Today Only! Logitech Ultimate Ears 100 Noise Isolating Earbuds For Free With Free Shipping After $10 Rebate!


Update: Sold Out!

Logitech Ultimate Ears 100 Noise Cancelling Earbuds Linky

$10 Rebate Instructions Linky

For free shipping select econo shipping.

-Be sure to use the regular site checkout for free shipping.

-If you live in an apartment be sure to enter your entire address on just one line.  Free Econo Shipping is only available to residential addresses and Tiger Direct assumes addresses with multiple lines are business addresses.

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min $7.29 shipping


Nope, shipping is free. Just select the free shipping option.


I dont have the free shipping option

Shipping - correction

residential econo shipping is free



It’s the first option. Economy


The rebate is given in the form of an American Express giftcard- will there be fees to use it, meaning the true rebate is less than $10?


@Brooke: Are you shipping to a residential address and choosing econo?

No fees.
Use Amazon payments to cash out.


@Shipping: u mistam used google checkout, free shipping is not available with google checkout


The also have today samsung 1100 bluetooth free AR but u pay shipping 3.72 to my zip


I don’t have the free shipping option!?


When I’m in the cart, I choose free econo shipping, however when I get to the actual checkout page, the only way to get free shipping is by joining the Inner Circle club. This is after I enter a residential address.


I don’t see the free shipping either. Here are the options I get and the 2nd option of Free ground is only available with inner circle.

Ground (2 to 6 days) — Estimated Delivery Wed, Jan 02, 2013 [$7.29]

FREE Ground Shipping Today with Learn More and Start Saving Today!

Second Day (2 days) — Estimated Delivery Fri, Dec 28, 2012 [$9.16]

Next Day — Estimated Delivery Thu, Dec 27, 2012 [$14.87] Details


Shipping is free if $50 purchase only


I’ve updated the post for how to get free shipping for delivery to apartments.


@Dan: Dan is the Man! It now works!


It worked after I put “Apt # ___” in the same line as the street address.


I don’t see another option besides for the american express rewards card which says it has service fees and the no wait option.

Make it rain

Thanks dan. I made a penny!!


i tried putting apt on street address, I still dont see the econo shipping option.


sorry – new to this – when I check out – it brings me to a payment page..choose payment… where do I enter the code to get this for free?


Got it. I’m still waiting for my rebate from the webcam offer. Anyone got it already?


What is the promo code for the rebate?


These earphones get 4 of 5 stars on Amazon, but on that site the description is “noise-isolating” rather than “noise canceling.”

There is a substantial difference — these earphones do not have active circuitry to cancel out noise, merely a good acoustic seal so outside noise does not get into the ear canal.


would have jumped on this if there is no MIR involved. free after MIR is almost like a scam/trick. most probably you will end up actually paying it $10.00.

it’s a BAD DEAL!


I tried to get the free shipping, and put my address on one line, but its still saying i have to sign up with inner circle- anyone have that? Anything i can do to override this?


Never mind got it- thanks so much dan


Dan, when you said “Use Amazon payments to cash out” did you mean you can get the rebate via Amazon Payments instead of them mailing you an AMEX gift card?


Just realized you meant to cash out the AMEX gift card by using it in Amazon Payments.


Please note, that although Tiger Direct will let you buy two per person, the rebate form only allows you to get one rebate per household.


This is a misleading ad by Tigerdirect and I am surprised that a well known name like Logitec would do this. These are not true “noise cancelling” ear buds. Technically speaking, to be truely noise cancelling the device must generate a noise cancelling antinuated sound to truely cancel unwanted external sounds, not just block sounds by the seal of the bud in the ear. At leat they cover themselves by noting that they are “noise isolating” further down in the description.


It keeps trying to get me to sign up for inner circle for 50 bucks. How do I get free shipping?


I was charged $7.29 shipping but I just called them at 18008008300 and they removed the shipping fee.


Thanks Dan! Make sure to include apt. # next to address. ex. 123 Main St. Apt 3B (all on one line)


Can i fill out the rebate form online? without sending in the actual mail?


I figured it out, I was shipping it to work where I send all my packages, they told me to change it to my home.

Law Boy

Is there a way to print out the UPC without waiting for the product to arrive in the mail? Wanna get this rebate out without forgetting about it


Sold out


I followed the instrucitons but I have to wait, receive the headphones and then send in the upc barcode along with my receipt and the rebate form. Was there a way to do this and not have to lay out any $$?


yea, sold out


I just did this deal. Thanks Dan! I had a question regarding the rebate.. I filled in the part online but then their is another part that needs to be mailed. This part says it needs a UPC label. I just received an email saying..
“This E-mail confirms that the online portion of your rebate application is complete. In order to qualify for the rebate, you must complete the following steps:

1. Print and sign the rebate form after verifying that all of the information shown is accurate.

2. Attach all of the required documentation specified on the rebate application.
3. Send your signed application along with all required documentation to the P.O. Box address indicated on the rebate application.

Note: Be sure to have your completed submission postmarked on or before the “postmark by” date on your application. We highly recommend that you keep copies of all submitted paperwork.”

I’m CONFUSED as to how long I have to submit the mail in part since it says i need to include the UPC label and cant do that until I receive it…THOUGHTS?

Zvi Weiss

When I go to the site, it says “Sold out online”….

Zvi Weiss




The rebate form must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase, you will just wait till you receive it and then include the UPC code on the packaging with the MIR

Zvi Weiss

Just selected one of the items that now sells for $9.99 (I think) and I am directed to the Tiger Direct Site… where I am asked how I want to pay and do not see a hint of a rebate mentioned…

Zvi Weiss

@keryn: I did that sort of a rebate once before with Tiger Direct and they gave me more than enough time.,..

Zvi Weiss

Also — if you look closely — even the ones labeled as “Noise Cancelling” are ACTUALLY “Noise Isolating” when you read the Specs…

Zvi Weiss

And, I checked the Rebate Form — it appears to be for ONE specific “model” that is now SOLD OUT ….


out of stock online!!


These rebates work like this.
You purchase the item.
Fill in the online rebate form than print out and sign. Mail in the online form, a copy of the invoice and the UPC.
You will get (about 4-6 weeks after you mailed in the required documents) an AMEX gift card for the full amount, no fees usually expires after a few years.
You also have the option when filling out the online form to get the AMEX gift card in 2 weeks for a fee of $2 plus you won’t have to mail in the documents. Good option for those of you that usually forget to send in rebates.
Good luck


You don’t need Amazon Payments for an American Express giftcard.

All you have to do is call up American Express (the number is on the back of the card) and ask them to mail you the balance on the card as a check. Then just wait for it to come and deposit it in the bank 🙂

I’m surprised that you never picked this up Dan.


Is this item still available online or not??


can you enclose a link please?

Cantor Rottner

looking urgent for tickets jfk-Tlv,end of December 2012,coming back Feb/5-6-2013
please respond asap


did this last time you posted it (bout a month ago)
Never received it so checked status online and they cancelled the order 🙁 any idea why?

Make it rain

Got an email confirming the recite of the rebate I mailed in. Headphones don’t compare to my Bose but free is free.


Anyone receive their rebate yet? I chose the no-wait option for $1 but still it’s been almost 3 weeks. I received confirmation that it’s being “processed” but it’s past the expected time. Now that I’ve read some posts online, I see TigerDirect/WWR has a history of not sending out rebates as promised.