It shows our driving on Monday from Dubai to Abu Dhabi:


We arrived at the hotel at 4PM, some 7 hours after our planned arrival. Unfortunately the front desk agents had no idea how to deal with our frozen meals.

The agent wanted to leave our bag of food in a unlocked Coke fridge. I wanted the bag sent down to room service for frozen storage and to provide instructions on which meals were to be warmed up.

However the room service manager on duty said that there was no way for them to store our meals. Luckily I had the chain of emails with the General Manager which I forwarded to the front desk agent. It took over an hour, but finally we found the right people and got the meals into the room service freezer. However next time I’d definitely stay at the Park Hyatt in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.


The Fairmont Palm is located on Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s artificial archipelagos as can be seen in these NASA photographs:



The Fairmont Palm lobby is quite beautiful:





Fairmont Palm Deluxe Room:






Fairmont Palm Deluxe Bathroom:






View from the balcony of the Fairmont Palm Deluxe Room:



At 5PM we finally left the Fairmont Palm and started driving from Dubai to its rival UAE city of Abu Dhabi.


I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Back in the day I ran off a mountain to go hang-gliding in Rio. Today I get my kicks by visiting Cedar Point, home to the best roller coasters in the world.

When Ferrari World opened in Abu Dhabi it caught my eye. I have many vices, but cars are not yet among them as my 2011 Altima would attest, so it wasn’t the Ferrari aspect that interested me. It’s the record breaking roller coasters that put the park on my to-do list.

Ferrari World is located in Yas Mall. It took an hour to drive to the mall from the Fairmont and there was plenty of free parking there.




There are various ticket options available to skip some of the lines. In Cedar Point I always pony up the funds to skip the long lines for the best rides there. But at 6PM on a Monday evening, the park was empty and it didn’t look like there was any reason to buy anything but the least expensive ticket, which is about $65 versus fast pass options that will set you back up to $150.


Due to the heat of the desert the park is indoors, however you’ll exit the building while riding on the roller coasters.



Our first ride was Flying Aces, designed after flying in a bi-plane.

My favorite roller coaster in the world is Cedar Point’s Millenium Force, but wow did this ride give it a run for its money. It features the steepest and fastest lift as well as the highest loop in the world while flying at 75MPH. The craziest thing about this Intamin built ride is that there is only a waist restraint, there’s no shoulder restraint as you’ll typically find on roller coasters that take you upside-down. This makes for a terrifying, yet amazing feeling as you’re flipped backwards on the ride. It’s worth going to the park just to go on this ride several times.

There was no line for the ride, though we waited for a few minutes in order to secure the front row.



Next up: Formula Rossa. This takes the concept of Six Flags’ Kingda Ka and Cedar Point’s Top-Thrill Dragster to the next level. Formula Rossa shatters the roller coaster record books by flying at 150MPH. It takes less than 5 seconds to get there.

The ride accelerates so fast that it’s hard to catch your breath. You will feel the skin on your face fly backwards as it jolts forward with acceleration like I’ve never felt before.

Riding this in the front row however is a mistake. Water is used to cool off this ride between runs and it whips into front seat riders like glass at 150MPH.

Goggles are provided and are required for all riders. They’re not particularly comfortable.

The sheer speed is something worth experiencing, but at the end of the day I might actually prefer a ride like Top Thrill Dragster. Apparently there is such a thing as being too fast.






We rode Formula Rossa a few times before going back to the magic of Flying Aces. This time there were so few riders that we had to wait for people to show up just for them to operate the ride. The incredible ride is well worth the wait and I was just happy that I didn’t waste any money on skip the line passes!

There are other attractions and shows at the park as well as a lot of Ferraris to gawk at, but nothing that struck my fancy.










By 8PM we had our fill of coasters and drove to Abu Dhabi’s famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque. As Islam is a monotheistic religion, most Rabbinic authorities say that Jews are allowed to visit a Mosque. Most Mosques in the UAE are off-limits to non-Muslims, but the grandest of them all is open to everyone.

Originally I had planned to arrive here at 5PM for a free guided tour that many DDF’ers enjoyed. A 5PM arrival also allows you to see the view from the library before it closes and to see the Mosque during daylight and night hours.

Alas, we arrived at 8:30PM due to the flight delay, so we missed all of that.

Parking was free and plentiful.

The pictures do this place no justice, it is truly stunning. It made me yearn for a time when Jews had the Temple built by King Solomon and how awesome it would be to behold such a sight with my own eyes.

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Tried to find #Alladin. No dice.

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As I went through security I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be recognized as a Jew. Instead the security guard started chatting away with me in Arabic and seemed shocked that I wasn’t an “Arabi.” The same scene repeated itself a few times in the UAE. I’m pretty white, but I guess with a baseball cap and my beard I can pass as a Muslim?


Sheikh Zayed Mosque:



These nighttime pictures really do the place no justice:






Fountains surround the Mosque:



Courtyard inside the Mosque:












We didn’t go inside the actual prayer room:






After 45 minutes of gawking at one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen in my life, we drove back to the Fairmont. I called them and asked them to warm up our frozen meals for an hour in the oven.

I was exhausted and raced back to the hotel. Little did I know that driving 21KPH over the speed limit would trigger a camera fine of $177. Luckily I only exceeded 20KPH once. The previous renter of my car did it several times in just one day!

We hosted the local Chabad shliach for dinner. He covers territory throughout several Arab countries with various Jewish communities that prefer to stay on the down-low. Now that is one fascinating job for a 23 year old single guy.

We feasted Monday evening on hot meals from Kosher Private Chef including sliced tongue in mustard with rice pilaf and tater tots. The tongue was incredible and the tater tots were great as well:



Sesame Chicken was among the best versions of the dish that I’ve ever had. Moist and delicious, I could eat it every night!



The Cashew Coated Flounder was very good as well and came with quinoa pilaf and garlic brussel sprouts:


View from our balcony:



I signed us up to go on a Platinum Heritage Falconry and Wildlife Desert Safari the next morning. It offers a half day tour including taking a 1950s Land Rover to view Arabian desert wildlife, camel riding, and Falcon flying for about $130.


Tuesday: Driving out to the desert and local Dubai sites:


We woke up at 5:30AM on Tuesday morning only to find that the sandstorm had turned into a rainstorm. Rain in the UAE desert? Who knew!

Platinum Heritage sent a driver to pick us up from our hotel and he insisted that the rain would go away and the tour would go on. So we drove an hour out to their location, where we were presented with Arabic Coffee and dates:




However the rain never did let up, so while there were falcons, they couldn’t fly.



While there were camels walking in the rain, they said they were unpredictable and that we couldn’t ride on them or go on the desert tour:




And so they provided a full refund and drove us back to the hotel where we walked around the soggy grounds:





The Dubai Yellow Boats are one of the top rated activities in Dubai. Unfortunately they closed for the day due to the rain.

With the rain pouring outside, I burned some of my expiring Fairmont Platinum certificates on a wonderful free hot stone massage. Sure enough by the time the massage was over the rain had cleared up.


AJK told me that I couldn’t go to Dubai and not visit the world’s only 7 star hotel, the Burj Al-Arab. Of course the trick would be getting in there, officially it’s only open to guests or people dining at one of the pricey restaurants. I wound up making a reservation online for the Skyview bar. No credit card is needed to make a reservation.

Valet parking at the hotel was free.

The Burj Al-Arab is beautiful from the outside:



Inside it is gilded in gold, just as you would expect from showy Dubai:









Looking up is breathtaking:








We walked through the hallway to get to the elevators that go to the Skyview bar:



They had us wait a few minutes in the waiting area by the elevators:



Finally we went up to the top:




View from the skyview bar:



Once at the top they informed us that we couldn’t just order a drink, we would have to pay some $200/person for a full afternoon tea. So we went right back downstairs 🙂



Burj Al-Arab house car:






After gawking at the hotel we drove next door to the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, where once again, parking was free. The market has everything to buy from souvenirs to rugs.









There’s even a Jamba Juice!



After buying a pink camel for my daughter, Talia:



We walked outside to get another view of the Burj Al-Arab:



Not a police taxi, just a cab advertising Police watches…




Just a couple minutes away from there is the Mall of the Emirates, home to Ski Dubai. And once again, parking was free.

Now I can ski for less money closer to home, but it is fun to see skiing in a mall:





The malls in the UAE are massive and full. They don’t seem to be suffering yet from the ails of US malls due to the internet…

But speaking of that, we passed by a toy store where everyone was playing with these awesome Squap Paddles that were a lot of fun. Before buying a set for Rafi though I looked on Amazon, and sure enough they were available for less than at the mall. And Prime shipping sure beats shlepping a toy home from Dubai!


The UAE has numerical licence plates, and people spend millions of dollars on the lowest numbers. The lowest we noticed was 444:



After the Mall of the Emirates we drove to the Gold Souk. Alas we couldn’t find any parking there, it was the one time in the UAE where it would have been easier to not have a car.

So we drove to the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. Calling it massive is the understatement of the year. Parking is free here as well.


There is an aquarium inside that you can pay to enter, but you can also view a nice amount of it for free from the mall:






Attractions in the mall:



A Dubai style souk:



Dubai Ice Rink:



Indoor waterfall:



I had pre-booked tickets online to go the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and more than twice as high as the Empire State Building:



The entrance to go up to the top of the Burj Khalifa is in the Dubai Mall.

Model of the Burj Khalifa:



Regular admission is about $35, but we paid an extra $15 to go up before sunset, so that we would be able to view the city during the day and at night. That ticket allows access to levels 124+125. If you want to go to level 148 it will set you back $95 off-peak or $136 for sunset.

I didn’t time it well enough to see this however:



It was pretty hazy, but still offered a nice view. I don’t think the view would be better from the higher floor option.

View from the top:




Be sure to catch a birds eye view of the Dubai Fountain Show:



View of 124 observatory from 125:



If you do take one of these silly photographs, be sure to negotiate and pretend to walk away. I paid about 10% of the original asking price:


Another cool souvenir for the kids, painted at the top of the Burj Khalifa:




I also sent postcards from the top to friends and family back home.

Word to the wise though, the stamps they have are massive, so apply them before you start writing…



Nighttime view:




There are “Digital Binoculars” that shows you the live view and other views that change based on where you point it:



Here’s a video of how it works:


Historical view from the screen:



Clear night view from the screen:




Clear day view from the screen:



Live view from the screen:






Burj Khalifa at night:



After we got down we took a wonderful boat ride on the lake to view the incredible Dubai Fountain Show up close at night. It’s easily the most impressive fountain show I’ve ever seen and the boat ride was just $18.




Here’s a video that shows just a small part of the show, but gives an idea about how grand it is. The music varies by show. You can also watch my original Facebook Live broadcast here.


View from the Burj Khalifa from the boat:


And if you want to crane your neck to see the Burj all lit up and sparking at night:


For dinner on Tuesday we had delicious honey mustard chicken and tater tots with a rice and corn medley:




Awesome flanken in a merlot reduction with mashed yukon potatoes and roasted beets:




Topped off with delectable and spicy sriracha chicken wings with chicken fried rice:



The Fairmont also gave us a fruit plate with some delicious kiwi and passion fruit:




View from the Fairmont balcony at night:




And in the morning:dsc04318a





On Wednesday morning we drove to the airport to fly from Dubai to the Maldives. Dubai has a separate terminal for business and first class passengers.

Here’s a free amenity you will never see in the US:




You won’t mistake stunning Dubai airport for 3rd world LaGuardia anytime soon…





Emirates only allows first class lounge access to passengers with a departing flight in first class. As I had arrived in first class but was departing in business class I was relegated to the business lounge.

Except Emirates doesn’t do “lounges” in Dubai.

Coach passengers have their own terminal on the bottom floor. Business class passengers have the 2nd floor as an dedicated terminal with boarding gates. And first class passengers have the 3rd floor as their dedicated terminal with boarding gates.


Just a few newspapers to choose from:



Looking down at the coach level from the business class level:



Emirates business class lounge:








The kids room in the business class lounge looked awesome!



Emirates business class lounge:






Boarding gate from the Emirates business class lounge:



The weather didn’t cooperate for us in Dubai, but I did enjoy myself in the city. I’m not going to discuss the human rights aspects or politics and clearly you need to be careful not to get in trouble with the law. But as an Orthodox Jew I felt more comfortable in Dubai than I did in many parts of Europe.


Even with the $177 camera speeding ticket, I don’t regret renting a car, parking was plentiful and free everywhere in the UAE besides for the Gold Souk and the driving was very easy. Just be sure that you don’t exceed 20kph over the speed limit if you decide to drive.


Finally it was time to board the Emirates 777 for the 4 hour flight from Dubai to the paradise of the Maldives. Emirates’ only planes are 777s and A380s, which is pretty mind-boggling if you think about it.

My main concern was would the flight take off on time? Even a short delay would mean having to overnight in some dive in Male instead of in an overwater S. Regis Villa as the seaplanes to the island resorts don’t operate in the evening. Our flight was scheduled to arrive in Male at 2:55PM. The hotel informed me that if we arrived after 3:30PM we would have to overnight in Male.

To be continued…

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Disappointing you directly support a terrorist nation’s economy


“but I made phone calls over the 4G data network where they are are practically free” aren’t all VOIP channels blocked in UAE? at least that what i read online and was my experience when there last year, i tried whatsapp calling, hangouts and skype.


Wow very nice! Did you make it ontime to Maldives?


How many day trip minimum would you recommend for Dubai Maldives combo thanks


you write that you hesitated to mention kosher about your food, i stayed in the Grand Hyatt Dubai and asked them in advance about kosher as a diamond member and mentioned it to multiple employees and experienced no issue at all, i didn’t need freezer storage, just heating up which they did in the club no problem.


Definitely enjoyed this! Thanks Dan. Living vicariously through you :). Looking forward to hearing about the next leg.


@Dave: jeez. Not all Arab counties are terrosit countries. UAE is not terrosits arabs. There may even be nonstop flights to TLV from Dubai in the near future.


@Dave: You’re so right. UAE is an amazing place and home to expats, and I’ve been living here for 25years. Also, I’m happy to say you’re prediction of Tel Aviv-Dubai flights is currently in ‘actualization’ phase.


Sorry guys, the comment was directed @Solomon.


Dan- nice report
I can’t believe you drive a 2011 car when you can get amazing lease deals and get a new car every 2-3 years for basically nothing. My last lease came out to $38 a month (paid as a single payment upfront of about 930$)! Brand new Chevy trax

I really don’t care what I drive either… but if you understand how leasing works you get some amazing deals!

Yossi Cohen

Any advise how replicate such a lease?


That Indian cap most probably fooled everyone! lol


Waiting for the frum police to comment on your mosque visit..

Awesome installment, keep it up. (In it’s current form)


Dan, your tzitzith didn’t come out on the rides, etc?


@Alexander: i wore my tzitzis out the entire time i was there, didn’t even notice the slightest stare


You sure that 444 plated car was local? Pretty sure it says “Amman” in Arabic (but please correct if wrong — not yet fluent).


You are 100% correct!


How you made a reservation for the SkyView bar in burj al arab? Ia says on the website
‘Please note that pre-payment is required to confirm your Afternoon Tea booking’

Amazing TR Btw


Dan is cardofferforu 10 percent of ba flights only if you have a ba card? Or any chase consumer visa suffices even freedom.? Thanks


years ago, I commented on your bypassing a line to be driven by Porche from gate to plane, on Lufthansa, a first class perk. My comment was that perhaps it would’ve been better for you to have worn a cap, as a kippah might be considered by some (me) as maris-ayin. I concluded the post that wearing a hat is not an aveira. You were a bit offended. Now, perhaps you’ve softened your position. Rightfully so. thanks.


As an Arab I appreciate Dan’s reports in Arab countries that talk about people with respect and doesn’t label an entire country or people in a stereotypical way. I am sure you can imagine how Arabs are treated in TLV when they arrive. I don’t write off all Israelis because they have tight security at the airport. Please think twice before maligning a whole group of people. I think that’s what Jewish people want from others.


Dan- this TR is perfect. I am heading there next month with my wife in shower class thanks to you, and i cant wait! Looking to book Burj Al Arab Skybar as well- not allowing on the website, says need to call or email and must prepay in advance. Any further advice?


Can you please explain to us novices how it is possible to lease a car for $930 a month?


Rosewood Abu Dhabi happily stored and heated our kosher meals (which we identified as kosher beforehand).


Can you kindly explain your insistence to bring kosher prepared meals with you? If I’m not mistaken is it not possible to order kosher meals while traveling?

A poshiteryid

@andrew: Well said.
And thanks Dan! You set a great example in a world overrun by people who sit condemning everything from their ivory towers.


Can you please explain how you keep frozen foods in your travels? Do you check in the Pola Bear cooler? Full of ice? I am planning to go to Yosemite and want to bring food for 1 week. May be you can be kind enough to write a report of the gadgets you use in your travels? Tks a lot

Miami Guy

Great post! It was fun to read and Im glad you enjoyed yourself.


Great post! Its funny i stayed at 1 hotel in Abu Dhabi and 2 in Dubai and i didn’t have a problem with the food. The St Regis Abu Dhabi gave me an issue before i got there (i also said i had allergies), however when i asked for the head chef he was amazing and knew all bout kosher while giving us A+ treatment.


What an enjoyable travelogue. Can’t wait for the next installment. Happy to hear your Project Fi phone service worked out. Thanks, Dan!

58 counting

Thank you for bringing back the memories from my last years 10 days trip to the UAE.
I am at 58 countries so far but that trip was the best ever. My food situation was less luxurious, I took a suitcase of food along but otherwise same sightseeing – as far as possible with 2 little kids, then 3 and 4. In terms of the hotels we did some hotel hopping starting at the Luxury collection in Ajman, Dubai Mina Seyahi, where we got an upgrade to the Presidential Suite, 1 night Al Maha, which was one my best hotel experiences – unfortunately alone as kids allowed only from age 10 and St Regis Saadiyat Island. The hotels were better than any other hotel before, amazing kids club and very generous upgrades. This year we did 3 days Qatar but no comparison to Dubai and Abu Dhabi!
Please continue to post reviews!


Dan – FYI that the 444 car indeed does say “Amman” on the plate. عمان paste into Google Translate and you can see.


Dan: Can you share more about this? Is Polar Bear the brand you recommend? Seems a small suitcase, is there a cooler suitcase that holds 50 LB?


@Dan any chance of a post taking a deep ‘how to’ dive into bringing kosher meals with you – and your success (or lack thereof) in getting various places to freeze/heat? You’ve mentioned it in a few places but would love more info.


How much did Kosher Private Chef charge you per meal? Sounds like a nice option for food when you travel.


When did you get back?how old are you kids now?


Great TR! the less installments the better.


All 3 when i got there. At the St Regis i called in advance and they said they wouldn’t/ couldn’t do it- but after some persistence they told me i would need to speak with the chef when i got there and they couldn’t guarantee me anything. The Burj i didn’t tell them anything beforehand as i figured for that price there better not be an issue, and there wasn’t. As for the Ritz, they told me no problem beforehand and when i got there they just called out the chef.


with respect: maris-ayin and pikuach-nefesh are indeed linked.


on another note: when UAE opens the door to it’s citizens to travel to Israel, I’ll consider spending my tourist dollars there.



please explain better about these lease deals – I just started a lease and never saw any prices you mentioned!!


Those “hot meals from Kosher Private Chef including sliced tongue in mustard with rice pilaf and tater tots. The tongue was incredible and the tater tots were great as well”

Dan, are you aware that Shulchan Aruch 61:31 forbids a Yisroel from eating tongue?

check out


@Dan: Levi?


@Dan: Regardless, your readers are and they should be aware of what is going on with this mass-labeling of glatt kosher when there is an issur involved


@Dan: It is not, it need not give subtle hints at total ignorance either


I’m not a rav, but I dont pasken by books from Amazon.
BMG in Lakewood served tongue at their dinners!


@Yud: Yoreh Deah ch. 61 se’if 31, and I quote; אסור לישראל לאכלם


Hilarious how the comments here degenerated to a discourse about the kashrut of eating tongue! I got tears in my eyes over here – @only on Dan’s Deals

And @Dan – indeed the factoid stands, but wonder who was visiting from Amman with a plate like that!


@Dan: Am ha’aretz? before I brought this up to you right here and now, you didn’t have an inkling of an idea that beef tongue is questionable – can you at least give me that?


@Yud: Let me guess, you don’t pasken from mishna only from gemara, and not from gemara only shulchan aruch, not from shulchan aruch only rema, and not from rema only rav elyashiv, and not from rav elyashiv if he is too strict – give us a break before we get dizzy lol


@Morris @Dan

That license plate says Oman, not Amman. The letters are the same for both (ayin mim alif nun) but the short vowels are different. See the “damma” marking over the ayin, which is like a holam in Hebrew.

For extra credit, the damma has a similar shape to the letter waw, which is equivalent to vav and also a mater lectionis.


@aradisc: Dan is Ashkenazi, he doesn’t do waw, and freely eats tongue and cheek meat 🙂


Dan, what a great post! I really enjoyed this! Please tell us more about the Polar Bear Cooler, as I frequently buy meat and cheese in the US to take home with me. Also, how do we get in touch with this roving Chabadnik? We are about 200 folks serving all over the world and would like to reach out. Thanks!


Great write up. Just fyi there is really no such thing as a 7 star hotel, 5 star is highest…


@Dan, I am a bit surprised you can bring frozen food with you. A number of countries do not allow any meat or dairy (by-)products raw or cooked. I am wondering how do you deal with this traveling to so many places?


i need this info! live in Dallas and my car is 20 years old! more info please



Howd’ja guess? Not Rav Elyashiv specifically, but my LOR.

How about you? Straight Chumash?! Funny how you know about the Shulchan Aruch! Tell me, what do you wear for tefillin? Or, tell me, what is the din or electricity on Shabbos. Or what is the din of…..

Dan said it well enough. @Just

And here’s a klal for everyone else: Im ein neviyim heim, bnei neviyim heim, v’chol yisroel kulam kedoshim. If we all eat tongue, it’s mutar.


Nice TR!

1) Seems, given you limited amount of time, you accomplished a lot.
2) I told Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi about my kosher meals and they could not have been more accommodating, offering to store for us and heat on demand. (Though we didn’t need the latter, as we were upgraded for a 1900 sq ft suite with full kitchen.)
3) Why didn’t I get a postcard?


A bit unrelated but maybe u can make a post explaining in greater detail how t book thru jal ? Or if u already have pls post a link…..i found availability on an for a flight from tlv to dxb with rj but when i called jl they didn’t see it ….i called the usa call center is there a better number? Also u mentioned that one way jfk ~mxp on first (Emirates shower ) is 50k jl Did that change? Thanx in advance


I plan on going to Dubai and Thailand in January, Where is the best place to currency exchange.
Do you have an itinerary or top thing to do there?


About the Polar Bear cooler… Does the 48 can need to be checked in? If yes, does it pay to buy the 24 can or its too small? I usually don’t check in luggage and can bring the cooler as a carry on. Tks

Jonathan Green

Hi – any updates with Parts 3 and 4? Looking forward to reading!

Michael Lev

Hi Dan,

My wife and I are considering going to the Maldives. I was wondering if you brought your tfillin – or if it something you might know anything about. The Maldives customs website outlines that they ban anything which might be offensive to Islam….

Also – do you know if one would be allowed to bring Kosher cheeses and deli?

Thank you!



Hi – any updates with Parts 3 and 4? Looking forward to reading!


happy thanksgiving. wheres parts 3 and 4? doing a very similar itinerary to this next year.


I’m travelling through Dubai soon and I have a 13 hour stop-over.
Do you recommend doing any of these as a bochur travelling alone? And which are the best to do considering the time limit?


Have you ever posted a review on your stay in SR Maldives?


Never too late.
I’m aiming on getting there this year, +/- 2 years


one word: AWESOME!!!


So what’s the best way to do this thing? How do we go from NYC to TLV in the revered “shower class”?


Just saw a 8 license plate on a RR


Did you ever do the notes for the Maldives portion of the trip? We are thinking of doing a trip just like this. Would love to hear about the Maldives portion. Has anyone else been to Dubai or Maldives and has recommendations for specific places to stay with 2 teenage boys?