Galaxy Buds Live Noise-Canceling Earbuds For Just $42.49-$49.99 From Samsung With Trade-In Of Any Headphones!

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Update: Alive again!

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1. Click on one of the discount programs if applicable: 

2. Go to the product page for Galaxy Buds Live.

3. Select any wired or wireless trade-in headphones and then add the headphones to your cart.

4. During checkout, login to your Samsung account.

Your total should be just $42.49-$49.99 shipped! These sell for $99.99 from B&H.

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If I’m a teacher I could get it?

low maintenance guy

for sure!


Argh, I just got the regular Galaxy Watch in the deal posted a couple of weeks ago.


Trade it in! I bought the last deal also, for $70. The trade-in value is $160 bringing the Galaxy 3 to $84.99!


awesome thanks!!! been waiting for a deal on these for awhile! earbuds you can lay on


Not working


It works, just it went up $10. To 69.99 with trade-in


Any wired earphones will work for trade in?




So where are we supposed to trade in the headset?


Did you ever figure it out? I’m trying too now and don’t know how


Thanks JJ, got one with store pickup today!


Just got them for $42.49, thank you!


Worked for me in two colors. Did NOT work for black, with the black I only had the option of financing, which was really odd.


Same with me for the white and black


Can I get if not a teacher?

Mark Davis

Just got the black ones for $42.49. The bronze were actually even cheaper ($35 or so), but I couldn’t see myself using those.


the bronze were not cheaper for me the edu discount did not apply how could you have gotten it cheaper?


No payment processing and place order features showing up.


How much does the headphones have to be worth?




They don’t have black anymore. It will show that they do have, but when you try to place the order you’ll get a message saying “The order could not be placed.”
Was with them on the phone


Great tip! Bronze were also on sale (though not cheaper than Mystic Black for me).


What will I need to do to show that I’m an educator?


First of all how do they know if you sent in a pair to trade in and secondly where do you send them?


They will send you a return label.


And it’s based on a trust system regarding sending back?


Limit one?






does it connect to lg exalt


Works fine with my vn220


Working again now, even without any employee codes etc…


regarding previous comment, but only seems to work now with Samsung financing…. not sure what that is.


Is there anyway to avoid financing?


I chatted online with an agent about not being able to pay (only through Samsung Financing). Here is the response. “If you would like I can place an order on your behalf and share you the final checkout link, in that way you just need to enter the Payment details and complete the order”


My experience:
I chatted with a representative asking why I Couldn’t check out with my credit card. They said that there was some type of glitch and that only blue was available to be paid with a credit card.

Without me saying anything they sent me a link to a cart with the blue air buds and A free battery pack and wireless charger.

I was planning on going to a portal but I think that a free battery pack and wireless charger Is worth a lot more than whatever I would have gotten.

Blue is Big!

Thanks for the tip on the blue color. I got the same courtesy from a representative, but with black, and so only Samsung Financing worked. So I switched to blue, and it appears to have worked.


Update from Samsung chat agent:
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, at this moment we are facing a website issue on placing a order for Buds live, we have escalated this issue. I request you to try after some time.


Go Blue!


I was able to add the blue and the black, got to the payment page and choose CC, then open the cart in a different tab, remove the blue one and go back to pay for the black ones on the original page

Thanks for the tip

Was having the same issue with a chat rep. Then I tried 2 different phone reps and had the same issue. After I saw the suggestion about trying blue, I added blue to the cart and it went through! Got bronze and blue buds (+ a wireless charger + 20k mAh portable battery for free). Total: $107
Thanks Dan!


Glad it worked out for you


I had the same issue. I’m order to resolve it , I put in 2 buds , logged into PayPal. Removed one of them and then it checked out without Samsung financing


so we send them any dollar store earphones or the free ones you get on a plane and that will be accepted?




I ordered it when will I get the trade in email?

Promotion has changed

Anywhere from $20 to $40 discount instead of $50.

Promotion has changed

Basically $79 now.