Seamless Food Delivery Coupon Codes


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Today between 4pm-10pm EDT only:, all customers can use the following code for 15% off $10+ orders: Magic15

New customers can save $5 on orders of $12+ with code (Exp: 07/31): HIGH5

Lots of kosher places are on Seamless. I have not checked into the Kashrus of any of these places and there are likely more kosher places besides for those in the lists below.
Brooklyn Kosher Restaurants
Manhattan Kosher Restaurants
Queens Kosher Restaurants

Boston Kosher Restaurants
Greenwich Kosher Restaurants
Los Angeles Kosher Restaurants
Miami Kosher Restaurants
Stamford, CT Kosher Restaurants
Washington DC/Silver Spring Kosher Restaurants
Yonkers Kosher Restaurants

Post a comment on where will you be ordering from!

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chaim nuchem

No kosher in borough park


Sushi Tokyo


does this work to eat in the restaurant?


Just a heads-up to people searching in Queens. One of the places that comes up as kosher is “Andels”.

Their website says that its under rabbinical supervision, but I couldn’t find the name. Also, they sell both meat and dairy products, sell Hebrew National meat, and are open on Shabbos.


Oh man. I got so excited to see Kosh in Stamford, CT on seamless but you can’t actually place an order with them.

YM Goldstein

Includes “kosher style” resturaunts (at least one), but not a bad deal if the resturaunt truly is Kosher


Perizia kosher pizza in Brooklyn just ordered a pie for pick up came out to $11.33!!!!

Joe s

Nothing for Cleveland. ;`(


@David it could be ” kosher style”


A quick look at the one listing for Kosher restaurants in White Plains will show that the establishment listed is certainly not Kosher.


empire grill in crown heights


GrubHub $5 off $10 first order, NEWKIDZ expires 6/30

Better deal IMHO for most orders.


I am guessing offers cannot be combined?


trying to order from gottliebs in Brooklyn, however they already have a discount so cannot be combined.


i cant add the coupon code dan heeeeeeeelp

Liam Knuj

Seems like some stores have a built-in discount of 10% or 15%, which would then preclude you from using the 15% code or the $5 code (even if the built-in discount is LESS than the available discount codes – quite unfair).



Won’t really help us if it e pored 6/30



Comment was posted June 26th 🙂


Just got food from Shuk in Brooklyn used High5 coupon, did not know about Heatwave 15 coupon. FYI food was good

no tweet

I didnt get any tweets today about this 🙁 got one yesterday though.