Confirmed: El Al Will Launch Chicago-Tel Aviv Nonstop Service In March 2020

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Update: El Al has now confirmed that they will begin nonstop service between Chicago and Tel Aviv with 3 weekly flights starting in March 2020.

The Chicago Tribune reports that El Al plans to “use a 235-seat Boeing 787 for the flights.” Given that El Al’s 787-9 has 282 seats, I’d presume that means the flight will be operated by a smaller 787-8. If the Tribune’s numbers are accurate, that means that El Al’s seating configuration will be more dense than American’s 787-8 (226 seats) and United’s 787-8 (219 seats).

El Al doesn’t yet have any 787-8s, but they are slated to operate 4 of them.

Originally posted on 2/28:

I’ve written about the surprising lack of nonstop service between Chicago to Tel Aviv ever since the United DO I went to in 2012.

Its gotten even stranger since cities like Washington DC, Las Vegas, and Orlando have gained nonstop service to Israel.

Globes is now reporting that El Al will launch service to Chicago next year.

That’s great news for Chicagoland travelers. It would only become greater if United decides to battle El Al on that route, as I strongly suspect that they will, pending the results of their new service between Washington DC and Tel Aviv that begins this May.

In the midst of record profits on flights to Tel Aviv, the rumor mill also has American reconsidering its decision to pull its Philadelphia-Tel Aviv service.

There will be 95 weekly flights between North America and Tel Aviv during peak summer season, which appears to be a new record:

  • Boston: 3 weekly flights on El Al (777-200)
  • JFK: 14 weekly flights on Delta (A330-300), 17 weekly flights on El Al (747-400, 787-9)
  • Los Angeles: 5 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Las Vegas: 1 weekly flight on El Al (787-9).
  • Miami: 3 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Montreal: 3 weekly flights on Air Canada (A330-300)
  • Newark: 14 weekly flights on United (787-10, 777-300), 11 weekly flights on El Al (747-400, 777-200, 787-9)
  • Orlando: 1 weekly flight on El Al (777-200 or 787-9).
  • San Francisco: 7 weekly flights on United (777-300), 3 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Toronto: 7 weekly flights on Air Canada (787-9), 3 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Washington DC: 3 weekly flights on United (777-200)

Will 2020 break this year’s record?

HT: tavster, via DDF

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Although, I wish it was United. Elal is too expensive, and you can’t buy E-vouchers for cheap.


What’s a e-voucher?


United is cheaper than elal??? Really???


Of course it is! And you get to sit in your assigned seat 😉


Only true in Coach. LY is cheaper in business due to poorer product


Most of here follow DDs because we can’t afford business class. We simply look for the cheapest way to travel


How do you know, Chaim?


anyone cheap enough to look on this website only buys economy – although if u have saved up miles sometimes they fly business for free…


I flew to TLV a couple months ago, before United offered premium economy. Paid for extra legroom, and reserved seats in the first 3 rows, which Dan wrote that there was a good chance they would be the larger seats as they were preparing the planes for prem eco. When we checked in, we found out that they changed our seats a few rows back, and we did not get to sit in those bigger seats. Turned out best for us bec the first 3 rows were completely full, and we got an empty seat next to us. But United did tell us that you are never guaranteed a specific seat and they can always change it…


Where do you get the “cheap E-vouchers” you mentioned?

Mike Ditka!

Nice! You’ve been predicting this for a while. Go Bears!


It’s about time!


@Dan approximately how many seats would those 95 flights be?
Ballpark figure is fine lol


avg 200 passengers per flight = 19,000 per week

Jack out of the Box

Maybe soon they’ll even start flying over the wall 😉 direct from Mexico. That’s North America too.


Is this intel reliable?


i thought you dont post rumors?


Globes is extremely reliable


Awesome! Hope United matches.

There was some talk on DDF that these routes will be 787-8’s instead of the 787-9’s. Any major difference?


I think its best if American just becomes a partner of elal with full partner benifts that will be a big win for aa


Great news for Chicago (and regional) residents whom have waited a long time for this. United and American claim ORD as a hub, so I’d be curious to see if especially American would consider jumping into it (probably doubtful, as Dan pointed out regarding their foolish decision to not play in PHL). I agree with several others that ElAl’s Orlando and Las Vegas will be short lived; and see no reason why United’s IAD will succeed if 1. EWR already succeeds as a connecting and originating airport to TLV 2. IAD is rather far from Baltimore and the northern DC suburbs (even so, with a smaller Jewish market than Chicago) (at the time of posting, according to Google Maps, Baltimore to IAD is 67 miles and 93 minutes driving) 3. IAD is a lackluster airport, with practically stagnant passenger growth over 15 years, according to Wikipedia. Jetblue and Southwest have been shrinking their capacities there. Great posting Dan!


When is elal phasing out the 747 to/from JFK? I thought it was supposed to be this past fall.


next on list ? Midwest is my un-educated bet
texas ?


I would bet on Latin America


Dan do you think Phil-tlv is next?


Guess I have no excuse now.


Interesting logistics explained:
(Footage of Ben Gurion Airport at 3:12, and sightings of some El Al planes at 10:21.)