Virgin Atlantic: Fly From Tel Aviv To NYC For $424 Round-Trip! Valid For Pesach 2020!

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Update: Alive again and now with June dates added as well!

Update: DEAD!

This fare is only valid for flights originating in Israel, not for flight originating in the US.

This fare is valid to Newark or JFK. Use NYC to search both airports for best results. Flights connect in London.

Amazingly this fare is valid for Pesach flights:

During checkout you can select Economy Light for $424 round-trip, Economy Classic for $524 round-trip, or Economy Delight for $624 round-trip.

Economy Light allows seat selection at checkin and comes with a free carry-on bag and 25% of flown miles, but doesn’t come with free checked bags. Economy Classic adds a free checked bag, advanced seat assignments, and 50% of flown miles. Economy Delight adds an extra legroom seat, priority checkin, priority boarding, and 150% of flown miles.

If you don’t need a checked bag for each passenger you may want to book some passengers on one itinerary with Economy Classic fares and some passengers on another itinerary with Economy Light fares.

Valid Tel Aviv to NYC outbound dates:
April 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 29, 30
May: 1 through 31
June: 1, 2

Valid NYC to Tel Aviv return dates:
April 20 through 30
May: 1 through 31
June: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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HT: Leon F.

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Also available for a drop more, for dates in March for those bucherim wanting to come home for pesach.


For those bochurim who want to leave home to see their families, you mean.


how do yo u find that cld you pls send me the link

Sarah Abramov

I also really wanna fly home for pesach and all the websights dont show these prices.if someone has succesfully ordered tickets id really apreciate some help figuring this out!

Thanks dan

It looks like this price does not include a checked bag. A checked bag is $57 each way or you can pay an extra $100 now and have one free bag included.


Did you read the post???


Is there an option to check a person into a bag? That would be even cheaper!


That’s $100 round trip for the upgrade from Lite to Classic, which also gives you seat selection as well.


Very impressed that this has been up an hour, and no one asked yet if this deal can be used for flights leaving from NY.


Can it?


Please advise if it does


Any details on meal service / KSML served on Virgin Atlantic?


(meaning does the $425 fare include meal service?)




Economy Delight adds an extra legroom seat? You mean to say that you get a seat with another 5 or 6 inches of legroom? or you get another extra empty seat next to you?


What happens if you buy two of them and then skip the 1st leg of each (i.e. turning this into a roundtrip originating in the U.S.?) Does second leg get canceled in such a case?


Looked for a flight in May on Virgin Atlantic and Priceline websites. Price was $965.


I’ve only found flights for Pesach with 6-7 hour stop overs. Anybody found anything better?


Deal posted right before Shabbat in Israel. By the time shabbat ended, deal was gone!


I was wondering how I missed it…


I booked 2 tickets, thank you so much Dan for this great deal


Can this be booked from NYC also or only starting in TLV


I couldn’t see details on Virgin Atlantic website about cancellation policy. Do I have 24 hours to cancel? And if booked on Friday does that mean I can cancel until Monday?


How would I book for a baby that hasn’t been born yet?


book two seats for the mother. She can take the infant as a lap baby and put the baby in her second seat.


Put a date of birth from 20 years ago.


Can i book 1 way?


Not seeing anywhere near these prices. Is this dead? Or are most dates simply booked and I have to search for the few left like a needle in a haystack? Any easy way to find the dates still available


Are there still tickets
They want now 750