Target Stores: 18 Large Eggs For $0.99, Plus Get A $10 Gift Card On $50+ Food/Beverage Purchases

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We don’t usually cover deals like this, but this is perfect timing for your Pesach cooking this week.  From today through 3/31 you can get 18 eggs for just 99 cents at Target stores.  That’s equivalent to paying just 66 cents per dozen eggs!

If you buy $50+ of food and beverages, you’ll also get a $10 Target gift card!

HT: yitzyul, via DDF

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Great deal. Just in time. Though these are L not XL


‘Egg’sallent!! Thanks Guys!


Just be careful before you go all in. Last year one of the pesach Chalukahs gave out cases of eggs and 10 out of a dozen had blood spots. Cheaper eggs usually seem to have that issue.


This is a great deal. My grocery is selling a dozen for 2.89

Not a rabbi

Blood spots since roosters are no longer used are not a huge issue. Just remove them.


Does this include the Manhattan stores (Herald Square and Tribeca)?

Starbucks fan

Herald Square included, just purchased there.


They put a limit of 10 cartons


Target on Flatbush Ave sold out of eggs


Are these from kosher birds? how do we know? (Not trolling, seriously wanna know)

chana k

Chickens are kosher, so their eggs are kosher, too. Since eggs are packed at the egg farms, there is no worry that chomets or any non-kosher ingredient will be mixed into their boxes or crates.


Thanks, i didn’t see it mentioning anywhere that these are chicken eggs.


If it is pointed on one side and round on the other it is from a kosher breed.


I called target flatbush at 12 and they said They still have


Do they sell extra large eggs?


I eat many eggs an meat every day (I must for my diet) And I love deals. But the reason these eggs are so cheap is because hens are caged in inhumane conditions in cages with no room to turn. Or at best packed very densely indoors without sunlight.

I pay $6 a dozen for Vital eggs “Certified Humane” (most rigurous 3rd party certification) with 108 square feet for each hen on green grass under blue sky.


Is it humane to charge $6 a dozen eggs?


Alex, do you make pesach? Each potato lively must cost you $18


So if they encounter a cloudy day do they just shoot the hens dead cuz they no longer meet these outrageous standards???


Confirmed in person that that flatbush has a whole pallet


My Report: All the $.099 eggs had an expiration of March 31.
Good one Target


Target in Los Angeles on La Brea and Santa Monica just limited it to five per person.

Simcha Friedman

It’s large eggs not extra large what must of recipes call for also it’s grade A not double A which is a lot better quality


Any data points from target at gateway or Atlantic?


Is it ok to buy these eggs for Passover do they have a kosher certification on them ?


Just bought 60 dozen, insane price!


How many people are you feeding over pesach.? Wow!


Target in Spring Valley, NY (Monsey) just placed a limit of 10 cartons per customer.
(You can ask them for a box which contains 10 cartons of 18 eggs).


They are out


Just bought 18 packages of 18 in Target of Howell and they said there was no limit. The expiration on mine is April 7th.


Target in Flatbush has.


Are Mini Targets also offering this deal??

Bill Janssen

Fyi – at least in the store i shop in in orlando – the 10.00 was coming off the total purchase instead of issuing a gift card – no complaints on that – i used the mobile coupon in the app.


Wasn’t sure to try or not. But glad I did. Expiration 4/11. No limit . Brookyn, junction. They were helpful too! Thanks!!


Target on Flatbush & Nostrand, still has stock with no limit


Bought 11 Cartons @ Flatbush Avenue (did 2 trips to get the 10 off twice)

@2:09 PM


Davie fl no limit, exp 4/27. Bought 20 boxes.


No Limit I just bought 75 dozen and thank you Dan


target gateway has them no limit


Average prices in the stores in Brooklyn for extra large eggs are between 2.49 to 2.99 a dozen .
This is saving people huge amounts of money, instead of getting 12 eggs for 2.99, you get 54 eggs for 2.97
Dan, this posting is a benefit for almost everybody out there right now before Pesach

Joe s

Thy have a dozen XL eggs for 99 cents


Target Pallisades Mall limited me to 5. They only had 12 left and took 6.


just drove 4 hours to Pennsylvania to pick up eggs and they were out!
just kidding!


@all beware of expiration dates incase u have left over. I was at the one in brick new jersey and most if not all expire isru chag April 8th


They are for Pesach after all… 😉
All kidding aside, this is a great deal on a basic Pesach staple that seems to be priced so outrageously this year. You’d think the chickens were on strike!


Thanks Dan. Just bought 7.5 dozen more eggs for yontif!

Neets la gyaf

Anyone know other pesachdik items that are a good price in target (to get to the $50) ie sugar grape juice…


Is this only in new York ?wt about los Angeles


Btw, my Target was sold out of the 18, but they had a dozen for $1.09, which is still .50 lower than our area Aldi’s. They told me they restock overnight – so the early bird…..


I just returned from the Emeryville CA Target store (there are no Target stores in the large city of Oakland), where a clerk told me that none of the Target stores have the eggs for 99 cents, except the Alameda store and they are sold out. This is false advertising. I have two Target flyers for this week and both feature 99 cents for 18 eggs with no exclusions, no suggestion that only one store in the area carries them. I have 2 dollars until my next Social Security check and wanted to spend it on eggs. I will not shop at Target again.