$6 Yankees Tickets With A Mastercard

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$6 Yankees Tickets With a Mastercard

You can now buy Yankees tickets via presale with a Mastercard.  Tickets are discounted by up to $15 each.

Plus there are games with $6 tickets (advertised as $5 but there’s also a $1 ticketing fee) on 04/09, 04/29, 04/30, 05/01, 06/03, and 06/17. That price is valid for seats in the Terrace Level, Grandstand Level or Bleachers.

There is no charge for US mail delivery but there is a $3.30 per order processing fee.

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See ya vs. cle ?


all the 5 dollar tickets are stinky teems


It says it’s for wheel chairs what’s up with that?


6/3 is first night of Shevuous


Dan is it purchased regular price and mastercard gives it back or it will automatically have the prices for mastercard users?


Automatically prices for MC users, only charges your card $6 for ticket


Could you please get cheap lower level Cavs tickets?


Can you cancel the order after you place it?


anyone have a list of the $5 games?


For all those getting excited about these tickets:… THEY ARE NOT GOOD TICKETS!!!! They are very high up in the bleachers, the Yankees are playing bad and un-exciting teams on those dates, PLUS why would you buy tickets now when there’s a chance you may not be able to make it!?!… MOST IMPORTANTLY, the price which is the main thing to look at here, is that when it’s all said and done your paying about 12 dollars per ticket. You can get the same tickets closer to the date of the game for just about the same price on websites like Stubhub, eBay, Yankees.com/Tickets and plenty of other sites as well. All in all, don’t waste your time or money!!!


Sure, in the post.

Huh? How in the world did you get to $12 a ticket??

And it’s not just bleacher seats. And not everyone cares about sitting up close, especially if they’re bringing their family along and don’t want to break the bank.

Why are only “exciting” teams worth going to?
Not worth your time to watch Baltimore or Toronto, just Boston and that’s it?

The first game I ever went to was vs the Jays and even though it was over 2 decades ago I remember it like yesterday. As a child it was a thrill, couldn’t have a made any difference who was playing.

You sound like a jaded broker. Let baseball become magical once again, not just a business 😉




Jeter’s swansong season !!!


Cano’s return is on there, in for 4 tickets.

Mr. G

I agree with Dan 100%. Whatever happen to the fun aspect of just watching the game and being able to afford to take your family?


Agreed, it would be great if they were better seats but even these seats usually cost triple or more.
I am just glad I can show my kids a real baseball game, I used to get box seats for these prices when I was a kid, look how commercialized it has gotten.
Why do baseball players get paid millions a season ? Because we continue to pay crazy prices for tickets, food, souvenirs, etc
Used to be I could get away with a couple of dolalrs for a soda and chips, now my kids know about the Kosher Food stand, it can easily cost $20 per person!

So yes, glad to get a group of 20 or 30 together for $6 per ticket and have a great family outing


Expos to DC – magic’s gone for me since 1994. Go to hell Selig, Brochu, Samson and Luria.


@Dan: +1


Is there a deadline for these deals?


@Dawson: +1


I scored for a couple dates 🙂 Don’t care where I sit as long as I’m there! Thanks DD!


No deadline but the seats are available even to non MC cardholders starting Monday, and once the seats are gone, they are gone.
I already see many have been grabbed today


Just bought 2 tickets to the 6/3 game. Was so excited and then just realized this is the first day of Shevuos. Does anyone want the tickets? E-mail me at info@shmuley.com


I’m a long time visitor, first time commenting though. Thanks for the heads up. Bringing 21 A’s fans to the 6/3 game because of this post. Good looking out, much appreciated.


Thanks Dan.
Grabbed 9 seats for me and my boys.
Behind the Plate all the way up.
Sounds like a good deal to me.


Dan, your point is taken but bad example. 2 decades ago the Jays were the most exciting team in the majors.


Cano’s first games back. Not such bad choices. Maybe catch King Felix. Thanks Dan


Thanks Dan.
Tickets for my wife and four kids for less than $40 combined, including the $3 processing fee.
You’re not going to find better than that.

And, going to see Cano in his first game back.


i went to the 6-17 game. it was not $12 a ticket. it was tanaka pitching. and anyone who went to that game enjoyed themselves. thank you so much dan.


i want about thirty games for five dollar each