United Will Operate Flights From Tel Aviv To Newark While Ben Gurion Airport Is Closed

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Chaim V’Chessed reports that United will operate flights from Tel Aviv to Newark on Saturday and Sunday evening while Ben Gurion is officially closed.

One-way flights are bookable in coach on United.com for $586, 45K United miles, 40K Air Canada miles, or 32K Turkish miles, among other Star Alliance award options.

United remains the only airline in the world that has continued service to Israel throughout the pandemic. They continue to operate cargo flights to Israel without passengers.

Foreign nationals do not need permission to leave Israel.

Israelis going to a funeral, getting medical treatment, or going to a legal proceeding that requires their presence can travel out of Israel on the flights by just filling out this form and bringing it to the airport.

Other Israelis with an extenuating reason need to request permission to leave the country here.

It’s still unclear when flights from the US to Israel may resume or if Ben Gurion will reopen on Monday or remain closed.

Will you fly on United’s flights from Tel Aviv to Newark?

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Are these flights likely to be near empty? Good opportunity for ghetto lie-flat?


It’s been lie-flat in economy all winter.


What was the outcome of the Israeli gov netting today are they extending the airport closure


We can only imagine how valuable that cargo is to make this worth it


i am a dual citizen and have a flight from tlv-ewr on feb 9th returning feb 17th.
assuming that BG is still closed then, and that i will get permission to leave, will they allow me to return?


They may allow you, but you’ll have no way to get in. United isn’t selling seats to TLV on these flights.
Either way, my bets are that by February 17th things should be okay.


i already have a seat, i dont need to buy one.
either way, u can bet, but i have 4 kids waiting for me at home

Nate nate

I’m assuming someone is taking care of your kids right now while you are away. I guess I’m not following how having kids waiting for you is relevant.

If your childcare arrangements end on a certain date, you can bet on getting back in, or you can make arrangements to extend your childcare.


Imho Pretty irresponsible of you to leave your family in another country.
Now you see why…


@nyet chap the matzav
what i meant to say is that i WILL have 4 kids (and a DW as well) waiting for me at home if i travel to new york on feb 9th, hence my not willing to rely on your bets that by feb 17th i will be able to return to them


If you have Dual citizenship Israeli Law requires that you exit Israel with with a Valid Israeli Passport
Hence you will be treated as any Israeli and not as a Foreign and you will need special Authorization to leave Israel during the Airport closure

Yanky G

I’m an American and have a flight scheduled for Feb 17 from TLV to EWR on UA. If the airport is still closed will I be able to leave Ben Gurion?


@dan the regulations changed and now even people with medical/ funeral etc. Need a special permit, not enough to fill out the form. If you want I can email you the details


I’m chilling in New York now. Too much pritzus in Israel.


@dan How do you book the flight on turkish air? It’s not showing up in their app or website.


If anyone noticed it was technically possible to book the flight from tlv to ewr this whole week so is there something specific about sunday?


@Dan according to United, they are still planning to fly right now from Newark to Ben Gurion on Feb 1st, the first flight available.


Why are they still operating? There’s no way they can turn a profit on these flights. And they’re flying
planes which are outfitted for passengers, so not sure how they’re maximizing their cargo efficiency on the way in.


I remember you writing in one of the post about united charging more miles when it’s close to the flight. Where can I read more about it?


Is Amman airport open? Is the Jordanian border closed?


-“Foreign nationals do not need permission to leave Israel”.
Does this include Israelis who also have American citizenship?


All foreign nationals need permission to leave as well. Check out Chaim Vchessed.


I have a ticket on the United Sunday night flight 1/31/21 at 11:50pm. Will it be leaving as scheduled? Do I just show up in the airport for my flight? I’m an american citizen flying home for my wedding.



Harvey Tesler

Did you hear if ElAl is offering connections to other cities in the US? I tried to book from Cleveland and got message that no service available

Yesh supermarket

What’s the constant necessity for cargo?


Just flew motzei Shabbat on United flight from
Tlv to eWr. Nobody asked for any special permits. Have Canadian passport but also Israeli. Great empty lie flat economy flight. Only way to get out during airport closure. Any American or foreign passport holder should be able to leave on Jan 31 flight with negative pcr covid test and completing health certification from
Israeli govt. nobody will ask any other question.


Thanks. I’m a US citizen and waiting a week post vaccination to fly to EWR. Can I leave on any United flight to EWR or just the sat/sun night flights? Who is requiring a negative pcr test?


I assume you mean you are getting vaccine in Israel. Are you a US citizen with passport? If yes, you shouldn’t have a problem booking any flight they fly. Is your country of origin Israel or USA? Negative pcr test required by USA 72 hours before flight. If you are part of kupat cholim and your kupa has results in English ( I know Macabbee does), then it’s good enough to get on the plane


Yes…US Citizen only, in Israel and received the vaccine. We don’t have a kupah. What is the easiest/cheapest test acceptable and where can one get it? Thank you….much appreciated.


cheapest and best way to get test is check2fly.co.il, 45 shekel test done at the airport. you need to book in advance. How did you get vaccine if you are not part of a kupah?


Thank you. Regarding the vaccine if you didn’t have a Kuppah…for instance you were over the age to join (75+)…the Kuppah created a 3 hour temporary member number based on the mandate from the Ministry of Health.


So if you are over 75 you can get vaccine in Israel
Without being a citizen? Did you book a flight on United?


Even if you are under 75. My understanding is they are vaccinating everyone now including the students in seminaries and yeshiva. I haven’t booked a flight yet. Check2fly responded they are doing tests even while the airport is “closed”. However the rapid 4 hours test is not available during lockdown. Which means two trips to the airport. One for the 14-17 hour test and next day for the flight. Very inconvenient. Wished they had a Jerusalem sample location.


Menachem, you didn’t have to fill out and receive approval on that form from the health minister?


The only thing you need to fill out is the online health form that everyone does. You get approval that it is complete within a second online.