$25 Uber/Uber Eats eGift Card For Just $15 From GameStop!

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$25 Uber Eats eGift Card For Just $15 From GameStop!

You can add 3 of these to your cart.

You can also purchase a $50 or $100 gift card at 15% off.

These gift cards work for Uber or Uber Eats and your balance will be shared between both apps.

Earn 5 points per dollar spent via Paypal checkout with a Chase Freedom Flex card.

If you’re new to Uber Eats you can signup via JJ’s referral link here and use the following promo for $7 of free food: eats-jonathane6362ue

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32 Comments On "$25 Uber/Uber Eats eGift Card For Just $15 From GameStop!"

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Looks like you can checout multiple times

EXP Flyer

Yup just did


Just order 3 more in a single order (5 total so far on same account)

FWIW I checked out with same PayPal account.


Is this dead? Keep getting errors




Just did it for a second time with PayPal 30 seconds ago.


.Sweet have a $15 off $20 on a household acct expiry on 11.25. This will cover tips/fees making them worth delivery.


“3 of these to your cart” must be by paypal account tried creating new gamestop account, no luck?


“Oops! We can’t process your payment. Please select a different payment method or contact Customer Care at 1-800-883-8895”

reb yid

Great find! Thanks!


5:49 EST- does not work. dead
Oops! We can’t process your payment. Please select a different payment method or contact Customer Care at 1-800-883-8895

Joe S

This is what I got after my 3 successful orders. It won’t let me pay for any more. Tried different cards.


Used PayPal and got 10 Bonvoy points per dollar on top of the deal


dont buy the 50 or 100 just keep getting 25s


Worked for me at 6pm. Thanks!

Joe S

Never seen 40% off unlimited Uber gift cards, not sure how many to get.


Worked no problem. On mobile device was not logged in, added to cart and showed discount. Logged in before laying thank you

Just Saying

If your buying these thinking you’ll save money verses purchasing in store your wrong on average the mark up on uber eats is probably just about the 40% your saving
Although you are getting the convenience of having it delivered to your home


Also works on Uber cars great deal!


save way more in time even if no markup!

B l

With the markup you’d still save but better is using it when you also have a 30-50 % off your order promo and can combine with this or even better when you can have the trifecta when you have 30-50 percent off promo plus this and you also order from a buy one get one free in which case you will save 3 times since in that case they all work at same time together !!


Did anyone else not get their gift card code yet?


Same here, got message
You will receive a notification when the Digital Download is sent out shortly


I didn’t even get order confirmation


Took a while, but just got the code.

Joe S

Dead now, shows as full price.


I was able to order twice, two sets of three. on the third try, I wasn’t able to pay with a different card and when I tried paying with a previous card, it didn’t give me the discount

Meir Levi

I have 2 paypal pending still with no email maybe I’ll receive it


Just got 3 gift cards


what time did it die? pp confirmed but seller not yet


they cancelled 2 of my 3 orders


Good deal which is now dead.