HOT! Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ Tablet For Just $174.99 From Office Max!

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Update: DEAD!
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ Tablet Linky

Sells for $299.99 on Amazon and $319.99 from B&H.

-Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS, 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor
-16 GB Flash Memory, 1.5 GB RAM Memory
-WXGA Display
-64GB of memory available through a microSD slot and 50GB of free Dropbox storage

Don’t forget to use your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar.

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Backordered. Wonder if these will be honored at all or cancelled later.


This was posted on sd 12 hours ago and thousands of orders were placed. This probably was a mistake and even if it wasn’t , the orders will 99% be cancelled


Been on DDF since last night as well, but I’m only human.

Either way, in for a good deal or a compensation email 😉

Big biny

Is this sale only online or is in store as well ?


Great deal. Just ordered 2. Site says backordered, but I’m hoping it won’t get canceled. Planning to keep 1, sell 1 for about $250. Net cost $100 for the one I keep.


Just ordered 2. Thanks


Where is the coupon code box on the website


Thanks, In for one used Ink Plus.




Wow price changed right when I added it to my cart. Now displaying properly when actually clicking on the item.


Deal is dead.




Deals dead


Just made it in, have my email for 174.99 now at regular price.


@Dan: what kind of compensation have they given in the past


I checked my order online and was told to call customer service. Was then transferred to credit and told that this was a pricing error and corporate has decided not to honor the pricing. Spoke to a supervisor and received the same answer.



Deal is Dead



Hoe many got Canceled?


If you bring a copy of your confirmation email from the order to stores that price match like staples, walmart etc.. you can still buy it.


I didn’t get a cancellation email yet but called. Just got an apology that there was a pricing error and they were not honoring the pricing on their website. Offered me a 20% discount off the original price but told them I wont be shopping at Office Max anymore and hung up.


Sam – have you tried that? I can’t imagine those stores would honor a pricing error when Office Max wont


Staples and other retails will not honor. Communication went out to retailers that Office Max is not honoring the price. Worth a shot but very disappointed with Office Max


@Ari: ditto. i doubt any retailer would even match an email confirmation… in the past ive tried to pm at best buy to a staples offer (current and live) and they said since the local staples (within XX miles) are oos (they actually went online and checked) they wont pm.

Avi Fleischer

UPDATE 08/28/2014 7:50AM – I ordered 2 of these yesterday while they were still in stock, however, as of this morning, the order has been cancelled. I contacted OfficeMax by phone & they advised that it was a price error and that the price will not be honored.



I couldn’t get them to give me more them 10 percent off after lots of arguing…. Does anyone have a confirmation that they got 20 percent off as a compensation?


@Lazer: They had offered me 20% off the original price of $349 not the sale price of $319. I didnt take them up on it as this is the second time I have had issues with an Office Max order and likely wont be shopping there again.


They are not honoring the price mistake. They said it was a computer generated mistake and will NOT be honored. This is the same as the HP mistake a couple years ago but at least they offered some compensation. Lets see what happens with our lawnmowers that we just ordered. 20% off is just not good enough!


i got now a cancelation from OfficeMax.
Any one with experience what to do in such case?
There is a any chance to make them change mind?