10% Off Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones


Update: This special ends tomorrow, 09/14.


Bose QC 3 Linky
Bose QC 15 Linky

I’ve never seen Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones go on sale before.  They’re pretty much always full price, even during the holidays.

I own a pair of QC15s and they’re a dream come true while traveling.  They’re comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, by far the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned.

Yes, they’re very expensive. But they’re built well and last for many years.  Divide the cost over the amount of flights you take in 5 years and see if they’ll pay for you. Not that you can’t use them while you’re studying or any other time, but that’s when they really shine.

And the noise cancellation drowns out the drone of the airplane engine so well that when you take them off in middle of a flight you’ll be in shock that you were ever able to fly without them.  They make for a peaceful flight and I sleep like a baby on the plane with them over my ears.

I may even admit to sleeping with them for a few nights at home when Rafi was born 😉

Through 09/14 there is a 10% off promotion built into the price, dropping the QC15s down from $299 to $269 and the QC3s down from $349 to $314.

Included is a small carrying case and two audio cables. One is standard for laptops/phones and one has a mic/remote for iPhone/iPod control and hands-free iPhone calling.

The QC3s are on-ear headphones that run on a rechargeable battery, and the QC15s are over-the-ear headphones that runs on a single AAA battery.

Personally I prefer the QC15s as I found them to be more comfortable to wear for longer period of times. They both have the same total noise-cancellation but the QC15 has a more balanced ratio of passive to active cancellation which I found more pleasant both while listening to music and while in the noise cancellation mode without music. Plus they’re cheaper than tha QC3s and they use AAA batteries which last longer than the rechargeables and you can always carry a spare AAA or purchase another worldwide.

But it is definitely a matter of personal preference as others find the QC3 to be better.  I tried them myself and returned them.

The QC15s have 4.5/5 star reviews and the QC3s have 4/5 star reviews.

Order directly from Amazon and you won’t pay tax unless your order is being shipped to one of these states: AZ, CA, KS, KY, ND, NJ, NY, PA, TX, or WA.


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Did the same thing with my baby and my bose


if you buy these from amazon, and they break in 2 years. can i take them into a Bose store to get them replaced or replaced like if i bought them directly from Bose?


Noise cancelling headphones are a great investment and a great way to help protect your hearing (or your child’s) in noisy environments.

I think I understand about buying amazon cards at OD with one of the Chase cards you mentioned, but I’m wondering how/if Bluebird cards has anything to do with this. I’m a newbie at all this.





They have the same protections.
Always a good idea to use an AMEX to extend the warranty as well.

It can have to do with Bluebird, I’d suggest to search on this site and on the forums for more info.


$300 for earphones? OMG!


I always buy my bose products through crutchfield.com, they offer the same services what bose offers (the support, return policy) and they dont charge tax plus quick free ship. just bought qc15 2 weeks ago, their truly amazing, expensive but worth every penny, I just used them for flying, like Dan said its cancels out all the engine noise, I neer knew how noisy a plane is until u pit them on and take it off!!…the sound is also great u feel like your sitting in a surround sound room. The best part is the fit, I tried so many of these type headphone nothing comes close to the bose, they can be worn for hours.


Thanks. I’m struggling to figure this all out and reading a lot on the site.


I got the QC 15’s recently, and I can not use any other of my headphones anymore. It’s like I’ve been missing out my entire life not having these. There are few products that truly live up to their name brand and reputation, but the QC 15’s really do.


Dan, not ready to make the jump yet to buy it, please bump it when it gets closer in time to the closing of the sale. Thanks.


You’re not ready now but in 3 weeks you will be?
You can always return ’em.


Qc 15 best headphones I ever used. I had the beats executive noise canceling head phones I paid $300 for them they terrible I never use them. Last week I went on eBay and found someone selling Bose QC15 for $225 in a sealed box worth every penny.


Been waiting for something like this….. makes the perfect spouse gift! 🙂

@dan unrelated question: if I currently have the Chase BA card, but want to take advantage of the sign up free bonus, do I close my current card first, and then reapply, or will they allow me to get the bonus/approve the card anyhow? Also do I make up a ba.com new account number or leave it blank?



BTW, After shipment of your purchased qualifying headphones, you will receive an email indicating that the $2 credit for Amazon MP3 has been applied to your account automatically. The credit may be used only for Amazon MP3 music available at http://www.amazon.com. You must redeem your credit (in one or more transactions) for Amazon MP3 by January 31, 2014. Customers may only become eligible for the $2 MP3 offer during the April 19, 2013 to December 31, 2013 11:59pm PST promotional period


Save your money. Ever hear of ear plugs?


I got a pair of the QC15s (bought on ebay since I couldn’t quite stomach retail). The only thing I don’t like is the case. My carry-on is tight on space since I one bag it (B&R Verb Fuse).

Captain D

I agree the QC15 are amazing. Sometimes I find Dan’s audio recommendations to skew toward low fi, but these Bose headphones are worth every penny. (I also highly reccomend the new bluetooth bose soundlink mini speaker) I have a pair of Sony NC headphones that are nice but when you directly compare them to the bose QC15’s, well there is no comparison!


I have owned both pairs and the QC15 are much better.
They go around your ears and very soft. The QC3 are not nearly as comfortable.
Hope this helps