Groupon: 8 Glass Wine Tasting With Keepsake Glasses For Two And $50 At Tierra Sur For Just $30

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Groupon: Herzog Winery

Use code: 10OFF40LOCAL

Even though you are only paying $30, the paid value on the voucher will be $40 and that $40 value will never expire.

The Herzog Winery is located in Oxnard, CA which is about an hour west of LA without traffic or about 17 hours with traffic 😉

Note that some Costco locations in CA sell $100 Tierra Sur gift cards for $80.  Call Costco before you go and ask if they carry item number: 240683

Tierra Sur, located in the Herzog Winery, is the finest kosher restaurant in North America. I reviewed the restaurant as part of these trip notes. The flavors they use are mouth-watering and unique. Their the menu is constantly changing to keep things fresh.

It’s my favorite kosher restaurant in North America and second favorite in the world.

Even just lunch and dinner have completely different options that make it worth eating there twice while skipping off to the nearby massive Camarillo outlet mall or to the Pacific Ocean while building up another appetite.

Or stop off for lunch at Pizza Nosh in Agoura Hills on your way from LA into the valley before hitting up Tierra Sur for dinner.  Or take the scenic PCH instead of the 101 and stop off at Fish Grill for lunch in Mailbu and be sure to check out the free Getty Villa there as well. Or hit up some of the ocean activities there.

With this groupon you pay $40 for a $50 gift certificate to Tierra Sur. You’ll also get free wine tasting for two people with eight glasses of wine per person and two free souvenir wine glasses. No, I won’t be covering your DUI bill if you drive right after imbibing all of that goodness.  Though you can take a self-guided tour of the winery to walk some of it off.

-Expires Apr 1, 2014
-Paid value ($40) never expires.
-Limit 1 per person, may buy 10 additional as gifts.
-Limit 1 per table.
-Limit 1 per visit.
-Dine-in only.
-Must be 21 or older.
-Reservation required and subject to availability. 24 hour cancellation notice required.
-18% service fee will be added to the pre-discounted bill for customers using discount vouchers.
-Must use promotional value in 1 visit.
-Restricted dates: 2/14 and 3/16.

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What’s the diff. between this coupon and the other one “Wine tasting and farm to table meal”? Also, purchase with your Sapphire card for double points….


What other one?
And you will not get double with Sapphire for groupon purchases.


Was just there.
Dan – as much as I love you, my wife & I think this place is overrated and overpriced – especially driving 90 minutes with the LA traffic. Of course, they have good food, but not enough of a variety.
I would recommend La Gondola any-day.
Maybe that’s your #1 favorite. If not what is?


Did you ask to also order off the bar menu like I recommended my review?
There’s a whole other awesome menu of options with that.

La Gondola is great and is perhaps the most consistent restaurant in the country, but the food and flavors can’t possibly compete with Tierra Sur.

Tierra Sur has a new menu every time I go, so I can see it being hard to compare though.

Anyone else eat there? Your thoughts?


when it says expires 4/1, does that mean you need to use it by then or just make a reservation by then? I’m going to LA this summer. TIA


Yes – we asked about it, but, for our taste, the main menu looked more appetizing to us than the bar menu.
Efsher it’s a chisaron in our taste-buds, but, I wouldn’t mind hearing (seeing) some DanFans reviews.


The promo value needs to be used by then.

Lots of DDF guys rate Tierra Sur as their favorite restaurant, see reviews there.

La Gondola food may be more crowd-pleasing, but it’s not very sophisticated food (“amateurish” in the words of DDF foodie moish) and you don’t have the wine experience to go along with it.

Still, LG is a consistently excellent, top-notch restaurant. But it’s just not comparable to TS for a foodie.


Was in Tierra Sur last week as well as La Gondola.
Here’s my take.#1 Ambiance and wait staff in Tierra Sur is significantly better. #2 Appetizers in La Gondola is SIGNIFICANTLY better. Tierra Sur’s appetizers were pretty weak.
#3 The actual ribeye steak in Tierra sur was amazing although the sides were pretty weak. The chai steak in la gandola was good not great, but the sides were amazing.
#4 Tierra sur’s cinnamon doughnut dipped in hot chocolate was perhaps the best desert ive tasted in a real long time.
#5 La Gondola’s drinks from the bar were significantly better.

All in all they are both great.


1. Agreed.

2. There’s nothing that can compete with the Avocado eggrolls from LG. It’s the best thing LG makes with the duck eggrolls coming in a close 2nd.

However did you ask to see the TS bar menu? The apps I got from that were just incredible. See review:

3. Agreed.

4. Agreed.

5. Did you get the flight of 8 wines from TS? Some of those wines are really really good.

I’ve never ordered drinks from LGs bar. What did you get? As good as drinks from Mike’s in NYC?


My husband and I just came back from LA yesterday and used the Groupon there..had no problem. I have been to almost all of the steak restaurants in NYC and the steak that we had Tierra Sur had beat them all out in taste and size .They have a wood burning stove outside.. Everything else was awesome as well.. Dan does not steer his fans wrong..


Glad you enjoyed it that much and thanks for confirming that I’m not crazy 😀


Sorry, you asked about my #1 favorite restaurant.
That would be Asian in Buenos Aires, which blows everything else out of the water.

Especially if you pre-order the day before from their secret unpublished menu 😀

#3 would probably be Mike’s in NYC and #4 Shallot’s in Chicago.

Maybe I should post a top 25, anyone interested?


@dan Costco in Westlake Village (right off the 101, on the way to to winery coming from LA)has restocked the Tierra Sur gift card. 2 $50 gift cards with complimentary wine tasting for $79.99. They haven’t had them in awhile, was glad to see them there yesterday. Might be a better savings especially if you have the wine glasses already.


Wow, haven’t seen those in years!

Do you know the 6 digit Costco item number for it?


I’ll be back there today and tomorrow and let you know.
Curious:does the item # enable you to request it at another location or online?


You can call and see if your local store has it. And you can request that your local store carry it.


*or i’m not that big of a costco junkie 😉


there are some wines that are only available for sale there or through their wine club. I like Dessert wine and the best one at the tasting for me was


@dan how successful have you been with that? I’d like to have them carry more kosher items.. If so perhaps someone has a list of kosher Costco items with their item #’s so it can benefit kosher consumers.


Of course, we’re interested in Dan’s top 25. (Maybe Letterman will post as well).


What’s with all the raving???

I’d bet you never tasted my shvigger’s Choloptzes!


@Dan: absoulety DAN!! BTW rumor has it that reserve cut in NYC is out of this world….


There is 18% added if you use the coupon? So its saving 2%…


Only the ambiance is:

Do you normally not tip?


Dan, of course we’d like a top 25 list


Dan was just at Tierra Sur last night. Have been to all the top restaurants in NY and this easily took the cake. We were not disappointed. The wine tasting was a great way to start off the meal. Had a delicious pasta and veal appetizer following by their signature rib eye grilled outside. It was out of this world. The flavors in every bite are just something you don’t find anywhere. Service was top notch as well. Portions are very nice size. Wife had delicious salmon grilled outside as well. It was well worth the trip and was a beautiful drive up the PCH.

I actually overheard a local guest complaining that he was having trouble getting a reservation and manager said it has been uncharacteristically busy these last few weeks. I’m guessing all the DD readers who got on the delta deal followed your Tierra Sur suggestion!

Thanks as always Dan!


Thanks for the report and further confirmation that I’m not crazy 😀

David Sternlight

The Rib Eye is killer! My son-in-law and I split one. Have the waiter split it to avoid fist fights at table. Agree that the dessert wines are excellent, as is the Chardinnay.


I will agree with Dan this time as well. I was at Tierra Sur twice on my recent visit (via Dan, Delta!) Thursday evening I had their new-on-the-menu Bison and my wife had the Rib eye, we were both jealous of each other! I cant recall ever having such a perfectly prepared steak with succulent flavor and matched with the Alexander Valley Cabernet. For Friday brunch we had their salmon (paired with Russian River Chardonnay) and hangar steak (with Baron Herzog merlot), once again outstanding and enough to feed a party of four! hands down #1 restaurant.


Haven’t been there in over 2 years but it still stands out as the best I’ve ever been too (most of the steakhouses in ny and la)


@LE what are the terms and conditions of the Costco gc, is there any limitation similar to the Groupon?

Carole Groover

I LOVE Tierra Sur! We went for a 4 day visit, planning to have two dinners there and added a lunch as well because it was just so darned good!

Living in Chicago, I want to give a plug for Shallots. We got bored with the regular menu so often order fish dishes or specials and they are always excellent. But where Shallots really EXCELS is when they host wine or whiskey tasting dinners. The chef then has an opportunity to strut his creative side and the results are fantastic! Seriously, if I didn’t live here I’d fly in just for the experience.

Yes, yes, yes, please give us your top 25; then I can start planning my summer travels.

Carole Groover

BTW, did you ever go to Juliette’s in Paris? Heard it closed. That had my vote for world’s best.


Please post a top 25 list.


Is the 10OFF40LOCAL code good through the entire groupon promotion? (another 2 wks)