Delta Increasing Nonstop Service Between JFK And Tel Aviv

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Update: The correct days of the week that the new flight will operate have been added below:

I wrote on DDF several hours ago that Delta would be adding 4 weekly nonstop flights between JFK and Tel Aviv effective 05/26/16.

It’s the first major US-Tel Aviv route announcement since American announced they would pull out of Tel Aviv in January.

Currently Delta operates 1 daily flight that leaves JFK at 11:51pm and arrives in Tel Aviv at 5:35pm the next day. The flight returns from Tel Aviv at 12:10am and arrives in JFK at 5:14am the same day.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Delta will operate an additional flight that leaves JFK at 4pm and arrives in Tel Aviv at 9:50am the next day.
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Delta will operate an additional flight that leaves Tel Aviv at 11:50am and arrives in JFK at 4:50pm the same day.

Both flights will be operated by a 777-200ER aircraft.

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21 Comments On "Delta Increasing Nonstop Service Between JFK And Tel Aviv"

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Actually according to AA INFORMAL SURVEY only 17% of travellers on the JFK-TLV route are Jews who wear head covering.


{{Citation needed}}


So, American Airlines, tell us more about how this is not a profitable route…

According to this article ( JFK-TLV is DL’s third largest transatlantic market. I assume the first two are AMS and CDG, which would place JFK-TLV ahead of JFK-LHR, which I thought was interesting.


It is astounding/curious that Air Canada, Delta, and United are able to make this route work so profitably, but American can’t manage anything.

JFK-LHR is definitely busier than JFK-CDG or JFK-AMS.


In terms of mile hunters Delta is not that good. Although, adding some capacity will unload people from a few United and AA flights.


Dan, Globes didn’t mention the exact flight times , but these flights are often scheduled in a way that the same crew could return to the home base (USA) in the same aircraft, so the crew gets off the plane, sleeps in a airport hotel for 6 hours and then goes back on the return flight. This is rather than paying a full crew to stay abroad for a whole day. So the return flight might be different than 2 hours. Just thoughts.


The source for the times wasn’t from globes.


Do you think with more seats we can expect more award availability on these flights?


@Achshell: crew rest times require about 10 hours so they have to sleep over


@Yosef_S: @Dan: Maybe AA consulted with that Smisek guy before announcing that it’s not profitable… 🙂


If I want to go on Wednesday 9/30, should I wait until Saturday night to see if awards open up on the new flight?


Perhaps during off-peak times.

“effective 05/26/16.”


I guess that won’t effect earlier availability. I figured it was a stretch. Thanks


“It’s a pity and a bit curious that half of the new flights from JFK to Tel Aviv won’t work for Orthodox Jews”

I bet there is demand by non-orthodox Jews for flights near/on the weekend that don’t have hordes of orthodox Jews (“charedim” in their view) who appear to them to be pushy, excessively demanding, have too many kids with them, and too much luggage filling the bins.


יש דילים כהיום?


“It’s a pity and a bit curious that half of the new flights from JFK to Tel Aviv won’t work for Orthodox Jews, who represent a large percentage of the route’s traffic.”

With all the time and money spent on research I would think that they would get it right. But at DL they don’t get anything right.


unfortunately i think mark is right though im not sure that was part of deltas thought process when choosing the times of their flts
our people have got to “mind their manners” too many kids and luggage we cant do much about but the first few issues about being pushy and excessively demanding are issues we can all try to improve on and put a better face on religious people we are after all held to a higher standard and should try to always be careful of chilull hashem


I travel to israel about 5 or 6 times a year, and I have seen PLENTY of non-religious Jews who are pushy and excessively demanding. The most excessive demands I usually see from the religious crowd is by men asking to be seated next to another man. That is often a problem, and sometimes doesn’t end well. But I’ve seen plenty of of folks who are quite demanding. I hate generalizations and stereotyping of Jews. We get quite offended when done by non-Jews to us, and it’s even worse when we do it to ourselves.


Correction: Should be: “I’ve seen plenty of OTHER folks who are quite demanding.”


@Mark: There are a significant # of gentiles from around the US that fly to Israel every year and Delta connects them all to JFK’s single flight. Now they will have the ability to load them onto Friday/Saturday flights with the knowledge that there will be less demand from a large segment of the population on these 2 days. As for why they are adding flights on Tuesday & Wednesday, instead of the more in demand Sunday, Monday or Thursday, I’m not sure other than the slots were probably cheaper, they have a 777 available on those dates for this route, and ELAL would’ve made a stink. No matter how you look at it there will be more seats, larger supply, and better availability on all dates.


It is purely a business decision.
El Al does not fly on Shabbat. The result is less total “capacity” (# of seats being offered) on the USA-TLV line.
DL wants to pick up more of those looking to utilize the weekend for their trip.
In effect they are capitalizing on El Al’s Shabbat observance to pick up new “traffic” that El Al can’t.
As a shomer shabbos – to me – this is telling and strengthens my commitment to fly El Al.