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I’m currently posting from the Family Room (for those traveling with kids 12 and under…never really pictured myself in here!) of the Terminal C United Club in Houston. Good thing too, as the rest of the club is packed but the spacious family room is just for us!

Yes, Hawaii again. I fell in love with the place back in 2006 during a mistake fare when I went for $87 which included the airfare and an ocean-front hotel room.

My wife and I have traveled the world in First Class, through Europe, Asia, Australia, etc, etc. since we were last here some 2 years ago, but I’ve ached to get back to Hawaii ever since then.  It’s just so beautiful, so serene, it’s impossible to describe.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to try to set aside time to keep on posting, but it may be sporadic for the next week and a half.

In the meantime, feel free to read these trip reports that I wrote up the last time I was in paradise:

Hawaii Trip Notes: Part 1, Oahu.
Hawaii Trip Notes: Part 2, Kauai.

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keep on bragging dan lol


Please send my best to R Itchel Krasniansky.


Bragging? Not at all, it’s not like I have the money to travel the way that I do, I just open up enough credit cards to allow me to do so with airline miles and hotel points!

And anyone can do that…



Hes not bragging, hes letting us know whats going on!



Thanks dan keep posting!!


Enjoy the trip!

Me Of Course

c’mon people… of course hes bragging just a little bit…lol


Enjoy, you deserve it!


Dan. Thanks for the tips. I booked Hawaii (on AA miles) for January. Going to the Big Island and Oahu. I’ve never been. I planned the entire trip already.. Coffee Plantation, Hapuna Beach, Waipio Valley ATVing, potential volcano helicopter tour, black sand and green sand beaches. Then in Oahu – Turtle Bay resort for shabbat, Hanauma Bay snorkeling, Pearl Harbor, Pineapple Plantation, Polynesian Cultural Center, etc.

Would it still help to have the Hawaii Revealed book? I’m feeling like I should have booked Kauai and Maui instead, based on your writing. I will have to plan a 2nd trip…

at work

Im mad Jealous!!


Youguys shud thank him he always posts even when hes on vacation.


You going on the 752 or 764? Bassinet? What island?


Hey Dan enjoy! Which islands will you be hitting up this time? I am imh going to hawaii in 2 months and are still undecided as to whick islands to see so any additional info will be great. Have a fantastic trip!


Which island are you going to?
Which hotel are you staying at?


where you staying what type of deal?

Baby Blues

Please include report of do’s and don’ts with baby since I’m bringing on along in January. Enjoy!

United kids lounge?

Do they have one of those family rooms in LAX as well?


Enjoy. How do you get away with taking so much time off work so often? Or is credit card mileage your actual occupation.


i’m not bashing him lol just saying. anyone can do it of course, providing he has enough time on his hands, a credit score, and learns the ins and outs. some ppl have jobs ya know


hey way to go make the rest of us jealous…lol
dan and fam enjoy your vacation
btw do u sit still for long???lol


Overly generous people have the right to brag about the relatively little they take for themselves. Good for you! Enjoy!


Which club are you in. There are 2 clubs in terminal C (North or South). Only 1 in E or D or B??


your credit must be crappy


Where are your staying? I stayed at the Halekulani twice. Wonderful hotel with amazing service and not too far from the shul (30ish minute walk; though it’s Hawaii so it’s actually enjoyable!). Have an amazing time!

pritzus fighter

dan i thought you were shoimer shabbos!…. you cant stay in hawaii for shabbos no minyan just ultimate pritzus….please stop posting onhere dan as you are a mechutzav and a baal gaaveh




dan enjoy your vacation! quick q though… if i opened two southwest cards this year (premeir and regular) got the bonus miles and now link accts for a total of 101k points. do u think that by spending another 9k on the second card my acumulated mileage total of 110k miles would enable me to a free complimentry ticket on the second card?


So Dan, what’s it like travelling first class with a kid in tow??


Thanks for info. We are going in January. And have millions I’d points but don’t know the ins and outs. This info helps.


Are you earning miles for this flight? I thought you booked an award ticket.

normal person

@pritzus fighter: what a douchebag


@yaks: yes


Nice! Have a great time.

I’m going to have a 13-hour layover in Paris. I’d like to see the Rebbe’s shul and eat in a kosher restaurant. Anyone know how to get there by train from Charles DeGaulle Airport? What stop?

Never in Paris. Any suggestions?



@pritzus fighter
I don’t know how you have the guts to come up here and shouting with your fat mouth . Let me ask you did you ever did 10% favors for yidden as Dan did ??? Do you know from who you are talking about ??? Do you know his history of this guy?? To me coming up an and starting to “bal gavah ” for no good reason when in the same time you are noting better then him sounds stupit and Inligic to me…
Sorry bro


We went this summer with baby and we were in that same exact room in houston enjoy!


@ pritzus fighter just fyi when we went to hawaii there was most defff a minyan- the chabad in wikiki has a shul and shabbos meals and there were at least 50 people by each meal and most deff at least 20 men by minyan (maariv, shachris, mincha, and maariv) so i dont know where you got your facts from. Also since there is so much to do in hawaii that is not beach related (road to hana, atv, dole plantation, pearl harbor, hiking volcanos, kualo ranch just to name a few) you do not have to see many ppl on the beach in bathing suits. When we were there I think we spent a total of 2 hours by the pool and the rest of the time out doing things


@pritzus fighter:
You were asked many times to please get off of DD. NOW!!


ALOHA! stay safe :-)!


@pritzus fighter:
You are a really disturbed person. Please never post on this site again.

ben torah

@c!: The question is: how can they be sure that they’re celebrating Shabbos on the right day? See the link….

anti pritzus fighter

@ pritzus fighter ..just because u spend all your time not bieng shemiras eyanim doesnt mean other people who r married with a kid r checking out all the pritzus go get a life in the coffe room lol. love u dan keep it up dont get discouarged..

Avid Reader

Enjoy the trip!


Guys, ignore this pritzus guy and he will stop posting. The more attention we give him, the more he’s going to keep doing this.
Btw he is obviously nisht 100%


I also booked AA tickets for January, w BA miles, only staying at Oahu, that’s just the way it worked out, Dan and everyone else praises Kauai and Maui…maybe next time…I’m sure it will be amazing….


Hey Dan, first of all I love your website, I started to go through the forum for the past month now but I was wondering how hard it would be for you to publish a page telling us every month what is the best combo cards to apply for in order to get the maximum miles (and maybe rewards) – combo of 2-3 cards i guess wouldn’t hurt credit score too much… thanks and enjoy your well deserved vacation! 😉

Mishmeres Hamelech

@ben torah: r u chabad? From the fact that there are shluchim in remote places in the pacific, including Hawaii, it’s obviously not problematic.


@Gary: Reference this list and figure out what is best for you.


Good Stuff! I see you used the family room as an awesome place to daven. It brings back memories of when I once used a private meeting/conference room in the first class lounge at the airport. I can’t remember what I told them but they gave me the room for an hour. It was sweet.


@Mendy: Just plan carefully for Pearl Harbor… They were closed when I was there because of a light rain… Don’t leave it for last day!


seriuosly just ignore stupid pointless comments (even ones like this)

Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Last time I was in Hawaii was 2001. Time to get back there; I miss it and all its beauty! Enjoy!


i am more amused about how upset ya’ll are getting about pritzus fighter than what he himself writes. The more you guys yell at him, the more he posts. Keep it up guys!


If I didn’t write anything I would be questions why I’m not posting…oh well. Just trying to motivate and show how you can and should be traveling…

The revealed series is just awesome. You’d be crazy to go to Hawaii with it!

CO 764 with a bassinet.
There is no 752 service on CO to HI. I wish there was!

@Baby Blues:
Will do!

@United kids lounge?:
Most lounges have one.

Collecting miles and points can be done by anyone with just a little spare time. It’s not hard at all.

Not at all.
My FICO is nearly 800, which is just about perfect. Reconsideration reps almost always approve me.

I have dozens of active cards and with hundreds of thousands of dollars in available credit and with paying off my cards several times a month my utilization ratio is nil.

Sure, but I think you need to earn the 110K in a calendar year?

Thank G-d, Rafi was perfect on all 3 flights!
It was unbelievable!

Praying that the same happens on the red-eye home!

For the right price I can personally tutor someone on all the ins and outs of a Hawaiian vacation…but I’m not cheap and I rarely have the time to do it anymore.

When did I say I would earn miles for the flight?


There are Chabad houses on all 4 major Hawaiian islands.

And there’s no need to spend a minute on the beach in Hawaii if you don’t want too. This is a place that’s touched in ever way by G-d’s beauty.

From mountains flowing with waterfalls, to unreal sunrises/sunsets, geysers gushing, volcanos erupting, whale watching, etc, etc…

@ben torah:
Lipa’s Rabbi, Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz, gave a long drasha on the subject that I heard last Shavuos and it was downright brilliant and captivating.
Wish there was a recording of it…
Anyway Chabad’s opinion on the matter is that shabbos and on Saturday in Hawaii and other supposedly questionable places like Japan, New Zealand, etc.

Oahu is underrated. Just get out of Honolulu/Waikiki and there’s much to see and do away from the crowds.
Still I prefer the other islands though.

Continental, Sapphire Preferred, and Ink Bold or United is a nice combo.
Be sure to ask Chase after you get Continental or United to bump you up to 50K via secure message and you’ll have well over 150K miles…time to find yourself first class flights to Hawaii!

ben torah

@Dan: True, I was at the shiur at the WCC on Green Rd. It was so late I could hardly stay awake. Guess I shoulda paid more attn.


Thanks for the quick response! Just another quick question… I saw on your main credit cards page in the forum you say that you have dozen of cards and a score close to 800… can really the two of them go together?? Last time I checked my credit report it said that having too many cards open impact the score… what am I missing? Do u have a good way of closing accounts without getting an impact on your score? Thanks again and don’t forget to post pics and new reports!


Will be in Paris IY”H on 14 Dec. Would like to see the Rebbe’s shul.

What is the address?

What is closest train stop, taking RER from Charles De Gaulle Airport?



@MosheS: 17 Rue des Rosiers. U need to take RER B until “Chatelet Les Halles” station and then switch for the subway line 1 until “Saint Paul” station. And the street is then a 5 min walk. The entire ride will take u about an hour


My whole family went to hawaii on miles two years ago to Honolulu we davenened by chabad 3 times a day spent shabbos with them best shabbos ever great people cannot wait to go back. enjoy dan!


@Mendy (#9): we just did hawaii for 2 weeks and stayed on 4 islands – the revealed books are incredible. check re: the green sand beach….was not accessible while we were there due to storms they had. also if you are looking to go in a lava tube, we highly recommend a guy named Schik who has one is his backyard (his 2 hr tour is plenty but he offers a 4 hr one as well). for $20 a person (I think it was that) he will provide gear and all you ever wanted to know about a lava tube and lava in general. the number is: (808) 967-7208