Israel Will Keep Ben Gurion Airport Closed For At Least 2 More Weeks, Additional Rescue Flights Will Be Added

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel’s cabinet voted to extend the closure of Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion Airport through at least February 21st.

The airport has been closed since January 26th.

A couple weeks ago I asked if Ben Gurion would close until March. It sure looks like that will be the case now, but they just wanted the news to trickle out slowly…

The good news is that additional rescue flights in and out of the country will be added, including to and from the US and Dubai. Currently the only operating flights are between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv on Israir.

Israelis must apply for permission to leave or enter the country and it’s only being granted in limited circumstances.

Foreign passport holders can leave Israel without needing advance permission. A dual Israeli/Canadian citizen commented that he had no issues leaving the country without obtaining permission by using his foreign passport.

People entering Israel with special permission do not have to quarantine if they are registered in Israel as having been fully vaccinated in Israel or documented as recently recovered. Otherwise a 10-14 day hotel quarantine is required.

Are you stuck in or out of Israel? Share your stories in the comments!

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The link that u put in for israelis leaving and entering , is actually only the form for entering. For leaving i think u need two different forms


Foreign passport holder stuck out of Israel, will they you in if you are permanent resident?

Chaim F

Why would anyone be a permanent resident, if Jews can just get full citizenship in Israel?


Not to be subject to a Communist/ Socialist Regime

Chaim F

You’re entitled to your opinions, but I think Israel is far from a communist/socialist country.


As a proud Israeli, I actually agree with him that Israel has strong socialist character, with a little little bit of communism. Not saying it’s bad, just that it’s true.


If you would live here, than you would not be saying that.

Dan\'s the Man

residents still have to pay taxes so no real benefit in not being a citizen other than for those trying avoid the army I think.

Dan\'s the Man

There same there are lots of people in America who have green cards but never got US citizenship


Agreed, just make Aliyah. There is basically no downside to being an Israeli citizen.


Just the army, that’s all.
And that’s reason enough for some people to avoid Aliya…

Chaim F

I knew this was going to happen.


LOL, what can you do some people are more makpid on Gebrokts than actual mitzvot.


Just important to information:
I am dealing with a case where a person that was fully vaccinated but left the country (due to a parents death L”A) within the first week after getting the second dose, and now after returning to Israel at about 20 days later is being held in hotel quarantine, nothing will convince them that this is just plain nonsense…. (he of course provided a Negative test taken about 48 hours before departure + he tested negative at the airport upon arrival)


Anyone know if a foreign passport holder that is a permanent resident in israel can leave israel?


They can leave. Difficult part is getting back in. Need special ishur.

Karen Bibi

Does anyone know if a person flew into Israel from us before Jan 25, has a green card and lives in the us for 30 years, also has Israeli passport. Can she come back home on an emergency flight? Her mother passed away in USA.


yes she can request permission using this form,
Israeli citizens: If traveling for a funeral, medical procedure, a legal proceeding or to return to one’s home, one must fill out this affidavit

Stuck in america

I am a Israeli American left Israel on united feb 1st My return flight is on Wednesday night feb 11 ewr to tlv any chance that will be one of the rescue flights?


I am in the same situation, dual citizenship scheduled to return to Israel on the Wed night flight. I am fully vaccinated and left Israel for a legal case. Hoping they allow me back in without a fuss. Guess I’ll find out soon…


keep us updated!


My partner flew to Israel in early January for a funeral. His permanent residence is in the US, where he is also a citizen. He qualifies to leave but how are people getting out? Where can one find information about what flights are operating to the US?


I have a flight on tuesday 2/9 with United do you think the flight will go? so far united didnt cancel the flight. I am a resident and an israeli citizen and here since end of December. What do i need to do to get back to israel?


The United flights are essentially canceled for the next two weeks, but they’re not marking their flights as canceled until the night before or day of the flight. Unless United strikes a deal with Israel, they won’t be doing commercial flights until the airport is reopened.

El Al is the only airline operating special flights between Israel and NY right now.


El Al is flying two flights tomorrow


El Al flies to Israel?


did anybody that was dual citizen israel and us leave and only present there us passport or do they ask you for your israely pasport and give you a ploblem on will they give me a problem??


Yes, they will give you a problem. I just spoke to someone on the El Al flight out today who is a dual citizen. He did not have an ishur to leave, and they did not let him leave. He did find one sympathetic person that went with him to a side office and processed him there. Nowadays, it is basically the check-in agents deciding on the whim what the rules are. Make sure you have what you need, and either way, give yourself enough time for any new rule that might have popped up since you left your home for the airport


I hear there are no united flights for the next two weeks ewr to tlv only elal can anyone confirm?


United Airlines, too, is in talks with the government about operating flights to the USA. At this time, however, there is no progress. Barring a change, United will be forced to cancel the remaining flights which still are scheduled for the coming days.