Welcome To A World Of $150 Laptops?

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At this point I only recommend buying this if you have an AMEX card to put it on.
They are by far the easiest to deal with in case you don’t get the laptop and need to file a dispute.

‘Medison Celebrity’ wants to revolutionize the computer world.
They are offering a laptop for just $150 shipped!
For that price though don’t expect Vista-this piece comes pre-loaded with Linux as its operating system!

“Medison Celebrity is a high quality laptop for the everyday user. It is adapted to functionality that does not demand the highest performance, but rather to everyday tasks such as e-mailing, surfing the Web, word processing and working with spreadsheet programmes. Built-in Wireless and slim design makes this a truly flexible and mobile laptop for the active user.”

It will ship in 4-6 weeks.

Engadget News Article Linky
$150 Laptop Linky

-Intel Celeron 1.5 GHz Processor
-14″ Widescreen X-bright LCD
-256 MB Ram memory
-40 GB Hard Drive
-802.11g Wireless LAN
-Optimized Linux operating system
-Pre-installed office and multimedia applications

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14 Comments On "Welcome To A World Of $150 Laptops?"

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This is Probably a SCAM.


I have looked into the company they started 2 weeks ago. You can check the comments at Engadget for more info.

I really think you should remove this link until the website can be verified.

Asher O

1. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”

2. Not that it means anything, but the parent company’s website has been around since 2003


can i have windows programs on it? if not does the popular programs support it like itunes etc.


Does it have a DVD player?
If yes, that itself would be worth it a great price for a 14″ screen portable dvd player?

Dan Is the MAN

hey dear friends, i got news for you. linux is the best operating system arround! the reason why it is not so commonly used is b/c many major software companys dont accomodate linux, however it’s much less problematic than microsoft’s systems!!!!


ther is a reson dan sed use amex or dont buy


This is not necessarily a scam, it is very low end components, has barely any video card capability, and a no cost operating system.

aboout programs, it does not support many popular programs, but there alternatives to almost anything (including itunes).

menachem w.

maybe your all wrong and its not a scam and its just really cheap to make a laptop there? did you ever consider that?



Dan jr

well ppls all the ppls who dont have an amex card dont buy till thay start shipping mack it a deal or no deal

chaim h

is it worth the risk dan or not what do u say the truth i am not rich whats ur take


did anybody get this?
i am interested in ?????????????


yes got it amex


is thsi offer still around? and is it a used or new comouter, all i need is dvd, wireless and functionalirty…tahnx