Delta Will Double Their Flights To Tel Aviv! Roundup Of The 89 Weekly Nonstop Flights Between North America And Tel Aviv

Richard Snyder [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Delta originally flew from Atlanta to Tel Aviv, but quickly realized that flying from JFK was more profitable.

They flew once daily from JFK until 5/26/16 when they added 4 weekly flights to the route. It didn’t last long. Even before they started flying the additional flights, they announced that they would cancel the additional 4 weekly flights effective 9/6,

Ynet is reporting that Delta will add 7 new weekly flights between JFK and Tel Aviv effective 6/17/19. Their flights should mimic the timing of United’s 2 daily flights from Newark with afternoon and evening departures from NYC and morning and evening departures from Tel Aviv.

The new flights are not yet on sale.

For those keeping score at home, that means that flights between North America and Tel Aviv next summer should look like:

  • Boston: 3 weekly flights on El Al (777-200)
  • JFK: 14 weekly flights on Delta (A330-300), 16 weekly flights on El Al (747-400, 787-9)
  • Los Angeles: 5 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Miami: 3 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Montreal: 3 weekly flights on Air Canada (A330-300), 2 weekly flights on Air Transat (A330-200)
  • Newark: 14 weekly flights on United (777-200, 777-300), 6 weekly flights on El Al (787-9)
  • San Francisco: 7 weekly flights on United (787-9), 3 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Toronto: 7 weekly flights on Air Canada (787-9), 3 weekly flights on El Al (787-9).
  • Washington DC: 3 weekly flights on United (777-200)

That’s 89 weekly nonstop flights between North American and Tel Aviv, pretty incredible. The only question is why American can’t figure out Tel Aviv when the other airlines are making a mint off of the route?

What’s your preferred airline to Tel Aviv?

HT: Yaalili, via DDF

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I thought Elal was getting rid of all 747 flights in 2018? And as far as LY in SFO, I’ll believe it when I see it.


American can’t figures it out because they don’t want to pay millions of dollars due to TWA


Great experiences with Air Canada. (Via BWI and Reagan)


Would The prices go down due to less demand?


I think you mean would the prices go down due to more supply?


I really wish AA would get back on the TLV route. Instead we have to fly to LHR or MAD just to get to Tel Aviv. I’ll be switching loyalty in 2019 because of this. Will have to check out UA and DL


Not hapenning. Trust me – not just for TLV – switch your business away from AA and experience decent service


Dan can you please post best way to travel with points/miles on delta?


Thanks for the post. Dan, what would you prefer, United Polaris or Elal 787 business class?


@Dan Any word on when the additional flights from JFK will go live?

Sam Finkelstein

Delta is easily the best to NYC.


cant american figure out TLV because of #TWA
they just cancelled some ord to asia routes so maybe they wake up and start


Elal from EWR Only 6?!?!

Devorah Lederman

When? Where?


I hear transat flies from Toronto as well.

Devorah Lederman

So nobody is flying out and in from Chicago?

Krum Cup

It is my understanding that the Israeli Airport Authority views American as inheriting/responsible for the large decades old debt TWA owes them from before American’s takeover. Until a resolution is reached with that, American is persona non grata. IAA may seize a plane as collateral should an American plane land there.


Does it make sense to fly with delta with points to Israel? their cost is high in my mind. Dan what do you think?


Preferred airline?
Paying with miles the only nonstop is United.
With Delta and ElAl it’s almost like they don’t have a mileage program.

Paying cash it’s usually far cheaper with a stop in Europe.

Krum Cup

ElAl has a mileage program?!? 😛


They have miles. But no program.


Anyone have experience with Norweigen Air to Israel + or –

Krum Cup

Wasn’t debt to IAA in addition to pensioners?


Delta is my airline of choice from NYC area to TLV, would pay a few more $ to fly Delta than ELAL


United flies from SFO using a Boeing 777-300ER


Turkish Airlines. By far the best airline JFK to TLV, even with the stopover in IST.


I flew BOS-ISTTLV and back once. If you don’t mind looking over your shoulder every other minute in the airport – the planes out of BOS were new and nice. I’d need to be saving a lot of $ to do that again anytime soon.


Curios if dl will put a350 suites on this route compete with ly Ua…


Will this be permanent or just for the summer?


I just can’t see the IAD- TLV working out. I’m not a professional with the demographics, but as I pointed out in the posting of the United IAD announcement, there isn’t going to be a huge enough local market for support it. If they are relying on a big portion of the business coming from connecting flights into their network, then they will be following down the failed path that Delta did with ATL-TLV. Plus, Atlanta has a larger local market than Northern Virginia and still decided it was more profitable to move to JFK. Even United’s Houston hub seems more attractive than IAD, as you have a larger ‘local audience’ and can capture the connecting flights from large local cities like Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, etc. If I lived in Cinci, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis- what difference would it be to me to connect in IAD or EWR with United? Just my two-cents.

Michelle Swartz

Based on Federation stats, the Greater Washington community has a population of nearly 300,000 yidden. This makes it the 3rd largest community in the USA.

Plus IAD is one of the fastest growing airports in the country.


More than half the tourists traveling to Israel are not Jewish. Jerusalem is not a holy city for just one religion. I would call it a Christian mecca, but somehow that doesn’t sound right.


Michelle, I understand that the Greater DC/Balti area is among the largest of US Jewish population. I could be mistaken, but I believe the majority of the Jewish communities (particularly the Orthodox) live in the northern suburbs of DC (Silver Spring, Rockville) spreading north towards Pikesville (Balti), 70 miles from IAD. IAD is about 30 miles SE of DC city center. For me living in Northern NJ, that would be like me travelling to JFK (which can inconveniently take 90+minutes during morning and afternoon rush). Non-Stop is very convenient and worthwhile for many. I’ll wait and see if the added $ and travel time to the airport makes it worth a Non-Stop.
Bob, I hear you. I know many gentiles who have visited Israel for a religious experience. I could be wrong, but I think if airlines were looking to capture gentile markets (along with some Jews) then they can enter Houston, Dallas, certainly Chicago- as their metro populations are top 5 in the US. Or, look at the Mexico City region (21+ million population)- why wouldn’t that work with gentiles? Just an interesting thought….


If you check the website, you will see that only the population of DC, VA, and Suburban MD are included in the survey. The Baltimore community is a separate, significantly large community.


Dulles is almost due west (slightly north) from DC. It is 30 miles and 30 minutes from Rockville; 60 miles and 60 minutes from Baltimore. 30 miles SE of DC city center is somewhere in Chesapeake Bay.


Any chances of more saver award availability on Delta?


and Chicago remains a Delta orphan…
and a United, American, El-Al, orphas as well…..


The question for American is not whether they can make money flying to TLV — especially from their Chicago hub — but whether they can make more money flying to Asia. There are a limited number of gates at major airports, and a limited number of planes if the airlines don’t want to own too many when the next recession hits and fuel costs keep rising.

1.5 billion people in China, 9 million people in Israel. Which market would you prefer?


only 6 flights on elal from ewr? i believe its 10

Michelle Swartz

I would rather change flights at IAD than JFK, any day of the week!

Efraim KATZ

I know this is an old kvetch, but why not BWI where us Yidden live, rather than Dulles which is as fast as Philadelphia from Baltimore! Maybe if IAD takes off we’ll find someone. Sigh.


I fly united, the employees are trained and don’t have the elal arrogance


Dan is travelmerry a trust-able site to book flights?


Im trying to book jfk or ewr to tlv for Dec 19 with a return Dec 31 at night or jan 1. Im not finding anything in saver and even to purchase its coming out really high priced. i need business. anyone have any ideas?
I have united and chase points (about 500K)


Hi, does anyone know a good and inexpensive consolidator for business class tickets to tlv and other destinations?


With Delta’s new hub in Seattle I was really hoping to see directs in and out of SEA


when will united have more flights a day from newark to tel aviv ?


when will hapen ?

BA - Yom Kipur

Flying motzoei yom kipur BA to LHR to TLV.
Seats can be reservced 24 hrs in advance, which is on yom kipur. by the time YT is over all seats will be gone. other option is $35-50 per person, per SEGMENT. Any suggestions to get a reasonable seat with such 2 hr limitation?
want to sit with family. and no middle seats


If you happen to be flying with an infant or a minor you may be able to get it for free.

Otherwise try making an excuse why they should reserve you a seat.
I’ve had luck with Swiss


Handicapped choose seats for free,


Slight digression, but wanted to detail my terrible experience at Ben Gurion airport this past Sunday. Flying Tel Aviv to Iceland the lines at passport control were insane. Unfortunately, the machine could not recognize my sons passport and were told to wait in line. It was at least 45 minutes to get through and the line was whoever pushed their way to the front first. Where is the management?
After getting through and changing our gate at the last minute we boarded 90 mins late, the wow pilot announces that this was due to completely avoidable mismanagement by Ben gurion airport.
He announced after the delay can everyone please sit down so we can finally get out of here with disgust towards bg.
No wonder wow is pulling out of Israel market.
Being treated like cattle by the management of Ben Gurion is unacceptable.


I would be happy if I had to wait only 45 minutes for passport control at EWR or JFK as I do not want to spend $100 for global entry. I have rarely had to wait more than 15 minutes at Israeli passport control, either entering or leaving the country.


Elal’s new 787 has an AWESOME seat the service has improved but can still use a boost
i just flew them monday


ELAL 787 may be good for biz seats, but BAD NEWS for ordinary coach people, where share your seat with your ajacent is mandatory now. yikes


Between flights 26 and 28 out of EWR only 6 flights weekly?


Do u know why Elal is stopping the Day Flight to EWR ??


zee, cause everyone , myself included, prefer the night flight.


Many do wantvthe day flight so they dont need to do shachris on the plane


Arkia has brand new a330 which supposedly 4 times a week tlv/nyc end of 2019/start of 2020


Any idea on timing on the new delta route?


LY from Boston is a 767 not 777-200


When do good deals come out for flights from New York to Israel for the dates of early December?