Save Up To 20% Off Select 2018 UppaBaby Strollers From PishPosh Baby! Plus: Our Current Airport Strategy With 3 Kids

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Save Up To 20% Off Select 2018 UppaBaby Strollers From PishPosh Baby

It’s not much of a secret that I’m a huge UppaBaby fan.

We started off with a Bugaboo Frog that we got free thanks to AMEX. After all, that’s what all the cool kids seemed to have.

Except it was hard to push, especially in the snow or on bad sidewalks. And it had a tiny, hard to reach basket.
Then we saw someone else with an UppaBaby Vista. It pushed like a dream and had a basket large enough for an entire grocery trip. We were sold.

We’ve flown to Fort Lauderdale twice and to Israel with our kids this year.

We had Maya in the top-rated Chicco Keyfit infant carseat attached to an UppaBaby Vista. We gate checked the stroller and brought the carseat on the plane. It made getting our carry-ons through the airport and getting around our destination a breeze.

Plus, as the frame detaches from the seat or carseat, it falls under the 20 pound weight limit that airlines like American now rigidly enforce. People with double strollers learn that lesson the hard way.

Before Maya was born in December, we would check the stroller in the UppaBaby travel bag, which means that UppaBaby will repair any damage caused by the airlines!

We’ve grown out of needing the RumbleSeat and Ride-Along board, but those were very useful in the past as well.

Rafi and Talia currently use convertible carseats, but their main ones are too big and heavy, so they have travel convertible carseats as well. After seeing how checked luggage gets damaged we decided to have them gate check their carseats. We use a Costco Scenra lightweight convertible carseat for Talia, an Evenflo Maestro for Rafi. That means having to lug it through the airport, but having 2 GoGo Babyz Travelmates for them the carseats makes that really simple with the added benefit that if the kids get tired or if there’s a tight connection we can strap the kids into their seats and push them to the next gate. Those carseats and travelmates were lifesavers when we were running around JFK like headless chickens on our London fiasco. I can’t even imagine how it would have worked if the kids had to walk the 10 miles we covered in JFK and LGA during those 24 hours. Plus they were even able to sleep in them while we camped out in JFK overnight…

Of course we could also rent carseats, though that can be expensive and it also means trusting the car rental agency to throw them away if they have been in accident. I wouldn’t trust a car rental agency with a scratch on the car, let alone with my kids lives!

Traveling with kids isn’t easy, but that’s what works for us.

What’s your airport strategy?

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Dan, what do you do when you have the stroller and two large checked bags? going to europe, and the UPPAbaby Vista travel bag does roll well since there is no collapsible handle – wonder if you’d had that problem?

Also, did you go to Levi’s of Hollywood while in FLL? thanks for that rec we go all the time!

Dan is the Man

Dan, what is a good car seat after our infant outgrows the Mesa? Any deals?


Dan – any thoughts on the Uppababy Cruz?


How do you manage all the carry on bags (especially if they have wheels) if you have 2 rolling carseats and the stroller? My husband and I have our travel system down pat w our 14 mo, so much so that we took him from CA to Sydney for 6 weeks this summer and it was a breeze, but I’m terrified thinking about how we will survive flying w 2+ kids some day iyh.


Do you need to book a lap child when booking a reservation? I was looking for a flight on google flights and American wanted to charge me $50 for a lap child?


Just pointing out- the car seat company is Cosco, not Costco.
(And I wish they’d make a new version of the Scenera Next- 1) with higher height, as that would make it work until booster ready, and 2) with an integrated belt-locking mechanism for both rear-facing and forward-facing, for installation in cars with only a non-locking seat belt available- like many cars in Israel.)