3 Boxes Of Gevalia Coffee For $10 With Free Shipping


3 Boxes Of Gevalia Coffee For $10 With Free Shipping

-Add a box of Abyssinian Mokka, Papua New Guinea, and Indian Budan Peak to your cart.

-Use the following promotion code in your cart to drop the price for all 3 boxes down to just $10 with free shipping (Exp: 07/24): 10BXJL5

-Gevalia coffee is OK kosher and a Gevalia rep has confirmed in the Q&A page on all 3 of these coffee flavors that they are kosher certified.

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Is there any sale on any sot of k-cups??


Does anybody know if any of these flavors are good?


It’s sold at Walmart if that helps you critique the quality.


They ain’t flavors


Just ordered two of each and the discount was applied along with free shipping. I’ve used Gevalia for years and if you don’t like a particular one, it’s a matter of taste; they’re all good quality and go further in brewing (i.e. use less than standard coffee) because they’re ground very fine. Problem is they’re usually overpriced; this was great. Thanks Dan.


I have had regular and vanilla from them before and love it and was going to get more of them soon anyway. These 3 sound exotic and different, very excited to try them, and awesome price!


Dan –

I see in the Q&A that the Rep says the stuff is kosher BUT they hechsherim used to be on the front of the box and is not anymore and somewhere on the site (maybe the general FAQs) they used to have a specific statement that all flavors are Koher except for . . . That statement is no longer on the Website. Did they lose or remove their Hashgacha.


Is shipping to Israel free too?

Joe s

Got it. Thanks Dan!


The OK hechsher should be on the side of the box.
If it’s not then you’d be able to get a refund based on their rep writing on all 3 of these products that they are certified kosher.


@Dan: @Ben:

The odds of it not being kosher are close to nil. I’ve been buying Gevalia for years and every single one I got has the OK on it. I imagine you could find a flavored coffee that isn’t kosher certified, but these are not flavors.


Just to add to the above, I’ve had Papua many times so I know that one has a hechsher. I haven’t had the others but I’d be extremely surprised if they don’t.


Thanks for the confirmation.

From my understanding all of their Gevalia coffee boxes, including the flavors, have an OK on them.



Your post is misleading…can you plese add the worf EACH for $ 10 ?


Why would I do that? Add 1 of each to your cart and apply the coupon and the price will be $10 shipped.
That’s $3.33 per box.

jonz ballonz

is the deal only for these 3 specific coffees?


I called the Kof-K and asked them about Gevalia.
Yes, all of their flavors are kosher, but the k-cups are packaged by someone else and are NOT certified.
I don’t know what goes into a k-cup other than pure coffee, but they seemed to imply that a possibility of a problem exists.


Derech Chaim has this in their machines


@Ben: UNflavored coffees are always kosher. Gevalia is kosher as long as it’s unflavored. I’m not sure about the others since I don’t drink flavored coffees.