Fly From Delta Or United Hubs To Hong Kong From Just $444 Round-Trip!

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-United has fares from Delta’s hubs, including Altanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Seattle to Hong Kong from $444.

-Delta has fares from United’s hubs, including Chicago, Denver, Houston, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington DC to Hong Kong from $481.

You can use Google Flights to help find valid dates. Most routes are valid on select dates in April, May, August, September, October, November, and December.

Sample valid United dates to Hong Kong:
-Atlanta-HKG, 9/7-9/14, $444, 2 hour connection in Chicago or Newark.

-Detroit-HKG 11/8-11/15, $444, 2 hour connection in Chicago.

-Minneapolis-HKG, 11/23-11/30, $444, 1-2 hour connection in Chicago.

-Seattle-HKG, 5/4-5/16, $452, 1-5 hour connection in San Francisco.

Sample valid Delta dates to Hong Kong:

-Chicago-HKG, 5/4-5/10, $482, 3-6 hour connection in Seattle.

-Denver-HKG, 5/11-5/17, $482, 2 hour connection in Seattle.

-Houston-HKG, 5/10-5/17, $466, 1-7 hour connection in Seattle.

-Newark-HKG 5/2-5/9, $482, 6 hour connection in Seattle.
-Newark-HKG 5/11-5/18, $482, 6 hour connection in Seattle.
-Newark-HKG 5/18-5/25, $482, 6 hour connection in Seattle.
-Newark-HKG 8/31-9/7, $482, 5-6 hour connection in Seattle.
-Newark-HKG 9/6-9/13, $482, 5-6 hour connection in Seattle.
-Newark-HKG 9/14-9/21, $482, 5-6 hour connection in Seattle.

-San Francisco-HKG 5/11-5/18, $482, 2 hour connection in Seattle.

-Washington DC-HKG 5/10-5/17, $482, 4-5 hour connection in Seattle.

American also has $386 fares from HKG to Newark, but you must originate in Hong Kong. Sample date: 4/6-4/13.

Hong Kong is home to several great kosher restaurants and shuls. Mul Hayam restaurant, located next to the Kehilat Zion shul in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong, is excellent. The JCC located on Hong Kong Island has very good dairy and meat restaurants as well as an awesome Sunday night all you can eat buffet, just don’t forget to bring your passport to get in! Chabad of Lantau also offers meals with delivery options.

We spent a Shabbos with Chabad of Hong Kong Island where the food was excellent and the atmosphere is awesome. People have rave reviews about Shabbos at Kehilat Zion as well.

After Shabbos we moved the W in Kowloon, which is one of my favorite SPG hotels in the world. We got an amazing upgrade and there’s a very cool rooftop infinity pool and hot tub. Plus the bellhop picked up our bags from our room and checked them straight home to Cleveland without us ever having to touch them thanks to the airport express station located in the W’s basement.

There are lots of other great hotels where you can spend your points at as well.

Most hotels even give you a free cell phone to use while in Hong Kong.

Americans do not need a visa to travel to Seoul, Hong Kong, or to take the ferry from Hong Kong to nearby Macau.


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Good deal?

How much do these tickets normally cost?


@good deal no stopover deals are found at $800 round trip

$1000 is standard

Hong Kong

first time traveler, Japan or Hong Kong? whats easier and nicer for women traveling alone?

Morah a

I need a flight to shanghai from New York on July 3 to July 14


@ Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a much easier country to navigate. Mostly all signs and people speak English.


@ Hong Kong, if you’re worried about language barrier, definitely HK as english is commonly used. Signs in tourist areas of Japan will probably have english, but it’s not as common spoken language. Safety wise, I’d say both are pretty safe, with maybe an edge to Japan. In my opinion, hospitality in Japan is higher than HK. HK is small comparatively and has good public transport, so it might be easier to get around. If you’re staying Tokyo itself, public transport is fine.


Love the HT name 🙂


Any thing from LA? Can we book a connecting flight to China or do we have to depart from Hong Kong on the return?


how can I do the reservation for NYC to HKG


just picked up 2 from the ATL to HKG. Always wanted to go the HK. I can believe we are going to HK for less than $500 per. Thanks DD.


Why did you give this CRONY an HT? This troll has thankfully been gone for some time and has reappeared. All he does is repost every TFD post hoping for an HT. This HT will fuel him to continue to spam the forums 🙁