Ends Today: Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven For $199.20 After Black Friday Savings

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Update: This sale appears to have ended early, but you can still save 20% off for now with promo code: BF2020LC-20%

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven For $199.20 After Black Friday Savings

Ooni pizza ovens and accessories are on sale for 20% off with their Black Friday sale through December 2nd, or while supplies last.

When you buy direct from Ooni you also get a 3 year warranty.

Dan’s Note: My brother-in-law treated us to pizza on his Ooni Fyra last month and I was blown away. The pizza was significantly better than any I’ve had from a pizza shop and at 932 degrees, he was whipping out incredible pizzas in just 60 seconds flat!

I’m off to buy one now! 😀

Do you have an Ooni? Share your tips in the comments!

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Natural gas


bloomingdale deal was better. got koda 12″ for 237.


Love my ooni, once you have Neapolitan style pizza you won’t want any other.

Joseph Ludmir

Can I bake matza in these?


It will be slow and steady, but yes you can.
Just have a competent rabbi to work with who will guide you and oversee the process.
Some issues you may run into are raw matzah sitting around waiting for space in the oven, and finding suitable flour to make the matzah with.
Keep us posted how it works out for you.


I was looking into buying such an oven this past Pesach for matzah. I spoke to someone who has it, and he told me to do the following:
-Make small doughs, enough for only 3 matzos per round.
-Have a maximum of 3 workers, 1 kneading the dough (by the last matzah he should also be rolling it out), 1 rolling it out and making the holes, the third manning the oven.
-Don’t work by the exact 18-minute rounds, just refresh after every couple 3-matza rounds.

He said it worked out beautifully. You just need a dedicated space, with sink etc. I’m seriously considering this.

True caller

Thanks for taking the time to write it down, I really appreciate it.


just wondering how do you put a matza into the oven without touching the opening? it does not look so wide to me


Do you know where to source shmurah flour to make shmura matza for Pesach?


Perhaps for Matza (depending on your budget) you should try their Pro 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven. It is larger, and has multi functions.



Is this set up for outdoors?


Dan can we come to you for a pizza party?


Can be used as a personal Matzha oven


Can anyone speak to the difference between the Fyra, Karu and Koda? Which is best to get?


No longer on sale? Listing at 249, not 199 on website


when you had the pizza was it wood pellet made or gas? what tastes better?ty