HOT! Alaska 50% Off Sale: Fly From NYC And More East Coast/Midwest Cities To/From Hawaii From Just $133 Each Way!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: Be sure to check your AMEX Offers to save an additional $40 off $200!

With today’s Alaska BOGO Sale (which is really a 50% off sale) I was thinking of what connecting options might make sense between the East Coast and Hawaii thanks to the absurdly cheap flights available today.

Read this post first for all of the details you need to know about the 50% off promo.

At first I was searching one-way for each flight between NYC and the West Coast and between the West Coast to Hawaii, but I realized that the discount works even if you search from NYC to Hawaii, as long as it’s routed via eligible flights. Alaska’s flights from California to Hawaii are eligible for 50% off, but their flights from Portland and Seattle to Hawaii are not.

Alaska’s site pulls up lots of options with overnight connections, but here are some options with decent connections that caught my eye:

JFK or Newark to Kona:



Kona to JFK or Newark:


JFK to Honolulu:


Sometimes the best connection requires some scrolling down past cheaper flight options, like on this Honolulu to JFK flight:


This also works from other East Coast airports, such as Baltimore to Honolulu on January 14 or February 4:


It also helps to be flexible on the return flight. You can take a dirt cheap Southwest flight from Honolulu to Maui and check out both islands to catch one of these return flight from Maui to Baltimore on January 22, 29 or February 5:


January 22 and 29 has these bargains from Maui to Boston:


January 15, 22, 29 and February 5 and 12 has these bargains from Maui to Chicago:


Of course you can also just book 2 separate flights between the East Coast and West Coast and the West Coast and Hawaii and get 2 vacations with dirt cheap flights!

Post what other good combinations you find!

Want to read more about Hawaii?

My love of Hawaii began 13 years ago when I posted and grabbed a deal paying just $87 for airfare and hotel.  Since then I’ve been lucky enough to spend several months between the stunning islands, which each offer a unique and wonderful experience.  You can’t go wrong with any of them, there are just 2 things is to be careful of.

Always a good day in Maui #MauiNoKaOi

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1. Don’t get stuck in Honolulu. I’ve heard from too many people who spent an entire week and never left the city limits.  That’s just a shame, they may as well have gone to Miami Beach.  While I prefer The Big Island, Kauai, and Maui to Oahu, there is still plenty to see and experience on Oahu as long as you leave Honolulu behind.
2. Don’t try to “do” several islands in a week. If you just have 4-7 days of vacation then you should stick to one island. There will be plenty to do to keep you busy and it will allow for some time to relax. There’s no need to add the stress of interisland travel just for the sake of “doing” another island. With 9 days or more to play with, it does make sense to experience more than 1 island.

As for which island is best, read on and decide for yourself!  If you ask 5 people you’ll probably get 6 different answers 😀

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Thank you Dan. Got 2 rt lax-Maui 4th to 6th for a little over $400. Great quick baby moon.


Why is it not allowing me to get the discount? I put in the code and used their selected flights?


My email today from Alaska Airlines says that I have to buy tickets by November 18.