501(c)3’s: Accept Credit Cards With No Processing Fees Until 2009 With Google Checkout!!!

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Your donors don’t want to support Feebay/Paypal, so stop giving them 3% of your donations and start taking payments with Google Checkout!

Google charges no monthly or setup fees, and until 2009 they won’t charge a penny to process any credit card transaction for non-profits!

Free 501(c)3 Credit Card Processing Offer Linky

Not a non-profit? Google charges just .20 + 2% to process credit card transactions, and is far safer and more protective than Paypal is…Now if only they would start their own auction site already!

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problem is that donor/customer must sign up fr a google/gmail account unlike paypal


Shim- so what if you need to signup with a gmail account?
I set my shul up with this a month ago, and we now can accept donations via credit card, and people get miles etc. when paying membership dues, for kiddush, to rent the shul etc..


I got burned with ebay/paypal for $1,000.
I won the bid on a 1972 car with 6,500 miles on it.
Then, when I found out the odometer/speedometer needed replacement.
Well, that’s almost a sure sign of tampering.
Then I find out he gave it a wheel alignment and fixed a radiator hose leak.
Oh boy – not such a new car any more.
Then he wrote he’s One Owner and Private Seller.
But the picture shows Dealer plates!
Turns out he was a old-car dealer for some 25 years.
And he put in “electron ignition” to “pep up the car”.
That means he drove it during the 15 years he’s had it.
So he’s a SECOND owner but could manage with paperwork to make ME the second owner.

In short I backed out – but the $1,000 paypal deposit he won’t return to me.
And Paypal’s “INVESTIGATION” was nothing but a charade and some nebulous “Sorry, but…” email.

That’s what I got to say about being wary of ebay deals and their paypal sterile, money-grubbing cohort.


Forget Paypal’s sham investigation, just file a chargeback!