Today Only: Yankees Tickets For Just $5.65!


Today Only: Yankees Tickets For Just $5.65!

Select March and April games in the Terrace Level or Grandstand Level are on sale via the link above for just $3.20+fees.

Ticketing fees apply and will bump the price up from $3.20 to $5.65.

HT: Der Deutsche Jude, via DDF

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Got the last 2 tickets for the 31st against the Orioles 🙂


what does the ticket print out look like? does it show the price? i want to gift these.


is the price shown when you print the tickets out? i want to gift these.


can i use these at other parks for other games


Lol, no, I don’t think so, otherwise teams like the Marlins would be sold out every year. 😛

If you try and buy tickets for Yankees away games, you’ll have to go to the other (home) team’s page to buy tickets.


can they be used for football games?


Maybe they can be used for the Siyum Hashas


I think the terms state that the venue has the right to change its definition of the term “football” on a game-to-game basis, so maybe, but YMMV.


You can may be able to use them when booking The Apartment on flights to Doha, but YMMV.


I purchased tickets for 2 games I have. Not received a confirmation email as of yet and obviously no e-tickets were received on my end either. Please advise.


Whatever happened to your tickets cuz I never got mine either


Looks like a purim shpiel


where are my seats