Katz Gluten Free Raspberry Hamantaschen From Just $0.89/Box

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Update: DEAD!

Katz Gluten Free Raspberry Hamantaschen From Just $0.89/Box

These normally sell for $5.99/box and are now on sale for just $0.99/box.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a subscribe to email option. If you are a new subscriber you will instantly be emailed a welcome 10% off coupon:

After applying that coupon the total will be just $0.89/box.

Shipping is free on $50+ orders. You can order 57 boxes to receive free shipping, otherwise it will add $7.99. But if you buy just 2 boxes the Hamantaschen will come out cheaper even with paying the shipping price than they would cost when not on sale.

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leftover from purim


Stock up for Purim! They are probably from last Purim


I was thinking of ordering 57 boxes and freezing them for shaloch manot. I would do it, except for being a leap year. Kills the deal.


Purim leftovers from February?


Are these kosher for peach because we already cleaned our house…




Locked and loaded 57 boxes for free shipping! Psh lol yeah right..

Dr. B. M. Nemon

DEAD link


Any idea if they are pas yisroel?


Um, Gluten free… Doubt they are made with anything that would render it Pas.


They have rice flour. Rice needs to be bishul Yisroel.


It’s kosher under the OU. If you hold by their (possibly minimal) standards then the product is either bishul yisroel or does not require bishul yisroel. But all that still doesn’t change the fact that this product is not pas yisroel because it’s gluten free and does not contain any oats (read the ingredients they are listed on the site) and is therefore not pas by any stretch of the imagination.


OU’s standard is that most rice products don’t have to be bishul Yisroel, but some of them still are.


Also, some of their products are pas yisroel: Katz’s Gluten Free Oat Challah Rolls (Pas Yisroel) Pareve OU Symbol required. Not Kosher for Passover.


Just finally spoke to OU. This product is bishul Yisroel.


Um.. Mezonos made with spelt and oat gluten free flour are definately pas. (there are five grains that render something pas- wheat, barley, rye, spelt,oats. Gluten free baked goods are usually made with spelt and or oat flour)


Spelt is not gluten free


In fact none of those are in the ingredients for this product. It is rare to find gluten free products with any of the grains except for matzo because otherwise it wouldnt be pas.


Still available for .99